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WEDNESDAY. OOT. 17, 1017
Published ETery Wodt.esu'ay by the
Olt-DERT N. KNIGHT, . - Editor.
Onu Year. - ?l.OO
Six Months. - ,bO
Throo Months, - .20
Kutered according; to postal regulations
St lbs po?t-ofnYe at Ulg Stono tlap at see
omi-olnss matter.
SUBSCRIBERS art) earnestly re?
quested to obeorvo tho dato
printod on thoir address ?lips,
which will keep theni at all
times postod ati to tho dato
of tho oxpirntion of thoir sub?
scription. Prompt and timolv
attention to this request will
Bavo all parties a groat deal of
Farm Demonstrator for Wise
Wo have received from the
Federated Oivio L 6 a g u d
the communication published
bolow. Wo heartily concur in
the movement to employ u com?
petent Farm Demonstrator for
tho county. Indeed wo canuot
enncoivo how the Hoard of Su
porvisoi'8,after experiencing the
bonelit- which lollowed from
Mr. Styles' administration, ever
permitted the county to he
without such valuable service.
Let the Hoard employ a man
at once, it will he the best mon?
ey that can be expended for all
the people:
The Federated Civic League
of Wise County, realizing the
nerioiiR food situation confront
ing Wise county, issue this call
to every progressive citizen in
the county to join in tho big
drive to secure u farm demon
strutor organizer for our conn
ty, und join in a movement that
will insure the greatest ofllciou
cy of every citizen. Every pro
i gressive citizen is called upon
f to write the county supervisors
urging immediate action, and
pledging the Supervisors the
fullest co-operation in this, our
couutry's greatest crisis. The
assurance that next year the
food problem will be more ser?
ious than this year, and it is
highly important that some?
thing lie done to organize our
forces on a war basis, and in?
sure the greatest possible re
suits from the soil in Wise
Mr. R, L. McLemore, Presi?
dent.of tho Wise County Fair
Association, states that it. is ab?
solutely essential that Wise
county have a farm domonstra
lor, one who can organize and
mobilize hor greatest co-opera?
tion. Mr. McLemore also states
that if every progressive citir.cn
in the county would join in
backing Up the Supervisors that
it would insure tho county's
having a farm demonstrator
organizer immediately and gut
well organized for next years
Tho Wiso County Fair Assoc?
iation has agreed io put up lift n
dollars for publicity and agita?
tion purposes to wake up the
progressive citizens to tho ser?
ious footl situation.
The Federated League hopes
that every linn in 'the county
will donate to the publicity und
educational fund.
Every mail woman and child is
vitally interested in the success
of the Liberty Bond sales. Tho
saving of tho lives of thousands
of our soldiers hy tho speedy
eliding of the war is ouo of tho
results hotud for, in which wo
will all rejoice. Tho Germans
are watching closely what we
are doiug. Wo have quickly
mobilized a large army and
cent several hundred thousand
mou to Franco?have over sub
scribed the lirst loan called for,
much to their surprise and dis?
may, and when we largely over
subscribe the largest loan over
called for hy any nation in tho
world wo will complete their d:s
comforlure, which will soon be
followed by their raising
tho white ilng of peace, prob?
ably before our armies become
actively engaged in tho war.
Behind these bonds stand tho
?tuire wealth of the United
States and they uro hotter than
u iiiition.il bunk note. Nearly
evoryouc can subsoribo for the
bonds, as tbo banks of tbo coun?
ty, after the payment of the
first two iiiBtnllmonts will carry
the bondB for you ns long as
you want thorn to do so, pro?
vision having been made to that
effect by all the buuke of tho
County, State and National.
To buy u $r>0 bond will require
you to pay on subscription 2
per cont. or $1.00. After thut
$(J.no, and then you can carry
tho balance as a loan. Hvory
man and woman should sub
scribe to the loan and lake part
in the great movement to pro?
vide for our soldiers and shutter
the German hope that we would
prosecute the war in u half
heartod way. Let us all work,
work incessantly until the loan
is greatly over subscribed.
Men Needed
The following lists show the
kinds of tradesmen needed for
Aero and Bataillon Squadrons:
l lllsckstnttb
1 Cabinet Maker
9tl Chaiincurn
!i Clerks
il Cooks
1 Draftsman
I Electrician
8 Engine llepalr .Men
1 Engine Tc-ter
I Lithographer
?-' Machinists
'17 Mechanicians, Airplane
1 Metal Worker
I Magneto Repair Man
l Motorcycle Repair Man
I Propeller Maker
- Phntographcis
I Itaillo Man
1 Itlgger
- Sallmakeis
I fttcudgraphor
l Tootinakei
I Vuleanlcet
I Welder
(ii Skilled and unskilled laborers.
1 Gabinot Maker
Ht Chauffeurs
BS Clerks
il Cooks
l Motorcycle lle|iatr Man
4 I'ackers
1 Photographcl
1 Stenographer
- Stock men
<>; skilled .,nd uuikllled laborers
1 Dlackauiltli
I lloatbuihlui
l Cabinet Makei
is i IbAulteuim
tl Clerks
0 < looks
1 Electrician
IT Engine Itcpall Men
?-' Knglue Testers
I Instrument lte)ialr Man
I Machinists
BS Mechanicians. Airplane
9 Metal workers
'J Magneto Keinll Men
Motorcycle Repair .Men
il Moulders
?-? Propeller Maker*
l Propolloi Tos* i
I Painter
1 Pho;ograpWei
I It v.l. . M.oi
1 Ktgg.r
1 Hartdter
l Sallmakera
AERO SQUADRON (Construction)
9 Bugler*
f>l <larpcntcra
?-'<i Chauffeur*
ft Clerk*
tl t'ooks
H Kleetrii laus
4s laborer*
:i Painters
:> Plumber*
I Trttcktitaater
HO Aeronauts
4 Cabinet Makeo,
as Chauffeur*
19 Clerks
'.'I Cordage Wm knien
111 Cooks
I I 'r.irtsmcn
II Electricians
4 Instrument Repair Men
10 .Mechanician..
ri Magueto Repair Men
8 Moioroj cle Repair Men
5 Hlggers
HQ Sallinakers
Ml Tailors
Application for any of the
above can be made through tho
recruiting otlice at Big Storni
Stop Using Dangerous Drug
Before it Salivates You!
Its Horrible
You're bilious, sluggish, con
stipalcd and believe you need
vile, dangerous calomel lo start
your liver and clean your
Here's my guarantee! Ask
your druggist for u 60 cent
buttle of Oodson's Liver Tone
and take a spoonful tonight. If
it doesn't start your liver and
straighten you right Up better
than calomel und without grip?
ing or making you sick t want
you to go back lo tho storo and
get your money. ?
Take calomel today and to
Hero Is n message to
suffering women, from
Mrs. \V. T. Price, of
Public, Ky.: "I suf?
fered with painful...",
she? writes. "I pot down
with n weakness In my
liaclc end limbs...!
felt helpless nnd dls
eouracod... I lmd ftliout
given up hopes o( ever
beta j well jcjnln, v.iion
u friend Insisted I
The Woman's Toni?
I bcran Cardul. In
a short whllo I saw n
mnrked difference...
I grew stronger right
along, nnd It cured me.
I run stouter than I
biivc been In years."
If you r-uffer, you can
appreciate what It
means to bo tslrong nnd
well. Thousands of wo?
men give Cardul tlir?
credit for tliclr good
health. It sboiild belli
you. Try Cardul. At all
druggists. E-73
tiSsmasxc^ -----sb?
morrow you will fool weak und
Hick und nauseated* Don't l?i
n day's work. Take n spoonful
ot harmless, vegetable Dod?oit'i
Liver Tone tonight und Wttki
up fooling grout. It's perfectly
hurinlcas, ho rivo it to your
children any time. It can't
ttalivutu, ho let tlioin nnl any
thi n? afterwards.?ad v.
WA NTED.?Experienced sick
und accident insurance men to
work Big Stone tJap und near?
by towns. All letters confiden?
tial. Write Mux 6li, Danville,
Rally Day
The IJig Spring Su nday School
obsoryed Wally I ?;>>? Insl Sun
tluy, und a largo crowd was
present. .
Tin- uxorcisos bognn at eleven
o'clock with u n?tig service, fol
lowed by n sermon by Uov. ,1
M. Stniih. Immediately after
the Hormon dinner was sproad
on it lone; I a I >le near thochiirch,
.where everyone prOMCUt enjoy?
ed tin- many goiitl things iij cut.
In the nfl(!rllO#ll a very inter?
esting Uully Day program was
car.'iod out. It consisted of
special Holies, responsive read?
ings, recitations und a study of
the Sunday School lesson, fol?
lowed by a most excellent ,\t|.
dfCBH by lion. lt. T. Irvine.
Quito n number of people from
the t lap attended the eyeicises
and nil seemed to enjoy the-lay
very much,
Iron Drives
Out Rheu?
matic Pains
Sufferers Urged to Purchase
HighlyConcentrated Pro?
duct Known as Acid
Iron Mineral
Doctor Prescribed it for Den ?
tist Who Highly Endorses
It He low
"1 had an awful attack of
rheumatism in my left arm the
pant two winters and I It A pain
wits so groat in my shoulder it
wan excruciating at times when
I tried lo raise my hand the
least bit. Doctor A. L. John-|
son prescribed Acid Iron Miner?
al for me and 1 took about
three-fourths ol a bottle. It
gave mo relief that I wanted
and 1 haven't had a symptom
of it sinco 1 quit taking it. Acid
Iron Mineral in my opinion is
good tonic and ulso an excellent j
styptic. It in Hue lo purify the
blood and tin excellent remedy
for rheumatism, 1 gladly
commend it,' declared E. 0.1
Keen, 1). 1). S., Henry. Va.
Doctors of Dental Surgery,]
surgeons, physicians and thous?
ands of poople in all walks of j
life endorse, this highly coticon
tratod natural medicinal iron.
Plain medicinal iron, in this]
concentrated form makes
much stronger, more efflciont
Two Performances Daily, 3:00 and 8:00 P. M.
Your Wish Is Realized?It is COMING!
Exactly as Shown During Record Breaking Runs in all the Large Cities.
a Decisive Imltlcs <>( the Civil War?Sherman's March to the Sea
"^dr^^P* I dram and 1.11 at Appomattox -The South before tin War The
*>^sTter- j?n*' n Death of Abraham Lincoln Rise of the Ku-Klux-Klan and 5,000
other Woderful Scones.
SLATS on sale at Kelly's Drug St?re. De advised! dot them now! Prices
Nights: $1.50;and $1.00. Matinees: $1.00 and 75c. Mail orders, accompanied
by stamped anil self-addressed envelope and remittances, promptly filled.
ami economical medicine for]
the hoiltu list.' ami goes from two
to six times us far. It builds
up more quickly, enriohes ami
purities the blood* und one's
appetite and digestion almost
immediately shows the die ci
of the calcium sodium, potns
sium, magnesium, anil free nitl
phuric aeiil as well as the three
forms of iron this concentrated
natural product contains.
People rundown, debilitated
und losing weight reudil) find
in this not).alcoholic medicinal
iron just what they need to re
huiht and invigorate their sys?
Druggists sell it in 60c and $1
size.-, for homo use. A dollar
bottle sent ptepaid if druggist
hasn't it on receipt of price by
the Eerrodino (Identical Corpor
alion, Koitnoko, Va.?adv.
Mrs. t". (i. Walls, of Norton,
visited her sister, Mrs. 1). T.
Counts nnd family, the latter
part of the past week.
Mrs. !?'. M. Strong is reported
quite ill with typhoid at her
home here.
Misses Margaret and Mary
Bunti, of Big Stone Gap, wore
shopping in Appalachia the
past week.
Herbert Carter McKinney,
whose parents reside on Oak
street, was among those 'jf the
dratted army who left a few
days ago for Camp I.no for
Muster Robert llendricks was
in Norton a few hours Sutur
Mrs. Evans Counts antl young
daughter, Doris, of (Jrahiim are
visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. \V, B. Edwards.
Talmage Counts made a busi?
ness trip to Bristol Eriday.
Dr. Harry K. Smith has re?
ceived his now uniform, and
will leave shortly for Camp
Leo for training. Ho has been
commissioned as Lieutenant in
the medical corps.
Every resource
of tint company
and the whole Boll system
is being drawn upon
that the telephone needs
of commerce nnd the nation
may bo met.
Wo are trying to servo woll
both tho government
and the public.
If now nnd then
thore should be service delays,
wo ask
your thoughtful consideration.
Dr. "Frederic Jacobson sny?, 7?',{ of
women need Phosphates lo xhc
them Slronx, Healing, rounded
iiRure and to avoid Nervous
break down. Thousands of
women ?row strong in
Nature's way.
??Consider the Lilie? of the Field. How
They Grow."
The life of tie." lily is but a few weeks
or months. The tile of man is "three
score years and ten", lint to live one's,
lifo in Its fullness, women like the lily,
must be nourished by those same vital
element* which nature provides for nour?
ishing every living thing ; and these in
etude the valuable phosphate so ofleu
I lacking in the usual food we eat today.
I Argo-T'hospbatc is rich lu these wonder
ful elements. It contains them in eon
I centrsted tablet form which Is easy to
take mid quickly asslmulsled and absorb?
ed Into the system, and from youth lo
nit] ago] builds and rebuild! body anil
bralu lu beautiful hurnionoy with Na?
ture's perfect plan, "That's why'.' Argo
Phosphate makes ginnl solid liesh und
SPECIAL MiriCl): Argo-Phosphate
I contains the N'stural phosphate! which
thousands of physicians aio prescribing
1 daily to build iip thin, pale, colorless
women to give tliem rosy clicoks, red
I lips, and a beautiful complexion. Many
cases have been re|K>rted where women
have increased thoir weight from 15 to '-'?"'
pounds with a few weeks the.itmont, and
any woman w ho desires a well rounded
and developed form, should secure from
her druggist, this new drug which is In?
expensive and is dispensed by any reliable
driiggi.-t with or without a doctor's pre
scriptum, if your druggist will not sup?
ply you. send $1.00 to the Argo Labora?
tories, in Korsyth St., Atlanta, Ga., and
they will send you a two weeks treatment
by return mail.- adv.
Buy a Liberty Loan Bond.

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