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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, February 28, 1917, Image 3

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Let's Us
Good folks
Stick Together
Imight ha re boon tin SsJcihip\
07' Iiicf/n /t ?
hi/Hm '/??/.?-/aiyalSpujfherji ( ft'/if/twi///
I'm mighty glad I was born a real South?
erner. Just suppose 1 had been an Eskimo,
or an Indian, or something with rings in
my nose and ears!
Yes, sir?I am good and proud of my
Southern birth. My mother is from Vir?
ginia and my father is from t ho Carolinas.
1 was born and raised dow n here ambrig
you all.
1 wish you could see my home?it is so
clean and bright and cheery and whole?
some the finest, whitest, healthiest tobacco
factory in all the world.
I am called SOVEREIGN?King of Them
All! But my middle name is Smoke,
friend?and all over the South my loyal
friends are with me, because
You Folks of the South KNOW good.,blood!
You Folks of the S< 'KNOW good tobacco!
I want you all for my friends every one of you.
good. And don't forget?
.Give me a chance see how I make
1 am guaranteed by. > ?Buy mc
If you don't like me return me to your der'er and get
your money back. I have said it. A Southern gentleman is known
the world over for keeping his word, and I have given you mine.
Mis Aull Male, who hi
in ado her homo in < h'ognn ft
die past ihriii yours, is daii^o
busly ill liefe ut the homii i
iior " tluughtof, \li- W. 1
Mr;.. Smith, ..f Ashovilh'i :
C, and Miss (li'Oigiil H uh-, i
K IhgSpoi t, Tonn , are 11
guest* Of lli.ir siti'iei. Mrs. Hot
11 irani
On Wednesday in
dam. s K. \\ Holly und II. I.
Fuller and Misst-s Hull, Hi riy
mau ami Bailiff nlloudoil re v i v.
til services at tin' BaptiHl?hurcli
at Big Sti.< lap
Misses I. hi Wells' and Nan
? I diu
infill from a >
in Kuoxville.
Mr. and Mrs. Hob Bonhnm
nro spending somo time at lloi
Springs on account of Mr. Boil
ham's health.
On Friday Mcstiaiiies tlunt
ner, Hadderer, ami Bolt, and
Mr. Houston attonded Iiis
funeral of Houston itrtigsloj at
Dil ?Bold .
SuttirdltV Mr. and Mrs. S. A.
Collier left for Harlan, K\ ,
where thuy will t ,ko charge of
a hotel. Mr. ami Min. Houston,
of COrbin, Ky . arc tin- now
proprietors uf the St. .i nner..
Mir. M. .1. Holl is spending
some time in K'chmoml
Mesilames M. I. Stailar.l ami
.1. A. Sitgravos left the past
week forHoiiiaVillo iiiidChicagO,
where Mrs. Stallard v. ill Imv
her spring goods.
Mr. ami Mrs. Mitchell, have
as a guest this week Mr
Mitei,ell's HitUer, of li'.ckmau,
Wj. Vu.
Mendota Man
Praises Tanlac
After Taking Five Hollies He
Kelt Better Ami Hail
Gained About Fif?
teen Pounds.
"I suffered from indigestion;
my symptoms were that I
Would till up with gas after
meals ami {stomach would od
sore,1' said II (' t>* llglltc, of
Mi tnlol a, Va . a fa run i, ami III
iMiiitiniling Im naitl, "I bought
Paiilac In cause I thought 11 I
sv oll Iii In in Iii um ami nfti r Ink
lllg llvv bottlr? 1 f. II lll-itiT ami
guiticil about lifte'en pniiml?."
Wlii?ii lliii iligOHtiyti Oldaus
g? wroiig food cl?gs in lli? 111
lOHii?ul tract, lYrmints ami
gchcruiCH f?til Kittes, ratising a
rtorc, Htiur, giiHuy Hlnmach, pron
I ufu in ohos.1; iirniiml hciirt ami
ill Mill-*. Ii causesi ColitUipalioll,
I nervousness ami headaches.!
II nil' usually wakes in tile morn
iiVjj lucking ?li?rgy, sleep was
poor, tongue is coilUld ami
i.i ? til li is futiii Yoiir lioail is
jiii/./.> ami tlm drain is tduggiah
I Ivoally when our is HiilToring
] from indigestion ami Hloin
.ai'li trouble they seldom fool
I liko >vorking, eating, sloepiiig,
in uiijoythg nil.
lil t a' bottlo of Tantnc, help
nature tiack in normal, slimu
lat? lippotito ami digestion, ami
your whole system will become
rejuyinated. Ask friends who
huvonseii it 'or got a bottle to
day at tho ? Mmoal l>ro^ Com?
pany, Uig Slono Hap, or at Cox
Brothers, Dryilon, Vn . ?adv
(Mil newspapers for sala at
t Ins oliice.
Crashes Into Sour Bile, Mak
in>< You Sick and You
Lose a Day's Work.
Calomel salivates! Ii'm iner
eiiry. Calomel nets like dyiin
null1 oil a sluggish liver. Wlieii
c.doimd Comes into conflict I
v> itli sour tiilo it crashes ittto it, I
causing cramping and nausea.
If yoti feel bilious, headachy,
constipated and all knocked
out, just go to your druggist
and gel a fill cent bottle of Hud?
son's Liver Tone, which is a
harmless vegetable substitute
for dangerous calomel. Take
a spoonful and if it doesn't
start your liver and straighten
you up heller and quicker than
nasty calomel and without
making you sick, you just go
back and get sour money.
If you take calomel today
you'll be sick ami nauseated to
morrow; besides, it may sah
vale you, while if you Hike
Hudson's Livor Tone you will
wake pp feeling great, full of
ambition and rend) for win k
or play. It's harmless, pleas
ant ami safe to give to children;
they like it.- adv .
>!.. -Farantoiinl
In a (lictiirizutinil ol
('AKM I-'.V :ii th?- Ahiu-/u
T.itdnl'rc T< nn'oi ritwj I hurskiay;
Prominent Farmer Dead.
1. v iii.I
\'a . Feb. 121:.?
M ujiinsl n prominent
I stptik raisor. lif this
! niii \. after an ill.
ie ih?lilh?. ll<- bad
p. ciiil justice of (he
- bis iiiijiniiiiliiiliii ii'
ier iin "f .1 ii lue
r| i'li ? iieeeileiii
of i ni. i prise, and
.ys itlcnliticil ?villi
niiimvi'iiK'tits, II''
ife and s. \ , i al ehll
No doubt you arc, il
yon sillier Irom :my id the
numerous ailments to
which an women arc siib
|ccf. Headache, back?
ache^ sldcache, nervous?
ness, weak, tired feeling,
aie sonic ol Hie symp?
toms, and you must rid
yollrsell ?l Uicni in order
to feel well. Tholisands
ol women, who have
been benefited by this
remedy, urc,e you to
The Woman's Tonic
Mrs. Syivania Woods,
olClillon Mills, Ky., says:
"Ik-lore taking Card ill,
I was, at times, so weak I
could hardly Walk, and
the pain in my batik 2nd
head nearly killed nie.
Alter hiking three bottles
ol Catdui, the pains dis
appeared. Now I led as
well as I ever did. Every
suffering woman should
iryCardul." ?ctabottle
today. U-CS
U Ceil
ii '1.1, Mill
is I'm i IK'I onli.ti-d tli.a :i i ripy
sir . ..JsiVr tt'.vk? In I In- Itie
l... forwarded t.. llieDereiiil.iiil ai.Churcli
liill, Tenn,, Itur.d Itolitc r,, p?,< 05, liei
last known |Mul ??Hi. .? address ami plat-it
..i uboile
A t'opv Testiii
w it. Ilim in..,,, i :ierk,
P..- i A. Johnson, 1> f
H I Henley p. .| Kch US P.*
The Thrice-A-Week Edition
of the New York World.
Practical!) a Dally at the Price ni n
Weekly. No oilier Newspaper in (lie
world >;hcs mi much at SO low a price.
The value, and need iVf i newspaper In
the household was never;gieatur than ut
the present tin ii- I'll.- treat war in
Kilfope Is iit>w lutlrway Into ii> third
m o. Old. whether peace be at li.ni.l ..
yet Is- fui nil. .1 aiid tli events to follow
it no- Hilm in I.I absorbing interest for
mail) i mouth to cOiiie
These aril worhl-sliiklng all aim, in
which llic United Stall?, willing or mi
willing. Is compelled to take a part, N.
ihtelligeni iHlrsoii can Ignore mich Issocm
regular Mihseriptlnn ]iric<. is only *l (>.
|K>r year, aiid tili* payg for I Ml pa|K-ix
iVe olToi tills uiie<iualleil new?pa|wr and
tin- Hi- st..i..in Posi iovether for ?rii
year for tl.fy.
Southern Railway
Condensed Time Card
X? 3? l.ony<x iV|ii>nt?ultlit s M ? in .1 \n
Klon? liap ll n'i a in., (iii'i-Cil) |M;-il
Ii in i'mi lliiatdl miil Inten.Ilulc
|kiIiiIh, Airiv.ii llrislul I'.'.Im iiimhi
l'arrlt'k llirnu|>li lliinVI Pullman
Sl.v|..-r Im.in I.Ikvlllo, Ii?.
N.. I i.cuvi'n SI I hilf Ick I |i in .
,\|.|.ihu lil.1 II O.'i )i ii.., tlalot lij-i tu
|i in li.r ItliMol i .Hilicct* :il Olli.'
i |j) (Vir lioihiiih jtivui I im-; Itilll?
i!.i|. ami n.iHi'rsvllll-. Arrive* ItllHlnl
II Kl i. in
N.i ;| I t-avis ltlist.il s In n. in , date
I'll) |H Hl :i Hl . iii? Sl.ti*|l U li
.. iii . \|.|iiii:u liii II vi ., in ,\r.
I IV. ? St - ll.lt ll-S I i i |i Hl
S.. i I.. im- lllisll.l .-, I.II |. In . i...i..
? iiy Klais |i in , l?u st.? i>*|i h i'i
,. ,?. A111> ? - \|.|.?l,.i I,m - ?i
V. i-Illlll. lll l'.llll. t M.. |.. i Ii.
I uiill.viii.-, K) ,
\ i> S I,,. iv,!? i ..it. I 'il\ I Mi |i Iii. t,n
lli.|M..|i Kim i ji ,uil- Au v. - Klilli.
ii.l|. li M.,. in . l:..ii|..,vill...l .II ,, m
\.> ; I .mi. ? ItiilM' ..f ?> im., ni .Km
i-imIII.. - 1". i in \i rly..? Iint? i ii.j
n.<niit.-i:ll.ms in I ?i.Mi si.a.M.s
?fiMoi uii.l \|.,,,l....|,i ..
iv i I i. i i. n .
i> i' a
ihisioi, n .
?mr^.-jtr^m Si hpriuln n Fifrct
I.KAVK Illtl.Sl'Ol,,VA. Ii.iily. ?iir.ii in
li.r Kiist l!;?ilfi.i.l. It...ui..k... I.yiu-h
luiri? IVtcrWHiirL'. Itlulniinu. A'inl
inKl..n. U.ltinim.v l'liil.tili li.lil.i
York via l.vnuhliiirK. !>".
Malt? l'i.'.il Ktiip?;
liSil.*. c in ilally l'"i all iMiitil? tic
llilslo) ami l.vn. l.lnu i; Coiliie
Walton >i vin |i in uiili Uli'
. i-.. I l\|ltl KS Im all |..iillls m ?
\\ . S\l SIHIII?, <? I'. A
W II lllMI.I..
I'a? Ti.lf. Mlil
Itoaill k..
Big Stono ?ap, Va
V. u'..n ami IliiKjy ?..||i A s)M.iall>.
[ I likv?. an I p l.l .lat.i Mai llim- liii |iiitliii||
Itubhcr lins All ..ink |{lv?n |ii).i?i>i
at Ii'lit i im
S. S. Masters & Co.
General Blacksmith
Repair Work.
uflll atli-utiim.
LiiK, St?no Gap, V.i.
I )r. (i. (!. [loneycutt
IHinein Willi? UuililiiiK i.ver Minna.
11| im St.iro.
\\ ill I..- in l.'liilch|k)rt ivory Satiirijay
Treats in&oasu? or Ilm
Eye, Ear, Nose aud Throat,
vViii bo in Anpalachia riuru
Friday In liach.JMonth.
|...)U 84-1
Civil and Mining Engineers.
BIk Stono ?ap. Va. Harlan,Ky
lU-jicirtit ?ml ualiiiiatok oil Coai ami Tin.,
in i l.anuV Dekl?ii mul IMnna of Cual a?.l
i iiki- ri.mls, l.aiul. ltailroail ami Mi im
Kiigliiccrlug, Electric Itl?e liriutliig
Dr. .1. A. Gilmer
Phynlclao and' Surgeon
OI'KltlR Ovor M.itiVil BriiK?loro
Bi? Stone Gap, Vn.
R ef ractionist.
I reals diseases ul llie Bye, Ear, Nose
anj Itiroat.
\\ ill Li- in A|>i>alaclita KUIST KKII)A)
in each month until a I*. M.

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