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No. 16
First District Convention
Held at Bi?" Stone Gap.
The "Kirsi Dirtrict" Crtnvun
tion of the Virginia Division nf
tin- United Daughters nf tin
Confederacy wii? held in Bin
Stone Unp on Tuesday, \|>:ii
Hie tenth ut tin- Meihodi-i lipis
copal Clihroh, South. Tin? menu
ing was balled to order ;it lOtW
n. in., 'In- Keverend Mr. Smith
loaning in prayer. Mrs. Mo
(Jormick, proBitleni of the Big
Stone Gap Chapter, then wel
coined the visiting delegates iii
si most gracious address; and
introduced Mrs. Siiihpter, i|ic
District Chairman, who presid
eii over the meeting.
Nearly ail of the twotilyilwo
chapters in the district Were
represented. The delegates re?
ported Hie progress and grow Hi
of their chapters and gave most
encouraging accounts of (In?
valuable ?oik being dime, not
only for tluvConfedofate Cause
but along other Inn s as wi ll.
The chapters represented ami
liioir delegates are its follows!:
Willi mi W?tts < iiiipioi. KoahoVi M i
Itrlstbl < h:ipt< r. Ilri.sl.il Mrs i isli
Mary iileu Hie liatiiiaii, Knutry Mrs
Ann.. SI.nail daokson', Atliugdoo,
Miss While.
Dr. Itarvcv llliiok, lllaekslhiri: Mis
Utire Miller".
ilaiiiilmii ?ailc, ClulMinlisuilie Mis
I Iglil
Irs I'll
I lie Si
Iristol ".htuior' Miss Iiiny.
Knlloiving t lie reports of tin
legates etuilo ii most interest
g discussion of War Belief,
il hv Mis. Randolph; of Bich
..mi. Mrs. \V. W. Sale, vvifii
Ailjildaiit-i ieneral Sale, has
gam/el ii relief association
i the relief nf families left (ll
mi., unprovided for, ami
omen illegible for National
'r'vieo wore urged to oll'er
K-ir services to Mrs. Sale in
line pracl ical way . Tile
aiightcrs resolved "to oiler
ieir si i vices to their eouiii i >
i Daughters "f the Goiifeii
ncv, as Virginians, and as
inericaiis even though Mis
denheinVer, president tienernl
' the United I) itighters of i lie
iillfederacy, had already of
jreii lo I'resident Witsim the
?rvices of one hundred ttlbus
id woninn should they bu
eeded. the I". D. t'. bbiiig file
rst wienan's orgaui/ation lo
irer aid to their count ry.
Captain Bullitt was Iben iit
r'Oduced, ami he made a short
nd must pleasing tall; to Uli!
UlluR aliing llie lines of ll.o re.
nut discussions. He said "The
rst thing, one of the m. st im
?itaut tilings to in- iloull is to
run hi- pal riot ism", I le hppeul:
.I to the Daughters to aid their
otiutry by stirring up patriot
am among the young men.
At the conclusion of Captain
lullitl's speech Miss Preston
irought before the meeting the
I'li stion nf supplying a trained
vornan to super visu the health
mil education of our children.
>he sod, "A movement lias
itjiil) started to supply a woman
>f tact, of gentleness, ami of
?llieienoy for a position in our
utbliu schools, with tin- title of
instructor of I'ublic Health. A
'ollcge has recently been
established in Richmond to
ruin women for this sort of
'VOfk. This college is the tili hi
if its kind in tlio country, ami
the tuition for the training coy
?ring a period of eight months
i< Hfty tlollars". Miss Preston
asked lite ladies to consider the
iu.'.-.Iion of endorsing Hie pay
rnoht Of fifty dollars yearly by
the Virginia Ilivision I'. I>. G
cttvor the tuition of one
woman each year. She also
spoke of a loan fund of $150 or
more to he used in assisting
these women to defray their
tary expeiices while in
Bichmond and to be paid back
is soon as convenient. She
Uggested that this fund be
aia I.- up by voluntary sub?
scriptions from individuals, ami
lo|d of a similar fund known as
" I he Mother's Uovo Fund"
which bus already provided
tuition for one woman.
Motion was then made to ad
jouTti until tli? afternoon ses?
rhu afternoon session opened
with iho report >.f the State
TreuHiiror, Mrs. J. Taylor Klli
soh, read by Mrs. Cash.
Mrs. Merchant, Recording
Secretary General, told ii bunt,
tho Shiloh monument, tho wide- ]
spread interest in us erection,
its completion ami its unveiling
which is> to tiikc place on May
tin- ISlh, The inoiiiiniont was
> iectoil hy the I i.I hhugii
tors iOf tho Confederacy to lliii
ne in iry of tin' moil v. lei served
the ( 'ot'ifedoraleSlitlos of Alht'r
Mrs Randolph H|?6k.i the
fitel ill' ll.I.I ! 'i.nf, derate
women nl' tin- Sl'ali1, and gave
an oiitliiio '0' ihn ilelji giveii
Hi.-in hy tlio State ami by the
<'nnfederate Relief Association.
Sti,' urged t1 e Daughters to
Keep interest' 1 in something
vitalj and to work. In coil
clitriio-ij Mrs. Randolph spoke of
tht' 1.1. sent war conditions and
1" sought tin' kijliOs preseni to
liri?bui'aKc tin1 m?u in every
way tn pni Mside personal fiiel
ing and ri'inl.-r every possible
The discussion ..f the employ"
in.'lit i>l a trained woiiiain as
nisi ruet.ir of l'nl.lie Health,and
t!i.' iiecesiiiry vuentiotlitl train
ingj whs again taken up. Mrs
I. . <' Ivttit gave a very inter
estiim talk mi the good work ijlf
1 In- Big Stun.' 1 iap chapter
along those lines, ttud spoke of
tin- in i d of a trained woman in
supervise the school children,
mentally, liiorallv, and phvsi
.?ally. Sin- was' follow.-.I ' l.v
Mrs. I?. H. > ij , 1 s, President of
1 Ii.' Parent Tettcln rs' (Ain.soiiiii
t.ion of II114 Stone 'iap, who
guvyt a most (.loniiirelleiirilvo out?
line III I lie h oi k being done by
this association anil of their
plann lot tin-future. She spoke
01 tin' appointment of a county
II, ail Ii < Mlieei lor Wise Coun?
ty, and of plans for Securing
fjie appointment of a ilislrtei
inn s.', ; V.I 1 In- 7 1J" 1 nocos
sarv havillg been subscribed.
Motion Dial the I laughters
endorse the annual payment of
t '.? I b\ lie- Virginia \)\vision of
I If 1. I >. (.', fol tie' llilll.1:1 ol a
trained woman at the vocation?
al College al Richmond was
in.nie 11 ml carried.
The i|Ui sii.in was raised as to
the miitilit-1 "I delegates per?
mitted to allen.I a I iisinet ( 00
volition. A nl lion I \ was ijuot
id allowing any number of
I luioglll its 10 atlend ami hitvi)
prjyileg?iof thcl.tlobr, bill Ohl)
t wo to expect entertainment 111
private hohles.
War Kolief was again dis?
cussed and the motion of Mrs.
t laiiipbcl) 10 telegraph Mrs. W
\Y , Sale offering assist mice ami
I eo-loperaiion was unanimously
c irrictl.
Mi.-.s While as representative
bf the Anna StUtiowiill Jackson
Chapter extended a most cor
ilial liivitation to th,< Daughters
to meet in Abitigdbh next
spring. This invitation was
enthusiastically accepted.
A rising vole of thanks was
accorded tin- District Chairman,
.Mis. Sampler, ami upon mo?
tion, the meeting adjourned.
Ai tin- close of the afternoon
BOSSion tie visiting daughters
woro ushered into waiting auto?
mobiles niid shown the beauties
of the surrounding country. In
tlio evening at i:'M\ a most de?
lightful unUii'iaihinout was pro
! viilotl in their honor. The
Methodist church, wheru the
entertainment was held, was
filled with a large and apprecia?
tive audience,, liov. .1. 1>. Crafl
openeii the meeting with an tip
propritite prayer after which
.Mr. Saxlon rendered a most
pleasing violin solo. Miss
1'resloti nave an interesting and
'instructive talk on "Tlio Flags
[of Lee", ami Mrs. Alexander,
Miss (Jochnui and Mrs. Taylor
sang most charmingly the
\\ anderer'? (Reeling".
.lohn I-o.v. in his inimical
rendition of tin1 mountain
dialect charmed the audience
with a delightful reading of
?M'reachin oil C3tltclli.il"'; Cener
alAvers' talk on "Kdiication in
Southwest Virginia" was
especially interesting on ac?
count of his thorough know?
ledge of the subject and years
of personal observation of Us
growth from tho lime ol the
introduction of the public
school to the present ramifica?
tions of the vast system.
Miss Elizabeth Aged gave a
most pleasing B reading of
Armor Pi ant
Will Be Located at Ch ailes
ton, W. Va.
Washington, April; I I. Tint
government s armor plate ami i
projectile factories, for which |
Congress appropriated fl'.'.?' I),
tjlOO, w ill tie limit at Cliai I. -ton.
>V. Va., a location recommend"
ed by a special navy botlrd as)
ottering an ideal combination!
of military safety ami casv ac
eess to manufacturing inn
In announcing tbo selection!
tonight. Secretor> Daniels said
construction work would begin 1
al once and would be luirried !tii
C/nniplolion, lie also made
public the report of the borirdj
which personally iiispiotoiii
facilities of \>'.i cities ciiliseii out j
of more than Itili which nltered
Kor llie armor plant an up
I propriu lion of ? I 1 (H i,i1 in'. ' is I
I available, bin a gdc iter slim |
may bo asked of I [ongress lie.
fore con -1 ruei ion is finished,
llie initial appropriation for
the projectile plant is jd ,7iio,i,'0OM
: Charleston idlered seSerul ac
? ceptallle Mt. s free of eosl til lie
government ami m.f th.^e
will beHohicted lor 111? - fjietoi !? I
themselves, while oi.I the'
: protected gorges nlturby will be!
taken over at- a proving liehL
Heart In Right
Bascotn Sleinp Stands Ready
to Organize Regiment lor
War With Germany,
Washinglon. h C . April 1(1. j
K fprHseiiliaivi \\ isc milieu.p. J
I a graduate of the Virginia \1 ill- j
tiiry Institute; today declared
jhe stands ready to iirg.tiii/.u .i
(regiment for war with ( !er- :
many in file event i be loin al
[government has trouble raising
an army. Mr. Sliuiip has re*
eei\ ed no less t ban a hundred
I letters urging him '?' r'esign
I from congress and return h?rne!
.for llie purpose of re emit illg I
soldiers for the wttr ivith (Jier |
I milny . Many of the letters hro !
from V, M. I. boys -inil men
win) went to college with Mr,
Sletnp, or who were laughl by
him when lie bold a piofessor j
ship a; tho instil ut um al ler hi- j
j ? Mr. Slump's fath'er, Colonel
I Oanipbcll Slciiip, was a lira ye
lollicer in tie- (' ailed- rate arm)
I during the civil wiir. lie led a
regiment of Snutli wbsi Virginia
I Soldiers who distinguished
Sunday April '."2nd. Second
Sunday utter Raster! Sunday
School lU:Ori a. in., ti-'o. L, Tay.
lor, Supl. Morning prayer and
sermon 1 linn a. in. Itev] W. .1.
Alfriend. Visitors ami new
residents are espe tially invited
to attend these services.
??Milady", and Mrs. Italiilolph
spoke impressivbly ami appeal
inglv on "Relief Work."
A j ioiifederiite Flag;, the gift
of the twenty two ehap'ors of
the District lo the (tig .Stone
(iap Chapter w as presented by
Mrs. Sttmpter to Mrs. Mc
Cormick, who received it in lib1
half of her chapter ami in re?
turn presented Mrs. Sampler
with a beautiful boqilet of white
Mrs. face then read resolu?
tions adopted by the visiting
delegates thanking the people
of Big St?he (lap for their de?
lightful hospitality, anil the
meeting was brought to a close
Icompleting an altogether de?
lightful ami successful Con?
Will Feed
The Allies
Mobilization of Supplies tobe
Principal Work for the
VVhtdiitigjon^ I?. <\, April i t.
?"KoodiiifJ .oir allies"' is to ho
this eon ii i iv 's pari in tho great
war tor ll(o present. Mobiliza?
tion of foodstiill- :tnd prn\ idiUg
m ? ins h\ lull navy eo opera?
tion for delivering them at lie
port.- of Kugliuid ami France is
to bo the extent of America's
physical ( tl'oi t now.
11.-nl- of tin- great r.tilioads
nf the ciiutilry W'.'nl into secret
session here to devise pi.ins for
complete t.pot ation with the
governor':.t in inobli/.ing iln'-n
supplies, shipment of which
will be given prooodeiicio iliVor
ail other freight traljic during
Meantime hundreds of Ihoits
IIh Is i,| m?'ii will be train.-d for
aeti.ui -.ii Kuropt-au fronts as
so >u ns tin v ate lit and as soon
.is I rattspoi t-it ioll facilities ar.
available. The problem of slip
..in in pfiiclically ti'Very jjoi
I ill r t tti>-Ii I of tin- government.
Millions if n.-1. s of la ml not
wiil be Ii liiili repaired fur iisn
students iin.i hiiiiip, in ibili'zeil as
"soldtern nf the commissary" to
e.in v -in tie- '?broad ami I'Aittiil
. ? ll . n!
ami drive ho ill
mil friillj this etitiuti) v. h. n i I,
ii rs! e.\|ieiliti.)ii siiirisi fii
H"-ope. For purpos.:' |,r,
pie of t In- 1' n it - I States WOll
know their in.mi uro going I
foteign liatt'.e fronts until ll
Gets Big
-loshna ami -lohn I' Mtilliiis',
contractors and builders of this
idace. have tec. iv.il a col'itrc'icl
to ereilt a mining plant for the
Iteiiodiet ( ..a! t lorponitioii, oil
rifticiliiti llreek in Lee County,
about live miles north of St
Charles Mr. Mtilliiis went
there Monday im-ming to com
m- iii'i? tin- ereelioti ??! i tipple
s i tlie coa| ojie: .io,s caji begin
shiping coal within Ihne
W ? eks 11 ii ex peel * to employ
I. foiiio of aiibui thirty carpon
lers and tie- plant will be rush.
? -I to cotiip'etitiit a- soon us
p issible. A fter the tipple is
e illipleled forty four room and
l ,',-ntv six-room bouses will he
built. Also Hoyerai coal storage
liiilS will he erected to store
c tal in case there is a ear short.
This Company was recently
organized and is being financed
by New Ybrk capitalists and is
under the management, of \V.
W, Taylor, of Lynclibiirg.
Old newspapers for sale it!
this office.
Base Ball
Results of Inter-High School
Games Played Saturday.
F.ati Stone ti.ip Wise.
Knst Stone ' Sap eaine out
victorious in liotli games of
biiste h ill niul volley hail against
Wise Saturday and still nunain 1
iiiidef^ated, The base halt
game was. played here and nj
im go limuoer of local people
saw the game as well as several:
from Kast Stone and Wise. The
i>ij|; le el Secured in ihe tirst two
innings by Kast StoiUVGap vvns
a I'liird Olio for the Wise hoys to
overcome, bill they fought r'ghi
en 1ml; had u lug rally in t lie
fourth ami tilth. K.ast Stotie
Hap e line right hack- though
with fntir rilns in the litth and
?0? ? i the git'tiie up. Wise liad
a fee. -tn.ill boy s on their team
who are liar.Ily strong enough
t<ji -wing the bat, Thev made;
ihr. ?? w hat would1 liave <ir
ilitiarily I.t -at., hits to tlmj
..uili.'i I but were thrown mil at
Iii M Ins.. Kast Stone began to
Iniieli i I.ven- pretty lively in
the tit l |i ami had to I ?? I induced
by muck-well wi?, pitched good
ball for the remain.ler <<f the
g line. Indications ate that
I. i-t Stone i tap is going Iii he a
striingcohteiiiter ftir the pen.
i.ml I h. y have a good hold
tog team an t a buncli of hard
Hi{ Shine ii.i|i >- Norton!
>lg Si.me l lap went t.i N'.n -
S ,! ir?la\ in here theJgirW
III l ..'.ley hall hill the b<)>*
|l v e..pp-d t he bltsti h ill gain.'
a' M'?i.' of i 7 to a. They
the hail In all cornet - ..I tin
getting a total of -i\.it
-.. I'etlit, I.line, Stein p
itilnf .nid < 'at lies l'e itttrii I ai
La i, getting t hree It its each
nip 'toil Pjiltit made foul
i i h. sei>re.- respect! \<f\\
i tun hit the hall furiously in
? ti: a inning and made I hrl'i
no-, but Kleenot lightened
11 i- and allowed very f.-w
s dating ihe remainder of
i; oi I'll ' . ip bo\ s are
ihtise I over their vietorv ami
itll ihe game with Appahi
Anpalaihia i ?. Cncbiirn.
'lie App liiielii i hall team
I ti iintathei! their position
.f Ho- le igbe leaders by
eating l '..ehurii Sal unlay on
? I liters- grnuiiiCs by a score
'?. I be i locibilrh gii is sile
ali'il in winning the volley
li i> llll-.. lilkillg tile til St thlee
I'ne leatiin - of the bull game
i,- Strong's pitching and
II ? 'ti irt pie und stealing home
tii. seventh inning
Inning* i -i a I ?'. li ; s ii-ijt ii
ial.ii-liia , 1 .1 .; I) S-it'll 1 I -till
Standing of Leagues
it ask i| ALL
W I, Pet.
Sti.no ?' Sup . -? " lOIKl
stone (Jap. .1 I .">"H
I 1 .Mil)
W 1. I'ct.
Last St,,ue ' lap 2 0 I OHO
Big stone (iup. I I , .'.od
Wise II fiOf)
Norttui . II ?'in
Cueburn 11 800
Appalachia. 0 - 000
Ore miners at Irohdale mines,
steady employment at good
i iutcrinont Coal \ iron Cor\>,
Mrs. L. (>. Pettil ami Mrs. O.
C Cochran wore the charming
hostesses of one of the most
beautiful receptions over given
in the Gap Tuesday evening
ut the eleguill home of Col, ami
M-s. L. ?). fettit on Poplar
1 i til. complimentary to the
representatives nf the I . I'. C.
Chapters of the first Virginia
The guests were met at the
iliior ami directed into the liv?
ing room bv the hostesses, Mrs.
I.. < ?. l'. ttit and Mrs. C C.
Cochran, who lire ex-presidents
df the Big Stone Cap Chapter,
where they were received l.y
Miss Nell' I'restoii, of Seven
Mil.- Kiird, >! .(?? President,Mrs.
Clias. I' S'linplorjOf Christiniis
httrg, Chairman of Kirst I>ivi
sum. Nlrs W'i i'. Morchaul, of
Chatham, 1; 'cording Secretary
l iem i .1; Mis A A. C tinpliell,
of W\ theviiie, sister of Uovor
iinr ll. i' Stuart, Mis Norman
V. Randolph, ol Kiehin iml.and
Vtrst I I. McCormiek, IVest
dent of i ho !.,,- ii chapter. Hitch
lady in the receiving line car
rod a large arm liomiuct nl red
and white carnations. Houghs
oi cherry blossoms; jontpiilH,
hyacinths, tulips ami narcissus
an i ig-?! .ii I istic illy in em
g! t-~ V'aSI-8 lllld howls lent a
spring like air to tho spacious
living room, halls and parlor.
In the .lining room the color
? eh. nie of i' d and white was
car) o d mil i tstei ully hy tall
vases of Viiii i lean beauty roses,
Itlchinoml roses nod white car?
nations. I'lie center piece for
l.h.j pic.nil- table heilig a large
cm glass pitcher filled with red
and while eai nations, tho
handle beiilg tied with a
l.ow ..| re.I mil.'. ? hi either
side wore silver coiiiloluhras
holding red tapers, surrounded
i.y i ? 111 glass com notes tilled
with red nid white after dinner
min'. Misses Jan.! H.uley,
i'in i-1 in.. Miller. Caroline
Rhoiids, Uubv Kemp'r and
\l nlge Miiiioi iissist. d in serv
mg in- guests i delicious red
au I w lute, ice course. In
each brick of no cream
Was a small coufodtiritlu M ig
pin, a favor of I his brilliant oc?
casion, Miss Sarah t'lehran
(irosided gra'iiefulty at the
pun ? howl in the dining room
and dispensed punch dining the
evening D.jlighiiiil music was
furnished all during ihe evening
hi a ?ic'froln in due of the halls
..periled hy Mis- Adelaide
Those w ho c tiled during the
" Mrs. S l: I '.ire', .'I ItoitioUli, Mis 11
niltiiii, iif N.utoii, .less llr.iliam, ol
i-A.-ii. Iiiiui , II Miller, nf HUeks
i; l.'s. pliuie Wolfe, of S|iei't? Kerry.
Ii .... Ii,iiii town iveiei Mr. mid Mrs.
I', s,,..,, m, u?| |(. M
likte. Mr, mid Mi- B. K lioo.lloo,
Mi .mil Mrs A K Murin. Mr. and
M s \S Ii Kilboiinie; Pod itiid Mrs
A .1 Wolle, M. s.l.,1,1, s .1 II Ayers, tills
Motisoi-i ii P. Southward, ll i' (Jluii
dier.lllarwell, rt. A liailey, I). (J.Wulfe,
U T ( .Iloe, Ii S K Murisoiij M. M
Sinitli, .1 M Stull Ii. A I). Owens. .1; A.
rniuii-'r, II Itiig) M U Mi* orklOj II
\ tt -k..n Mi-, s flora .nid Itnsa
Unite, Maggie .unl Rnila U?Iy, Olga
Horton, I'l.nibel l.oekett, Margaret and
M Ilium. Minui.' and ?ieorgl? Host
wick, Nancy llitrdiiig. Nellie Horsley,
llorntliy Omiiis, Nila lioodloe, Sarah
\\ : . ,ol him.iii, II.In. Mttormlek.
Messels. i i|il .1 !?'. Itullltt, W .1 AI
friend,Harwell W A Kuurt, J. \V.
Itiis'n. Henry lliillitt, It I Irvine. W .1.
Itoislev. Hi" lliifus Mori.si.n, ol New
Notice is hereby given that
Dr. C. 1>. Rowy. r.Superitondeiit
of 'he Stonega Hospital, will on
tlie J".lh .'ay of April, 1D17,
make application to the Circuit
Court of Wise County, Vir?
ginia, for license' to sell ami
dispense pure fruit, ethyl and
grain alcohol, pure whiskey anil
pure braiidy,in the said Stonega
Hospital, located at Stonega,
Wise County, Virginia, to the
patients of tho said Stonega
I)r, C. R. Bowyer,
Meli 29 13 10 Superintendent.

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