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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, February 28, 1917, Image 1

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niK u'h? s'r?NK o?r post,
\VKI>.\'K>DA V. I Kl!. 28, l'.'IV
I'ublidnsl Ivv.i.,- WoilDWuSJ by the
OiLOCRT N. KNKiilT, - Bctltor.
LINDSEY J H?RTON, Ass'l Eiiltci
Onii Yonr, M OO
Six Months, - ,Kl>
Throe Months. - .^f.
Kiitoicd scconllui! to insist roRutfttlotis
st tbo |xwl otrlcv ?t l??; Stone lisp Msec,
fliSUtiSCRIIIGKS uro earnestly re
quested to observe the date
printed on their address slips,
which will keep them ut nil
times posted us to the dat4'
of the expiration of their sub
scriptum. Prompt find timely
nttention to this request will
stive nil parties n great deal of
Kditor Post
I indieed in last week's edi
lion, under "Town Improve
hithtf, h question, "What an
we doing to puMUgStonct lap oi
the map:" You know that bar
decured to im on humerotis tie
easious. Lots of tunes I have
met people from Pig Storni Http
and seme have been proud of
the little town ami boosted it
quite a bit and others have no|
even said one good vvoffl ol il
It struck me nil her strangc.for,
although it has been aboitl lif
toon ye.ns since 1 lived there, I
can't keep front remembering il
as hiy Home Town, ami ttlwn
speak well of it. Why don't i
every native son and datlgbtei
do the ? mi 11 isn't liiueh bin j
it surely does help a liii
BottSt j that is the ollh w
to help ihitigs along At li
il may n.U help, but :n .bo end
resulls ate bound to come
My woik obit lilt's me i.? , I |
in nil Hie large cities east
the Mississippi and evi
town, or rather city. 1 visit my
friends say 'Hollow l?g Stone.I
when did y on bit townr1" I'liul I
siireiy does make me fiiel gi
and I am giud to know (lie p
pie lui\ e beat .1 ol the low n and |
known that I am from Hn
Stone t lap. If ei ery nativ ii soi
and daughter in their ira vi I
would ?ti|i do that then refill IB
now planning to rel urn for a |
short \ isii.nnd do hop.. I will be
pleasantly surprised on my next j
visit Kmiv time 1 have re
ttlined I have m od noted im
proveinents and a bettet spin
in the town. Pride mulct >? i
town und that is what every
native citizen should have, and |
if one has p: itje then I.r sll
will I.lit.
Firs Aid Con?
of Sloier. Stonega; 1 i. I'. South?
ward. Chairman Permanent
First Aid Committee, lligStone
(lap, and many other visitors
who witnessed the contest w ith
great interest The work of the
teams was exceedingly careful
and sanitary show tog intelligent
training and careful practice, a
physician in attendance as a
visitor remarking that few
physicians could do the work
as thoroughly ami expeditious
ly as it w as done by the teams
Htoin g i team was awarded the
first prizo and Keokec team the
second prize, but so perfect was
the work of each of them that
there was only one and om- half
points difference in their rating
by the judges.
These teams are reorganized
for each Semi Annual contest,
only one man being taken from
each team ami he organizes and
trains the new team for the
next contest. In this way the
trained men ore rapidly increas?
ing in number and il will not
be long until a trained man
will be neat by lo rentier first
aid quickly in all the hundredt)
of headings and rooms where
an accident may occur, Some
of thd trained uion uro reluctant
about quitting the teams after
a contest but u little reflection
wili coil vtnc? i Ii ein that it is to
their1 interest as well as that of]
all the minors employed tbtil
trained llrsi niil ineit shall be
incrensetl in number rnpidlv.
It w ill interest those men to
know that since tin- organizil?
lion of this w.iik, only a low
years ago. ilial deaths from
mim- accidents have been r?*
liiiced aboil I lift\ i" r cetil Af?
ter the decisions of the judge*
wore ntinonneeil, tin- contest-!
nuts, ollicers of tin- company
ami a few invited guests, iu
eluding lloii .Inn. VV Chnlklov.
(lehCrill I! A. A \ - is ami Mr. T,
.1. It.-rri .adjourn, il to tin- Mall,
whole a sumptuous huuipitd had
boon prepared, under the man
iigcment and supervision of
Mrs. YV. Il < Junior, tlssisletl In
M is Ohmll . and M rs f. < i
Duffy, was niinnuiiced by the
following humorous hill of fare.
Kiist Kyent: dlyetiler Soup
and Crackers with pickets,
Olives tind Color.v. iteiiiovi! to
Sllfely, using a oiie man carry.
So,-onil \'\ . ni Uoast'l'tirkey,
with Dressing and (Jrnnberry
bailee, Mashed I'ol lilies and
Peas. Hot Polls and Collee.
It>-.'lie au.I pr -p ile fot trans
pot t it ioii.
Th|rd eveni I eel 'roam.t '.it,,
and Collee, I hgnrs, Cigarettes
and (Irapi .line.- I,oud ? .11 1111
prbv ised streicht 1.
The guests w ere not very slow
in attaet mg I lie jirsl o\. in and
soon completed I In- l hit d e? out
of the banquet lilioul Which a
genth ma 11 who has abundant
experience s.u.I I have ueVIM
111 my life tasted better] food,
better prepared 01 ? . . || holtet
servii. less e Ol i ft I s i oil *' Af
tor the I.jllel Mr |; H. Tag
g'.lH aw aided the pi (if -Till I'd
to the St,ni. g.i I.-am and Iho
second prize of 00 to the
Keeken ioaln, and a ? toastm is
let called lipon Dr ( ' II I! mwr.
who res i..led io the liiasi
Kirsi ''Senil foij it... uc n. si
lector ', whieli w as ini \eil with
Oarliesl appeals I., l lie ne u f.u
eo .,,?. ration w it I, loin and tin
other p|iytiieiiuiH in the work
and side i putting ulieedotes
which l.i p: 11,.- aiidioiice eitlicji
??o still you could heat a pin
di op "i in ^u.-11 an uproar y oil
Could not hear any thiiig
1 'in- of iho most amusing
stoi ids ho liild was an ilcltiiil
llCCtil ranee 1 |e said t lull one
mm mng a foreigner j who
could Speak Inn i few winds of
Kuglish, ehniii id Ins ohieo and
said, pointing lo Iii-. nillUtll
with a gl ima. e iis if in p un
said "tool', pull" Hi il w lien he
statte t to look info hin mouth
he made au..I hei gi iintice ami
said ??down home". Molioiiing
.low n the j-Oad "buddy down
lioil-.e". flunking the man was
like. ihan.V other people timid
and a I raid III Ii IVO a iinij Ii pill
led und w ml, d liilll to go oil
down to the mall's house and
I hilt he had him set down in the
chair s ix jug 1 sllpw tooth" al
I he same 11 me -I \ I \ taking up
In- focepS Dial the man opened
his mouth ami put his linger on
the tooth when quickly slipping
tiie instrument on the tooth
ami grasping him firmly with
his othei aim he quickly pulled
the moth out. at which theinnii
became frtutiio, jumped out of
(lie chair mumbling and spit
ting blood and after sonio nine
returned w r h an interpreter
ami iuftii Hi" I bmi that it w as
not hint w ho w anted a toot h
pulii'd but "his buddy down at
the house".
Mr. I'halklcy was next called
upon to respond to the toast
"In accident who loses nioSI
the man or the Company'V; This
was skillf illy . ably and humor
otisly handled by Sir. Chalklcy,
who look occasion to latllOaSle
the tottsl masler ill several wil
ly .-allies,w inch produced much
fun and langhlor, closing
amidst mn. b applause.
It w is near mi.lniglit when
Ueiierul A vers was called dti to
respond to the lonst, "Tlie
best safety device known is a
careful hihi". General Avers
told the men that he was not
an amusing spo iker ami could
not tell jokes bill ere.iled con
storoation tnidsi the nine
o'clock bed time men by saying
that he could talk all night tip.
on the subject,relieving the ten?
sion by saying, but "I am not
going to talk bill a few min
I|ile spik. earnestly, compli?
menting the teams upon their
splendid work. the friendly
spirit each member of the com?
peting teams had shown each
other and the friendly relations
t'iat existed between llie
men ami ollicers of the com
pany reciting many instances
when' ordinary cure would
hnvo prevented serious ac?
cidents and closed, bidding tin?
men goodnight and good by
until tbe next banquet, which
he was sure to attend if they
mill ?et the wiiine ladies to;
manage and superintend its
The toast m tstcr then called
ii)Min Mr. Ti J. Berry,whomade
irong, earnest talk, in which
he spnke very highly id the
otllccrs of the companv nod
v.-ry feelingly of Mr. Reeder
und the less he and all the
men had sustained when he
was taken away. His speech
was iutespersed with much wit
and fun and was applauded. At
t he conclusion nf this speech
Mr. It. K. Tiiggart, general
manager, dismissed the giiesls
with cordial expressions of
U.I uill ami friendship in all
lud.I tile winde evening
was like a hie; family gather?
ing, which all enjoyed to the
limit and mie visitor remarked
"I don't wonder now how u is
the Stohoga Uoko and tinul
Company gels alone; Mi well
with their men. I have never
se n such cordial relations oxisi
hot ween olticors anil their ein
To Whohl It May Concern.
I believe it a patriotic duty
to make public my impressions
as to the conditions prevailing
in the C 8. Army so far as the
enlisted men are concerned.
My hoy. .lohn A Walsh, he
came restless and in a lit of
wanderlust joined the Atm.i
and became stationed at Kurt
Klocutn, N Y. Relieving the
Army an unlit place for in\
hoy and catering to the objee
lion of ins motiu r, believing
also that he had begun life
wrong by joining tie' Army re
suiting in her nervous break?
down, I s night his discharge
on the grounds of underage.
I visited Kori Sloeum
bring my tidy hack home afiei
IliS discharge was onlered by
I he War I lepart ineilt, and had
Occasion lb'stay overnight nod
all the next day and I llllisi i;.
that I was more than agroeiihh
snrpriked at the nice, cl.au.
healthy and ordorh eu'vi-on
iiieiil iu which I foiiuil my son
I stay*.) iu his barracks, he
bciti/ away on pass privilege
isiich privileges I was informed
\>\ some <.1 the men were frbf'l)
gi ven to ne u who behave theill
selves'. It was absolutely ch-an
and I he room was in del I) .
warm nod well ventilated. Ii
could not have been boltoi in
lie' dormitory of an\ of the!
t'u.esi college:, en Universities I
iu the laud. I had lireakfii'si I
with Ute mi u and I feel certain j
that Ih.-re are hut lew homes inj
Hie Shite of Massachusetts that
could provide Stich a iiie?.1. The
dinner was as good us could be]
procured iu the tiinst hotel
I'lle tl eat incut id' I lie men to.
waul me and toward each oth?
er \\ as gentlemanly at all line s.
l ie recreation room in which
the men spend then time when
oil dun or not away visiting
their frieilds or relatives, is pro
vided with all the literature,
magazines ami new -papers that
money can buy; the place is
most homelike and an atoms
phoro of happiiiKis and content?
ment prcv ails.
717 Norfolk Street,
Hosten. Mass.
The use of Klec.trir I.ight in
your home, shop, or ollice, is
positively no more expensive
than any other form of
I Humiliation?
The price, of electricity has
never increased with the
high cost of bving, and that
a wage earner at $1.5(1 a day,
with a family can easily al
I ford Klcctric I .ighls:
In the United States the av
1 er.iire cost of Kloelrio Lights
iu the home is hut It- a day,
which means that yon r bill
I need not exceed that amount?
You can learn to read your
own electric meter and make
I your own hill?
Elccirk Transmission
CoiripaiiY of Va.
The October cln.su tit Son tit's
Shorthand School will HnNIt
their six months course m
stenography in a few week,ami
graduation preparations are
now in progress Positions have
h en practically procured for
the members of the class, con?
sisting of Mrs. Minnie T. Kil
bourne, 11 .1 Nels. Miss
Until t'lco Smith, ami .1 T.
Hell.imy. (ill of whom are re
potto,I by Prof, Kirk Smith as
being highly enthusiastic and
ambitions students of short
build ami typewriting,
Albert Curtis, (i colored hum,
was arrested at Norton .Monday
on a charge of breaking into
the residence of S Wallet Mc?
Coy at Kent .1 unction. Ho whs
given a preliminary hearing tij
Norton ami hound over to the
grand jury ill the April term of
court at Wise.
Mrs Annis Moris,hi his re?
turned to her soil's home in tin
(lap from a few mouths: visit to
her daughter, Mrs Spears
Webster, in Kmixi ille and rela?
tives a! other points,
Mr. Malan Harm-It. of (' idol, !
and Miss Stella It holen, of Lee
fount v, were united in mar?
riage by Hev. .1 M Smith
l ues,lay afternoon ni half p ist
I luce o'clock at the residence
of Mr. 1, M Wade in | urkey
Cove. The young couple will
m ike t heir hoine at (lad el
Friends of Mrs. |; |<
Irvine, both in this city und in
the southwestern part of the
stale, will lie glad to know that
she and her infant son. T?te,
Jr.. have U-fi St. I,tike's llOS- j
pital and are now visiting nil lit
hers of the N'dliing family in
I Ins oil v M rs. I rvino's t wo
little d inghfers, Misses Helen
and Dorothy, are also who
t heir mot her. -IHohiiioiid iOvuii
in'g .lournitl.
Mis.-., s Margaret Miihir and
Louise Conditio were shopping
in Appalachia one ilfti rnoiili
last week.
Harry C, Wallace is niaking
rapid strides in st.grajiliy a'
Smith's Shorthand School,
will to lie joined I In- night
cla-s, s a couple ,,f months ni
Mr. nid Mrs. K L Brown, of
Middleslloro, am visiting rela?
tive- ill the (Hip this Week.
Itichinoiid friends of Captain
.1 Fj Bull it i. of i 'oinpany 11,
Second Virginia regiment in
faillry, Virginia volunteers, are
glad to have him in the city]
ig mi tor a I >W day s. t';,plain
Bullitt is a Washington and
I.man. and om- of the best
klinwn lawyers of lh?i slate, in
being at one iime president of
the Virginia ftar Assooiation.
His home is at Hig Stone t Lip,
Vll.', where be is the s't-uior
tnemher of the law linn of
Hullitt iV ( hnlkley.?Kiohtiii lid
Fveiiing Journal.
Radford Nor?
mal Notes.
A r rail go til till I R ha V|> In en
made with the Clifford Dev.
erealix Company to give an
open-air performance of two of
Shakespeare's playS on the
campus early m tin- spring.
This is the third return of the
Clifford 1 >e\ereaux Company
I Oil the campus of Hie Normal
School then- is an open air
stage for such productions.
IVofessor W. K. Gilberi, I'm
fossor .1. 10. A vent ami Dr. and
Mrs. .1. I". McConuell attended
(he StateSundiiy School Couyon
j thin nt Koauoke this week. A
ntimber of Sunday School
Teacher Training Courses me
ollcrcd in connection with the
Normal School at Uuiiford.
Kvery elfort is made to
familiarize the students wi h
the best methods of Sunday
School!, in both town and coun?
try places.
tin Washington's birthday
the I'ocahontas Literary Koeiet v
presented to the Normal School
a beautiful United States Hug.
This ling now Hies front a tall
Ting pole near the Adiniliifttrd
tion Building and ilie now
On the twenty.first of Febril
nry the Committee on publica?
tion of the "Kailnor", the sftj.
dent Anmitil, submitted to the
publishers n copy for the An
nuni. F..ich year the students
prepare on their own initiative
a student Annual which in
song, story, ami picture por
trays the interests ami activi?
ties of the session. The An
j ntial will not be distributed tin.
til near the close of the sea
Voxel's Minstrels Parade.
Aifiio .i.d'ii \V. Vo^el, ?? I lit!
Mihritrid.King'\ lots adopted a
iti? w t-i iiit<I netter in.hum i i.i
|m'i?:.??!! 11ng liiitlstreltty lid has
nut ibuniloiied Iht! iiliiii of Ilm!
iinoo-dity street parade. Mi.
\'.>(_? t? I"s !>iu; .lipiihy of ilble?
liiinslrols v. ill In' soon at the
A in ux u Theatre t..night ami,
weather permitting, the band
with this ever populat organiza?
tion, a ml.'i- i In- direction of Mr.:
dailies I. I'lnning. will giytj Ilio
usual sin-el parade ami free
hand concert at I I :1a a m , ill.
So another Coiici rt at I In
ihohtre at 7:!'W in (In- evening.
1'ln sale ..f s.-ats is. now going
on ni ih'o Kelly Drug ('oni|tnii)
ami it is advisable Iii make1
your resi rv'ations oaily, for Hie
V?gel popularity is a guarantee
of a Standing room only sign.
Entertained at Dinner.
Mr ami Mrs. i 0. 'I' ij lor en?
tertained at dinner Sunday in
their Upllll liflils in (In-. Toll- l
rain.- Flats, Mrs K. I. Harper,
of New Vork,Mrs. I? l> Hvail,
Mr. ami Mrs. .1. II Matliews,
How's 'l liis.
We oiler One Hiiiulrcd I "ollar:
Reward lor any cast: of Catarrh
thai cannot he cmeil by Hall's
; C.itartli Cute.
V. J. CIIP.NRV .?? CO., Tole.lo. O.
We. Hi- un.l.n kii.-.I I .e..- known p. j.
Cheney |nr Hi. i.i-t r. i.mh, ami lull.-ve
Mm |.irf.cllv liimmatil? In ?II I utlnraa
traiiMiillom. iih.l tl-im. :altv ?!?!>? li. rarrv
Out liny OlillKilll in . in.1.1.1 i,v In? Urin.
Toledo, o.
Ilall'a < iiiarrh Cure Is lakvn Internally.
arlliiK illreitly n|">n II..- lit.1 ami inii
. mil surfaces .it Hie system. 'IValliilonlala
?.?nl free. I'rle* "i> errlia per tmttlv. Hold
by all OrnKKiMn.
Takv Italia I'amlli 1*;... e--..tipMlan.
('.mi.iWeillth el VirglnIA In the
Cleik's i IUI.I II..- i "ni'iiit t nun of
: Wim- L'iiiiiiIj . the Jf)tli day et I'rhruai v.
M oon \V. Iiixoii, roniiilaiiutil
I in a certain deed d.itetl March ??, mu,
bom the nulil complainant to the defend
ant, 11 K lteii- .li. t. conveying l.nts :t. I
I '?. it ami 7 el Mock -'. anil Let 1 of j
ill... k ?'>, nl Plat N i ef ilu> Initraitoii Ail- j
illlinit to tliu Tiiwn of Ili|; Slouo (lap, in I
IV lue i i in nl y. Virginia, Im tlu: sum of
Si\ Ihittilrvit Iioll.u.% t^OOO) with interest I
from date mill to sell all Of sii.l laml al
public Kale in order pay the Mine
It appearing Ijy altidavit Dial Ihr saht
II i: lieiie.liei la abxcht from the Coin
monucallli of Virginia, ii is therein?
oiden-il that the said II K. Itonctllct an.
|..-.:i within firtccn day* ?fter din- |iutiil
' eat Ion of till* notice and do ?hat la neces?
sary te protect Ins illtorcati
W. li Hamilton
IM OBonts
An Original Drama of
Circus Life
March 6th
Coughs Worse at Night
The atinplc&l iimi quickcal wuy to ?Jet
ri.l ol n wcaiini, racking ui?lil cough,
tickling iliro.it, bo?rtc, wbcciy breath?
ing i? to tukc
Foiey's Honcy and Tar.
In it, you (jet the curative Influence ol
the pine lur riml other healing inaredl*
ents, together with the mollifying und
laxative action b( honey*
Editor C. T. Miller. Canntlton, Ind. (tin
quiictl wrilca: "I ?ai lioubled oiltt biaaj
chill alTction and rtniitied roiitinritly .lay anJ
oifM. 11.. A I'olr, \ ll?nrv....t l?r ami ?Ire
Ket. Ii i. net I.,i bronchial coldi aid couaha."
La ?tippe and bronchial coantita, t-roup, hnanc
mii, ilcVJIui ikroai, are all quickly relieved.
Mutual Drug Company
Bin stontt Cap, V?.
You Are the Jury! Here's
the Evidence.
On any I ?csd.iy. Thn'radl) or Salurda)
Smith's Shorthand School
beuiah Church BI'cIk
See mill lli.tr llrii;lit and Ainhillona
Shorthand Student:. Taking Actual Itusi
iicsn nictation ami Making Tranitorlption
Accurately, Neatly ami Quickly; Rvory
jbudy welcome I'r in '.' In'.I p in March
Ictrutava now In formation, Torhia and par
i titulars upou application,
1 KlItK SMITH, Director.
I K?rton School open overy Monday,
i Wednesday and Friday

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