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The Big Stone Gap Post.
Causes Cancelling of Draft
Washington, Sept. 2G. ? Ho
ciiuse of tho opidemie of Spun
hIi influenza in army camps,
Provost Marshall ? General
Drowder tonight cancelled calls
for tho entrninmont between
October 7 and 11, of 112,000
draft registrants.
During the day, twenty-four
hours ending at noon today,
6,139 new cases of influenza iu
army camps had been reported
to tho oflico o f tho surgeon
general of the army. One bun
dred and seventy deaths, result
iug chiofly from pneumonia
following influenza and 7'J.') now
oubou of pneumonia also were
Two camps, Kearney, Cali?
fornia, and Kustis, Vn., wore
added today to tho list of thoBc
where influenza has matlo Ub
uppearrnce, leaving only thirt?
een camps free from tho disease.
The total number of cases of
influenza in all camps was
placed at 35,140, with 3,036 cas?
es of pneumonia. One out of
every four men at Camp Dev.
ens, Mass., has constructed in
fluonza, it was announced and
ten per cent of the cases have
developed into pneumonia.
in conceiting the call for the
entrninmont of the draft regis?
trants early next month, Gen?
eral Crowdor acted upon lti
Mtructions from General .March,
chief of staff, Every Suite ami
the District of Columbia had
beun assigned quotas and the
men were to have gone to prac?
tically all of the camps iu the
country. The men probably
will not be entrained until af?
ter the influon/.a epidemic has
been checked.
War Savings
Will Co-operate With Liberty
Bond Campaign.
As regards the Liberty Bond
Campaign, C. tt. Davenport, Ex?
ecutive Secretary of Virginia
NVur Savings Committee, says:
"Their attitude on this is the
vitne ns before, except thai they
ure convinced all must work
harder if the state's quota of
hands, us well us stumps, is rttis
ed in the ulloted time for each.
Active, systematic pledge taking
for War Savings Stamps will bo
suspended out of justice to and
in it spirit of co-operation with
From the Hospitals in France
now filled to overtlowing with wounded soldiers, comes a cry that must find an echo in the heart of every true American.?
aery for linens, and still more linens, to be used for the comfort, and perhaps the saving of the lives of our boys "over
there". Millions of towels, sheets, napkins and handkerchiefs must be had NOW to replenish the supplies that will be
well-nigh exhausted by the flood of bleeding men that must come pouring back into the hospitals from our (laming battle
front ot 350 miles.
All over the country the week beginning Monday, September 30th is "Linen Shower Week," and the plan is to ask
every householder, or other individual, to contribute one article, or set of articles, from his reserve stock. If he has none 1
to spare from this stock, let him buy new ones, the only specification being that they must be of strong, rather than of fine!
texture, and that they conform as closely as possible to these measurements:
Bath towels 19x38 inches. Hand towels 18x30 inches. Handkerchiefs 18x18 inches. Napkins 14x14 inches. Sheets
64x102 inches. The Medical Department of the Army requires that the sheets should conform closely to the following
specifications: Heavy unbleached muslin 64x102 inches finished with a two inch bcni at top and one inch hem at bottom.
Sheets will be accepted which are a little larger than these specifications, and will not be rejected if the hems do not nut
form exactly to them, but in no case can they be accepted when less than 62x100 inches. All articles should be new. or
substantially so, and should be laundered if possible. If, however, the laundering is found inconvenient, dp not hesitate ti>
send your things anyway.
We feel that every woman, every girl, and many men will heartily welcome this opportunity to help alleviate the suf?
fering of our wounded men, and ive know of no way in which you can do it so surely or so directly. Day by day the news
from overseas brings home to us a realization of the truth thai we have nearly two million men lighting bOK US, and out
^f this vast number thousands are going to get butt. The one comfort you can then dfiord them is a clean bed for their
tippled, mangled bodies.
Leav e your sheets, or whatever you care to give, at Goodloe's store, or at the home 61 Mrs. K. E. Taggart sometime
before Saturday morning,. October 5th. Out-of. town people, not in touch with our Red Gross Branches, where linens
will also be collected, will please mail their contributions to Mrs. K. E. Taggart, Big Stone Gap, Va.
the fourth Liberty Loan Cam?
paign and during tho period of
the hand drive, tho work in tho
slate will bo conIInod to the re
ilomption nf pledges already
made, und war savings workers
?all over tho state have beeil
urged to use OVOry effort to make
(lie Liberty Bond Campaign a
success in their counties ami
"Also agencies for the sale of
stamps me urged l" carry heavy
stocks during the period of the
bond drive us it is felt the en?
thusiasm growing out <>f the
drive will cause many persons
net able to buy bonds to want to
help our Government hi its war
Unancing, and for such citizens,
war savings should he kept avail?
able at all times.
"As to the t wo campaigns con?
flicting, 1 repeal that they are as
much in harmony and working to
the same end as the Army and
Navy, or as the brave American
soldiers and iliose of our gallant
Allies. They are both of abso?
lute im portaneu to the winning
of the war, and failure to raise
the state's allotment of both
would he a serious disappoint?
ment to ourselves, as well as to
our soldiers at the front.
"Greater sacrifice and self
donial must ho made by every?
one if the state maintains its
present high standard in war
War Exhibit Train Will Pass
Through Wise County.
Will stop at Coeburii 1:2:1 p. 111. October 8th. At Norton,
2:55 p. in., October 9th . At Big Stone Gup 8 :ilf> a. in., October
This train is u special train sent out in the interest of the
Pourth Liberty Loan in the War Saving Campaign.
Opportunity will be given in each town where the train stops
for studying of the War Trophies and Ordnance.
The train contains a most interesting anil instructive oxhibit
of the instruments of war of all nations.
Good speakers selected by the Government will accompany
the train and will address the people m the different communities.
In case of inclement weather, the tueetiugs will be held on arrival
of trains, in.-soine public hall. The two speakers of national repu?
tation, will make addresses for fifteen or twenty minutes and then
the War Trophies Exhibit will he open to the public, and will be
explained by soldiers back from Prance on furloughs.
The train carries a complete moving picture .outfit, and War
Scones will bo shown at night.
More definite particulars will be Beut out in a day or two.
Everj thing free.
Call uji K. It. Aliover, Vice-Chairman, for particulars relaj
tive to this train. ?
Goes Over the Top in the
Fourth Liberty Loan.
In (lie nil (lay drive on lust Sunday, which closed in the af?
ternoon with tin address by Attorney 0. 0. Burns, of Lebanon, in
the Ainu/.n Theatre, Big Stone Gap wont over the lop in the Fourth
Liberty Loan, having more than subscribed it- quota of $1)7,500.
The total iimount subscribed at the close of the day was ab?til
$-10,000, which speaks well for the etlbrts of tlto workers in tili?
campaign. It is believe I that before the campaign closes mi tic
tober 20th this place will more than double its quota, which is
placed by the government at 15 percent of the resources of the
bank here.
The drive in the other towns in the county is progressing well
niul Wise county will, its heretofore, largely oversubscribe its
quota. Stonegn and Dorchester went over the top in subscribing
their allotment before the campaign started, we understand.
News from all over the country indicate that the Fourth Lib
erty Loan will be the most popular one of tiny yet made ami that
the people are rallying to the aid of the government in such u way
that there can be no question as to where they stand in this great
world war.
Wise county, with a population of 118,000 und banking re?
sources of $3,510,000 is allotted the following amounts through
the various banks of the county:
First National Hank, Appalachiu.$121,loo
Peoples Hank of Appnlnchia . 16,500
First National bank, Norton. 112,SOU
National Hank of Norton. 45,000
Interstate Finance and Trust Co., Big Stone Gap . 117,000
First National Hunk, Ooeburn. 00,800
Miners Hank of Commerce, Ooeburn. SO,200
St. Haul National Hank. 57,SOU
Wise County National Hank, Wise. 28,800
Citizens Hunk, Wise. 10,2(10
work. It has not failed at any
call tlu> Government has made,
ami must not. As long as tho
hoys light in the trenches, and
endure the terrors of war, one of
which is the rigors of winter, we
must stand buck of them, even
though we are caused severe
hardships, until the conflict is
ended and victory is won.''
Bonds Buy Food For Soldiers.
Buy Liberty Bouds.
Suit of A. T. Peterson vs.
J. K. Haynes.
A civil suit that has been
pending in court for some time
was decided here last week by
Judge II. A. VV. Skeen, judge
of tho Circuit Court of Wise
county. The case was that of
A. T. Peterson vs. J. K. Hay
nee ot ul to annul and set aside
deeds to 200 acres of laud in
Scott county, near Ilorton's
Summit that was convoyed by
\V. T. Beterson as attornoy in
fact for A.T. Peterson in 1011.
This suit was the outcome of
criminal proceedings against
A. T. Peterson ami tho court's
decision which was in Iiis favor
will restore to him property
tliat, no doubt, rightfully be?
longs to him. No appeal has as
yet been taken from Judge
Skeen's decision. Mr. Peterson
lives at Morton's Summit in
Scott county and is well known
in this section.
Attorneys Bond and Bruce
and Vicars, of Wise, represent?
ed .Mr. Peterson and (Jolemau it
{Carter and s. H. Bond, of Qate
I City, represented the defend?
Buy Liberty Bonds and Keep
Them. Send the Ammunition
Over. Buy Liberty Bonds.
The Church of Christ.
Preaching on lirst and third
Lord's day mornings ; Second and
fourth evenings. Would be de?
lighted with your presence.
Fkstus N. Wolke, Minister.
Spread by
Careless Folk
Spanish Grippe Largely Due
to Loose Personal Habits
of Thoughtless People.
Kichntond, Vu., Sept. 2(1.?
Superstitious people who eon
aintitly watch for signs ami per
i.'iii- will doubtless regard ii as
a ; ,'nilieant fuel thai Spanish
[grippe alias iulluen/a in alle its
liisi appearance ul t'atnp Lei-on
Friday the thirteenth of Septem
I her.
Let common sense mortals
.kuoW| abuosi without being told
thai tin.- malady is not in the
leusl wise particular a- tu the
Ithito of its coming, ami (hat
I once it gels an impetus, it re
S|.ts neither high nor low, anil
travels with the wings of the
wilitL In plain F.nglish, Spall
Mi inlluen/.a is more than likely
to come your way, or as the late
.lames Whitcomb Wiley might
put it, these Bueezing, coughing
"gobble-tins will git you if you
ilon'I watch out."
So the two important ques?
tions lbt|ay are : What can one
tin to prevent the disease, or
having "got it, what can one do
lo get rid of it? First of all, bo
it remembered that Spanish
grippe is one of those spray
borne diseases whose spread de?
pends largely upon the personal
habits of individuals. Those
who feel themselves in the
clutches of the malady should
therefore consider themselves in
sneezes and coughs"?that is, to
exercise the greatest care in the
use of their handkerchiefs lest
they infect others. And by the
same token, all persons, sick or
well, should at all times abstain
from putting their lingers mi
their mouths?a habit too com?
mon among children and not al?
together unusual among adults.
Take pains too, to avoid crowded
ill ventilated places where many
persons assemble.
If till men were religiously to
observe these simple rules Span?
ish grippe?to say nothing of
several other maladies?would
be put to route and its victim
would number only hundreds in
stead of untold thousands.
Hut humankind, alas, is slow
in schooling itself lev the obser?
vance of even the simplest
measures for the preventure of
disease and so Spanish influenza
'probably will sooii be here,
I there and everywhere. It is
good to know that the malady is
seldom a menace to life. < ?f dis?
comfort, however, it iill'onls a
plenty, i'irsl comes tho sudden
.onset of a severe chill, followed
I by ii headache and pain in the
back and limbs. Acute catarrh
ul conditions pf the throat and
nose appear, also, and (lie foyer
fori? while may go up to I??,
possibly higher.
Those attacked by the disease
should go promptly to bed. got a
doctor ami strictly obey his or?
ders. And above all thing-,
they should conscientiously a\ oid
|mssing the infection toothers.
Ponds Huihl Tanks. It u y
Libur) v Moods.
j 1 he Liberty Loan Arms Dur
The subscribers to < h? I itborty
Loans buve purchased for :ho
War Department over $1,000;
noo.ooo of ordnance ? (51,000,
1)00,000 was Bpent for artillery;
? $3110,000,0110 for automatic ritlos;
{?100,000,006 for sin.ill linns;
I neatly $2,000,000,000 for artill?
ery utnmuuilion ami #3-10,000,'
000 for small arms uinniiiui
Jtion;$100,000,000 was spent for
armored motor cars.'
It is estimaied that $7,000,.
OOO.OOn will be spent by the
Ordnance Department tins cur?
rent year.
livery American wishes to
have a part in winning the war
and supporting our soldiers
who are lighting our battles in
Krance. l-'.very subscriber to
tlie Fourth Libotty Loan will
have u p.111 in the great achieve
inents that the American Army
is accomplishing, and in the
acliuivements which the gn it
er American Army will accom?
plish next spring.
Qeriliuny has lately been the
Land of Promise and France
the Land of Performance.
Information Relating
to the
Amount of Loan. .$0,000,000,000 Minimum
Maturity of Loan . October, 1938
Date of Bond?. Octobor 24, 1018
Rate of Interest . ill Per Cent
(tegular Interest Poriode, April 15th?October 15th
Coupon.$.50 $100 $ 5"0 $1,000 $5,000 $10,000
Amt. 1st Coupon.. . J.01 '2 02 10.10 20.20 lut.oo 201.99
Registered Bonds abovo denominations and $50,000 and $100,000
Initial Payment?with application 10 Per Cent
[Nov. 21, 20%. Dec. 19, -10%. Jan. 10, 20%. Jan. DO, 309?'.
Payment in full will bo permitted either with application or
las to reach Federal Reserve Bank on Ontobor 21.

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