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"WEDNESDAY, DEO. 5, 1017
rubtishod Ever/ lYcdnoiu'ay by the
I iirorpon?(?il.
Ono V?nr.
Six Months.
Threo Months.
Entered according to jioatsl regulations
?t tho posl-ofllco ?i HIr Stone, (lap asaoc
ond-claaa matter.
SUBSCRIBERS tire oaruuntly re?
quested to observe tho date
printed on their address slips,
which will koop them nt ull
times posted as to the ditto
ol the expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt and timely
attention to this roquost will
save nil parties n gront deal of
Facts that Every Farmer
With Cattle and Horses,
Should Know.
Do yon know that by a simple
choice of feeds you can Bavo
from !> to i6 per cent, of tho
cost of wintering your cows,
calves, horses and chickens.
There In needed more definite
knowledge about the composi?
tion and digestibility of foods,
for both plants and animals,
and i he sooner tho farmers of
this county post themselves
about these matters the more
saving to themselves in actual
cash paid out.
The average farmer feeds the
feed he has or the most eon
vuniuut to gel regardless ofjtho
actual food value of them com?
pared with their price, or with
tho price of other foods of of
ten it much higher food value,
though costing no more.
There is just as much sense
in buying feetl by name, as,
"mixed chop" "red star," "egg
producer," as there is in buying
a horse by name. Why not ap?
ply the same business sense in !
buying feed us you do in bur?
in:;; the horse io consume the
A food is iliut substance or
compound which when taken
into the body, and assimttlated
by digestion furnishes strength
and material for tlto body use.
In other words il is lite digesti?
ble protein, corbo hydrates ami
fats i it plants and animals.
Protein,corbo hydrates, und fats
are the names given to the
things in food that supply the
hotly with its wants.
With this clearly fixed in
our minds it is easy to under?
stand that all foodn vary in the
amount of those three things
they contain. Tho amount of
these three things in food de
torminu the actual food value
of any given product. Here we
can readily see that the food
value of a product is one thing,
and its market value may bo
and often is quiet another thing.
The food value of a product
is determined by a chemical
test of the digestible amount of
Protein corbo hydrates and fats
it contains, while the market
value is determined by the vur
ible laws of supply, Iransporta'
lion and demand.
The footl value of given prod?
uct in all cases is the same; for
example the food value of corn
is the same at all tunes, wheth?
er corn cost fifty cents per bush?
el or five dollars.
The value of 100 pounds of
shelled corn in food is, 7.'.* lbs.
protein; C?.7lbs. corbo hydrates
and I 3ibs. fat. The market
vultio is about $t.5o.
Now consider this, tho valtio
of 100 pounds of cotton seed
meal in food is 37 (libs protein
21 lbs.corbo hydrates,and 9. Gibs,
fat. The market value of cot?
ton seed meal is about $3.25 per
hundred pound.
Now since the vnluo of any
product is judged mostly by its
proteiu contents and proportion
of fat it will at once bo seen that
while cotton seed meal ic mono
than $20.00 per ton cheaper
than corn, it in moro than twine
as valuable as feed.
This i? a fact that every foed
er ought to know und net upon.
Cotton seed meal being of a
very highly concontraled na-.
turo must ho fed with euro tut it
is n very rich feed.
My next article will deal with
cotton seed meal an it portion of
a mixed feed for homes and
cattle, but not milk cows. Ka?
tions for milk cows will ho a
separate d iscussioii.
Write for circulars on fceils
and feedings.
t lounty Agt.
(Feed thrift series I)
To Every Business Man and
Every Family in Big
Stone Gap.
The worltl war is bringing
to light every day facts and
conditions of far reaching sie;,
Certain men, great American
citizens, a r e devoting their
ability, thought, insight and
judgment In giving to their fel?
low men, pictures of lite world
war as they now see it, strong
graphic pictures full of great
realities ami facts of wide in
Among Ibis class, sluntlfl in a
very striking way Dri N. I'
Hilles, whose recent sermon has
awakened thousands; of Ameri?
cans, to a irrealer patriotic
pride, and more Ipyttl citizen
One oi his most discourses on
"How goes the llaltle", will be
used as the basis of Sunday
morning discussion in our city
by our pastors.
Why not lay aside the usual
Illings (hat keep you from
church, and come out Sunday
niorning Dec Oth, to hear these
discussions? You can enjoy mi
insl ruol ive hour.
About twenty ministers in
W ise County will preach from
IhiB discussion of Dr. Hillss.
It must be a great theme to
demand so much attention!
You are most cordially invited
to be present ut your church.
Come, it will be interesting?
you will be given a hearty wel?
Dcallt of John M. Stewart.
John M, Stewart, one of Dig j
Stone (lap's oldest a u d
m o s t highly respected citi?
zens,' d i o d last Thursday
high! at 7 o'clock, having
been in declining health for the
past two years or more, a I though
his illness was not thought to
he of a serious nature until the
last few weeks. Tho deceased
wiib 7o years old and had been
living here since the yoni of
18111, coming f rom Scot l ('ounty.
It will be remembered that he,
at all limes and under ail cir?
cumstances, walked in the well
beaten path of righteousness
and when fully conscious that
he was Hearing the last of earth
lie appeared to be fully impress?
ed with the idea that ;>.t lite end
of lime eternity began, and
that the bright faith which sus?
tained him during those li ving
hours of suffering would only
grow brighter and brighter as
ho journeyed toward the infi?
nite, and the final gloom of
death be dispelled by the radi
Another Broken Arm from Cr.>nltiiigl
A ?..?>?!.: Mfety crant 111,1 sirenicd, make,
?ctUmta Irani I ... ?. . Ii Wut,a
on your KOKI> Ihtr *.*ru)!c einiwU rty bick. If tn
ftoc Uu-kftir?, Crank iatottwtfcaliy ilUconnecti
rom craak-?ht(< Ymi . *n ? i? m.-c ttyr *tk?rk
"full which insure* ? ?t*tt ?i mnuw M
U ?ttipt?. tv>*.hin< to tn. out of ;mj*f. lion rvil
m (a a t*mj>*f ?:ts em r bar! kulci
E .': K"? '1,v'rr 1 1,1 1
1 5 L>?iir\; ?My iM 4?v mftiiWr .4 the
V B UmilroAn ?*rt ihf tti.>t.'f' Sm.l ?? *>.50
K Q and ?* will Ma ?* C*?tMM ,*v?v?y
K B < r ?- i. -!.!??* a b<n tm? . of ?Uk*
K H (xct'on o# r*>*i C*?i ?rturn -t at oaf cxjWrtu
D *--vJ vxjai raorwy ?'II t?c irfurvtM K>t%ttt
ro*u Crank twuv y wru* Ic* tire
Cirv... w to C*?*--? Manufacturing
CX-j / .it.-., li.i? M o . u ,1 ? i, ?<. V*.
?if**** lOM^'^'KU,;:,,. ,-,(K??.|
nnce of God's love. Mr. Stow-j
art was strongly identified in
all religious movements, always
taking a leading part in revi
vals. Uo was also an ordained
minister ami spent much of his
life preuchiiig the gospel.
Funeral were conducted from
the Baptist Church Saturday
morning at 10:.'I0 o'clock bv
ttey. .1. B. Craft. At the re?
quest of the deceased tin- first
live versos of the 6th Chapter
of Komnns were rend at I lie
services nud Iiis ltivorite soup;,
"How Firm A Foundation,"
was sung by lite choir. The
deceased w a s also a pioneer
member of the odd Follows,
who hail charge of the funeral.
The deceased is survived by
i: wife anil sex children who
are as follows: C. F. and W. A.
Stewart, of Kingsport, Tenn.,
J. II. Stewart. Mrs. Wiley Witt
and Mrs. VilttH Wells, of Rig
Stone Gop; and Mis. D. W. Lit
trell, of Fast Stone (Jap.
Jim Ycary Dies.
Jim Veary, who was snot and
fntallv wounded by Robert
Stout at Cadet on S iturdav
night, Nov. 26th, tiled on Tues?
day night following, o u e of
the bullets having penetrated
the bowels which caused his
death. His recovery was re?
garded as doubtful from the be?
ginning, but physicians, never?
theless, done everything possi?
ble to stive him. 'The body was
hurried in the graveyard above
the Tannery.
Stout was given a preliminary
hearing before Mayor W. II. |
Nickels, dr.. and according to j
the evidence given by sev- j
oral witnesses, it was found I
the act was committed in self 1
defense and he was released.
Burglars Hob Two Stores.
t?n last Wednesday night
burglars again raided l?g
Stone Cap, after a period of a
few months, and entered I he
stores or W. T. Mahalley and
Qoodloe Brothers. Entrance
was gained as usual bj boring
a large hole through the doom
so as to turn the lock. Good;
loe's store was entered by the
back door and only a few arti?
cles of clothing was taken, at
least that was all that could be
missed. That t be burglars
were lunatiirs is evident from
the fact that they made a futile
attempt to open a large iron
safe in this store.
The biggest part of the raid,
however, was on the grocer)
store of Mr. Mabalfey jus!
across the si reit. The cash
register was forced opened and
left on the siile walk, which
contained a few pennies. A
considerable amount of pork
and bams were missing, w hich
was found later but lied in the
ground on the river bank. This
was discovered by one of Mr.
Mahatfe_v s boys who was look?
ing for a money drawer that
was taken from I Ii e store.
Every ell'ori by the authorities
to find it clue have been futile
but they ate still working on
the case and hope to within a
few days to Und lire guilty
The work of these burglars
is much on the order of those
that robbed other stores here a
few months ago. The brace
and bit appeals to be their fa
vorite tool to gain entrance.
They attempted t 0 enter the
front of tioodloe's store hut
failed and went t o the back
Where they encountered little
trouble in getting in.
It is to be hoped thai the
town authorities will keep up a
diligent search for these ciimi
mils, as it is beginning to be a
common Illing here lor a store
to he robbed.
Recruits Needed for
Medical Department.
The Surgeon Conor.il of the
Army reports tha; 5,000 recruits
are needed at once for tip: Med?
ical Department.
All olliceis of the general re?
cruiting service are making
Special efforts to obtain men
for the Medical Department,
and any bright, iateligent man
who litis had ti common school
education may enlist. Promo?
tion in this branch of the ser?
vice is rapid, and with tinlimi
ted opportunities for study.
For particulars, apply at U. S.
Army Recruiting Station, Nor?
ton, Va;
Sergt General Service Infantry
in charge of Station.
For (he first time in the his?
tory of the Erie Railroad shops
at SiiHjuelianna, Pa., women
are being employed to fill me?
chanical occupations.
"Wise County's Greatest Store"
The Greatest Line of
Christmas Goods
ever carried by any store in Wise County
are now on display. Our line for the
Holiday trade is especially choice. You
will experience great pleasure in looking
over these goods, and greater still from
possessing them.
It will pay every Christmas shopper in
the county to visit our
Toy Department
and see the monstrous display of Christ?
mas Goods and Merchandise.
Fuller Brothers
A Vicious Ru?
"Among tin; many absurdI
am! vicious rumors put into ciri
dilution these days, probably|
llirough pro t lorrhan inlluonces,'
is'one thut Ibo United States j
proposes to confiscate rriohny
on deposit in banks, The nb
surdity of the statement is ol>.1
\ ions on its face. These ru-1
mors tin1 wholly without foun?
dation and probably circulated
fair ait evil purpose. The fJov-1
erinnern has no power to con
tieale the money of depositors
in banks."?From statement Of
Si crotui j MeAdoo.
aig-pss aaSSSS
Hora Is a uicsoaKo to
suffering women, from
Mrs. \V. T. Price, of
Public, K\\: "I BUf
/?;r-d with painful...",
she writes. "I got ilown
with a weakness in toy
hack and llinha...!
felt helpless and dls
rourr.rod... | hud about
given ui> bones of evor
being well again, when
a friend Insisted 1
I began Cr.rdut. In
a short whllo I caw a
marked difference..
I crow stronger right
nlantr, nad It cured me.
I am stouter than I
fcavo boon In years."
If you suffer, you can
ajipreclato what It
means to ba strong and
?well. Thousands of wo
laen give Cardnt tha
credit for their good
health. It should help
you. Try Cardul, At all
drugglita. E-73
We have just installed at considerable expense fur the
benefit of our customers and the public generally, an
Electric Sausage Grinder
and a
Meat Slicing Machine
to our already up-to-date equipment. Bring your sausage
meat here and we will grind it while you wait at a very small
cost. ()ur Slicing Machine is ? regular money saver. Your
Breakfast Bacon or Packed I lams can he sliced fresh from
the bulk at a much lower price than it can be bought in glass
jars. In fact we can slice any kind of meat to suit vourself.
Phone No. 58. BIG STONE GAP, VA.
Proof of the Pudding is
What Is In It. 1
Ail Automobile Springs Look Alike j||
but ask the man who sells springs if he will guarantee jFjj
them for one year. Most springs break at center?
it is the hole that causes them to break. Why buy 'S
a spring with a center bolt bole with no guarantee, p
when you can buy a spring with no bolt hole guaran- j=]|
teed for one year against breakage or sagging. Buick, 1551
Overland, Chervolet, Dodge, Maxwell, Oakland, [gj
Hupp, Chalmers, and others in stock. [jE.
's Garage I
Students can enter st the beginning of llio second quarter early in January or
the beginnhiK of tho third quarter In March ami find all the courses they will possi?
bly wish. Kreo Slate Scholarships, very moderate expenses, and courses suitable for
all kin ? of teachers anil prospective teachers.
Kor Cataloguo, booklet of Views, and Kult Information write,
John Proston McConnoll, President. East Radford, Va.

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