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Pnbhihed Brer; Wcilm-Moy Uy tlio
Onn Vent . - BI.O?
Kiilcnxl according W i> >ci?! reguUllmiH
it tho potl-olllca Hi Hi,' Stone (1*| it %c
ddiI-cIum ntnttei
SUBSCRIBERS uro earni stly ro
quested to obscrvo Ihn date
printed mi their address slips,
whi. Ii will Icoop thoin nt oil
of tho expiration of thoir sub.
Boription. Pr.pi ami tim.lv
attention 10 this rcqiiesl will
save all parties a great ilbnl of
What A Govcrnmcnl Hum! Is
Tim Governiriohl of the Unit
od States has two met both ?I
raising money Oho is by Ins ,
alien Tho other is by I he sale!
of bonds, which is a method <>f
borrowing mono)
The Governmuhl bonds is ihe
printed promise ol Mid Uovern
moot to pay back the borrowed
sum of money at a certain time,
und lo pay interest on it ,it I
regular intervals until it is re
The Government borrows
money in ibis wn'j only iifter ii
has been given tile right to do
bo by net of (,'ougl esH approved
by the President, and Iheterins
of the lo in are eel out in t lie
Huck ol i he promise of tho
Government stands tie honor
of the Urn eminent ami all its
taxing resources KdallV tin
whole wealth of tho N iti n
stand- hi hind thi ? Solemn
promise,of the (loverntnent lb
This mi!. :- a United Slates
Government bond the safest in-;
VOBtim ut in the world If the
bond of lie- United Stiti.io\
eminent i? mil sale, ho proper
ty in the United Stateii is safe
If the United Si nes c .11 n.o
pay its bonds, it is hardly
probable that it n ill be able to
protect the citizens in th.it
other rights.
Tin? Liberty Loan Bonds of
1017 are especially attractive
investments Not only have
they this absolute stifety
characteristic of all I'nitou
Stales bonds but they an- tax
free inn only from all existing
taxes but from any war tux
that may subsequently he
h-vied. No Slate, cit\ , in r
county may tax them The in?
heritance tax of the i tiit. d
States and of some Stales may
nITect them, or, rat her , ifFeCi
their transfer after death of the
owner by will or t.y inherit
Another tidt ant ige t he's a
Liberty Loan Bonds possess is
that if the Oovernmenl issues
bonds later on during tins war
at u higher rate of iuti rent the
holders of Liborty Lean Bonds
will be allowed to exchange at
par their bonds for bonds bear?
ing tin- higher rale of in;, i . -?
The satisfaction which N ichol
as KomanbiT is said to tied in
private ltf.- does not joolri to
tempt Emperor William to fob
low bis ox am j !
Many unexpected things have
taken place in th.- present war.
but it don't seem likely that
Germany will over sue for a
Beperato peace
Even though you should con
sider Olily ihoSO who have told
him so. it is clear that patriots
by the hundreds of thousands
are now standing by tin- Pres!
We can Bee right now that if
this restrictive diet business
goes much farther then' *\ili be
a number of failures among the
manufacturers of anti-fat.
six Months,
Tlirno MdiiMis,
Tin' girl who is tiniiblo to liml
nn ideal Irian is generally will
ing to accept something ' just
us good."
The ciii/.cus whj cannot on
ddrslnttd why a national oilier
gency sloailil Interfere with Iiis
personal eoiiilort Im? been a
probb in in ever) civilization.
Now is tile time every patriot
should do bis "nil" ami if bo is
n farmer, by, ruining a bumper
crop of grain ami potatoes, ami
if In- is imi a farther, theii raise
a garden In Ins back yiird.'
Kvi ry little bit helps.
Tlio farmers will have) the
opportunity, of their lives this
yutir of |;iS7i High food prices
will eon11iiiir foi nine yo*tr after
liie close of tli? war, Plant a
big crop of corn ami pol Ii toes, I
M i. I'm met. for t hese will en
rieh you, ami llelfi in win the
war of hnmi.ti liberty)
I p to the present tun-' the
country as ;i w hole has been
practically sleeping with regard
to the war Hut wo will wake
with li sudden start w hen the
si I,-olive .It dt lieg ins to draw
puriown sons and brothers to I
the trenches There will he no
lack of interest froni then on. I
i hie. t iiorotigliiy aroused to the
seriousness id the situation, I he
American people w ill wade in
with sie -\,-. up and 11 iok until |
(In last trench is taken.
I hn metropolitan d ull, s are
raising a ''hnwP! I.ecaiiscof the
Ceiiiioi ship of I he! papers 't he
big dailies w aiit to not only tell j
us iibolit um military moves
incuts. I n I he ''eiieini V' as I
weil, (', ngress shinilil pass the
rigid ceiisership juw'; even it it
din s displease a few hig pub?
lishers. We can allot,I to have!
our liliiii ties eui iailed for a !
slim I w bile if v. e ale eii.ibied to {
defeat em brui.il eiieiii'y tin ':
ipiieki ! titi ieb).
I'ne I nited States had belief j
exert ilsnuiiosi energy to >h>
f" n ? leriiiniiy now . w bile
France, Knglnnil, Italy, Itus
sin and others tire helping, he
cause il I h i nia Ii \ cleans I heui
up, and ii is net impossible, n
will coin,, over here, with tue I
c.ipluii 1 Iii iii-.li and freu,di
Meet added to ||l'rS, alld WO
xVoiiill have a swell chain-, til
lick h.-r, or evini In escune sub
'the Government should have
power t" fehsoi' hews a lid news
pap.as W e are at w ar, ami
all gn al wars need I he piiwel
of censorship. \\ tili?* --.line of
nur dailies are ov er ambitious
.lliollt pUhllt-lllllg "lleV.n" for
it-., tlu-y are at the name lime
giving information to the ene?
my, |U pulilishiug tin- arrival
and departure of vessels, ihn
tii rm.,ti submarines liiiiy be
enabled In s.-ud a trailSiiorf el
The 11 linsuetions of I he world
have gone a loiig way since the
time when jd,t)('ip,OiXl was re?
garded as a very large .-.urn of
A farmer Int.-he.1 up to bis
old wagon i he other day nod
brought a load of twenty live
bushels of potatoes tii town.
He traded his load for a new
wagon, sold his old one to a
second had dealer for twenty
dollars (inure than tie- potatoes
cost him to raise , and left for
hoi.'ic wearing a smile visible
from the rear. Who says the
tales of the Arabian Nights are
fiction: Exchange.
The great trouble with Mr.
Itryuii and his celebrated peace
treaties at this juncture is that
he never pcrstiudi ,i (lortiiuny to
sign one of them; and if he had
sueecded, what would it have
amounted tor
Germany is running short of
potatoes, hut her professed
friendship for the Irish doesn't
seem likely to In mg any remedy.
Closing1 Exercises
Tuesday night ilia Public
ISchool nt this place closed an
I other very successful year tin
I der the ollicieot und thorough
Iprincipalship of Prof. A. .).
i The exorcises begun Siitur-,
day night with a delightful en-;
tertniiiinent by Miss Nemo
Vineyard's primary music class
at the puhlie school, each pupilI
acquitting himself tir herself
very creditably, which showed
careful tihd efficient training
Sunday morning at cloven j
o'clock the baccalaureate ser I
iiioti was preached in the audi?
torium by Rev .1. I!. Craft, as. j
sistod by Kdv, .1. M. Smith, :
Uev. II. I), Coll.y ami Profi
Wolfe There was special
music by n largo choir from tlie^
dilforont churches, which was;
enjo\ od, also tile duel hv M r.
Wolfe and Mrs. I. C. Ta\ lor.
The seniors and faculty
inarched into the auditorium
and occupied the first live rows
of seats in the eehlei section,
whndi were marked with green1
and white ribbon streamers, the
senior colors
Monday night Mis Sally A
Hailey's larger music pupils
rendered a splendid successful
program, which consisted of
instrumental solos ami drills.
The dialogue, I'etertoh's Pro?
posal, by 11triam Draper ami
Vera l'ettit, which was given
al Mrs. Hailey's primary re?
cital was repeated and was on.
cote,I persistently. Mrs Bailey
should lie congratulated on (lie
progress ,,f hi t larger pupils,
loth ol which ha'se only bad
music this year, on the success-:
lul u iv they tend.I theirj
pii Cos; h liieli disphi > ed hoi h i
poise and artistic lecilliiuile
I'tiesday night I he giadualing !
class In Id their oxi rcises on the
stag. i he auditorium, ? hieb
was heautifuliN decorated with
small Hags crossed hrounil the
stage. Large t! igs being . ITec.
lively ii*od lot the back ground.
I'.las- limtt.i, ?? lonight Wit
Launch Wh. Shall We
A nehm:" in gt, eii ? as tisoil in
the lore gtotind, undo, wliicli
e.ere jaidiiieres of bealltiful
i s, -,in the center of which was
a large cut gl is- yilsi) of while
carnations, lb, gtf to the Senior
l lass of Ur. and Mrs. .1 W
f allowing was the enjoyable
frivW l'i"'i Itev. .1. M. Snillli
I" !:<c "I Do- l i, ,- WiiKhur
M?l: Ol, ,
roiliy i Iii uns
?dl Wo
V.itii li, r o v ? ivie ividi!
IMilli Vidi U.irdi.r
At tho close of (he program
(lie beautiful senior medal was
was awaided to Miss Kilith Hill
Van liorder by Judge Skeon.
The high school scholarship
medal given by the I . I?. C.
Chapter was awarded to Miss
Crystal Tnlum and the gram?
mar grade uu'dnt given by tie
r D. O. wus awarded to (Hhd
Hisel by If.-v. .1 M Sinilh, fpl
(Owed b) tin- awarding of the
hciiutiful picture given by the
U. IV C.'s t>> the lirst gnnie for
having the f -west tiirdy murks
tilt! past year of th? four prim
nry grades. Little Jack Taylor,
who hasn't hoch tardy nor ab?
sent the whole year, received]
the picture for Iii? Krude, which
v\ ns; presented by \Y II. Nickels
Following this, Lev, .1. It.
Craft with a very appropriate
s|.ch presented to Prof, a .1.
Wolfe a beautiful pair of gold
I call links given to him by the
faculty and two music teachers
in appreciation of his loyalty
and their high esteem. The
Key, Smith presented him with
a beautiful watch chain, the
gift of the senior class, also us
a toki ii of (heir love fur him.
Tin- diplomas were delivered
In the graduating class by I'rof.
After the singing of "Vale"
by the seniors the exercises
Closed, after which the Seniors
were invited to the residence oi
l?r. and Mrs. W. U. Point r j
where they wore Riven n de?
lightful Imiiquei b) llm Alum
ni Association, a full account
of which will bo given in our
next issue.
Red Cross
Tin1 l?'il Cross wnrkrrs ill' i
Saturday afternoon at I o'clock
in tin- exposition Hall. About
twenty-five Indies' were present.
They worked for two hours ami
accomplished a great ileal. Sev?
eral now uienibori have joined
the Ueil t'ross making the
members quite large. The
Kpiftcopal tliiihl is going to
meet Thursday afternoon in the
Kxpnsit ion Hall to work for the
soldiers. This is a very good
example for other societies to
Up To Us To
Almut the only danger ill at
COtlhl threaten the success nf
our arms in the war upon which
this country is launched would
be a minimizing of the import
niice <>f the work borore us
After ahnest three years nf
war. after pntirillg out blood
and trensnre until nearly bank?
rupt in belli, the allied nations
yet seem n I most as ftp froih
victory .is at the beginning.
Their leaders admit :he ter?
rible destruction wrought bj
the U boats, and frankly rt?
joie'ii that this com try Ii i ?
elected to cast its lots with
llipth, practically adiiiitiiiig
that without our aid Vieliil \
would still he far in the fti'iiio.
Nnw that we are Column lid
in the fray it should he ein
single aim to carry it In a ? ne
eessful issue, This will hiivei
h ' done hv half hearted in ? IS
ill.-- What the allies .I is
mat er i,11 assistance?money,
fund ami men. I hese we inns; I
furnish in;ihe iniiit of oiii re
sour'Ci s. We ii t ii is I pour miihc)
into i h.-ir eplTers : ? e hum ills
patch tn their shores e*tin !
pound of food not nhsu iliid'v j
ind ileil lo sustain life heri : we
must send to Kran.'en tremend?
ous army thai, lidded to those
of the allies, w ill by its sheer
weight of nuiliiier crush on; all
Man Risks Life to Raise Klag
at Downs Track.
II. .1. Kidd, of Tin \| Street, a
contractor, proved himsell a
true patriot yesterday
lie risked' his life in order
that he might s.< Md (Ihtrj "
wave from the 2()ll fool flagpole
at Olltircllhill Low ns.
Mr. Kidd In.s ,i few I.locks
from the race track ami the
llagpnle is in view from his
front yiijrd Several mouths
ago he and Ins neighbors learn
ed thai Siuneoiie had cut t he
pulley ropes froiii the polc.iniik
nig it almost impossible to hung
a ling,
Karly j osterdiiy hih'ritihg Mr.
Unlil look a ladder from Iiis
woikshop In the mill" of the
Down's club linns.', lie lii'sl
cliiiibi .1 ui iho loof of tile eltib
buns.., took the ladder up with
him, ami then leaheil the luil.jer
? ui ihe frail pule.
With "Obi Glory'' luek.tl
safely beneath his arm, he as
eemleil slowly tu the lob of Ihe
stall' Hail ' he fallen, he
prnhably wmihl hav.- met in
Htaot death. A while Inter, he
was buck en Ihe ground, and
he bad the salisfaetion of see
ing his Nation's emblem ihrow'ii
int.) the bre./.i'. Louisville
Mr. Kidd formerly lived in
Ulg Stone (lap and has u,aii>
relative? au,I friends in this
sect ion.
Kok SALE CHE v l?. 1 ift.i
horHu wagen, 1 set dnubh1 liar
hrfh, I hack, 1 buggy ami har?
nest?. Kur further particulars
koc E A. Uoiivutoiij Big Sinne
Ohj?, Va. 2t
50 Linen Finish Cards
for 35 cents.
The famous tiffany old eng|ish
lettering. Strikingly sim 11 :i r
to engraved cards. Orders
promptly filled. Order now.
Lynchburg, Va.
I To the IVSothers
I Of a Station
Til KHK is su much iInn von want t<? ilo in this war anil
so Hui? limn to .do it On every side you h?? chances
to he iisefiif relief work, Hed doss, gardening und
uvoii lillirig Ho' place? of men who omst go.
Vul every minute of y?rir day is lUlod?at homo. Tin- real
problem of woman's war-time serviee is not to liml Lint
Women it's to find the lime
Ititt watt. The problem of finding time is not a new one.
in days of peace, women have discovered how to give
their homes ami children belter care ami Mill have loans
free for oilier things.
Tliev merely -amplified their tasks. Klectricnlly the\ did
the work of'home. I'ltey look Shorl cuts. Tlidy clipped
? ill in'iiute: here, more minutes there. They moderni/a'd
their methods sewed, cleaned, washed and ironed, even
cook, d. by siiupping on a switch or pressing buttons.
Today this force is waiting at your door. 'I'll.- power that
lights your city, runs your cars, makes movies move,
pump.- water, weaves and spins the fabrics thai ynli v.-eai
- elect i icily is wliitiug to lichten every burden in \ mir
bom -, to i"- your drudge, to leave your time ami energies
free for bigger, grellter lasks ahead. And ask us now
how little these things cost.
Jui" methods tor Flat YV(>ui< are tin- *
i ?
iif passed and Inmntl to win your appro- <>
The R'oyai Laundry J
PHONE 113.
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