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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, April 11, 1917, Image 3

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Vilas Wells spent Sunday in
Bristol with friends.
Arthur Crawford spout S it
uril iv ami Sunday at Mendotli
with his parents.
Mr. and Mrs W. I. JbheS
spehl Saturday and Sunday at
Mrs. V'ilas W?lls Hpeilt Satur
daj iml Sunday at Noi toti visit
lion i.
yiif'iiiii Moils.-r, whd is at?
tending school at Annurhot,
Mid., is visiting his patents,
M r ..ml M rs (>? is Monster,in the
Mr. ailii Mi-. .1. M. Vounir'
w. re down from Slon. gi, t.he
hitler part of I he week visit ii g
relativ'! s.
l>r. C. I!, jjowytjr, chief
phv siciiill for I ho Stoin-ga ('bke
.V Ciiiil Cotupatlv at .'sionega,
> a- i hlisinesH visitor in town
.1 11 I iv .
H. M. I lodges arrived in town
Saturday from Greenfiboio, N.
(!., ami 'will spend several days
Iii rii looking after his insurance
Ilov M ine.-s was down from
Norton Saturday to see the ball
giiiiie between Norton rind
Kast Sinne (jap.
i'. !<'. Klatiary, of JonesVilh',
wits visiting in tint Gap Friday
lioht Ingle, who has a posh
'in in! ii Unit inl. Ky., spent a
'? .. I ij s la the ( lap this Wei k.
Mis- Hope Hrovvn, of Kings
port spent a few days in the
I lap last wi , k visiting her
cousins, the Misses Marrs.
Mrs Forrest Kennedv and
] a. Il.lgar, left Thlirs.l iy foi
Ii? xinglon, Ky'.j w here they
peild some time visiting
they ttttomb-il
quid Saturday
ing relatives
the Arlington
A l\. Mann, of Wise, wan a
htisiuOss visitor iti town Satur
(' K. Steele was it own from
Andovor Sniulnv visiting
Miss |:,.ss Voiingi?f Stonegu,
apeni Kastor at lOmdry, \'a.,
visiting (lor brother, Cordon,
who is attending school at
ICmory and Honrs- College.
Tommy .tones returned to his
home in Bristol Saturday morn,
ing after being in t ho < iap for
several months employed with
the Herges's ('irocert
How aril .less.'.', who has a
position ? v 11Ii it huge grocery
lino at K ingsporl, spent Sunday
in the (lap \ isiting homefolks;
< leorge M itIIi11s was over
from kiogspori Sunday visit?
ing his family.
Cleveland lieas. r, cok- in
si., elm at Stonoga, was visit
:ng friends in town Sunday.
W K Wolfe and p\ II. Ham
uionil, who are employed with
the Clinehtlehl Coal Corpora
tional Wilder, \'n., wore visit?
ing homefolks in the I lap Sun
Miss Kit by Kemper spool tin
Kastor Holiday s at iirislol vis?
iting Miss t ilailys I In (lord
A. K. Morrison and attractive
little daughter, Aunis, return
eil last weide from a week's
visit to Mr. Morrison's sister,
Mis Spears Wehster, in Knox
Miss Kineo Skecn spent the
K isier Holiday s at Ahingdon
with her sister. Miss M try
Skeen, who is attending .school
at Marth Washington College
this year.
The l.h.y.l Unit.I will mCol at
the homo of Mis. Owens,Tliurs
day at !J:;i() pi m
Miss Winifred MitUins spent
a few days last week visiting
lelalivcH tit S iltville.
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Mutual Drug Company
L. O Pottit attended tlio ball
g ime at Appulnchia Snturduy
?? In-re lie anw Ins son, Unfits,
m k ? ROIlie hu i.l pill' s mi
*fc 'iid buse for the home loam
F. I. Morton left for Knox<
> 111?j sjnioliiy night where he
lias aecopted a position in t e
l'eneful oltices of Sn ml hud
I' inpiiti > .
Mrs I,. It. Pi rry bus been
v( ry ill for a few days with tin
it i u-k of iuili|{esi ion.
Furnished Kootiis f.ir lent.
AI 111 \ to Mrs Uritt F. Smith,I
V\ in.."! A venu,.
Miss Beverly Hay no Tiiyioril
who is leaehiiiK ni Norton spent
Saturday and Sunday in tin*!
Gi.p with Miss Florence Mc
('?n mink.
Mrs Theo. Lyitht ami tlaugh-1
ter, Amtiin, of Middlesbnro J
have beeii spend in"; severnl I
days with Mrs Lyi tin's parents; |
Mr", und Mrs. 0 (' Vnnl (order,
near the 1.. & N. Ilepot.
Mrs Mildred Dabnoy, of Pen |
niitKton (lap, spent a few daj ?
in lltf ( lap with her sisti r, Sil .
W. S. Beverly, win. hiis lie. ii
Mr. ninl Mrs Prank Scott, nf
Ivnoxville, have been spcudihi;
a few dais in ihn (lap with
Mrs. S'nlVs fiiih.T, S \V W.,x.
S W. Wax -pi-nt a feu du> s
in Bristol last week with Mrs.
Wax, who is visiting relatives
Dr. ninl Mrs. .1. M. Stoni
have moved bid of B. I'. Bat -
ron's properly mi Poplar Hill
into the resideuco of Judge W
S. MalheWH near the hall park.
Mr. ami Mrs. liny Sutten ami
little son, tiny, .1 r.. (of l Tlllirts
dity morning for St unit .n.
wln-re Mrs Sil tt oil Will spend a,
itionlh wit h her parents,
Mr. ami Mrs lh rlhlo Dyck,
nf New V?rie, arrived in the
(lap iast Wednesday, white
they will spend a few ila \ s
with i heir ilatii;hler, Mrs. II. S. I
Ih'tij num.
l>r. iiufiis A. Morison, <'f the
Uoekofoller liistiluie, New
Vork City, spent a few days
t lie past work in 11 if I i i p \ isil'i
illj{ ''is milliter ami In.ehr.
Mrs II. S fC. MoriSoli ami Mr.
A K Morisoii, on Poplar 11 ill.
.lohn Klannrv ami aisterj MIsh
Venu-, of Dot, l,...- County;;!
speljt tin- later part nf la.-t week
in tlio Covil visiting their sis
jter, Mrs. Braille) Veary.
(hijii .1. I1', B.iilliti returned
I Sunday night from a business
trip In Washing!.ni. Miss Julr
I llullitt, his duiitchtor, Who a ?
coinpaiiietl him will spentl s uho
ilinie with h,r sister; Mrs I:
W 1 Miri iii,in < loniietiuiit ami
will visit friends al West Phjill
beftire returning home;
Misses Wave limn.loll ami
Mary L'j on Wo fil, of l)f) dm.
spent SuiulitN tu the (;iap visit
iiig Miss llat'.ie Uill\ .
Mrs T. .less Smith ami littb
i daughter, Louis (loodloe, of
( iii. Point, has beoii spending
several ilitys in the (lap with
Mrs. Smith's parents; Mr. ami
Mrs. ,1. M. Cloo'dloe, on poplin
Mrs. Margaret Hoff, w ho has
been spending a low weeks in
Uichilioml bus relliruud tu her
mission work in Appalachian
She spent Th?r-day in iriiin^iai
i tlio Public School in the tiap,
I where she is teach lug the school
Ichildren to sine;.
Miss Florence. Mc(J?rniick,
who is teaching al Si. Paul,
spent the F.aster Holidays in
tili! (tap with her parents,
Misses Jean Marrs, Ruby
Jenkins, Fli/. ibelli Sprinkle,
Kale Lewis Pettil, Luuilc lind
Irene Draper, II Mini ? t'atron,
Fannie Kav, J ti lint ami (ii I her I a
Knight, Clara Dowell, ICthel
ami Kdiih ViinOorder were
1111101114 tin- girls who tvoat lip
t<> Appalachia Saturday uftur
in..ni to "roof for tin; home
Misses Ktith ami Katharine
Barren spent Saturday and
ISunday at N?rten with their
Isister, Mrs. II. L, Lane.
Will Stand By Old Glory.
Albert Fisher ami family li\
I nig at Stdiiega, < ierinaii-Aiinr i
cans, have heard rillliors that
their sympathies are with per
in my ami against the United
Stiles. Mr. Fisher tuiphalieal
ly denies this ami states that
be has beeii a citizen of this
country (or twenty-five years
and thai he ami his two sons
are ready and willing to iikjht
for the United States when
Misses Goldie Hon man und I
Junto Thompson were visiting
Hi tin- In.me tif Johnny < idly in j
Turkey i-'ove Friday ?n?! Snt
Mrs W It. Kinnnrd mid lit
tie son, Owen, who have been
spending si'vo 11I days in tli?
Gap wiiii Mrs Kmnard's iu<rh
? * i", It. I' Young retained
Thur.siiny to their homo in IJ 8
Meines, [own
Large Shipment ol Suits and
.iusi received a largo ship,
ineiii of suits and c'oati* for
Fitster t rude. As they arrived
top tale, will sell at out price
this week oiil) All Colors .111!
st\ los. Ibili't fail tn l ike ad.
vantage of this stile?Good loo
Good Shows at Amnzti.
St.ial mention should ti ? 1
made of the program of the
moving piotiires, which M in 1
g- r .las. K. Taj loi 1: i\i- to 11,,
patron., of th" Aitln/.il Theatre
last we. k. i>n M mday nigh!
was the eleventh ch ipter of the
interesting Serial " The Shield?
ing Shadow'* Tu.s.|,i> Mr
Gri|X,: of Motile Carl... a jilirn
lUOUtlt picture, also one on
Thursday, Jane, an exception*
nil) good giodcli chiiw.ir with
oil! tile ships! lek eonie.lv
Those who mit-sod Wi-diies
day's foal lite. which is always
Olio of the host of the week.
missed the charms of ''The
Gliaperbh" :i\>l, jt,e ,,ne id)
Friday night of lOssaiia- filme
Saturday was a Greater, Villi
graph feature, A It otic "I" 1 he
South, featuring Mi-s ?oggy
llylati'i, t he charming Ktlglish
act l ess, who eahio over from
I, Melon Seveial months ago |i
Giliiicr Willis.
A marriage w|iioh wnl ho of
interest ami come as a surprist
Iii a huge eirele of f rii uils j
ihroiighoii' this -eetioii oeourod I
ill Wise t !otll I iloiise S iliirday
afternoon, when Mis- Nettie I
Willis, the atllatHIVe daughter
of Mr ami M is |( 1' Willis, ol
tlie ? lap, hecaiini t he hi nie ol
Mr.Cliireiuiel iilim r,of Lebanon,
w ho for several months was
clerk at the Moil lb Vistn Hotel
hole, hut resigned ho. position1
to become manager ol t he
Ijartsock Hotel a: Cochurh
Their man tilge w as t,, |, ,v,
lakeii place later in 1 he Spring I
hut Sal Ml-lay M1 Gjlhil-r lllptnr
Oil down Iroin Cnchiirn in hi-I
ear to the ( lap. w here he tneij
Miss.Willis ;,m| tlll'y .leehle.l
to drive on lo Wise not gel
married I mim .I hiti'ly, itf ttif,
they mio-.1 011 to Ciiebtirti
where 1 ItOy v. ill in ike tlu-ii
horn-, nut telephoned lo tin
(lap 10 the bride's mother ami
friends of then marriage
The I'ost j uns their in ,ni
fi lends in wishing them a long, I
happy ami prosperous lit'.
U. D. C.
'Th-' Histricl Convention of
the United I ? tug Ii t eis of tin
; < huifederilev will he held in tie
rSuutiicrh Metlio.iist Church
' here itidity, commencing :il ieii
o'clock this morning aiul clos
ing tonight with an interesting
historical program, to wljiel
ovj'ry one is c<>idtall\ invijoil]
Some twenty llyii or thirty dole*
j gates will at lend this enliven
tjoiij a full report of which will
appear in our next issue. Th.
program lor the historical
meeting tonight is as follows:
I o vocation, l!ev. J me ?
! 'The Flags of Lite, Mi-s t'res
Trio, MeAil lilies Alexander,
Mathews and Tut lor.
Hedging, lohn Fox . .11.
Violin S d". Mis W \{ Feck.
, I'Mue itib'n iil Soiithw est Vi>.
! giiiia, < leiii U -\ A ?.1 s.
} be "line, Mi.wKliz ihelh Agee
Violin Solo, Mis- Virginia
jlbiy. rty
I; :i( A" 1 k, Mrs. Norman
V It nid .'1 h
Iii? \ ?? i ?
You Are thn Jury! Here's
Hit: Evidence.
l).l any rucsday. Iluirsda) or Saturday
Smith's Slioilliand Scliool
bniilah Church Bl'ds
St-i- mill Hear llriglit and Ambitions
Hiorthalid Sttuli-uts Taking* Actual lltiall
u.ss I ii.tati.m hi.I Making Transcription
tcotirately, Nca?y aiid Quickly. I'voryJ
Ii idy welcome fr. m 2 to9 p. in. March
classes now in formation. Terms ami par'
liuulara upon application.
.1. KIltK SMITH Dlrcctoi
j N'drtoit Sell,..,1 open every Monday.*
Wednesday ami r'rWay
We have i
sibiti tli rt
li\ erii s tit
old all cars on band ami it is
fore, for us to make iuiuiedit
?Ii customary in tlio past
i mous is tint ,tern iti.l for Ft i|{|>
"i order for us to g,.| shipments from till
in itdvnhci
KOiU) MO'fOlj! COM 1"
submit signed orders
give us your order ill.
your car witbi'u
do Ulis SOW
11 ememloiisl\
by giving tlio order TO
rbt?ij f r .-,
Intiriin tat $.160, Runabuul s.l<5, Sedan Soi.i. Coupclci
5u*' .1 L" $595, Chansi. 5325. P. ti. It. Detroit
Freight $19.50.
Mineral Motor Company
Bio Stone Gap. Va.
UseOyr harm Implements.
l?i.\ U1 .-^^>c,v.w A Ma>o&3sn1
#1 } m fens 5s. ;. ?? m
O?a 3 U 3 oI a SOs?TIlvJlrS
Bis.; Stone Gap. Virginia
For Governor?
Roiviitiy"anTp}.e?| to the jicople r,f Virginia was made by tlio much
bors and fellow countymcn tu Westmoreland Davla to mal.e him th,.
nominee for Governor of Virginia in the Dt.inbci'Btie primary; Auguat
i.il.. I his Rplendid trihutc is as unttiua in political life us it is strbnn
mill convincing. *?
Hear What His Neighbors Say:
the mi l.>rti,rn.'ij, realdania
atrsara of l^iinli.iin coiimv. Virginia
by nirmry our .It ?Ire to becm.l mi
aft political rliih t.i b? known i
Westmoreland Inn. Club, with b
?i In nri.ra. loroilti.s In ihi, count]
ir daamM a '.arable throughout the
oirnire nint?n advanced
ill km
igriciiltural mal
?I?-. and In. ea
?lty toth. Dein.
to US >ll.
I llo
.titnt of *..
. tr..,t thc.Stateof Vi
.!( :??? (ha baala of its ?
j.-nf.ro.ir Cblaf'ElMU?Ta shiuM bo a
"Tha purpose of this Club Ii to promt
Jo th.' people of Virirmla. Westmorrl.u'd
Uavls.aaoar ra.idiata for (iovarnur of
y'r?iniaal Iba llern.icratic primary, to te
bald in August 1517.
"tVeatninnilandtravI? it aprartVral farmer;
li.' !..is (i?i, la:;i-!< of l.u tln.nun.l mom
totrMad.'anremtf.t. as wall as defense of
the Interests of bis frlloer farmers: hi. is a
abbe spirited citizen of With eharatter
Westmoreland D.ivia Camp
*? n" p'rtuadad that his adminis?
tration of tha allalra of the Stst? will U
rharai tirtn-d l.y honesty nf purpose ami
highhie.its. ... 1 that un ter hi. leadership
an.l insptr.ti.n. Vngn.a *sdl enter lipon n
I? rlod ..f progress and rrisperity In which
l*>th city and counlri soli alike participate.
_"Wesubmit that northern Virginia is in
all fairness entitled to the nest Democratic
nomlnaT'on f,.r Cavern r.hip nf Virginia :
ri.e claim, of h-r dlallasTUtthasJ cltliaat to
the honor hsve teen t..o long overlooked.
"As ria^ghborsand f.-llowcountymen. wa
commen t Vycatjnbraland llasls to the peo
|.|a..f \'iranu;i. snd l.-sp^ak for him their
support in hisi si li.tncr fir lh? nsxtOen-.
i?:ratic ?Ubfrnatinnal nomination."
llgn Club, Richmond, Va.
South-West Insurance Agency
Real Estate
i 'llicc in liitorniont lluiliii
Accident and Casuality In
I'idelity and Other Bonds
and Commission Brokers.
'*>'? DIG ST?NE GAP. VA.

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