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/SUAY, DEC. 10, 1017
I*ubli"hcd Every Wednesday by the
Ono Vonr. - fl.OO
Blx Months, - ,SO
Threo Months. - .28
Entered according to postal regulations
?l tho post-office Rt Dig Stone (Jap as sec?
ond-class matter.
SDBSCRIUEKS are onrnoally re?
quested to observe tho date
printed on thoir address Blips,
which will koop thom at all
times posted as to tho dato
of the expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt and timely
attention to this request will
save all parties a great deal of
"The Prince Of Peace."
And Ho said, "1 came not to
bring pence, but n sword."
What a strange contradic?
tion, and how shall wo recon?
cile it?
Again the season is with us
when the heurts of Christendom
ttnii to that wonderful Person
alily and dwell with feelings of
awe and wonder on the words
that fell from his lips. Again
we commemorate the birth of
him who shall make ns free in
deed. lint now we came with
hearts bowed down under a
world sorrow and minds cloud
ed by n veil through which it
would seem impossible to pierce.
Wiioh we would sing acclaim
the Prince of Pence, we look
out over a world drenched in war
and blood. We see on every
I',mil misery and suffering, hu?
man conditions which he gave
his life tu alleviate; And it has
been so long sinco he made the
sacrifice, that hope almost turns
to despair.
Oitu we by any means gleam
one riiy of comfort from that
cryptic remark which we quote
above? Was the omniscient
mind projecting itself into (ho
filtere and seeing the mighty
Struggles through which his
Word must adventure e'er it
reached enthronement in the
beans of mankind?
We cannot but believe that
such was (hecuso. Too well he
knew the awful depravity of
the unregeuerute heart of man;
too well 111) knew the fearful
lust of pride and power against
which men must battle and un?
der winch the) must be ground
to powder; too well he knew by
what slow degrees the world
would be brought to a realiza?
tion of the fact that but one
human attribute can ever bo
taken Into the great beyond?
ll was said of him that ''he
was in the world ami the world
knew him not " If the world,
then, knew hi in not, how much
less shall it know his teachings
without diligent study nud
It would be well for the Amor
can people, us they approach
the anniversary of the Messian
ic Birth, to again fortify them
selves with lite teachings of the
Son of Man. We should look
into the national heart and see
that in the momentous conflict
before us, we harbor no un?
worthy motives by which we
may help to defer tho consum?
mation of his benediction,
"Peace on earth, good will to
men." It would be well that
we again assure ourown hearts
thut wo desire but tho everlast?
ing Bight of Truth.
Having, then, assured our
hearts of these tilings, let us
revert to just one incident in
his life. Lot us recall that
when ho found tho temple of
God profaned, with a scourge
of cords he drove tho profaners
from its precincts. Wonderful
man! For his own safety he
would not contend, but for tho
honor of his Father, yes!
Was it a divine pointing of
tho way for his followers all
down the ages? Surely it could
not havo beon a trivial inci?
dent of no particular signifi?
cance to man. Such incidents
had no place in his life.
Assured, then, that peace
loving, mercy loving, truth lov?
ing America has hut one aim,
tho preserving of the sanctity
of the Father's tomph?that
temple which is tho great heart
of humanity?we oau approach
this liegi nning senson with
hearts attuned to its signifi?
cance? the anniversary of earth
ly advent of the Priucoof Peace
Coming in this spirit, we, like
tho shepherds of old on the Ju
dean hills, may catch a glimpse
of that light that shall dispel!
the darkness of ignorance and
avarice ami shall make of all
men followers and champions
of the Right.
And as wo approach that day
let it be with hearts that can
feel for all peoples every where
Let it he with a frrvent hope
that soon the clouds that now
encompass us may he rifted and
dispersed, and the beneficent
sun of world-wide righteous?
ness may shine thenceforth for?
ever. Lot it be with a faith thai
the eternal principles of Justice
and Right for which we stand
will ultimately rule the earth,
and man see his follow man for
that which he is?his brother.
The local chapter of the Amer?
ican Red Cross has answered
the appeal t hat came from the
National headquarters in re?
gard to the Christmas member
ship campaign, and the work of
enrolling new members is now
well under way. Booths are
stationed at the AlUUZU Thea?
tre, Kelly Drug Store, The
Monte Vista Hotel, Qoodloe
Bros.' Store and '.lie Post Ollice
and are under the management
of the following ladles, respect?
ively: Misses Margaret Miller
and Louise Qoodloe; Miss Min.
nie Fox, Mrs Pearson, Mrs. \V.
T. Uoodloe, Mrs. R 10. Tuggnrt
and Mrs Hmkel and daughters;
Mrs Otis Mouser, Mrs. Fel
Slouser, Mrs. Markte and Mrs,
11. 10. Fox. It is up to the ladies
t o see that their respective
booths are opened every alter
noon from '.' until 5 o'clock, and
every member of the Red Cross
Society will be called upon to
nerve her time at this noble
work The i 'amp tigii Commit,
ten feels confident that busy as
all the ladies will be this iveek,
then- will not be one who will
not gladly and willingly do her
part when called upon. Surely
any one could spend one hour
in these booths.
Saturday, Dec. 2'Jnd, will he
Bo) Scouts' I'ay in every cor
nor of the laud, at which time
our hustling little baud of these
workers will canvass the town
and give every man, woman
and child an opportunity to
join the Red Crosn ami therein
add a little comfort and cheer
to the lives of our lighting men
So let every body answer the
appeal with a crisp, new dollar
and a determination to add his
weight to this great and grow?
ing factor in the tight against
the Rainer, misery and death!
On Siindtt) ev, r\ minister in
town will have for his text
The good that this organization
is doing throughout the world,
and we hope every one will
hear their addresses.
The Red Cross Society in
your town has come to stay,
so join it now, to-day, without
shirking your part of the light
a moment longer. This is all
that many men and most
women can do to aid their
country in her hour of trial, so
get busy, pay your dollar, and
if you have any time to spare,
come around to the work room,
roll up y? ur sleeves, und pitch
in. Who knows??your dollar j
may feed a starving chill; your'
bandage may save a soldier's
life. Isn't it worth while to
risk it?lot's every body try
and see.
Under the terms of n decision
by Secretary McAdoo, the busi?
ness of all insurance companies
incorporated under the laws of
enemy or ally of enemy coun?
tries is to be liquidated, with
j tho exception of life insurance
j companies, which are allowed
to continue existing contracts.
J. E. HORSM?N, Florist
Tolophono 1030 Norton, Va.
Another reminder not to forget us when
In need of Flowers for any occasion.
Koscs, Violets. Sweet I'eas. Orchids. Car
nations, Chrysanthemums and Totted
l'lsuts. Corsage work and l'lorul Designs
a Specialty. Out of town orders tilled
promptly try Parcel Cost, Sprclal Deliv?
ery, Kiprcss or Telegraph.
Red Cross
Work Grows in Europe and
the United States
Tho Bed Cross hua arranged
t<i buy material for surgical
dressings, hospital garments,
und|knitted arlioles, to be sold
it substantially cost prices to
the chapters throughout tin
country to he made up by the
women of America The 008
will be $3,457,200.
To meet conditions arising
from Italian reverses the Bed
t'ross dispatched immediately
from l'aris supplies including
2,000 mattresses, 8,000 blankets
and 10,000 pairs of socks.
Tho children o f Belgium, |
thousands of whom are orphum
ire objects of special care. Food
and clothing alone have been
purchased hy the B< d Cross foi
I he Belgians at a cost of .7; I 73,.
ooo. Many of the children in 1
free Belgium are exposed to
shell lire, and in order to save
them usylumsuro being organ,
izod in France nud Switzerland,
where they can he taken to
In Minnesota a special war
body has been organised,known
as the Minnesota Motor Be
serve. 1 t s Bevernl hundred
members,all automobile owners
are pledged to furnish their
cars with drivers lo transport
representatives of tho Govern?
ment who require SUcIl service
Between August 1 and De?
cember 1 the railroads trans,
ported 1,500,000 men to the
training camps and embarka?
tion points. To insure (he safety
of the men in transit the rail
roads have adopted an average
spaed oi -J5 miles an hour ex?
cept when freight cars needed
for transportation of equipment
ire included in I he trains. The
-peed is (hen reduced (o 'Jo
The organization of a Cuban
aviation unit ( o h e offered
France with complete equip?
ment has been announced in
Haben i. Probably the Fsca
drillo Cub.line, as the living
unit is called, will be the tiist
body of lighting men from Cuba
to serve on French soil.
Keep Well
Do not allow lite
poisons ol undigested
lood to accumulate in
your bowels, where they
are absorbed into your
system. Indigestion, con?
stipation, headache, bad
blood, and numerous
other troubles are bound
to follow. Keep your
system clean, as thous?
ands ot others do, by
taking an occasional do?c
ol the old, reliable, veg?
etable, family liver medi?
Mrs. W. F. Pickle, o!
losing Fawn,Ca., wriies:
"We have used Thed?
ford's Black-Draught as
a family medicine. My
mother-in-law could not
take calomel as it seemed
too si Kir.? for tier, so she
used Ulack-Drauglitasa
mild laxative and liver
regulator... Wc use it
in lhc family and believe
it is the best mcdi-inc for
the liver nude." Try it.
Insist on the genuine?
Thedford's. 25c a pack?
age. E-75
?irthday Party
Ma3tcr John Bullitt Chalkley j
entertained a fow of his little j
friends at the home of his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Chalk
ley, on Poplar Hill, last Satur?
day afternoon from ihren toBix
o'clock very delightfully in
honor of his ninth birthday.
Little Miss Margaret Baker
received the girls' prize for
guessing nearest the number of
beans in a jar and Master Frank
Savers tlie boys prize.
After playing numerous other
interesting games t Ii e little
guests were invited into the
dining room, where they were
served delicious brick ice cream,
cake, candies, apples a n d
oranges at the large dining tn
hie. The center piece for the
table being I lie while birthd ij
cake, Oil winch was burning
nine small red, white and blin
candh s, t aoh little guest receiv?
ed a rubber balloon as a fllVOI
of i he occasion
Beginning January 1, 1918;
I shall endeavor to operate an
near as possible my grocer*
business according to the ad
ministration's ideas in regard ti
war time conditions, and with
? he co ) per a' ions of iii v' patron s
I will give them the benefit ol
all possible saving in unneces?
sary ex pi uses.
Big Stone Gip, V?
Navy League Notes.
During the past week we sent
i si I of knitted garments to
four of our home bin s; munch ,
to Fdeusand Willis of iheNaw
a id Bradley mid John of the
Aviation Corps.
The Masonic Lodge of town
gave a bent 111 for Iii X.i\\ |
League, Tin stiaj night, Deci in.
her ll. A delightful program
was rendered, delicious refrei h
incuts served and a free ?in
offering lifted. This offering
amounted to j;I7 OH >\ hieh wil
he used for yarn for knitted
garments for home boVs onlj
We extend our Vole of thank
to the Masons for their matei
ially furthering our work
A iiew supply ?,f ynrii hui
In en received, and we solicji
the service of more knitters
Novices will be eheerf?ll)
taught to knit and thus help to
keep our boys warm .
Our Mr Moore w.ll be with
our Bris'ol stoic d u r i n g
I) camber, and will be glad 10
See all Ilia friends and patrons.
Prompt intention paid to all
mail orders, transportation
charges paid on same. We have
moved into our new store, -100
Stale Street and now have tin
handsomest store, as well as
the largest and most elegant
stock in Southwest Virginia.
1>. B. H V LAN I) .V < oiupain ,
The Jewelers,
The port of New York is un?
der military contol, the water
fronts being guard, d by the
Regular Army. Fully armed
guards prohibit the passage of
any person,alien or citizen, who
can not establish a business
reason for access to the water?
front areas. The same military
control will be established at
all other American ports and
may include factories engaged
in war woi k.
Red Cross relief shipments to
Kurope average over 10,000 tons
a month. In one shipment was
a consignment of 559 soccer
footballs ami 25U rugby foot
balls for Amercan soldiers,
purchased with funds raised by
Harvard graduates,
According to Secretary Dan?
iels, there was turkey for the
riianksgi ? ing dinner of every
man in the Navy. A h?v?l
supply ship arrivedin European
waters in time to furnish tho
men on the submarine-hunting
destroyers with the traditional
Thanksgiving fare.
Applications for war risk in?
surance are now fur past the
billion-dollar mark. Ml soldiers
sailors, marines and nurses in
activo service may buy insur
mice from the Government at
the rate of from 05 cents a
month at tho ago of 21 to $1 21
a month at the ago of 51 for
each $1,000.
W A NTED?Highest cash
piices paid for fat cattle.
Big Stone Gap, Va.
Big Stone Gap, Virginia
deal Xmas Gift
Select your gifts from our
up-to-date offerings in Jewel?
ry. We have made extensive
preparations for the Christmas
trade so that wc could merit
the patronage of yourself and
friends hy giving equal and
hotter value for the money
than can be had elsewhere.
We oiler you a complete and
wide stock of
Unusual Values in
Jewelry Gifts
Iron) as Inn as SOc, $1.00, $2.00 and up
in worthy and dependable articles, priced at the lowest figure
possible; including:
Watches Diamonds Kings Silverware
Chains; Charms Necklaces Blrlrimontlt Jewelry Clocks
Scarl Pins Tnilel Sels Crosses and Rosaries Itnr Pies
Silver Novelties Fobs, Brooches Hair Ornaments Lavalliers
XViti *& Boolier
iti<: sTo.xu (;ap, va.
Dinner Sets
Odd Pieces in Fine China
Pyrex Baking Ware
Aluminum Ware
Community Silver
Flash Lights?
Well, the Post wont allow us space in
which to tell you of the many items in
our stock which are useful and much
appreciated as Christmas Gifts.
Students can enter at the beginning of tho second quarter early In January or
the beginning of tho third quarter in March and find nil tho courses they will possi?
bly wish Free State Scholarships, very moderate expenses, and courses suitable for
all kin 's of teachers and prospective teachers.
For Catalogue, Itooklet-of Views, and Full Information write.
John Proston McConnoll, President. East Radford, Va.

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