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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, July 24, 1918, Image 4

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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Big Stone Gap, Virginia
M i -. Uoberl Harrow mini tuiil
young daughter-. Fdixahcth und
Marian, Infi Sunday iliortling toi
N..ii.in, whore (hoy lofi Over Ihn
N. ,v \V . ritilrimil for l'otorsto>\ n,
W. \'n.. Im a visit with their
cmlsiu, Mr.*, Mih^ Simpkin- ami
family. Miss Christina Harrow
mail accompanied them us tar ns
It.inn. i where She itjieiil Sunday
w Mli ft mud-.
Talinugc I'nuiiis, who i- nun
winking a-- telegrapher in Hi islnl,
visjicd his rauiily here Saturday
ami Sunday.
(?real e.Mtiteiiieill ami Joy Wits
e.X|ierioneeil tinning our towns
people here when hows came of
tin' suee.-so> |>1 tin' A im't nan
Irism? in Km nee of t eeeul dale.
Mis. .1. I'. Ilenilrieks t.im -I
a message from her sister, Mrs.,
Unland I.. Kiif. in Itiiannke 1'n
?Inv saving her hiislmml ha.I uiol
with a Koriinis accident in which 1
his h-g witt badly crushed ami
whs awaiting the decision of the
physicians at Lew is (iah- llos'pi
tnl us to whether amputation
wen hi In- necosstin. SlVs Kile
nml young -on have visited Mrs.
Iteiulrieks her.- ami ai Big Slhite
Cap several tintes.
Word was received here a few
days ng< ? t roni M i. it ml M rs.
.1. I'. Ainburgey ami Mis. Claude
Walls, of Norton, parents ami
sister I if Mi-. T. Counts, of this
place, telling of their trip to
New Votk city. They were
then at the new Strand Hotel
anil sent photos nl the city's
inoit splendid buildings. A in.:
them was the Hippodrom?-,which 1
u one of New York'- largest'
show houses, anil ai-,. otic, of the
Hotel McAlpin, ijiiiti a ninguili
Cetil sky - lapel. Ml. ami Ml-.
Anibtirgey went to New York to
visit Iheir -oli. t'larence. in
camp at Long Island.
Mrs. .1. I'. Ileiidrieks enter
(allied at dinner Thursday, Mr.
ami Mrs. it It. Ilcndtioks, ..!
(iralium, ami Mr-, tleorge Han
tier, ot Lebanon. Mi-. Manner
was formerly Mi-- Anna Korr
Toiupkms. oi Bristol, and i
Well know n hole, having lived
With her parent- in Appalachia
Im several year-. Mr. Banner
i? with the colors, having sailed
several day- ago for France.
Kd Hotly, of Uig Stone Cap,
has accepted u position as ma
chiuist at the Southern tthops
here, Mr. Holy has gamed quite
a reputation a- a workman in
ihi-i section.
There was an auction sah' of
tine hundred lots in Blonde)! ad?
dition here Inst Friday, price
ranging troiii f loo to $ ion per
TWO of the s|eej cells for Ap
pnlai'liia's ne w jail have arrived
and been placed on Ihe concreie
foundation. Two mole coll- arc
vet to come, after which the
building, a lire prool ? 11 u.-turo,
will be completed.
Mr. and Mrs. Hobt. II. Ileu-j
dricks, iviio have been \ i-111n;r
I their Kith, .1. I'. Ilendriek's slid
fUtitiIy, lltlt e r??t III lied til their
home at (irahiliii.
Woman From
Georgia Talks
"I Wouldn't Take Anything
You Could Offer for (he
Omul Tanlac Did Me.
"I'm well ami strong today
iilpl lifteen pounds heavier than
t was when I began taking
Taiilai' it few weeks ago," Hit id
Mis. I.eha folli.r, l.'Jttl Miels
St., Aiigtlstu, <ia., Mime time
"Kor two years I litld indigos,
lion in the worst form ami
could oat nothing without suf?
fering dreadfully ikf lorwai ds.
Komi would foi m gas in inj
stomach and swell {lie up unlit
,1 could hardly brcnilic The
pains h o a it h o d in my
c I ich I ami stomach wore almost
IllOrc than 1 Cotlld heir. Ne
I one seemed to know what was
die matter with me. ami no
treat incut gave me any relief
"I wouldn't take anything
you could oiler for tin- good
Tanlac has done me' Tim im
; |iro\ emenl it has made in nie is
wonderful. I can eat anything
I I want und enjoy it. my stom?
ach is in splendid com! it ion, the
pains are all gone from my
ehest and stomach, nod I feel
i like a new woman on I and out."
The genuine Ttiiilne is sohl in
Itig St?lln tiap by the Mill mil
I'liitrinaoy, and also by the lei
lowing agenli. in iinitrh) low n
tild Dominion Drug (lomiuiny,
j Appnlachia, ami I-'.. ('. Itl.tir,
Ulmger. Adv.
Hold Yo iii
Liberty Bonds
To successfully linanon i lu?
vt'iir it is hqcoitsnry Mini owners
of Liberty bonds hold their
bonds if possible Whore for
uii)' good reason it is necessary
for them to turn their bonds
into cash they should seek the
advice of their bankers.
Libeltyrloiin bonds are very
desirable investments, ami
crafty individuals are u.-ing
various means to secure them
from owners not familiar with
stock values ami like matters,
tine method is to oflfor to ex?
change for Liberty bonds stocks
ami bonds of doubtful organize
tions represented .is returning a
much higher illCi.i than the
1 here are various other metb
oils used und likely to bo used,
some of the gold brick variety
und ?tliora less crude und prob?
ably within the limits of the
low. All offers for Liberty
bonds except for money nnd at
market value should be scrutin?
ized carefully. The bonds are
the safest of investments and
have nontaxable and other vul
unble features.
To loml your Liberty loan
bonds, if possible, is ptttriotic.
To consult your hankers before
Selling I hem is wise.
Euch Virginian, Rich ?nd Poor, Mull
Realur That Former Can Do Mora,
While Evsty Mit? (rein Latter
Anltti Ktmy To Victory.
A > eni has rune by and lue chancs
In Ilia United States fioiu a peace,
lovins uatlon tti * iutstity war Machine:
In nut yet complete Although th?
tountry liua dona much, a r. ainouai
remalua to ba accomplished and th?
gloiry i>r it all I? that ...*!>b.?l? eat
belli In Ina frWdotit and democracy to
the entire world.
I'copli must nut make the mistake ct
thinking (hat their mite? ^ 111 not help
. The'rich must not tbtllk that they bar?
dune their Share; the) tuuat do more.
j Die inior must nut think that Iheil
pennies alii not help: they will. All
Virginians, It Is now :,.,<! certain,
r, all/., tliat each und everyone uoiat
do thelt aharc and bear their part of
the b?rdeil. Just as mum every trua
American, if the United states is to do
hit par! ntnl help the Allies tu ?letory
over tie.- autocratic Prussian
A little pleasure dented and the
n-.oie j rai. it loaned to the Uoverriuient,
Whlcti pays 4 per rent Interest, cum
pounded niiarterly, ?III help make mil
lions of others free, allowing them
slut then children lor cent?Hea to coma
tu enjoy the Liberty which haa been
tlu- prlvllegi! of ,,.i> American. You I
can Share in tti. glory If you will
Inveai your savings In War Having*!
-w. s S.?
A Word From Baker.
N'e? enterprises Which are not funda?
mental to the eltlcleiu operation of tba
country's sollvltlo! should not be un?
dertaken 11 1- will not reaull ad
ven ?!> upon business or conditions of
eniii.toi at. to he.an.-- every man and
every resourci ?11! be needed during
the war All iffori should he centered
to lit-lji ult, the wiir
Seen iary of War.
- w s s
Let l.'rtl"... st on do tin stieridlng now;
jruil ;;?,in! lalci Hoy War Savings
stamps unil s.ne.
w s >V?
'i'hc Hhill.'l of tin Americans to sa?e
Is ?. in nrS if their patriotism and
tin ? -LH ii i - n i'i the ?or. Save
and buy vy.it saving* stamps,
w s s
Kvery dollar loa lied the it.oernuient
help save I be llvis of youi boya at
the front liny War Savings Slumps.
One War Savings Stamp will feed a
Soldier or n sailor for 11 week' or hoy
gas for an hour's tiglii In an aeroplane,
? W. ? S ?
Instead of squandering your money
In foolish linn esseiillali; tend It "over
the top" with Perading. llu> Wat Sav?
ings stump*
W s s ?
This world a prison home would be.
And hot "safe for democracy,"
If the Kalter'? rale ptavatla.
The ocean full of wrecks ??uld ba.
And pirate kinks Would rule the sea,
If the submarine still sails
The sm-.illiit kiilture i,f the Hun,
Surpasses ?11 the Devil's duna,
And his very nature ?Iis.
Our run of neu and woui.-n fair,
Would 11V< \s-sals tu despair.
If the fight for freedom falls
Mod si at Ills Son to make us five.
That mankind vlrtiiciii might b*
And Ills siieii- arm prevails.
Awake, Freeman! Awake! Awakel
And m?ki! German nation uuuke.
Until their it. .> pales
\ ?. s... lags Stamps,
Kautet '? camps,
? ills!
. .i. .; N.AYM.VN
II I) !.. .
And aietni
I'ming the thr.pounds-por
mootb-pi-r person sugar limit?
ation, do not complain if your
(jolTue is hot sweet enough. The
Kreuch are allowed bill thirteen
pounds of sugar per year per
person, the Italians only nine
pounds,?if they can get if.
Tito price of sugar in Krauco is
twenty-live cents, in Italy six
y cents a pound.
V. hoa the UnrtKl Stade* Kood Ad
atilu.atrntloB undertook the work ol
oonewrlbg and inoblllilug America'!
food reaourc"?. Ih-reo method) of np
proHeh to the problem possible
The method* of caatrol wen: Kation
log. btgti price* and voluntary effort
The IntivducUou of rationing Into IM?
country wuuld hat? resulted In an In
?Titabi* re-actlon. Oa Ihr t ... t ol
In* rationing s> ?tem adopted by Ku
ropeiw: counttlr? for cortaln ktaple
food*. It would demand II lOO.??O ?
year for th? printing of the necea*arj
ration Card?; Ii would take, one ulfi
dal for ?vfTjr 1.000 families to late
car* of dim .button under tbli ey*t*m.
In fact, oil th* tttiiopaan bap * aboui
H5.O00.00l" a y*ar a-.-lld b* revjutifd
\o admtnl?i*r tl i* latumlng *y*t*in In
title country, font tot of consumption
by high price* wail loo unfair to merit
c?aelder?tton Id auch a country a*
nur?, meaulng. Ri> It would. ronscir*
tlon for Ihr rlrb at th* cipena* of
tli* pom The voliintiir) ejateni batoti
upon education unit i-nbllrltv waa a*
lected becaues of <)??? moderate ax
pens* Inv.tl?*d ?nd tt.,- oppottunlly i:
offered to uae the gieut daalt* of loyal
American* to ittvt thcii country.
The reaulta of the voluntary contini
of tood have been enoi moua. The
iurplua of the lb 17-1 s wheat crop
baiad <>ii noiuial consumption would
hnv cbceu iO.OOO.OOO bitahela. If lti<
preienl rale of eavlag b> the ?mrl
n an people continue*, a * shall hi
able to deliver to mil Alln-a Ironi tili?
crop poetdblj I7o.i-Mi.oou buaheli nf
wheat. iso.OOO.OOO buehela of which
will represent the volunt.u? sailnc ol
tlio American people Tbl? deliver)
of wheat liaa eiiabled the Alllea to
meet tb>- more immediate ami pra?i
Inn bread need* of Iheli people anil
io keep up th<- bread ration of tbel
At to our expoits of meal, th* t>
suit* of conservation a.ran more
remarkable. The unulyala of figures
in regard to hogs Indicate* that w,
wer* 5,000.000 to 7.1-00.000 hogs ?h?r.
when the contervatlon cnmpalgn war
started Bet?re the war, th* i?ii,i:<
monthly. *>poit of hog product* ?i"
about 541.000,000 pounds. In Marsh
15?11. w* exported 500.000,00? po?ndt
rnd can ac* our was cl*?r. with tin
preaani aavlng und production, tt" in.
li'iwnrd at (hi* rata foi an Indeflatti
period. Ilefora 1S"1I we wer* eiporl
ir.K from 1.000.000 t.i 5JOOO.OOO pillindc
of beef per month After tbe tu
ropean w:n begiin there wai an In
rusa?o to about 23.Olid.060 poundi i"t
month Now \-?? mi>- exporting at th*
rote ol 13.i ' 00 pounds of beef l"'1
month and. null the continuation ot
conservation of production, there it
no re?a?n to anib ipa-.* a malarial
r4ductlon in Iheae figine*
Tho warning of llie ??r ioi>rtd*
I., -.a Ilia development of gi*?t ot
tenaltr atrength on th* part of th*
United Statei I bis uffenatva muat
iLclud* uhipa, m*u. nupplle? and foo-1
With th* lacreaa'e In th* alia of out
Air... tl.ei* I.? a n*"*:*aar> d?
Is ein productive capacity. Ilarvcata
ar* bound to vary with aeaannul i on
Oil torn. I'bt only aafe procedui* for
U: aud foi the Alllea la to provide
eaornioui reaerve ttocka ol itiple
ools. both tier* and In Burepe, to
iiieel ai.v amerg?nci which ma> arlaa
In a laivr paiiad of th* war. to bara
in -top lu a critical phase or II In
irdei to pm unuauat aittphkalf ui-in
tgilculluial productlva, mlghi b* talul
o oil! llnal aucoeaa There must hr
uti let down la Uie prograin of COB
lervattoa until the now harvert
I'b* Food AdjnlniMialton uiges the
greata'at pdaalM* ua* of fresh perlah
able livid pioduct* Conaunieri must
nut forget thai the u?* of the** food*
liberate* for um more cohceniraiad
Home rardon.' ?III ?aure nurplui-a*
lu man) lecttooa and th* dealrabllit)
and healthfuuiaaa of yegetabiea and
fiulia as food sliould *llmulate con
kiiuiptlon and tutui* tb?ae p*ilr,habl*
ptodui-ts from apollaga It Is held U
be abaolut*ly unwauantud to u*e
camiod aoo,le when fr**h producta
are available. Bn?riuoua ^tnckr ni
cunned gooda inuat bp stor*d up to:
out ?o!dt*r? and AUt*a. and aver} on*
ualnc p*rt*hahl?* will b*0p to coneeir*
then* KOod*
lt?iu:* tba war, Oernxaa) --. dry
In? o?ei *00,OOO,0O0 bunhtli of pola
toea Ttkat la itoubl* the avrrag* pio
ductlon of th* Untied Statte -toni?
ot tbla pioduot was frd to Itva atock.
t ut large uuautitte* of it war* giouud
Into SoUr foi human consumption.
ISlor to 11.* war. QerniaS) had about
ISO dortng p'.antai for fiutl* and vn?-o
tab'.**, while on June 30. 1917. *h?
we* repoii*d to a&v* 1.570 doltydr?
Uua plant*
W. S. S. Sales.
iWflipla of 116,431^933^ July
9, frotii war Havings and thrift
8tlllti|l sah-s were the largest of
any single tiny sinn- these, so
curitios were olTeretl to the iihb
lie. Sales during I he lirst nine
?lays nf .Inly totaled |4B,5&2,
If tlio world 'Would have ab-|
Boluti! proof ?'f thedeep duplici?
ty oi tin- Uoriiiuii nuton it cun
tu- found in ilu- statement from
high German authority, that
that nation instead of number?
ing -ixty millions of people, ua
givi n out at the opening of the
war, in reality numbered ninety
millions. Therecnhbo no doubt
that for years past, Uerinnny't)
census returns htive beltII delib?
erate!) falsified. There could
have he ii hut one object in this
-deceiving the world as to her
true strength. The allied world
knows now, however, thai it is
lighting a monster of gigantic
proportions, ami is muking its
preparations accordingly,
President Wilson says: "Tim
practice of individual thrift is|
a patriotic duty and a neei
Ilcro Is n itiesaiige to
?uttering women, from
Mrs. W. T. Price, of
rubllc, Ky.: "I suf?
fered with painful...",
Bin- writes. ' I cot down
with a weakness In my
hack nnd limb*:..!
felt helpless and dis?
couraged ? ? I had about
elvsn mi liojas of cvor
helm; wi ll ftRttln, wbon
u friend Insisted t
The Woman's Tonic
I began Carduk In
a Ellert while I eaw u
marked dtfferencei..
I crew stronger right
along. :unl It cured mo.
1 am stouter than I
havo becB la years."
If yoii suffer, you ran
a p pre c late what It
means to be r-trong ntul
well. Thousands of wo?
men give Curilul tlio
cm! It for their good
health. It Fhould help
you. Try Cardul. At all
druggists. E-73
liny your Stationery from|
the Wise Printing Company
How's I ltisi
We oiler One Hundred Dollsi
Reward I ir aiiy case ot Catarrh
that cannot he cured by Hall's
Catanh Cure.
P. J. CIIKNF.V CO.. Toledo. O.
V.V. Oi.. under. Ikii. .1 haw kiwivn V. J
Cheney r,? Hie I.,..; '. v,ur?. und b.-llev,
htm perfectly hon.'? i? ?p nu*m,.,
transactions and tin .n lallv hi,, to cart!
out any obllKutline mini, i.v his arm.
N ATIONAL tlANK or i ? iMM laioli.
Toledo. O
Haifa Catarrh Cm.. Is nCn Internally
actini: dlreetly upon Ute hl.I and mu
coua lurfne.-nj>f in,, system 'I'. Hitiiioiiliita
aenl free. ITICo ;, cents per bottle. Sold
J, E.HORSMAM, Florist,
Telephone I030 Norton, Vn.
A not bei reminder not to forget us whi'ii
ill need id' Klowefs fill SUV oeeasinn
Moats, N ieh ls Sinei Peas, Orchids, far
nations, i hrysauthetiiiiuis anil I'otletl
Plains C?rsago work anil I I,o il Dealern
a Speeiidty. i hit ol town orders filled I
promptly by Parcel Post, Special Dull
hxpreas or Telegraph
Dr. (i. G. Uoncj ci
iUeildil Willis Itulldliig ?VI
Drug Store
Mm ii i
University ol Virginia
Spoclal WRr Courses aro of
Iforotl in addition to I he usual i-oniac*
in the College, (Iradiute, Law, Medical
and Engineering Departments. Teh dol
her* covels all coals to \ Irglula students
in i lie Academic DcpartnieiiUt. Send loi
catalogue. 11.waul Winston, Iteglstrai
Dig Stono Cap, Va.
Wu o ami Buggy wink A specialty
I have an I p-tu-ilute Maehine for putting
on Uiibbcr Tires All work given prompt
Plumbing and Heating
Ooutractugand repair work, odd jobs a
specialty >|, .vacation* flirnlahed free
oti application. Prompt service always.
Work dune in App.ila.hiu. I'en'iilngton
Gap, Jpueavlllo ?ml other nearby towns.
?.nur? ScherMe in FPer.
May Wth, m ,
LEAVE NOKTON, V.\ n ,-,, ? '
2:80 u. in. for Blurneld and,?
termedlate stations. t-'ofinenlo* ?
Itlucfield with Trains Kaat and \v '!
? Pullnmu Slwperi and Dlulu? c.V.k
for Hast Itailfnrtt. Itoauokc I ja/k
t.niK, Petersburg, Richmond X,,
folk mm< llageretowu. I'arlot rlj
; llrullei ? t? Koanoke and Ha,.,''
,ow.m Ii ,iu!,tT' S1"i*' ll?k?f?5oi?|
to Philadelphia, 1
IS lit |>. in. dally for all poiati bttve?
llri.-tol and l.ynobburg Connect!
Watton at 6:20 p! m WiUl ihj , ^
cagu Kxprcsa lor all point, 4l )
5:Ki p. in for Norfulk and ItitemieUltl.
point?, l'iilliuan Slccpi-i,, |? \. ?, . k
l ;ftli p in anil BlSO |l. in lllnihc ? ,
trains w ii Ii pull man uleepura lotYatl
Ingtou, Baltimore; Philadelphia iM
Na? i ork vw Lynehbuni ins,
iiinku local atone.
w. r. Saiinukhs, t;. p \
I'aaei Traf. ,
Legal Bl
For Justice of the
We have the most complete
set ol forms (or use by justice?
nf the Peace <i( any house in
Virginia. ( Hit prices are
75 cents per Hundred
nf an assortment bl blanks
Cash with order which can al?
ways be filled promptly; Al?
ways order by number.
'\ Warrant oi Arrest '
I-' V.illiin-nl loAlmwei Indictment
:l Ci-itillctito ol < uiiimilhiriii foi I rial
tiLt'oihiiiltnieiil until lim-aiuli nlteati
? Commitment for lllipllsonuo-llt, Ac
II Itcciigiiiaaii.ipoii Appeal
7 Warrant Discharging,from .lull, upot
S t'nmplidiit foi Peace Marram.
Ii Peace Warrant.
In Search Wan nil
II WurhiLl in Dein.
1- Winimit .ii Damage*
1.1 Execution
11 ' lahilrihee S in minis
I loll
rl lu?
ll I >, i duel
\\ all .III
AlUduvit for Dlatr
DUtrcHH Warrant
I otliplnlllt for Attachment "?-oii,,
Removing Dubioi.
Attachment Vgalusi lienuivin'i Until
or. with <iarinslu-i' Tioi-i hs
Altlii.'hlltclil Itoiul,
Deed oft onvcyiinei), ?Ith ccfllflealt
I ii-i il ol Trtiat, ?itli rcrtltlcate
I)iiSI of Lease
11..on .-n .,.1 I k-ed
IIcclaratioii in \t."om|-ii.
Declaration in llelit mi It.mi.I
Deolaratloii in In-lit iin I
Declaration lu lieht mi
Noii.i* Motion on Nine,
Power of Attorney.
Notice to take li.-i-.-Mi.Mi
Imlii-tment. Ueheral
liulleiiiioiii, l.lipiur.
lira Noli
Abstract of Judgment 11*1
Wal lallt ill lb tllllic
linhiiahcu Summon* and
Snl>io l-1 for Witnesses
Inutratit and Agreeiiieiit.
Wise Printing Company
?i- iliM-a-cs ol the llyi, Hair, Not*
and throat.
I bo In Appaianhla l-'IKS'l' ElUDAi
hi each iiionlh until il I'. M.
S. S. Masters & Co.
General BlacKsmith,
Repair Work.
Holler and Machine Repairing. H?taa
i in- a specialty. Wagon ami UiiiiiO
irk. We make a s|*-ii!llty 6f putting
riibbertire* All work given prompt
I caraful attention.
131", Stonu Cap, Va.
I f ouls Dltiuliuua of tha
Eye, Ear, Nose and Tbroai,
vV 111 bo In Anpalachia Third
Frlttuy In Each Month.
Civil and Hlnln? Enrlnad.'i
UiK Stono Gap, Vu. Harlan.K i
Iteporta and eaUmataaon t'oal ami I Ist
her I .an.Is, Dcaigu and l'laus of L'oal ?ud
Coko Plauts; I and; Itallroatl ?ml Min
Khglnoerlug, Eleotrto lilu? Printing.
Dr. J. A. Giimer
I'hy^lcien^aail Surgcoa
OKt'IOE -Over Mtitual DrngJUton1
Bif? Stone Gap, Va.

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