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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, December 19, 1917, Image 4

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Good Things for Xmas
Have y<>u decided what you
will have to eat for Christmas?
Of course you will want only
the best and here is the place
to get the necessary eatables
for a swell Christinas Dinner.
Fruit Cakes in all sizes.
Candies, Fruits, Nuts
and Vegetables
all nice and fresli
We have made special efforts to supply the holiday
trade an/1 guarantee our ?oods to be pure and fresh. In fact
our groceries can always be found that way.
No News
From Soldier:; Menus that He
Is All Right.
Although tllG failure to re?
ceive letters from men in the
service is not pleas,mi to rela?
tives dud friends ul home Hie
ltd ago "no news is good news"
never was more true than at
present. The report of every
casualty at home or abroad is
immediately wired or cabled to
olllciuls at Washington, being
relayed from there without loss
of lime to the emergency ad
dress of the soldiers or sailor
affected. It is also at once re?
leased for publication in the
newspapers. No news of cas?
ualties has or w ill I?' held up.
No man in the service has
received orders not to write
homo; 1)0 has been urged, on
the contrary, to keep in touch
with relatives and friends The
forces in Prance have at their
disposal post cards giving gen?
eral information in regard to
health and the receipt of letters
'and parcels, which may be dis?
patched without payment of
I postage.
I Care is also taken to sec that
' mail intended for .soldiers and
'sailors reaches them promptly.
Where the regimental and com
pany designation of a soldier is
not known it may he secured
b) application to The Adjutant
General's Oflloe, Washington,|
1). C. In o e week I ,?74 letters ;
with iusulllcient addressoBwere'
received at this otlico On 1,232
the addressee Were completed
and they were forwarded; 123
were returned to senders, ?'?S
went to the dead-lctteiy otlicc
because senders addresses
were not given, and the balance
were held with the view that
the addresses might be coinple
I ted later.
Trustee's Sale of Saw Mill
and Equipment.
Ax trustee in :i deed of trust oxecutod
by M. 8,'Wauiplor ami J. T. Neely. to
secure the l.?vclady Lumber Company
in the purchase money for the tilachlnory
hereinafter described, and as provided
in said trust deed, I will 00 Friday.
December 21 1917
Mil In front <>t the Fost Otlicc Building,
"Cured Me Of Indigestion,Kid-j
ney, And Colic Troubles
Greenville, S. C, Man Says Acid Iron Mineral Cured Him |
Two Years Ago and He Hasn't Been Troubled Since
As proof (hat moat people only lack pure blood to feel well all
the time, the following statement it; published.
"1 gradually began to weaken aud before I know it I was
having paitiB in my back that mudo bending over a torture to
me. Then I noticed that sleep was hard to get. 1 would sleep
in fits and starts and my kidneys bothered me. Then my atom
none started to rebel at favorite dishes and before I awoke to my
condition 1 couldn't eat vegetables without being distressed und
bothered the whole night through. My back was weuk und
pained me at times and cramped like the colic would attack me
unless 1 wos awfully particular what I ate," says u well known
Greenville, S. (J., cotton mill employee, If. A. Hurdett.
If your digestion isn't extracting nourishment and your blood
being enriched as it tdiould be doctors will tell you to do just us
Mr. Hurdett did. Continuing his statement, he said:
"A friend urged me to get busy and take some Acid Iron Min
iral and before I had taken a fifty cent bottle I was immensely
improved and after finishing that half dollar bottle I was cured.
It absolutely cured nie and that was two yuars ago und, not like
when you take other medicines, 1 haven't been sick or balhered I
since. 1 can ea", anything I want und never be troubled with
ii." declared this man who sums up his experience with Acid
Iron Mineral in these words. "It cured me of indigestion, colic
anil kidney trouble two years ago and 1 haven,I been troubled
"Get a bottle of Hub natural, highly concentrated medicinoll
iron which so many find unexcelled for the blood, digestion,
kidneys and as a tonic to tone you up. Get a larger dollar size
bottle of your nearest druggist adv.
Once again
it U our pleasure
to wish you
a Morry Christmas
and n Happy Now Year.
May the glad voices
that go out
over the telephone wires
at this joyful season
bring you happiuosa
and good ehceff!
Timber Cutters, Swampers, Track Men,
Lumber Handlers, etc. Good wages, bonus
to regular men, pay whenever you want it.
PAUL CLINE, General Manager,
Dungaiinoii Lumber Company, Inc.
Dungannon, Virginia.
Iii? Stoiio Gap, Virginia, between the]
hour* of II a. in and 13 in. at public
outer; it> llte highest bidder for cash In
hand Iho following machinery:
nil that certain !Q-hor?o power Krlok
bollei and engine, a Kulght Saw Mill arid
carriage, Ameilcan (lanj; Kdger, Log
Turner, Two I.arge Inserted Tooth Clr
ciliar Saw?, flvo or six small saws ami all
attachment? and ri^ginc,, belonging to
and being a part of the sai<l machinery,
all additions unit repairs put on ?:,id ma?
chinery by said Waiuplcr and N'ccly. In?
cluding airs ami belU, which machinery
was formerly located at .lusner, [Virginia;
on the property of the I.ovcb.dy Lumber
t'x'inpany und which was removed "to a
Iraet of laud in Powells Valley above lllg
Stone 'lap. known as the Krank Itlanton
hind, where the said machinery Is intend?
ed to be used in sawing certain bound
rice of timber into lumber.
It. T. IllVINE.
(Dec 12?60-61) Truslw.
No Gorman place proposal
which does not begin with "We
will repay, give up ami make
good" is worth the paper it is
written upon.
Another Broken Arm from Cranlting!
on ,oui FORD the haindlc cHamM riy back. If e
kkkfirea, Crank
mmk-^haft You no Rdvaiirc the *&.\tk
"iii- I - Insures i anlckei ?Art ?( motoi It
otttlfti la (ft out tt older Ho*r? not
larntxi wttl, ptismr n^r hurt loolf
Hivhvvly ?.?11 mit.ll ?
Pi**. |7 W detn
WQfln more th?n |hi| low t-iwe Ui
know you r?n .r\nn poUl Forn* in
,?ffev, ?ii>*y in.l tny mrmtk-i of the
Mly t-*r> IMTI (iie nv.nr/ Srud U* $7 30
**>J mg , (/?r?on Safely
Sontiiern itauway System
Condensed Time Card
No. 1, Dally: I.v. Mountain City oni.
ra.; Elliabethtou 8:15 ? m rVp I
a.ra>; Gate City 11:10 ?. m . A*r?S
bort Yard 11 -.80 ?. m.; Conn'ectj'with
No. 8 at Albert Yard for Apnalichi.
No. 2, Dally I.v. St. Charles 7:? ? ? .
Appalaclda 8-.00 a. in.; Oato CltV
10:41 a.m.; Moccasin Gap lo-.|a ,
ra.; Ar. Bristol 12:10 Noon. Coa.'
nects at Moccasin Gap with No 3
from BuIIb Gap.
No. 8, Dally: Lv. Bulls Gap 8:45 ?, m .
Moccasin Gap 10:45; Gate City lu sj
a. ni.j Big Stone Cap 12:48 p m
Ar. Appalachla 1:00 p. m.
No. 4, Daily: I.v.|Appalacliia 1.80 p. m ?
Big Stone Gap 1:45 p m.; Aibfrt
Yaid 8:18 p. ra.; Gate City 3:23 p,
m.; Ar. Hulls Gap 5:16 p m. Con?
nects at Albert Yard with No. 0 for .
Hiistoi and Mountain City.
No. 5, Dally: Lv. Bristol 4:40 p. m ?
Gate City 11:10 p. m.; Big Stone (iip
7:52 p. in.; Appalachia 8:05 p nv;
Ar. St. Charles 0:45 p. m.
No. 0, Daily. I.v. Albeit Yard 8.03 p.
in.; Goto City 8:15 p: m.j Ar. Britto',
4:40p. m.; I.v. Bristol 6:10 p. m.;
Klizabothton 0:15 pi ni.j Ar. Moun?
tain City b:10 p. m.
No. 0, Daily, except Sunday: Lv. Hulls
Gap 11:10 a. in.; Ar. HogersTllla
12:05 p. m.
No. to, Dally, except Sunday: Lv.Rog.
ersvillo 7:55 a. hi,; Ar. Bulls Gsp
s :?l a. m.
No. 11, Daily, except Sunday: Lv. Bull?
Cap 5:15 p. in.; Ar. Itogorsvilla 0O0
No. 12, Daily, except Sunday ; I.v. Bog
oravllle 8:10 p. m.; Ar. Hulls G?p
4:10 p. in.
YV. E. ALLEN, D. P. A.,
Bristol, Ys
"JlLll?. Schedule in Effect
Nov. 99, 1914.
LEAVE NORTON. VA. 6:15 a. m. anJ
ami 3:30 p. m. lor Bluofleld und In
tcmicdtatc stations. Parlor I sr en
2:80 p. in. train. Connection at Bluo
field with Trains Rait and West?
Pullman Sleepers, Dining Cars.
LEAVE BRISTOL,VA. Dally. 0:15 a.ui
for Kast Badford, Hoanoke, Lynch
burg, Pctoraburg, Blchmond au.?
Norfolk. Pullman Parlor Car u>
Itlchmond. Boanoke to llageratown.
Pullman slec|>er llageratown to New
5 00 p in Tor Norfolk ami IntormedlaU
point.-. Pullman Sleepcra to Norfolk
1 ;89 p. m. and ' .?">"? P- >?. (limited.; Solid
trains With pullmaii sleepers to Wash
Inittoii, Baltimore, Philadelphia and
New York via Lyuchburg. Does mil
make local stops.
12-15 p in daily for all points bctwiet
Bristol and Lynohburg. ConuoctaM
Walton at 5:40 p.m. with the tin
eagu Kxpreai for all points west and
\V. c SauKUHHS, C. P. A.
W B. Bkviix.
1-ass. Traf. Mgl..
Dr. G. C. Houeycutt
.Ullici-Jiii Willis Building over Mutua.
Drug Store.
Civil and Mining Engineers.
Big Stone Gap, Va. Harlan,Ky
Reports and estimates on Coal ami Tint*
her Lands, Design and l'lnus of Coal ana
Coke Plaut?! Laud, Railroad and Mine
Engineering, Electric Bluo Printing,
Treats Dloonnos of the
Bye, Ear, Nose and Throat,
vVIII bo In Anpalachia Third
Friday In Each Month.
S. S. Masters & Co.
General Blacksmith
Repair Work.
Holler and Machine Repairing. Horse?
shoeing a specialty. Wagon and Buggy
Work. Wo make a specialty of putting
on rubber tires All work given prompt
and careful attention.
Big Stono Gap, Va.
Dr. .T. A. Gilmcr
Physician and Surgeon
OFFICE?Over Mutual Drug Store
Big Stone Gap, Va.
Treats diseases of the Bye, Ear, Nose
and Throat.
Will bo In Appalsohla FIRST KRIDA ?
in each mouth until 8 P. M.
Big Stone Gap, Va.
Wagon and Buggy work A Sposlalty
I have an Up-to-date Mach I no for putting
on Rubber Tire*. All work glvon prompt
Do your Chrstmas shop?
ping early.

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