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Put.luhed Kvcr/ WuJooJay by the
cm. e: >IT N. KNIGHT. - Editor.
Onu Yonr. - SI.on
Six Muntlin. ... ,50
Three Montlm. - .26
KuUrixl (ccarillin; to poital regulation*
kl il... |kw1 ottlei) at Hip, Slime <;?)> a*niv
oml-cltuts nitttor.
SUBSCRIBERS aro onriiostly ro
quested to obeorvo tho dato
printed on tliqir address slips.!
which will koop thorn at all
tiinoa posted as to tho date
of tho expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt ami timely
attention to thin request will
save all parties a great deal of
Prompt Action Imperative.
The recoul indictment of the
the onion combine in Boston,
nnd later of the egg trust in
Chicago,should pry open the
eyes of our national law makers
to the very patent fact that
there is something rotten in the
Doited Slates?very rotten.
Kor months now I he people of
this country have insisted that
the present extortionate prices
of commodities are traceable
to the price manipulators; that
while there may lie a scarcity
in certain lines of commodities,
that scarcity is nut bj tin)
moults Hellte enough In warrant
the almost prohibitive eosl of
the articles in qnosiinn.
It was n-i surprise i" ihe pub.
lie in learn Mint the Chicago
egg gang worked iheir seheihe
through fictitious sale- As a
mutter of fact, that is tin'
established method ol those
gentry. Their whole eefartncH
business is pure gamb 0 and
squeeze, always at the i-xpi ie -e
ol the cjiiMtimer.
Hill W Ith the except illll of the
prosecutioiiH under the Sher.
man law it seems that We tire
a long lime in soenriitj- riny i -
lief Those pi nsocutii a w ill
not bo a drop in i In huelu ;
from the fact ilia they are like
ly to be long drawu oat and
tedious, and to amnunl in vi n
liille in tl.ml
The people of ibis country
have not forgotten tin- farcical
prosecution of the Standard
Od Company and how viiry lit?
tle was accomplished
In the present emergency
there is hut one remedy, and
that is in government interven?
tion to regulate prices, and
from present indications we
fear another crop w ill he bar
vested and bugged by thospccti
luting hogs before the law- steps
in and introduces a rule of tea
sun and sanity.
We believe the president is
doing the beul tie can to this
end, but he is handicapped by
tho procrastination of congress
ami the machinations of the
UirolillgS of the speculators.
Duo tiling is certain, we must
have both a maximum and a
minimum price established on
all commodities. The. pro
Uucer as well as the consumer
must be protected. If neces?
sary, the products .-le-uhl be
in a r k e i e d by govummont
bureaus, thus eliminating en?
tirely the thieving hord of
specula live middlemen.
Bread riots are too near for
comfort. They would ho fatal
in our national crisis
The government asked a loan
of the people of $2,000,000,000
for war purposes. The people
responded by promptly offering
nearly fct.OtKI.OOO.OW, and this
tremendous sum was subscribed
In all walks of life, from the
millionaire down to the labor?
ing man with nothing but bis
weekly pay from which to
draw. Even young working
girls and the little Hoy Senilis
dug down when Uncle Sam
asked for help. It is significant
that our first loan of the war is
also tho greatest loan in the
history of the world, and llfty
percent over subscribed at that
Exemption boards for Vir
ginin, named by the war de?
partment otliccrs in Washing
ton, have boon curlitled to Ad?
jutant General Sale, ho being
directed to inform the beard of
their appointment and instruct?
ing them In meet and organise
forthwith, Those boords are to
pass mi the claims of men
registered, but who seek to be
relieved of duty. Tho fact that
a man is married will cut no
ligurc, eriiaii.lv marriages
colebraled within the last year.
Following nn the hoards ap?
pointed for l.eo. Wise tltldScolt
('on lit ies:
Loo county?A. I*. Tobins,
Bherilf, Jottesville; Lawrence
It. llyntt, clerk of court, I ones
yillc;T\ 1?. fence, M. \)., St.
Wise county ?\V. B. Ad
dingdon, slieiilV, Wise; \V. B.
Ilutnilton. clerk of court, Wise;
W. s Keister, M, IK. Norton.
Scott county C. W. Dough?
erty , sheriff, Utile t lity ; .1 F,
Uichmond, clerk of court, I Into
City: C. It. Fugate, M. I).,
Borshing has made quite a
Int in Fnglaml and Franco, i
Here's hoping his next score
will be al the expense of the
Preparations for the Big Celebration Complete and Thou?
sands of People Expected Here Today.
Preparation*) fi>r tho big Fourth of July oob-bration today
arc complete and ihpiishnd* of people will hit here to participate
in the cotdhration ot tho nation's greatest holiday. Tho follow
ing program has h sin arranged by the comaiittoo:
9:00 a. in. Fox Chase over grounds that will enable the
people tn sec both start and finish of tin: chase. First prize,
$10.00; Second Prize, 55.00; Third Prize 52.50. Every hound
that checks in as entering the race oh the morning of July
.|tli will receive 50c.
10.00 1. in. Mao Parade. Everybody is requested to dis?
play the American Flag.
11:00 a. in. Patriotic Speaking.
1:3b p. 111. Athletic Sports.
2:30 p. m. Automobile Race by Ford Racing Cars,
3:39 p. in. Hase Ball Game between Lincoln Memorial
University, of Cumberland Gap, and Coal Fields League.
The Hopp ,V Harrington Oreat Soullu-rti Show, which ar?
rived on Monday ami are now located on the Athletic Park,
will he one of the log features of the celebration Those shows
are new and ilp-lo-dale and will furnish attractions for the poo.
pie of this section not only on tin' Fourth but the entire week.
'They come highly recommended to he the best -how. on the
road this so imill, as thoy are free from all gambling and immor?
al attractions and will furnish wholesome ami eiijov aide amuse
Lot ovorybody come out ami enjoy a genuine old time
Fourth of July Celebration. Plenty of good things to cat and
drink on the grounds all day.
NCWS Snapshots " "''"" '" ?'"'?'?<?" thoiisniidi?, of Aiiicrti'hii regulars under Mnjor Ceueriil
" Siliert arrived, convoyed by wiindtlps, ninld acclaniht inn I lie French i.pic, who were
Of the Weell l?M?ly '?>' *?n?rt*fl when Ilio llrsl contiiigchl arrived, Inn ?vre iviuly fur the
otliera iv|io followed. General IVi-kMii? will have his t.i m ror Hid fronl In nimm six
weeks. In n speech he made Colonel Itooaevelt announced thai his fmir suns nrc doing Iheh ? hit" for Uncle Stun
M.iJor T, II Junior mill Captain Aivhle already In France. Keruilt ill riattsbur? anil iJiiciiliii In tho llyhiK dorps. The
Olymplti, Dcwoy'n lltiKshlp in Manlln bay, went ugroiuul nir Iths k Island ami will probably lie n t.I loss In I lio In?
terest of the $10(I,000,UIX) I:? ? I Cross fund Kiillicrluc Sttnson, twenty year* old, ih-w from liulTnlu lo Witslilngtou lu
Ihirty-onc hours.
Fourth-Class Postmaster
Tho Unitod Suiten Civil Ser?
vice Commission has nhnounc
uil an examination lo bti hold at
Pig Storni Qttp, Virginia, on
July -JS, 1017, us a result nf
which it i? ox ponied ti> make
certification to till a oonieni.
plated vacancy in the position
of fourth-class postmaster at
Koila, Vtti, ami oilier vacancies
as thoy may occur at thai of
lice, unless it shall he ilecidod
in i he interest of the service lo
nil the vacancy by reim late
moot The compensation of
the postmiisim at this oliico
was $l>6'2 for the last fiscal year.
Applicanls must have reach
led tlioir tweury first birthday
en the date of the examination,
with the exception that in a
Stale where women are ileclur
e?l by stainle to bo of full ago
for all purposes at eighteen
years, women eighteen ycar-i of
ago on the date of the exami?
nation will he admitted.
Applicants must reside with?
in the territory supplied hj the
post oflico for which the exami
nation is announced
The examination is open to
all citizens of the I ititt.il .Mad s
who can comply with HlO rfl
Application blanks, Form
1 ?.'.:(, ami full information con?
cerning the requirements of the
examination cm be secured
from the postmaster at the
nlace of vacancy or from the
United Stall's Civil Service
Commission, Washington, I),
Applications should be prop
nrly executed ami nin<l with ]
tin' Commission at Washington,
I). 0., nt the earliest practicable
In fca *a *a rsi fci %n Ka m Ki ay Ra
E How Much This ?
j* Fourth Should *
5 Mean to Us ?
I X? tea
w s-j f \ tili ??? tea fcs *a Kf. Stj na *oi <r>
NOT Btnce July, 1803, when Uie
destiny of America was de
Clded ?n the lttttlrflrtd of
Gettysburg, bai the fourth of
July inennt so much to the t'nltcd
State? 0? tills one. We were Iben en?
gaged In tin' greatest Civil war of his?
tory; we liecamo Involved this year In
the ereilest war of tiny kind the world
has < \ er Been.
As that war kept the t'nlot. Intact,
oar participation hi this war Insures
the Hie of democracy, of nile by the
peopie; the world over. The first In?
dependence day gnvo America her lib?
erty! the Independence day of 1803
perpetuated it, and the Independence
duy of HUT, coining to SOpn after tho
entrance of America into the world
Hide struggle of democracy against
autocracy, of freedom against tyrnn
ay, will mark for all the world lu the
ages to come a new birth of hope for
rule ' ? f the people, for the people and
by Iba people."
The Fourth ot July has In years past
been u dale en which to Inaugurate im?
portant enterprises On July -1, 1817,
Governor De Wilt Clinton turned tho
first siil in the construction of the Krle
canal, then considered n great undertak?
ing, July -1. HO*. ??< celebrated as
the beginning of the first railway In
this country, (be Baltimore ami Ohio,
when Charles Carroll, the survl-tng
algucr of tho Declaration, wai present
ami turned tlio tirst spado of earth,
Carroll said; "l consider this among
tin' most Important acta of, my life,
second only t.i that <>f signing the Dec
larallon of independence, it. Indeed,
second Iii that." To tho Blacksmiths'
association, which presented to htm
the pick, spado, hummer and trowel
used In tho ceremony ?r dedication,
Carroll wrote: "Yoii observe that a re
public can exist and tho peoplo under
that funii of government can las hap?
pier i linn under any other. Thai the
republic created by the Declaration of
Independence will continue to the end
of time W my fervent prayer."
The cornerstone of tho Washington
monument at the national capital whs
laid Oil July 4, ISM. It was u rery
hot day. President Taylor, who was
exposed to the heat Of the Mill for
three hours, on his return n> Ihn White
House drank freely or Icq water and
Iced milk and also partook of some
cherries and shortly afterward was
taken 111 anil died oh July II.
The first public celebration of the
event was that in Pennsylvania on
July 8, 1770.. On July Ii Washington,
commander in chief, sunouiiccd in
general brdcrai "The honorable- Com
tlncntal congress, Impelled by ilia die
tales of duty, ImVO been pleased to
. dissolve the connection between this
country ami Great Urllaiti and t? de?
clare the Dotted Colonies of Ameilca
free and Independent state*. The sev.
? enil brigades aril lo bo drawn up tills
i ercnlng on Ihclr respective parade* at
I o o'clock, when the Declaration of con
j Kress, showing the ground! ami rca
: sous of this measure, Is to I?' read in
an atidtblo voice."? Philadelphia Press.
Buy a tag and
the Red Cross.
The Ladies of the
All Day of the Fourth
and every one is requested to patronize
them in their effort to raise money for
this urgent and needy cause.
and help the young ladies
in this noble work.
Hamhlen Brothers
Big Stone Gap. Virginia
Tells How Iron Strengthens
And Builds Up Weakened
Virginia Farmer Took Natnr.il Iron Two Years Ago anil
Has Needed No Medicine Since.
Cured His Digestion.
Most everyone nroiihtl Kalom
and Itnnuoko known .1. S.
Mii<? I? i-I anil wlihl this farmer
stall's regarding tin- power of
Acid Iron Mineral must sur. lv
convince Iho most skeptical.
Quoting Iiis own words, ho
"1 never foil better in my life
than 1 hnvo flinco taking Acid
iron Mineral und that was two
years ago. U|i to that Ii tun I
?vas feeling weak anil elllfgish,
depleted und nervous, ami was
hadl\ in need of a good ionic.
I it was a general breakdown
and with indigestion und a lost
nppothn mid all that they mean
] was sniveling, but I haven't
felt the need of any kind of
medicine for two years now
and 1 can truthfully say that
Acid Iron Mineral cured my
indigestion and nervous trouble
and made me feel like a new
man," continued Mr. Mitchell,
who is about ns cnthuastic. an
endorser as you can meet in a
days journey, though about
half the population around
Roanoke and Salem swear by
Acid Iron Mineral nud have
recognized it as n wondorful
ntoinnch, blood and bladder
remedy for cIobo to thirty years
Nun-Alculiulic Natural Iron Vour Drug
Rlsl lias It Now.
Aeiil Iron Mineral poRROflses
ii<? 11 in three forms, calcium,
sodium, potassium, inngnesiuni
and sulphuric acid, and analy sin
prove it in be an extraordinary
medicinal iron, highly cohcen
irated ami powerful which
does not injure the teeth, (Iis
ttirh or cramp the stomach, or
cause constipation In this
natural, economical form,whole
families may wisely use it for
both children und grandma and
it- is truly remarkable the won?
derful improvement one may
look for after only a week pi
two treatment, in the blood,
appetite, energy, ambition ami
system generally.
A half teaupoonful in a glass
of water is a dose. Sent any?
where prepaid, $1.00, by the
Kerrodine Chemical Corpora
lion, Roanoke, Va. All drug?
gists have it.?adv.

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