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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, June 20, 1917, Image 3

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id m
You want to be sure that your films are FRESH,
'hat a disappointment to take a picture and then
lvc it not "develop."
We do a big photo supply business; that's why
UR goods nre fresh.
Making and keeping pictures of "the trip" and
I" the children will be a joy in alter lite.
Now is the time to buy a Kodak.
eiiy l
Xj/ic 5?ca-a// S/orc
. .! !!.! "ruft Spoilt a few
II. n i y I i|iine spoiii a few day's
in |tve (V.i\<> With Iiis parents
II .1 Nelson returned I ml
v.... fr in llanto, tjyherO ho
Mr- Miniiie Kilhotjriii', of
I'ttiiiington Map. visited friends
in taw a last w eek.
Mr and Mrs. I ion. It. Marrs.
f .? . lo o, siieili a few liiijirs
in iliii i la|i Sunday morning
MtS. Collide, of lliaek w o,?|.
wo visiting lier daughter, Mrs
' 'o)l\, Sunday.
Uichardsini, of Jolilt
v, spout Suiidav in 11 o
gtiosi of Mr. an i Mrs
a K, Hanks spenl part of
? I: at W j t ho\ ill?, where
l as a "delegate to the
;h League (Jonferenoo,
I olljt r spent Sunday at
? isiting relativen.
r '!. Wheeler, a ropriii
ve o, tho (I. I,. Hall
'? 1 oinpaiiy, of Norfolk .
is a husiiicHS visitor in
P las) Saturday.
W. d. Alfriehd, motor
Kpiscupai Churrdi rtl this
preached at Norton und
Will llohitiotl will
i' Itlue Springs Church
?sd.ii> night at s o'iduek.
M' - <? il. I.niig (iiid daugh?
ters: Mi:-.- (ii i,-.. nii.l Kraiioi'K,
ami Mis- (ilu.l i i II i\-t?i m tt .r
.-.I in Keoko.e Mundiiy aftOr
M i.- I-:,lidi iiinl Kihel Yah
I lonldr. Id.- a 111 acli v.- twin
daughters ,if Mr an,I Mrs. I .
11. Van! i order. a re spending
si'uhe inn,, with fi i. nils in Mul
II.-.I, ,ro
l.iul,. I'.oulaii C.Iliiis. nf
Kodn, sp.-in last week in lln
Hup will; Mis. S. ,\. Bailol
i 'lid'ord I'nll.-r. ..I K iiig-p .ri.
spiml il,.- week odd with I,is
Ulielo, .1. 1'. Ifiiller, in I In- < lap
I'uil.s Jtjuljd.ill win, is a
ill..Ulli,'I' nf < '? an pan y II how
station...I at tin- < lap, -| mil liiii
wo.-kend ill W'ts.. i-. uh llniiin-i
A, I) 11 wein? Ii as i-.iiiiiii.'iii'.! I
tin- (<i? ? (-1i,.ii of a six room lain'
gnhpv nil a In aiiMlul silo hear
it.- tin- ft; si
i. The eon
iwiinled to
M til I ins
Iho hall p ark, op
d.-in--- ..!' 11. K A
Mi -s, s l.ililtiii M ins. of K
I;oo. is visiting Mrs. .loo t'rill
in t lie ? lap tilih w - i-l;.
\V II. Wien, s.-iir.-iaiN of Hie
Mineral Motor ('binpaiiy, ro
ttirliod to Ins liinne at Uhilhowie
Tuesday morning alter spend
. itig several days here mi ini.-n
.1 dm 11. Woodriill , of .lohn
-,,ii i'iiy, i - -1111.. spoilt last Sat?
urday and Sunday in tin- (l ip
visiting his In-other. t Ijltis;
h following schedule of rates govern nil lighting
services, effective June 1st, 1917.
From I to 10 KWH (? 12c
llto 25 " I? 1 I C
26 to 5C) " " lOc
5 I to IOO " (?i ?9c
lOl to 200 " <?> OSc
2?I to 5QO " <?>? 07c
Over 500 " (<< O?c
S discount "f 2C. pet" kilowatt hour i- allowed on all hi
il at office of the company on or before the tenth
i) following consumption.
rite net minimum bill for each service in any one mon
?"?uiniiig that customer has used;51 kilowatts of ul<
Uli" Ull-IIOll, I'lll .1.-1 l,?ll-',,--.
IO KWH <?? 12c. $ 1.20
15 . I Ic. 1.65
25 " Mi lOc. 2.50
1 " <!} 09c.? JOg
Gross Billl .$5.44
2c per KWH discount if paid by
tenth of month.S I.Q2
Net Bill.$4.42
I'urthcr information, concerning the application ol neu
Me, will gladly be furnished by any of our representatives.
Electric Transmission Co. of Va.
1ncorpora ted
Mi.-. Vila* spent a fowl
ihlVS hist week tit ll?it.-I llnrt
soek in L'neburii with Mrs. \V
C. O.ilihei
Mr. :iml M rs. I > It, Pierson |
are moving ibis week into the
beautiful residence of Mi and
Mrs. Otis MOliser's iiu Poplar
The Lloyd Uuild id Christ's
I 'hut oh will n.i win. M rs
I tin klo at ili.' Moni.' Vihtu
Hotel Thursday afieriiooii oil
four o'clock.
Harry .lessee went |h Prisi >l
Tuesday utiiruine. where lie 1
will spend a few days inkihui
jirealmeiii iindrr Dr. Tim-. P.
?; Sintoy, the specialist
A W. (irillith, ..t I; i.lnl was J
i vi at it,g friends in town Stiii
' da v
\ C. ?. Uobuisnn aiel V. P.
' Kiel, y uf Pardee. V?? - "ere
! visitors in I he I lap Sal nrda v;
? I W. I iililt, of lliii Interstate
Uiiitroad Company til Siouegn,
: .vnS visiting friends in inwnl
j \V .1 I 'rap. r. ogelii for the
I Southern |{ dlw iiy at I late ( 'ity .
j spent Sunday in tin (lap
Mrs K yV. Ilolloy ami two
preliy ilaught'-rt , Ultth and
j M it ton . spent t ho d i v with
Mrs. ktleii and Mi- (.1 I-'. Polly ,
das. Keyholds Was dowujfrntu
Iii id it Siilurda) nit! lit ami .?sun
i diiy i isit tug friends.
.lohn K.ilUiirl and .. o. , \ji*H
Venus, and Mr and Mis Mon |
. roe Kl inaiii . ? ?: I hit, \\a , iitii !
tor. .1 to il..- i lap Prid n in : I.
j Pord ear, und splint a few day's,
here visiting Mrs, Ifradley |
Yeary and Mis. Pi.nee It'lali
Mf and Mis Mori:. siilgle,
I of neui Poiihipgton tliih, were
j v isitoi s in low u Saturday. 'I."
Iirhesfs of M r, and Mis !- . r,.
Miss.s Murv and lilaiich
IhOarne will ieiive this wool;
r ('Ijall ?.i;a v. here i hey
! i sp. nd a few week - \ isiting
s. W. I'.. Lil> Held.
^hiiouiieemenls havh beult
c i\ . d ill tile I lap ..f I ho iiii t h
a daughter I., \! r ami Mrs.
itlKilliiin at their homo in
?orgiii last week \i rs. Van
illiim was formerly Miss
?h.jeett Wade, of the ( hivoi
M rs N iniVy i 11111u?? '*. o( 1 dies"
ii and 1 lobrglh I let iiillm ami
?ssls. Kowall \dears, I i,lines I
h iii.e. ami Ciirt is Itiohtnond
; it ire i dowa from Wise Soti
iv af'toruoo.ni took sup-!
?r at tie- M?nte \ isla Hotel.
Miss ;|nnot Knill?)' lofj Tins
.\ nimhing for Londonj K v., !
diet .-she will spend a wok
will Upend a few days visiting;
Mrs. .I. Iiu yV. Npwinah, whol
was forinerlv Miss .laiiiit'Sfeiiip;
of theli,p." J
MitssN Leonard Hall and
Harry liohaitan, of Norton,
spent Tuesday in the <inn visit?
ing K?los I'ctlit ami Toni
I loodloe.
.SefoealH .lohn M Kwing, of
l line!.port, spent Sunday in lliii
i lap ?. isitlng friends.
Mrs W, 1$. kilbmirne spent
last Wednesday at Dryden vis i
it ing her mother, Mrs. Kein er i
? l.ssee.
Miss. s Arlino lluldon, 'iVedie
Orr anil .Iahet Peunington, of
Ponniugtoii (lap, and Miss
P.li/.aheth lluldon, of Kiio'xvillej
are visiting Mrs. W. 11. Polly
this week.
Lev. Gordon Harwell, of
Texas, who has boon spending
some lime in the trap assisting
Key. W. .1. Alfriend, the Kpis
eopal minister, left Friday for
Ko.moke, win-re, he will be ex?
amined for training in the L.
S. Aviation Corps'.
Mrs. ,1. ('. Puller und two
children, Uobert and Helen,
spent Tutisiliiy in Appalachia
visiting Mrs. Puller's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. W C. Taylor.
Ii, I). tinker and little daugb- j
tor, Miss Agn. s, of Winchester,
K v , are spending a few days! in
the < i rip this week. Miss Agnes
is at. the home of Dr. ami Mrs.
I \V. A. Maker.
Mrs. .lohn Taylor anil little
children are spending .several
I days tit Cliuchport with rolu
Hon and Mrs. J. W. Chalk*
Icy und sun, Julio tin II i it, mo
-pointing ii few ?I ns in Wiinln
iiigion Oit> this w i ? k.
Mis. .i. ti. Money spent Kri?
da? ni Bristol shopping. Sin'
whs accompanied l?j h< r gnu d
"(in, Money Mullein-. Wim im-1
In c ii spending ihe wiiitiT with
in r. who returned Ti Ins Ii.,in-'
I ilceilVllio.
Miss ' Kliziihoili Muncy undl
(irohol Mllticv. children of the
littt- .1. A Money, ..l Kloyd
County, are visiting tlimr
grand pn i "ii i s. Mr ami Mrs. .1.
? I. M iinoyT i ii t In- < i iiji,
.Mi KU Alu-- iiittloxvooij, <f
Tunis Creek, spent a f?l?v
ila\ s in |||,i i ;,,|i last w.k w ith
Mrs. II ii well a I t In- II. etdfy .
Mrs. H. P.. AlRover ami twol
oln'.In n. Miss Kvolv.lil Mus
ti-r ItobOrt, left last week for
points in I'. niisyIvania, where
they will spend a few weeks
visiting relatives.
Mi-s Margaret iinrfoh is|
Spending a ti-w ilovs this week |
with ft Sehlis in In \ ileil ami St |
iiblni I'. Coltiei left Smulay t
night f ir I.mii-villi-, where I e
will spend tw.? three weeks j
Inking Klootric Treatment. I
His two little daughters, Heliii
ami Anna I'.arroii, will spi'iid
tin- 'inn- with tln-ir grand fallt
or,!,!. K. I ' ilk Burma, in I he
Id in l ? Mr. ami Mrs Hat II.
I'.anon. Ia.il Saturday morning,j
a liov. weighing eleven hounds,
which has |,,...,i named Haleigh
jloiton Hiirrou.
Mr and Mrs. Ahtinf GfifiUll
ami little -hi. of Van Hear. \V. I
V?., who a i e hoarding at t ho '
Mi.nte Vislh. will move nun thol
residence - f Hrof ami Mrs. A.
.1 \\ i IL-, Mr tirillltii lias a j
position with th.. Sp.nega t kt i
.'. Coal I omptinv at Kodu
I: v 11 S liaiiiiliilij, who luisj
h. in in the l.iap for sev,-i.il
wei'ks vi-iting his dililgliI -r.
Mi- .1 s II until, ii. left Miihi
i, l nji mi l Cling fur ,1 'life a go.where j
III! will spend the summer w ith
In- -..n. hoi Walter Hamilton,
of ihij i"iiivi;is)tA ,.f eh .-ago.
... .
den, -pent last I'hii'rsiltii in the j
flap; \ .siting h- r daughter. Mrs. ;
YV, It; K ill.'.Ill lie, elirollto till
spend -.line Unit- visiting hoT i
sister, Mis ,1 aim s Slisoltg
fho I'nwii I 'oiiueil a! its last
meeting liiltlnSri/led the Mayor)
lo Mi-.p.-ud lln- eolloctiiill of
license ml dial dealers during]
(In- pie-out emergency. Sill
town license la:< is heilig im
posi .1 mi that Imsiness ai pros- ,
, nt mid w ill not he until fui Iii- i
I-'. I. Iitiotuvnan.of Ktisi Si,me|
(lap, who h is heen a cm pol .al
on th.- I S. S Pennsylvania,]
has h. en promoted to serge-tut
ami now ha-, charge of a gun j
crew of lliirly inen. Sorg, ant '
Buchanan i- an expert gunner
and is now mi a suhinarim i
Word has been received that
Mi- M ivh I'ah II, formerly of
i in- i lap. is now in Lyiicliliilfg,
having taken her fill!.- -on.
Ma\ o. to " Home and H. treat"
ho pital lo he under the care of
l)r. Bowlings. The little hoy
has he- n ipiitu sick lor the past
Mr. and Mrs. (Jrover ' >rr, of
SI. Charles. Mr and Mrs Jim
i l|-r and children, Mr ami Mis.
Morgan I l. r and children and
Mrs. Minerva ( Iff, all of Dry
den, motored up to the i iaii
Sunday afternoon and spent a
fow hours lo re.
Mrs. Kalph Hershoy and lit?
tle son, Kalph, formerly mo(
I'ulaski, who have been spend?
ing several days in the Gup
wiih Mrs llersliey's mother,
Mrs. J. K. Ittiiin, loft this week
for Sea'tie, Wash., where Mr.
Hershey is having a furnace
constructed for the Pacific
Coast I 'oinpany.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Crockett j
Mis-i s (Ira Hush, Alice < 'lark.
Messrs. Aronliiue, Cartright
and Cohen, of Hristol motored
to the < iap ill I hree * Iverlaud
Touring cars Sunday afternoon
and were guest.i at the Monte
\ isla Hotel until Monday morn?
ing, when they returned to
Hristol on the train. Miss Maxie
Hogers, of Norton,accompanied
Ihelll to the (iap, Messrs.
Aronliiue ami C^heu remaining
in the tiap where they will
open an < 'VCrlntld < iarage.
Mr. and Mis. Kreil (iihsoil and
three little daughters returned
last week from a visit to rela?
tives in Kadford. They made
j the whole trip in their Dodge
' Touring car.
Woman, the Super-Force
of the Nation
HTlM ! >..?? w.-,r a,,. ii?,..-..f
-*- ipiires H.iiirlM ami Kock* i
Men and money are hid ihn
And the iirontosi of ihiika iu 1
iinent ti
ml Rhipn
i*a\ mil' innUiodH in
~. i v.- i ,,u n flail
Cm mm id lor |irsl
ihg linne'e:, s arv di
Kb 6 trie service wi
?realm of wothuu's work, from tin- .'iirlii-si
ili/.iUiim to the |'rr-ohl Mini' 1 liero hau boon
iiiUmneo greater than thai emit rihitled by
KU:< "IKK ' TKANSiM 1 SSI ON (j().
f in A
i< i wiii t is rv k?
?."v- :<>.?*>: i' iv* i; ic
A Slcin Itleaeh or Winten, r for dark or lirowit skin re
plexi?tis ;ind causing kneskiii to (lime Whiter. Doit't eiivy
a . h at completion, use CocotoiiC Skin \Vliitener and have
South-West Insurance Agency
Fire, Life, Accident and Casuality In
surancci Fidelity and Other Bonds
Real Estate and Commission Brokers,
fllco in Intoriiioiit Building BIG STONE (/.AH, VA
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from the Wise Printing- Company.

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