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TheBig_Stone Gap Post.
big stone gap. wise county. VA.. WEdIjeSDAY. july
No. 28
Large Crowd
Attends Fourth of July Cele?
bration at iiig Stone Gap.
The Fourth of July Oebdira
linn, miller direction of tin- Dig
Stono (Jap Athletic Asso'iuii >n
wan a profound snoonss ibis
year. K.trly in the ni truing
great crowds began to arrive
in town, indicating there would
hen recordattendance. Ii wan
estimated that about live thou
sand people wore here; then
being nearly four thousand
paid admissions to I he grounds.
The carnival midway was pack?
ed nil dny und they done u
record business, lied Cross
workers could be seen all
day through the crowds tag.
ging people ami soliciting now
members. Tin1 Rod Cross
holies conducted a lunch stand
in the park mid the result of
their sales, including the
amount derived from tagging,
amounted to over $1,000. July
4th was also a red letter day
for Company II. Lieutenant
Hullitt established a recruiting
ollice on the grounds and en
listeil twenty-live new mem?
bers in the national guard.
Fox Chase.
The Drug Fox Chase was Ihn
Iii Hl eve.il lo take place on the
morning of the fourth, in
which about thirty hound.-,
wore entered, coming from all
parts of Leo, Wise and Scott
counties. This was the first
chase the Association bail pull?
ed oil for several years und an
unusual amount of interest was
shown. The chase was over a
mihi long, leaving the west ??ml
of the park and crossing the
rivor on the east end it return
ed to the park and ended in
front of the grand stand. A
large white and black spotted
hound belonging to Wright
Jones, of Walleiis Creek, Lee
('utility, captured the first prize,
$10.00, having a lead of nearly
a hundred yards. Fnyotto
Itigg'H Hound, of Has! Stone
(lap, in rived second, ami W.
11. Dow no's hound, of Dulllold,
Scott County, arrived third, the
prizes for the last two being
$5,00 and $2.60.
Automobile Race.
Darvin Cox, John Dean, W.
Ii. VVrou ami Dan Mill entered
the automobile race with their
Kord Rdoors. Filch were re?
quired to circle the race track
five times and the one going
the route quickest won the
prize, Beun linisho 1 in !!
minutes and II seconds. Hill
second iu I 64, and Wren
third in ;>.0.r>. Cox's car de?
veloped engine trouble and he
was forced to retire from the
The base ball game between
a picked team from Leo County
and u team picked from the
Coal Fields League iu Wise
County proved to be one of the
liest iattractions, Dan Rich
moiid, of Bwing, was in charge
of the visiting team, and it
proved later that he selected a
classy bunch of ball players,
hut the Wiso Comity boys'
strong hitting easily won t he
game by a soore of 7 to 'J. The
visitors had a splendid pitcher
in l'itniau ami it took our boys
uonie time to get oil to his
shoots. Lefty L'otler hurled
for the homo team and his
work was first class, as this
wus tho first time he bad play?
ed a game this season. Doth
pitchers were given excellent
support, except in a couple of
instances. Dotier would have
probably shut his opponents
out hut for a couple of errors in
tho seventh when they made
their only score? of the gaum.
Johnny Jones ami Hubert
l'otler featured at the bat by
delivering hits at the oportune
time. Potter's double in the
fifth scored three runs after two
mon were out. Jones tripled
ill the seventh after two wore
out, scoring rate, and Potter.
Everybody appeared to be
extroinoly interested in the
game and both teams were sup
period by a noisy bunch ofI
rooters. This was the first big
game of the Benson and fans
were hungry for elassv bull
Builey hit to conier for three
liases. Russell grounded to thel
I pitcher and Builey was cnuglit
Off third, L. Poliert., il Potter
Bussel I wtis caught trying for
second. II. l'otler t?. Jones lo
Tuto. Salvers grounded to
Jones. No intis, one hit, no
B. I "oily fanned Smith
walked. TutoTunnetl II. l'oi
tor out. Bailey in Salvors. No
runs, ioi hits, no errors.
Winters out, L. Potter to
Jones Bingliuin was bit by
pitched ball and went to second
on an error ami stole third. Ball
fanned. Richmond fanned. No
runs, no hits, one error.
Jones Hied to Winters. Banks
Hied to Bull. ?. Polly fanned.
No runs, no hits, no errors.
Tlllltl) I NN I.NO
Wells singled to center I'll
man popped to II Potter.
Badey walked Wells out,
Smith toll, l'otler. Bailey was
caught asleep. I.. Potter to
Jones. No runs, one hit, no
Fleenor singled to riojil and
stole second. I.. Bolter fanned.
B. Polly out. W.dls to Salyers.
Smith singled in left scoring
Fleenor. Tale out. Pitman to
Salyers. tine run, two bits, tin
Russell out, Fleenor lo Jones.
Salyers safe on error. Winters
singled to right. Salyers was
caught trying for third. Ring
bam popped to Tato. No runs,
oin' hit, one error.
11. Potter singled thru short.
Jones hit by pitched ball.Banks
fanned. ('. Polly fanned. I.
Potter out, Pitman to Binghnin.
No runs, one bit, no errors.
Ball out, Tale to Jones. I).
Richmond out, 1? Potter to
j Jones. Wells nut, Fleenor to
Jones. No runs, no hits, no
Fleenor fanned. I., l'otler
singled over second. B. Polly
safe on error. I,. Bolter was
thrown out at third. Smith
walked. Tale singled. II. Pol?
iter doubled to left scoring Polly,
Smith mid Tale. Jones out,
Pitman to Salyers. Three runs,
three hits, one error.
Pitman out, I.. Potter to
Jones. Bailey was thrown dill
by Fleenor. Russell out, Smith
to Jones. No runs, no hits, no
Banks out, Wells to Salyers. j
C. Polly fanned. Fleenor
singled thru third. L. 1'otter
grounded to Pitman. Nonius,
one hit, no errors.
Salyers safe on an error. Win?
ters singled thru second,
Salyers going to third. Bing.
ham struck out. Ball safe on
an error Salyers scoring. R.
Richmond hats for 1). Rich?
mond and is safe on an error.
Wells doubled to center, scor?
ing Bali. Pitman fanned.
Winters out, Smith to Jones.
Two runs, two hits, two errors,
B. Polly grounded out, Pit?
man to Salyers. Smith ground
ed to Bailey. T?te, walked. II.
Potter hit thru pitcher's box.
Jones tripled to right, scoring
Tato und Potter. Banks
singled to left scoring Jones,
(J. Polly fanned. Three runs,
three hits, no errors.
Bailey popped to Jones. Rus?
sell Hied to B. Polly iu center.
Salyers grounded to Jones. No
runs, no hits, no errors.
Fleenor out, (Veils to Salvers.
L. 1'otter singled lo left. Pollv
safe on infieltierB choice. Smith
hit into a double pluy, Pitman
to Bade) to Salyers. Xo runs,
one hit, no errors.
Winters grounded* out,
Fleenor to Jones. (Jdmbs fan?
ned. Ball out, Fleenor to Jones,
No runs, no hits, no errors.
Inninga I 3 0 -I 5 0 7 8 0 It II K
Wise County u i> 1 n :i u 8 0 x?7 11
Leo County, ? 0 o o 0 u -j n 0?2 ."? --S
Two lkuw Hits?It. Potter ami Wells
Three llsae Hits Joucaanil Italloy,
Struck .mi by \i, 1'i.it. i-Pitman II,
Hum' ?ii 1: ills oil" Potter 1. Pitman 3,
NeWS Sriaoshois 0,1 ""' ,i"J "f A,nrr"'"" Independence the counlrj was not Iths! ,.f mi attempt or Oer
1 '??" imbmnrlnea to sink (ho transports containing American Irooi? on tin- wtiy to France,
Of (he Week '' " i??roylni; warships hnd succeeded In hlttlue one C bout it ml searing oft* the others
nfter I hey bail discharged numerous torpedoes; Ihc fuel Hint Corimiiiy know which mute
our ships would take ntarti-l a renewed limit for Herman spies here. The celebration of the Fourth took on a deeply
Patriotic "-I?>t. Col..not Itoosevelt unit Secretary of Wur llakcr addressed large gatherings on Americanism.
Ilm Imttlesblp Idnho was launcbeil. Sinn Kein ]>rls.rs released by I.real HrMalii created enthusiasm on their
return to Uublln, t.ul their putty showed no Inclination to Join In the national convent Ion to settle the home rule ipies
' ""? ,'"r" "f r,-v"" I? ??*??? ?"d ?>>?? prohuhle Misting of King Alfonso XIII. ?um? from I. union and furls, Klugdon
Qould, eldest son of CoorgeJ. Could, was married to Miss Anntinilatn l.uccli an Italian artist nnd former poorness
Navy League
On July Fourth, Mrs. Alex |
andria Anderson, of Washing
ton, representing the N.iw
League; spoke before li most
appreciative audience at tins
place, outlining the aims and
needs >f the work.
The Navy League seeks to
organize Patriotic Service in
tho interest <>!" the Nation's tirsl j
lino of defense?the Navy.
" Practical Patriotism is tho
need of the hour. The call of i
the Navy League is for men
ami women who want lo
Efforts have been ami are
Oeing made, to pin before the
American |.pio infprnialiouI
concerning the slate of the i
Navy ami the urgent head of a!
greater Navy. The Navy
League hope- lo have so many
members in all sections of this
country who will he in constant I
touch with all information vital l
to the Navy that soon the
whole American people will
know what is needed in Naval
equipment, ami knowing, will
bo ready and anxious lo lend
the country their loyal support
iu obtaining it.
"Comforts Committees" for
the making of woolen garments
for thei sailors of the Navy are
being organized in connection
with the work of the Navy
League. This work has been
officially prescribed and un?
dersell by Secretary of tho
Navy, Josophus Daniels, and
its value has been at tested up
on numerous occasions by of
licersand enlisted men of the
Secretary of the NavyDaniels
has issued an odicial order pre?
scribing tins work, as follows?
'?The men ol the United
States' Navy could use certain
articles of comfort which aie
not supplied by the l iovern
monl, These are principally
knitted articles lo keep them
warm during s- vero weather,
and when engaged iu exposed
work in small boa'-., Mich as
picket duty, mine laying, sub
marine service, putrid boat sor
vice, etc "
The Navy Dopa I intent has
definitely approved the furnish?
ing of im- following articles, if
made according to its specifica?
Sleeveless jacket, gray wool.
Mittens, gray wool.
MuiHer, bine or preferable
gray wool.
Wristlets, gray wool.
Helmets, gray wool.
Specifications and full knit?
ting directions are printed On a
seperate circular. Which will bd
furnished without charge by
tho Comforts Committee to
tin cone intoroatoil."
Mrs. Anderson has organized
a Comforts Committee lit Kiuj
Stone (Jap with lliu following
President?Mrs. K. .1. I'reB
Vice-l'roBuletit ? Mrs. Edw.
Secretary- Mrs. James B,
Ay ere;
Treasurer?Mrs. 1'. IV. Pier?
Chairman of Ways ruidMeUu:
?Miss Minnie Vox.
Any lud ion willing In knit
will I..- supplied With wool;
spooilicntinns and full knitting
directions free of charge if they
will'make their wishes known
to tin. Secretary, Mrs. .1. It.
The cont of tin. wo.il for each
mini! is $2.50. Contribution))
fur this may he sent to the
Treasurer, Mm. 1>. I'., l'ieison.
Tito membership fee is $1.00,
which may also he sent to the
Treasurer by those wishing tu
Thia is a most worthy niso.
I><> your hit for your country
either by knitting or conlribut
ini; f"1* tile wool, or by both.
A Woman Speaks.
Help lue, II (S?ll, I.? keep before my eyes
'1'lie larger vision ol tliis wur; In lie
Inspire,! Dao.li .lay liy linhlo thoughts that
i >l Duty, Honor, I oiintty anil of Thee,
heat I forgot, ami think ot only otto
Who goes from me, to see his dilty
? lone!
Help me to think of war as one vast
\\ hole
Of Human Kfl'ort, struggling towards
tho Itight,
i'.Tnr advancing nearer to the goal
Of Freedom from tho lion Knie of
heat I forgot) ami in my sorrow see
Only tlio faco of him who goes from
Let me romomher, on lite fateful day,
\\ hen women send ilu-ir men ??rueallie
'I'liat with brave Millies on humbling lips
they say,
*'liotl hless ami liriu; you safely back
to ine"l
Help me, t) God, in thai blaok hour,
I pray.
last 1 forget to be as brave as Hied
II II. 1
VisitinjJ Here From Missouri.
j W. SV. Lantlreth, a promi
i mint business man from Joplin,
1 Mo., has been in mis auction for
tho past two weeks visiting Iiis
I many relatives and meeting
I frit-nils of his boyhood ilays
This is his lirsi visit to Hig
Stone 1 iap in au years, having
It it bete when he was IS years
old in company with (J. \V.
Uilly, for Kentucky, where
tliey wert! otfored a salary of
hjil/i per mouth while they were
only getting $3 per inooih It. re.
Mr. Lantlreth, after drifting
I through many of the western
states ?nn?y located at Joplin,
wh. ie he has been engaged in
operating lead and zinc mines
for the past twenty liv^ years,
j in which ho has been unusual?
ly successful. There are quite
ii it it mi bor of "i bor lua'il and zinc
operations at .loplin nod Mr
l. im In'i Ii say s I Iiis is tho I It I gest
liohl in tin- world. Ili> bus
boon iu I lid (lap for the past
WC?k visiting his aunt, Mrs.
Kliy.ahi'th (Silly, nhd loft Sun?
day for Wise, whero be will
spend sin-' ? time visiting iinotb
er aunt. ..its. .1. I-*.. Lipps. He
expressed gr?nt surprise at the
ivokl 1 vflll developments in
Wise County, particularly
nround his old home place as
Dig Stone Gup was practically
a wilderness, only two or three
homes bc|hg located here when
lie left. His mother died here
before be left und wars buried
near where the Tourainc I Intel
now stands although tlio grave
is unmarked His father, who
was a confederate soldier iu the
Civil War, died in prison at
Fort Douglass, Illinois. Mr
LamlrOtll will leave in a few
days for West Virginia on n
visit, to his sister and will later
visit New Vork and Washing?
ton City before returning to his
western home.
Dance for Red Cross Fund.
Last Tuesday evening from
nil. - o'clock to two o'clock in
Iii lining room of ihe Monte
Vista Hotel a delightful dance
wus given for the bonuflt of tile
lied Cross.
The dining room was very
patriotically decorated with red
cross hauliers and the national
Several of the young men of
the town defrayed the expenses
of iVutkios Saxophone Orchea
tra of Minefield, which furnish?
ed Ho- music for the occasion.
Delicious punch, sandwiches
and candy were served all even
Those dancing wore Mr. and
Mrs. S. .>. Uundry, Mr. ami
Mr*. Bennett, of ritonega, Mr.
ami Mrs. C. Ii. Chapman, of
Appulachhi,Misa ?niily Pulton,
of Wise, vviih Mr. Oarlislu
Skf. n, Miss Kathleen Litton,of
Dot,with Mr. Mnks,Miss Janet
PenuingloU wuli Mr. Krnust
Agoej Miss Adelaide Petti t
with Mr. Jas. Reynolds, Dr and
Mis. J. Cope, Miss Mabol Wil?
li? with Mr. \V. Sochlc, Miss
Caroline Ithoads with Mr. W.
M pule, Miss Louise (ioodlne
with Mr. David BulcorJ Miaa
Madge Money with Mr. Donah)
Pres colt, Miss Mnrgaret Miller
with Mr. W. Uj ohunk, Miw
Janet Bailey with Mr. K. I,.
Ciirley, Miaa Julo Uullitt with
Mr. Goo. Ithoodfc, Miss Ruby
Kemper with Mr. K. S. Womb
well. Miss Christine Miller with
Mr. John Jonen, Miaa Ruth
Prescott >-it!i Mr. Sam Mc
ICIuon, .Miss Sarah Cochran
with Mr Wise Slemp, Miaa Vir?
ginia Beverly with Lieu. S.
McCheaney, Miss Qlesaie Oilly.
Slugs wore: John Kox", Jr.,
I Paul Borne, Paul Qundry, of
Stonega, Zack Burin it, .->f Par
deo, Byron Rhonds, Tavonor
Chaperones were-: Mr. and
Mrs. J. K. Taggurt, of Roda
Mr. nn<l Mrs. B. K.Tngeart, Mr.
nod Mrs Horace Kox, Mr. nnd
Mrs. 1). B. Pierson, Mr. nnd
Mrs. B. K. Uhonds. Mr. and
Mrs..). It. McCormick, Mr. and
Mrs. 11. [,. Miller; Miss Minnie
Kox, Mrs. j, M. Qoddloo, Mrs.
('. K. Camp.
To Water Users.
There has recently boon
a shortage in tin- water supply
um! penning the erection of a
new dam ill ?In- intake there
will probably be some further
trouble. Mr. I,. t >. Pottit,
chairman of the Water Com?
mittee of theTown Council, hns
taken the mutter in hand and
everything possible is being
done to relieve the situation.
Repairs for the largo pump
have nt last been received and
pumping will be start, d as soon
as connections bun be made.
Repairs for the other pump or
dered early in May havo not
y?t booh received Nn water
should be wasted, ami water
users must keep their spigots
closed when not in use, An
inspection will be made of all
?The Roda Band under the di?
rection of S 'l'. Wut, furnished
music for the Fourth of July
Celebration instead nf Ray's
Concert Band us had been ad?
vertised; which was due to
some misunderstanding. When
it comes to making music both
deserve much credit for their
ability and the people would
have been pleased no mutter
which one was there. At a
later date the Roda Baud will
jjivi a concert nt the Aintl7.il
Theatre at this place, for which
they are preparing an elaborate
Statement or trie financial Condition
Interstate Finance & Trust Co.
Located at Mix Stone (lap. In the Couiily
of Wise. Stale ol Virginia, at the
Close of business, June 20lli,lu17, made
tu tho Stale Cnrpnralion Commission.
I.nanu ami Dlaeounla n.v.,i',:il ml
i Ivertlrafls, wourctl.tM ,040 71;
tintcottrcd, ? 118.0? 1,143.77
build*, Securities, ete , owned
Including preniluui on
sum. ?.'rt.lJ.VOO
h'itrnitnrc ami Klxturea 3,2113.81)
Kxchangea inil nttocko for nest
day's clearings 118 00
Other caali Ileitis 111.00
line from National Hanks W.ilnli 47
I me from State hanks, I'ri
vale Hankers, l.li.l Trust
t 'oni|Mtii!eN o,8U3.87
Pa| er currency 8,039.00
fractional |>aper uurreucy,
nickels ami eeot? S7I.V7
(Sold coin :i~7.t>i
Silver <"iu 1,110.00
Paid ..it Liberty Loan Sub
aaripUona .... 3,990.00
Note? Guaranteed . 19,000.00
All nt her items of rusourcM,vix:
Notary SUm|H . 53.78
Certitleatea uf deposit .. 10,000 oil
Total, t):WI ,107.60
Capital Stock |.al<l In_ .? '?),000,00
Surplus fuutl . 1,1100.00
ruillvldoil profits, less amount
naht lor interest, ex
pghaea .111.1 taxea . . I.'.nil 16
liulivitlu.il deposit*, including
savings deposit* IM,-178.72
Time ceititWatea ?f deposit ll,'J97.18
Certified eliecks tKt.uu
Cashier's checks outstanding 2,503.80
Due to State Hanks, Private
Bankers ami Truat Cum.
panic*. 780.85
Itcsorved for scorned interest
(in deposits . luaiva
Iteserved fur accrued interest
on certificate*, of deposit 2u7.l>rt
iteserved f?r accrued taxes 'iu.t.OH
Contingent inabilities I5.00o,oo
Total; tUOl. tit".Ml
l,J It Wamolor, Cashier, do solemn?
ly swear that the above is a true state?
ment of tlif finanelal condition uf In?
terstate Finance .>m! Trust Company, lo
; bated at nig stone Hap, in ths County of
I Wise, State of Virginia, at the. clone nf
business on the vtOtli ilay of June, 1U17<
i to the beat ol my knowledge and belief.
J. il. Wamn.KB, Cashier.
: ConitKOT?Atteat:
W W. Taylor ,
?f, S. IIauni.ks' (. Directors.
W. T. QoODM>r )
! Static ok Virginia, County of Wlao,
1 Sworn lo ami subscribed before me by
J i: Wampler, Cashier, this !)rd day of
July, 1917.
D. K. A1.1.KN,
Notary Public
My t ommlsslon expires August 5th,

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