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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, March 07, 1917, Image 1

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No. 10
Takes First Oalh of Office af
Parade of Many Thousands, Including
Distinguished of the Land. Military
and Naval Organizations Escort
President to the White House.
Washington, March 5.?President
Wilson was formally Inaugurated to
day with public ceremonies which re
fleeted a great national oxprosslon of
Amerlcansim. lie had taken the nalli
of office at imon in hin room at titt}
capltol yesterday.
Before a desk piled with executive
business laid hefoiv him in the clou
ln?: hours of congress and surrounded
by members <if his officlnl fanillv, the
president reaffirmed with uplifted
hand and grave features Ilia promise
to uphold the constitution in whatever
crisis may confrpul the nation In tho
iiuimontous four years before It
After he ha<l repeated solemnly
the OHth (nken Mr-t? bj Washington
a century and a quarter ugu hi kissed
the BibW at the passage reading
"Tbo Lord Is our refuge; :i very
present help In time uf trouble."
Chief Justice White administered
the oath ami was the Hist In extend
bin congratulations. Wringing the
president's hand, thicj chief Justice
looked feverently into bis face for a
moment mid sub), brokenly
"Mr. President. I mn very! very
Member;! of the cabinet llu>n crowd,
ed up Ith expressions of regard. Mr]
Wilton received 'hem with n smile
and then turned back to hi; desk to
contplat. hid liiterrupteil task
Today at noon the presldmil look
the oath again on the Inaugural Bland
before the capltol lie might have
omitted yesterday's ceremony luidel*
precedents established by oilier prcsl
dents, but ho decided tq comply liter
ally with the constitution Htipiiliillrili
that he taki> office :u noon on the Ith
of March.
vice President Marshall did not
take the oath yesterday lie was
sworn In for his second term todu>
nt tho special session of Hit" new M>h
ate with the uuual vice prcsld' ntlal
IniiiiKuratlou ceremony
The capital. Illlod with thousands
who hnvo come frohi the four iiuartorH
of the nation for tlx- ipindroniilul
event for several days hns ! ???>n .1 tip
too In anticipation of today's demon
stratlon. Although the Inaugural was
planned under the president's dir.'-'
tlon lo be as simple us Ilm clrcuni-j
stances would permit, It WBB kt?j illt
finent In getioral character from the
usual ceremony
An customary, the presldeiil after
hr- Lbs taken the ob tli and ilollyorriil
his Inaugural address on an open air
stand before Irin capltol, rode back to
the While Mouse at ill" bead of u pa?
rade of many thousands. Including Ihe
distinguished of the land, military and
naval organizations, and a long line
of delegations of private citizens. Then
he received the marchers from a stand
before Ihe White House grounds
One feature, however, reflected di?
rectly the gTBVIty uf ill.- international
situation Down Pennsylvania it Venue
the parade passed between lines of
national guardsmen, chosen front the
New York reitlmcnts. forming n mill
tary barrier on elthor side of the line
of march Not since Lincoln's second
Inauguration during the civil war,
have troops been stationed to keep
spectators bnck from an Inaugural pa?
Senate and House In Conference Re?
duce Extra Subsea Craft.
Washington, March ?.-j-Thc naval
appropriation bill, carrying $r.3!i,000,
000. went to the president after tho
house and senate bad accepted a con?
ference report reducing tin- number of
extra submarines to In' built from fifty!
lo twenty. As the bill was finally tip
proved the bill provides for thirty
eight submarines. The bouse ngr?;ed
to the conference report shortly be.
fore adjournment and the senate then
ratified the report.
The senate conferees yielded th"
provision for enlarging the Charleston.
S. 0.. dry dock. Tho conferbitco re?
port does not reduce the total appro
prlation materially, as tin- }.:.".,.,000
emergency fund applied In the senate
bill toward immediate construction of
. ?bmarlnes is retained!
A Box Supper.
i'A Box Supper will In) given
nt Ittn Seminary l?irli School
building on next Saturday,
March tho 10th, at 7:30. The
proceed* will go for tli<> benefit
of tin; fjohool. A coro?al invi?
tation extended.
News Snapshots ?vV..r?nur!'r,irl?i'u..WUT" "T l? ??nct)?? "???*??? nMHMW the cmntry !..-:,?,.. lipprl -i nl the'fn i il
Of the Week ?|? WOI?<",> '"?<' ?HW? were Uli'.-.!. Coi.mss wni urt??! to hurry i^ciMirntlotiH to rWottit ?WkhlimhVi! 'l.v ^AMnL?*,',
out I In* ftTcnioiik-s. In N
out Willi lire hose to In- r
nitcil While rrnmrk:
ilier .in 11 rmy iilticcr
crdiini) than ?i ?nv tin,. , , ,Z V. 1 "r ",,"'r l""",,!lr,lm-,'?- 1,1 ?'???? Gcnrinns. Ie.1 by I'rlncc liujiprccht, eviiciintal
Bruumi wan at an) time riiioc the battle "f tlio Mnrnc. Serious f"??! rl..u occurrci! in NVw York city
Dissatisfied With Electric
Light Service.
I'In? r.? Sim in- in I"' ;i good ill V.f diaWitiHluqiion in
.Siohi'(Jap anil Appalilellia rrua.il m^ tlm uliu.'rg'i-tj
tlii- oloctric li^M irntri pun \ is inak'ihvf for iMirrt'hl fiiiiiinli
itd their patrons. Sonn; iisits cliiitii (Inn ihoir liyht in 1 Is
liiivi'lii ini liiori-, tllali ilolibK'il hi tili! I.i t fiiw niiinilis.
Sn ili-sallsli.-l an- lite pOOpIt! lif A ppallil-liia that limy
liiivO j-titrtitd it iiiovi'ini'nl looking In Ilm i-sUililirtliinnnl
? ?I a municipal plant i>r a now coihpatn to furnish: lights
U)r thai toiV.it.
Wt; i|i> hoi ;i itiiy roiiViin why tin- promni li^lit
(?olhpain i-anmit filmirth lights (n (iig -^lon-l (lap ami
Appalaollia as elmap as thi'so linvhs ciij in iU? ? it tin m
iVc fn^esl that thin inttttijr should !).? 1 ..?<!.??.t in(n
l>v ii (Miminitti'il ami sc- Witi'llmr or no Iii? light eitliip|i
Soldier Boys
Return Home
Company H Greeted With'
ljargcThronfj of Patriotic
Citizens Given Big
Tin! brnye Mdii.i. r i> ?yn nt
< loiuiiany II. Si.ml ItcgimOliI
nt Virgil)ill N atioital <!uard, nil
der ? niiiii inet <if <.'.i[?tain ,1.
I-'. Hullitt have at last retuijm d
home lifter a campaign of oiglii
months oil Ilm Mexican Hordcr
They arrived 11 tore Thursdiv
h'igiii at i i o'clock oh a spec! tl
train from Richmond, where
thiiy liuv<|< been located for I tvii
weeks, following their return
from Ih'?wn^ville, Tekus, A
more patriotic rcene was never
witnessed in lt;e; Stone Gap
tliiiit that .-Imwii in greeting
tin1 hoys tlptiii their In nn' ci ni
ingi A laru;e delegation of!
citizens in automobiles, accom?
panied bj the Kays ('On
cert Itailil were on hand when!
the train pulled in.
Captain Itullitt marched his
men. headed by the hand, to
the armory, where ihey rceeiv
ed an invitation lo attend a re
ccptioh in the Moni,. Viatu
Building, given by the locul
chapter of the United Dapgli
ters of the Confederacy] The
lar^e room wan tastefully
deem,ited in national odors of
red, while and hlne. After a
short address of vv'elcdinri \>\
Hon, Lt.T; Irvine the Company I
wiifl served sandw iehes and hot !
iSe-lTae, while the hand played
several national airs. There
were a total of about fifty men
arriving here, ^ovoral stopping
olT a! their homes on the wa>
from Richmond. An invitation
from Wise was read by Captain
Bullitt to in em her a of the Com
pany from 'bat place to attend
a banquot to be given by the
citizens at the Colonial Hotel
on March 7th.
K.ver.v member of the com
piny appeared in excellenl
health, except a few Who had
enhtij!ioi;i-<l i>;i?1 coM? liji.nii <>ti-|
11? i i 11 n . i oo'liloK i" 1 i 11in Ii; \ . - .
ilnmi rli lih.vinhs In ijel biiek 1
lllilllll llg'lill .lli I'XproSSl I 'lu iii
M'lvi -; i';t;'.T ui another rli in.
In Uii in r'.i.w neeeSsity arises. !
Captain Buliitt guv?< his iiioii
special insi niiv i. i, iijiin thear;
louv'o of absence in ii.i ijjii
al.'l I f >ir a Call Ulli} I"' 1-.-M. .1 at
any tiUK' for :ln ir i.turn iiwJ
i n ?,: In ai Uli' im m l ii inn . prevail
mil; at 1 he pi'i'si nl I tin ?
I''nst l.ii'til.'ii nil \V l i . S\\i
l<a'rraii fitopjM it off in Itotinoku
where Ii? will sp.ml a loyv ila> -
with relatives before r> turnt u^
Ui tin- (lap.
ttptloti is .i I'istt .if those who
rcltirncil horn Thilr.sila\ night!
t'aptam .1. I'', Unlii".
la.ui. nulit I Liu y Htl.jitl
SiM'ni iints- S.iinii.-l 11. M.'
Ctiesney, Tale I liiiii-.-, .I.ihn
V. II..in.', .Milt.... 11 l;.i,, ni'itl
Millar.! Cres1? ami .lohh .M K-v.
Corporals < 1 -earl i illiaio, A ho
Collmiid, II irry j?. Si, w'il.
I lain M Cninba ami ('In. net! ,1,
.Mechanic l: K. .Mulh n.
Co.iks \l. I'. Vaiiteo ami .las.
I'. Wise.
Privates .jessco A Adding
tun, I;.il.t I.. ('.Hints. .M \\
Vicars, A. Ii. vYynn, It. L.
Mmelielil, Sieve SCeVOUSOII,
Krank I'ti.llips, K. K Lowls,
fail Th'nyiJr, Win II. Hamlet.;
Cl'fton I-'lanary. Itobi Sproles,
<i. U ll.'pass, Clitisi Ueeves,!
Theodore Mines, M. C Mullinp,
Ben hi laney, Kinn r KilgoreJ
Win. HoneycuU,Jus. Williams,
Hcseo Thomas, Jas II. FannonH
iianio llolbroulc, ('has. |,,iV, <;. j
Ii. Clark, Arvahe Cromwell,!
W. I'. Cassi.ly ami Wm. II.-p.
James N. il, a former member
of Company 11, bin who win's
11 ansferr. il In Company M at
tin; tuohilizutioo camp was al?
so flliioiig the arrivals.
(Ire miners at Irontlnlo mines.
Steady employment at K""d
j WUK. s.
1 lotormont Coal V iron Corp,
Elk for High
I ho Stale <! ,mi" Wurden, of
N iifolk, wiia recently in tho
I i lp IMII f Iii II14 with St 11 to Holla
lor .lohn M i iooillon in regard
to pbi'eitli; I Ii elk in tho litgh
K nob count im in Wiho County,
which ho has doiinitoly decided
? ii do, ii an ,-.ii ly il.ito Tlit-ito
oik in- furnished by tho i;ov
eminent anil shipped from the
Yi llou Nut.I Tai l:.
The llnjh Knoh isoothih is a
splendid place for oik ami limy
will, no iliiliht, lib \\ oil ani| in.
eresisc rapidly.
Annual Meeting
Of Big Stone Gap Athletic !
Association To-Nijjht.
There wili ho a im tiling of ]
tho Hiii Stone ' i:i|i Aihlotio As.
SOfiatlilll in Iho Monte Viatu
Building to-night ill eight
o'clock I or I In- pill pose of elecl
llli: o|lie.-t . foi the \ e ir I'M 7. .
*i nii 11 e eoi ilhiil \ invite,1 to I
a1', lot tins inoetiiig ami bring
your friends with yijti
rite Parent-Teachers Asso-i
ciatioh Meeting.
The t'.n . nt- Teachers' Asso?
ciation hehl I heir regulation
monthly liieelino lust Welms
days afternoon in Ihe public
school auditorium.
Save all your old newspapers,
ik ihe alnguu ihiit ihe ineinhers
ot the A ssiiei.itmn aii- now
u-in?. Mr Ii N. Knight, the
kdiliir, very kindly olTereil ihe
Association lie-use of Ins pa-1
per hiUlei'i s,, .,11 the old newa
papers w dl I.Ile.otod; I) ill d
and sold The umimy helng
used lo cat ii mi ihe Associa?
tion work iii the sei.I.
A j'oii will he glyi'li for the
huiictii of ihe Association on
Satunlav, Match 17th, St
Patrick's l>a\ . at Ihe I. .me of
Mr-. ,1. NV; fhalkley.
A ftei l he Inisiness of the af
leilioon h id been disposed of,
Dr Win. Keister addressed the
meeting on Medical Inspection
in our Schools. Mr'. Keister is
tin.w all tune health oUlcer
of Wise .Coiiniy. lie. is a clear
logical speaker and his address
was both very interesting and
At the close of Hie lUCOting
tea and Cakes wer? served in
one of ihe milsIC rooms bv Mrs
.1 I. MeCormick. Mis. I,. T.
Winston, Mrs. t'. b\ ('imp,
Misses .) a mi. Bailey ami Olgu
Horton and a social hour was
The next meeting will ho the
lasil Wednesday in March and
the topic for discussion will he
'?The Public School System".
Depot Destroyed By Fire.
The Southern depot til ist
Stone i lap cuughl lire T hu radii)
night about In o'clock ami
burned to the ground, causing
a loss of about $800, Thiirn
was no om? in (lie building at
the time and the origin of '.he
lire eannoL be ascertained, un?
less ,1 was caused by an over?
heated .-love. A box ear is be?
ing used to store freight and
other neeessitiea until a new
building CID I??.- elected.
High L'osi of Living Cannot
lk- Handled.
Washington. Iviarcii :l At
tornov li un ral iin tjiin todav
advised Senator Borah that no
ov ii|.-in-. ? hail I.ii foil till up tti
this liine, except in t ii lir
three cases, tu warr int tin- Ii il
oral government to seek indict?
ments in its iii vostigutioil Of tin
rising cost i>( liv ing.
I ii.- sah- of fiii.ilstulVs by re
taih'ls in consumers in various
Cities' tlm attorney-! i mernl
Hinted, generally falls outside,
tin- jurisdiction <if l In- federal
government, ami incrnnsoti
brought about Ivy a sellish im
pulst! nf 11 ittk'r to utko ntlViitit
ngtj of tin- extraordinary eomli
i ion of i In- t inms are not pun?
ishahh' 11 Inter anv fei|crul law, j
im matter how laekiiit! in eooh
urn i' jusiiiicatiiiti, nur how ex- !
M r. i iregnry presented his j
yiuws in a lone; letter in t to
Malm senator, ? Im i> llie nitli
in .-I a pointing lull in appro; \
prialt! rii;O0(i,Oi)ii I'm- relief 61 j
sull'erers from lite high eoHt ol
One. of his suggestions was
whether tlm proiltii.xclmngf
ami stock yards of tlm countrv
should In- placed under much
el.-er governmental scrutiny
ami regulation than now pre
'?Withnut stopping liovv tu
implii e," i ||e letter said . ' hn\v
far the fo lorul government
Ciltild illleellv regulate such OX
Changes, it could doubtless tic-]
c mjilish ihn same objects by
proscribing the conditions' uii
der which i hey should be per
liiitied tti mm tlm mails, ihr
telegraphic :n"! other tnsiru
nmiilltlilaes of interstate com
minimal mo in carrying nil limit
businesH "
Assncialions existing in al
iiiohI overt blanch nf trade, tlm
a11in in-\ -general continued,
while peiforming some vdi\
useful fhnciions, "also in many
cases niake their influence fell
in maintaining prices in such a
subtle ami intangible way that
it is impossible in convict tin m
? if violating i he law".
Tlllt lelliliCCy of federal judges
in Wilpasing sentence upon
those convicted of violating the
iiuli-trust law, in Uoiile in?
stances, wire cited. Mr Gre?
gory declared that a number of
federal judges always hive
been ami an- --till apparently
reluctant to enforce the Sher?
man act.
Largely because of the short
lime remaining nf the present
session of congress, it was said,
on legislation embodying th'e
depart.Ill's views hail been
prepared or was contemplated
at pr? sent.
Hone Dry Hill Effective
July 1st.
Washington, March ; At
J: l.'i o'clock this morning the
senate agreed to the Moon rosn
lution postponing the date of
the effectiveness nf the Keod
?'bone dry" resolution in the
postotlice appropratiou until
Inly I nexl Tlm house adopt?
ed i Im resolution early last
night .^i
lulirii-.it m^' oil. urca.'O, spei Ultic.1 ititl
paint Part or whole lime. ConimlMiOil
lie.i-until ability i? established. Vet}
mitteilt position anil wiilc ftoltl when
iiu.illne<l if ilcntrcil Man with rig |m
PANY Cleveland, '?Iii?.
Gapture German Trenches Over
Two-Mile Front.
Berlin Report? the SinVlnrj of ? Num.
ber of Enemy Vessels?Trench Raids
and Artillery Activity on the French
I binden, March .'-Another advance
ha* been made b) the itrltlsli troops
In their forward movement in tho
lucre area, .'.ist of (iomuiecourt, alotig
a IwouiUc from Of! about two thirds
uf n mild N'enrij 200 Hermans were
captured German trout and support
lines iiasl HoUchavcsnos also were
raptured, on a I rout of 1,3009 yards,
with 17.: prisoners and three machine
.:ims taken The Hermans sustained
heav> losses In several futile counter
The capture of llam?iiau, In 1'ursla.
dlghtlj liio'e than I'Oil m i! ? ; from the
' in mi nt bonier, has been an
nouiiecd olllclallj bj Petrograd. Bus
slah troops nlsii are on the offensive
farih.ir noithwesi and have captured
a yllinse within ten miles of llijar.
Ii-ieh raids ..ml artlller) bombard
ne in ? Constitute about lb" only ac?
tivity on tli-> |-,,.|? h front. After In
?-ii - bombardment the Hermans do
an attack
lue- i .it 1-Vvclori.
ler I'll- Herman.'
Iuii the Mrst line
the Pre
in the Verdun sec
succeeded In enter
rencbes. according
lee lint lllltne.ll.lt.
with considerable
io)>s In tore- attempted
llan positions east of
ilolent artillery proparn
. .. ? I.ill. .1 ivltll the Alls
heavily, according lo
.1 Irans
s. with
1. rv and
- . .., >on i
i..... i > ? ed
.f Malta, while; the
...it. under escort.
Hi- i.oilqm -ouih
sinking of thirteen
War Department Plans Recruiting of
E*tra Olficcrs.
Washington. March .*? I'l.m : to re?
cruit at leasl til' members. In Ihu !>??
fair number of application1* an- tiled
'An .-y mutual ion is necessarVj" says
a department statement; but Inas?
much as personality find probable ef
jicieriey nr.- Klv?n great v.. i bt by the
regular army olhcers who cotidiici the
examination, then- Is no reason why
eligible men should hesltnti to apply
for [?ouIiiiIh ions on iic.-oiiiil of being
rusty or .jven deficient on technical
military matters Practical e\perl
en.niler the r.-nular Army would
remedy this. The important thing is
to appoint in.-n of character and
Held For Death of Small Son Until
Grand Jury Meets.
Conilersvlllo, In.I . March ?Her?
man and Lillian Hilbert, mau and
wlfo. prisoners In the Fayettc .ountv
lall, held without bond on a charge of
first degree murder as a result of the
coroner's investigation Into the do'ath
of Master Russell loseph Hilbert, who
Is !,-liev.-il to have I.n poisoned, have
not bceti arraigned for a preliminary
hearing1, and It is announced that no
action may bo taken before the grand
Jury convenes.
Hilbert and bis wife say they are
Innocent, but they do not deny that
tho boy might have swallowed strych?
nin-, is the poison was kept In a
trunk on the second door
Censor Holds Up Story.
Copenhagen (via London). March r>.
?The Merlin papers contain no refer?
ence to the Zimmermann note to Mo.v
Ixo, and apparently the news from
America lias been held up by the
censor. Berlin dispatches lo Copen?
hagen afternoon papers also made no
reference to the affair.

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