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e Big Stone Gap Post.
No. 8
Artillery Sweeps Advancing
Waves of Infantry.
Teutons Advance Upon British In
Three Waves In Elfort lo Recapluro
Positions aken From Them?Driven
Back With Heavy Losses.
London. Kon. r.t.?German tranches
In the Hols LuVrotro. on tliu let! hank
of the River Moselle, near I'unl-a
Mouaaon, wore attacked by Kreuch
troops who destroyed the works and
the sheds. A number of the defenders .
were killed ami abtue prisoners taken.
Artlllory bombardments took place
on both sides of the Mouse, especially
In the region of Elezoiinux ami Kill
301. The Germans attempted a sur?
prise allark on the French lines nenr
St Mialei, but the attack failed dis?
astrously. (In the renmlmler of tho
French front activity was cohflriod to
clashes between patrols.
The Britlsti captured twelve officers
ami 7<li men In Ihelr latest operations
on the Ar.rre In addition lo a number
of machine guns and trench mortars.
The Oermstls attacked the new posi?
tions wrested from them, the Infantry
advancing lu three waves with bodies
of supporting troops In the rear.
These troops came under the concen?
trated tire of the llrltls-h artlllory and
were driven back with heavy losses.
Tho Ilrltlsh lines were hot reached at
any point and no casualties were Buf?
Germans dressed In while took the
offensive RKnlust the Russians near
Kochuva. southwest of Dvtnsk. on tho
uorthoru end of tho eastorn front, and
broko Into a front-line Russian trench
Russian reserve.-;, says the olllolnl
statement Issued by the war depart?
ment, immediately drove out tho Tou
In tbs Carpathians. Russian dotach
rosnts aurprlseil and captured without
Arias; a shot a strongly fortitled Aus
tro-Osrtnan position southwest of Ok
na. Tsuton counter attacks were re
Increased activity of our reeonnolt
a-lng parties," says the official state
ment Issued by'tho Italian war do
partmant, "led to small successful en?
counters at Cayehto Adatriello pass,
noar Forcolllnn dl Montono, at Vnl
caniorloa In VnllarlR, In the upper
Boslos, at Astleo and at Foli?on In
tho Hollo valley mid in Frlgldo valley.
Tho enemy everywhere was driven off.
Some prisoners were taken. In the
upper But and on the Cerso consider,
able artillery actions were reported "
Bupposad to Have Been Loaded With
War Supplies.
Oalveston, Tex.. Feb. If*.?Word ivns
received here that the lifts-ion Bchoon
*r Oalatea has been stolen at l'en
aaoola and has secretly departed into
the gulf. Unconfirmed reports said
sho was filled with war supplies which,
according to ono rumor, wero for Cu?
ban revolutionists. Another report
was that she is to got Into communica?
tion with German submarines which
are reported to have been sighted In
gulf waters.
llrnadeast orders hnvo none fordi
to United States vessels and land au?
thorities to apprehend the boat.
Mexican Government Giveo Notice Re?
garding Taking Over Properties.
City of Mexico, Feb. 111.?The Mexi?
can government has given notice that
mining properties which have not
been operated for two months ami the
owners of which, because of unsettled
conditions, have not made application
for an extension of the time limit
wllbln \thloh the mines must be op?
erated, will bn taken over by the gov?
Tho time limit on un work od mines,
as originally fixed, expired about N'ov.
15. last, but the government extended
It until ihB middle of February.
Flslehor Reaches Quertnro.
Queratt.ro, Mexico, Feb. 19.?Tho
American ambassador, Henry P.
Fletcher, arrived here tie was met
by Colonel Juan Hnrragnn. chief of
Carranta's stuff, and Qarza l'erez. as?
sistant secretary of foreign relations.
The Ambassador will continue his
Journey to the City of Mexico.
New Food Rationing System.
Amsterdam (via London}; Fob. 19.
?Additional food ratlonlug will begin
In Holland today, the llandelsbald an?
nounces. Kvery ticket holder in Ams
tardaui for the week is entitled to
1,400 grams (a little more than two
pounds) of potatoes, 800 grams of
rice, 80 of fat and 100 of soap.
NeWS Snapshots ?ur. a!, ir '?'?'???>??"> continued In a meal critical mate. After I'r Paul 1;
Of.he Week 1^^^^^^%^^^^^
Uonsoh tmt in hurry order, for r.st mcHorbci? 'f ,,ra,"',l7, of ??? ?""> ?T* ??.arkd ,1.eck. A.lmlr.1
lean .hip to .cave for the wbrearlnc aonc ?n, < ... 0>S Th? kw" oui The Hrsl A?cr
toeuard hrldsce in n.k Tork while enllsunenl. cottoned' BuB?n? *?" Self Detern* offered to atstat iu war. The ..aval militia continued
Tin- Amior Plant Board composed of Admiral Fletcher,
Commander Clark and \i. Ci Backcnhaus, Engineer, gave a
hearing to the Committee of the Board of Trade; of Big
Stone Gap at Bristol on Monday.
Messrs. G. S. iCartcr, |. M. C.oodloc, |n0. \\ . Chalk
l.y. jIbrace Fox, II. I.. Miller, John Fox, K. I".. Taggart,
Ki I . Irvine and K. A. A'ycrs represented Bit* Stum Gap.
The Board gave a very earnest and attentive hearing
ami were greatly impressed with tin- showing made lor Big
Stone Gap as the location. Indeed the brief prepare*I Ivy
Gen') A. Ayers, which was filed with the Board, was a
clear exposition of the Wonderful advantages to be derived
from this location which is so strong ami forceful that we re?
produce it as follows:
the fallowing bible tilled
:i- rctjucslcd.
t(his Producer.
it is n-tui.I tu tl
Pig Iron. Hi
Piu Iron. I...
Nickel In
for u
.1 Market
2f>i: per Ion
2iie per toil
.no per ton
.no per ton
;iineil). ?0c per I no lbs,
no. H(lc per Inn lbs.
:ois. nr..- |ier Inn IbS;
.?. 3??-' !'>?'? fa?
. .mi per Ion
merit! rdiutirka ijee .\l el seip
A Coal (ias Producer.
See A
t ,,:,|?gas producer, will in- supplied froni tin- Ultiek
Mountain Pichl which has in superior in |In) 11 nifail Slates,
the freight rale now in force mid it. ilikilj use is t wetiiy-live
cents (2?ej per toil. T)io following analysis was mittle ;t
I'ew days ago from a carload being shipped in regular clitrse
of business by one of our mining company's: :
fixed UtirhOii
Sulphur ...
It. t. ii.
Fusing point
2.5 I pur e
02.20 per .;
.?82 per
211517 Dot
B Coal - Steam.
Coal?Steam, will bo supplied by the black Mountain
Fields which is wilho.it a superior. Tjio freight rale now
in daily use is twenty-live cents (25c) per tun. Tin- follow?
ing analysis was recently mittle from ear samples in regular
course of business:
Moisture . Dry
Volatile .111..".U pel CClit.
Ash. ?.17 per emit.
fixed Carbon. C0.S1I1 per Cent.
Sulphur.7fi per cent.
We also refer to .1. K. & 1.. where will ho found analy?
sis and teats made by the government vvilli both gas prod it
eer and steam coals front this liohl mined ami shipped under
its supervision
1'ig Iron Hessemor will he supplied by
here up to the fallowing analysis :
Sulphur under
Phosphorus und
The Pig Iron from native ores will ho supplied from the
furnaces here. Tin- following is tin- analysis :
(Continued on page 2)
Second Vir?
ginia Boys
Arc Greeted With Cheers in
The Bristol Streets.
Two tronp trains hearing thci
Second Virgthiti regiment; nit
I lioual guards, pasted through
Bristol yesterday. 'Iii.- Ilrsl
I trliin arrived iti the city eurly
ill tin- ilftiTiinon, and loft sliort
I ly lifter.
Tlie second section v* itli the
machine uun company, the
I pita] corps ami several com;
panies of infantry arrived at 7
o'clock in ill" evening. The
train istoppod over here for rndfe I
I lliaii two hours while the boys]
fresh from the bonier marched
through tlie streets to llni act
cotiipaiiimciit of the strains of
"Dixie" played by tlioir crack
military band.
More than t>(Hi then wore in
bluiiial In the foreo. They left
Brownsville, Tei., Moiula)
morning and will arrive in
Uiclimotul today, where tlibj i
will be mustered out. Tlie regi?
ment wiin in command nfj
Colonel Boberl Leedyi
Companion from Big S; me
(tap, Kouholre ami Kieliiiibtnl I
composed tin' regiment. The
Big Stone (iap ir.mp, iiiideT ihc
command of Captain litillitt,]
showed much improvement in
drilling since llioj I. ft for the
border last Hammer, Mail)
hoys from tbis unction of tIn?
state arc members' of tlie Big
Stone 11a|i company.
< A crowd nf tjeveral hundred
1 Ii istidims greeted the train at
the union station. As the long
line of coaches rolled into the
depot a rousing cheer was giv
on. The soldiers happy at the
thought of being back in "<>nl
Virginia" once more, waved
aiid shouted "Iliirriih for Vir?
ginia". Several Bristol boys
weie in the regiment.
' Shortly after the train arriv.
ed at the station they were or
dei e.l to form fur marching. Bli
Intel the hand and Colonel
1,00(1 y ami members of his stair,
they marched west on State
street, returning to their cars
by way of Cumberland street;
'Thi- hides of the streets were
lined with interested Specators,
who displayed the keenest en
After marching on the streets
the men were permitted to
walk about and meet friends
i The ollicers assembled at a lo?
cal restaurant for a "regular
meal", the first in their home
stale for several months.
Practically every man in tlie
regiment was in tue best of eon
jditioii. They were sun burned
land hardened '?>' arduous mar
elies over the hot Texas sands
i and complained of l he cold
breeze. Their marching was
executed with the same pre
cision that marks the maneuv?
ers of t he regulars.
'?We feel like new men since
entering the Old Dominion",
saiil an elongated corporal from
Roanoke with a happy smile.
'"Kvery fellow in u.y company
will he awake all night think?
ing of those he will meet lo
"I always thought Virginia
j was a good slate",lie continued,
j impulsively, "but sho never
looked so good to me before. Ot
course, tin- cold effects us more
i r lesk.tiui wo would face arctic
?mit tier to si c the folks tit lioitie
"Me married; N'o indeed.
Hut, stiy, my girl will facet iue
ut tin- train tomorrow, und ?
hut t hol e's the bugle again ami
I wouldn't lie left behind foj
the world".
The train left the city shortly
after nine o'clock. Scores of
packages, containing home
cooked dainties were presented
to tin- soldiers before they loft.
i inn of the infantrymen from
the iirst train was left behind
He was taken on lo join his
company by the second section.
? Bristol II. ].,hi Courier Febru?
ary 10th.
Great Demand for Ford Cars.
The attention of the renders
of t he i'ost ate called lo t he ad
veri l semen t of l he M inei al
\l itori' impaiiyjtho distributors
of Koni f,us, appearing else?
where III this isSlle. Il soollls
t hut 1 lie demand is so givai
ibis year for Kord Cars that the
company has refused to sell
igeius except where they hiv,
i sie;.I order from a customer
This means that Kurd agents
will not he allowed to luiy
more cars than they hiiyo in
til.ill.' sol t. The cap icily oi
the Koni plants is 7f?0,uOU 'mis
pet your; ami this your already,
-nice last August, DiO.Olil) ears
have been -old and delivered.
The gr?ntosi demand fbr citrs is
always in ihn spring ami suin
mcr, so it looks Ilk- the Kord
Company is going full ftii
short of the demaml for ears
this y.-ar. If you have been
thinking of buy iiig this l>prlhg
you had hotter place your ordei
now, otherwise you may not be
aide lo gel.
Class Entertained.
Miss \Iat.;arei liariiin enter
tninetl the third >eaf |ltgh
School Class, of which she is
a member, and II few oth"r
friends Saturday evening from
eight to ten o'clock very bit] >>
ably with tallies of Rook,
Music was furnished iltiriug
i ho evotliutr by M iss llatlie < lil
ly on the piano, accompanied
by Milford Gilly on the violin
ami by a vielroln.
Miss liamfli served hot
chocolate, sand wiches.delieioiis
home lliuiio candy and cakes .u
the close of the evening to the
guests present who Were: Mis?
ses Kliz iholh Sprinkle, Nell
Morrs, Krances Long, Nellie
llorsloy, Haiti.; Hilly, Lucilc
bowoll. Messers. Went/, ami
Carl (lillv. VVilburn Fleonor
Carl Yonell, Milford Gilly,
Fred Dowell, William Hilton.
Engineers Moved lo the Gap.
The engineers of the Stonogn
Coke it Coal Company that
have heretofore been located at
Stonegn and Keokee have been
moved to the (tap and will
work out front this place to the
various mines of the Company.
Those coining from Stonegti
are Straley Tale,Harry Moudnr,
Andrew Keeder, Byron Rhoails,
T. .1. Oantroll and Krank Gilly.
From Keokee, B. K. Polly,
Creed Polly ami Kotiert Phil
Kive young thorough bred
Rhode Island Red Hens and
one Cockerel for -;5.?0.
Mrs. Pat H. Harron.
Wili Back Germany's Policy to
Bituntlon Among Official Circles In
Vienna Is Not Regarded as Hope?
less?Believe They Can End War
Before U. 3. Can Get In.
Vienna, Fob. 19.?While some of tho
newspapers are taking it gloomy view
j of Au-ttro American relations anil the
I situation brought about by the sever
i inc. of relations between the United
States and Germany, nfticlal circle*
in Vienna are Inclined to believe that
the situation Is not entirely hopeless.
Tills also Is the view of K'rederlo C.
Penflelri, the American ambassador,
who is doing everything possible to
assist tu reaching a friendly solution
of the situation.
At preset!) there are two Indica?
tions, though possibly they are of lit?
tle weight, which permit of tho con?
clusion that Washington Is not eon
tomplntlng an Immediate break with
Austrladtungary. One Is the transfer
to the embassy hero of Joseph 0.
Grow, former secretary of the em?
bassy In llerllu; who arrived here
from Switzerland to assume the du?
ties of counselor of the embassy, a
post which Is vacant at present owing
to the Illness of Ulysses Grant Smith,
who Is now In Ho- fulled Stales.
Tin- second Indication arises from
the fact that Secretary of Stale Lan?
sing wired here on behalf of various
Hebrew charltj organizations the sum
of $io6,000, the amount having been
donated by American Hebrew so?
At th?- foreign office no conjunc?
tures are Indulged In n gardlng what
the near future may bring. Tho fact
that the two governments are unable
to communicate their views more
freely than the |.lit conditions per?
mit has made the exchange of opin?
ions slow ami unsatisfactory
It Is slated that Hi- Australian
garlan government, as a result, re?
mains In almost total Ignorance of
what measure-, aro needed In order
j to meet the views of President Wlb
'? son and his cabinet. The impression
here Is thnt In Washington It Is bo
Heye?! the dual monarchy will recede
from the position tnken Jointly with
Germany regarding submarine war?
fare The fooling her?, however. Ih
that while tho Aust 10 Hungarian gov?
ernment might ronsldoi small ntddlfl
cations of the new blockade regula?
tions, as Germany has don.' In tho
c.ase of Holland, there Is not Hi,- nibbl?
est . bailee that II will > leid In tho
least. ??'> far as tie- principle- involved
Is concerned
There seem to be no doubt that of?
ficial circles and 'he entire puhllo
havo become thoroughly reconciled to
the step Ihe dual monarchy has taken
Jointly with Germany and Unit tho
AnstroHmigarlnri govcirnment has
been ready to accept all responsibility
for Its attitude during ihn lnst two
With Ihe exception of a few null
oal Germanlsls, nohod) has shown
much bitterness her- against the
American g?vi rhment, though what
has been termed 'the unfairness of
Washington has resulted In much
disappointment. The public and Ihn
government alike lake th-. stand that
President Wilson has denied the cen?
tral powers tho rlfcht of self-defense
tn depriving them of the only effec?
tive weapon at their disposal.
Much faith Is placed In otllelal and
other quarters on the presumption
that tho United States will he unable
to put 11 Inrge army In the Held In n
abort (line, and that Ihe war III Eu?
rope will be over before the military
strength of tho United States could
fte developed
New York Court Will Collect More
Than $6,009,000 Frcm Batata.
New York. Feb. if).?Lemon V. Ilnrk
ness. Standard Oil magnate, who died
at f'atclncs, Cat., two years ago leav?
ing a fortune estimated at $170,000,.
000. was a resident of this city, ac?
cording to n decision rendered In the
surrogate's court, and, therefore the
estate Is subject lo a transfer tax
here of more than $6.000,000 If all the
I real and personal property are located
; In this state.
I Just how large Is tho New York es
I late Is yet to be determined. The
Uarkneas executors sought to avoid
paying the tax here by maintaining
the decedent's residence was Ken?
tucky, not Sew York.
Shipment of flesh pink
batistes, nainsooks, siiesiius
and silk jersey cloth, lust word
in lingerie materials for spring
at (ioodloe Bros.

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