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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, October 02, 1918, Image 4

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Spent Hundreds of Dollars
Uselessly, He Says.
Gained Twenty-six Pounds
and is in Better Shape
Than i n Many
"After 1 hud spent hundreds
of dollurs trying medicines and
treatments without finding any?
thing that would roliove my
trouble, 1 started inking Ton hu-,
and I have gained twenty six
pounds and am now in splendid
"For four long years, I oc
tually didn't see u well day.
1 was nearly always in misery
from pains in my stomach, and
sometimes it seemed like I had
had a hard blow in that region.
The food 1 ate soured and form?
ed gas that would Swell me up
until I would nearly smother. I
couldn't sleep at night and was
just simply in torture all the
"A friend of mine Bot me on
the right road when lie recom?
mended Tnnhic to me. It was
only a few days after 1 began
taking it, until I could eat any
thing 1 wanted without any
trouble, and I started [licking
up. .My pains are absolutely
gone. 1 never have u smother?
ing spell and besides gaining
twenty six pounds 1 am in bet?
ter shape than 1 have been for i
The above statement was
made sometime ago by J. T.
Low, LOOt Ocoeo St.. Chatta?
nooga, Tenn., and is signed and
The genuine Tu nine is sold in
Big Stone Cap by the Mutual
Phuriiiucy, und als.i by the fob
lowing agents in nearby towns:
Old Dominion Drug Co., Ap?
palachia, n n d K. C. Blair,
t llinger.?Adv.
Since the begiuhiug of the
war, we have spent for Army
use $37,000,000 for Hour; $14,
000,000 for sugar; $43,000,000
for bacon; $12,000,000 for beam;;
$0,000,000 for canned tomatoes,
and j:;,eoo.oeo for rice. These
are only some of the large items
in our Army's hill of fare. We
have spent f 120,000,000 for
shoes, over if-iUO,.i.wio for
clothing, winter and summer:
nearly $150,000,000 for blankets.
(lur axes for the Army have
cosi over $0,000,000;our rolling
kitchens $47,000,000 and field
ranges $1,600,000. The Army
is using 2,600,000 shovels cost?
ing $1 a piece. ilur motor
trucks to cany supplies and
ammunition cost }'J 10,000,000,
and for horse.drawn wagons
and carls we have spent ,;i7,
000,000, our 279,000 horses and
132,000 mules have cost us near?
ly $100,000,000; to feed them has
cost over $t.0,000,000 and the
harness for them nearly }>30,
These figures are lar^e, but
wo have nearly 2,000,000 men
in France and nearly as many
in cantonments here, and the
United Slates and lll? people of
the 1'iiilod States through the
Liberty Loan are making these
soldiers as safe and comfortable,
as powerful atid efficient as
Kvery subscriber to the Lib
erty Loan hah helped, and ev.
ery subscriber to tho Fourth
Liberty Loan will help to win
the war.
Radford Nor?
mal Notes
Tho sixth session of tho State
Normal School at Budford open?
ed September 17tli, with the
largest attendance in tho history
of tho institution at the opening
of the regulur sossion. Tho
elldal Wave of VIctoir
Liberty Bonds Create the ticial wave
of Victory in this war,-an early com?
plete, triumphant victory.
If we are to win the war abroad - - if we
hope to submerge the Kaiser--we must
first learn to spend wisely, to abandon
selfishness, and invest every dollar we
possibly can in bonds which provide ma?
terials and equipment, without which the
war cannot be won.
Save and Serve! Go to Your Bank Today and
Buy Liberty Bonds
preparation of the student bod)
is very satisfactory. Tliu s,-n 1
ior Class is largest in tin* hist-l
orv of this Bchool,
Mi-s Myrtle Uurnetle, a g -ad
unto of tho Pratt Institute, jio?
York, and of several years ox
perionce, has beon added to the
Household Arts faculty; The
percentage of sludoiits taking
Household Art? courses the
present Bcssioiis is about the
same that it ban been for the
lust three years. The propor.
tiou of students taking the
Course for the training of high
school teachers is a little larger
than heretofore. A ^reat major
ity of the Senior ('las-, however,
are specializing in the elemen?
tary courses for leaching
in the primary or grammer
grades, A large number of
Seniors will do practice and ob?
servation work in the rural
schools, under the direction nf
the Supervisor Of Kural Kduea
lion. The teacborhgd or teach?
er's home is being equipped in
connection with a OUUroom
school in Pulaski County. In
this school some montbors of
the Senior Class will he associ
tiled with the teacher and live
for a part of the session in the
leachei ago
Miss Bltird has been made
Chairman of the Four Minute
Sings which will he held during
the Liberty Loan Drive. She
will ho assisted by local musi?
cians und student of the Music
Depart men t of t ho Normal
Roth tho Ingles ami Pocnhon- |
tan Literary Societies hohl at 1
tractive seas ions and informal!
receptions on Saturday P. M.
to welcome the new students. ?
Roth programs wore greatly en?
joyed and many new girls be
came atliliated with these or?
Miss ICIoixo Harrison has been
made Normal School Chairman
far the coining Liberty l. inn
Work Must Win or Lose for
Before a meeting of mine
workers and operators at Un
iontown, l'a , Friday afternoon,
September 20< cailod by J times
It. Nealo, Director of Produc?
tion, 1'. S. Kind Administration,
P. H. Noyes, Director of Con?
servation, spoke as follows:
"I passed a soldier in the
si reel tin'other day. A friend
I whoni was with mo said "That
j fellow has just come over from
France. Ihr has been four
months in the front line trench?
es." 1 turned around to look
at him. That soldier v.oe- of
? tremendous interest to mo, lie
from Q on oral Pershing's pile.
If you lay oil* one da> a week
next March, you must figure
that your pleasure has cost
General Pershing at least 600
shells mill it is safe for you loj
figure thill the loss of those 600
shells will he at least one voting!
man dead who might have
come hack to your family or to
your friend's family after the
" That is why 1 told you 1 felt
the same thrill in looking into
the faces of a hunch of 'minors
like yon, that 1 would in meet
ing a bunch of soldiers from
the front line trenches,"
The 0, ?S: 1'. Telephone Com?
pany, which has heretofore been
giving the coriect time over the
telephone to any one who eared
to call for it, now announces
that it in obliged to stop this
praet ice.
When times were normal, ac?
cording to Local Manager, J. .1.
Brua, the company was glad to
furnish a oortain amount of in?
formation service of this kind,
including calls for the location
! Ii res, football and baseball
scores, and the time of the day.
But now that the lines are every?
where congested with Govern?
ment calls and war business, In?
states that it has been found
neeessary to relieve the opera?
tors of this burden.
The now ruling wont to effect
Sunday, Soptembor 22.
Your Money Should Not Be
NeutmhF.nlis't it In Tl?? Fourth
Just now it requires about
1,500,00 pounds of fresh beef a
day to feed the American Army
in France, besides proportion
ate quantities of other meats,
canned goods,potatoes, veg< ta?
bles, bread, coffee and other1
foodstuffs, nil laid down in
France and all ready at the dot;
And Uncle .Sam is managing
it all.
VIKOINVA:?In Iho Clerk'? (Mice ol
tin- Circuit Cou.t of the county of Wise
tin- liltli day of Sop'omlvr mis.
Corns. M Kelly, t'lalntlff
v?, Interpleader
A .I. Sullivan, Defendant
? The uhjcot of the foregoing suit is to
recover the goods and chattels levied upon
Ihy K. T. ?' ,wr, ixm?i?u.c,ou .1 utau?
I warrant Im .od l>y a Juatlceof the Peace
at die au i of A. J. Sullivan vs. \V. (i
Kclley. vnd it appearing from affidavit
on tile In said office that the defendant,
A. i. Sullivan, is not u rotldent of tin
stale of Virginia; it is ordered that he
appear herd within 18 day-sutler duo pub?
lication of t hia order and do what isn eoca;
nary to protect his interest In this suit.
And it is further ordered that a copy
hereof ho published once a week for four
Mtcccsitive weeks in the l?g Stone tlap
I'OSt, and that n copy be iHitled at the
front door of Ute e?urt house of this
county, IO-. proscribed by law.
Tn8 Woman's Tonic
I began Cnrdiil. In
a ?hurt while I saw a
marked difference...
I grow ntronEer right
along, nnd It cured mo.
I nm stouter than 1
hnvo been In yenra."
If you Buffer, you can
appmclato what It
means to ba nlrong and
veil. Thousand!) or wo
men glvo Cardul tho
credit for their good
health. It should help
you. Try Cardul. At all
drugsrista. E-73
Ref ractionist.
I Treat? diseases ol the Eye, Ear, N?st
and Throat.
Wilt bo In Appalaclila PIKST FIUDAli
in each month until it I'. M.
TroatH n I . of tho
[Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat,
vViu oo In Anp?lnchia rhtrrj
Friday in Each Month.
Civil and Mining Engineers
Bin Stono Cap, Va. Harlan,Ky
loporta and estimates mi Coal nnd I Ith?
Ijknds, Design and Plans of Coal ?mi
ko Hants, I..mil. Itallroad and Mine
j Engineering, Klectrio llluo Printing.
Dr. J. A. Gijmcr
Physician and Siir^oim
OKPIOK <>ver Mutual Drugstore
Bitf Stone Gap. Va.
Dr. (i. C. Honcycutl
Ofnoo iu Willis liullding over Mntwi.
Drug .Store.
Blp; Stono (jap, Vn
IVa o aud Muggy work A Spcclillj
lmve an IJi?-td-dn,to Machine for putting
I on Itubber Tires. All work given prompt
?namixas.su. SChedlilQ in FffuCI
May liuli, 11118
LKAVK KORTON, VA. 6:?a. hi.anJ
3:80 n, in, for ?lucneld und in?
termediate stations. Counci lion at
lllitcficld with Trains K?st and \ttu
? l'iillinun Slcopor? and Dinlhpj Car?,
LEAVE BRISTOL,VA. Daily. ll.fiO a m
f?r Kast Radford, itoanoke, Lynch
burg, Petersburg, Richmond, Nor?
folk an?' llagerstown. I'arlnr Cat
(llroilor) to Itoanoke and Hager*;
town. Pullman Sleeper llagerstowu
to Philadelphia.;
13.01 p'. in. dally for all points betwesc
Bristol and l.ynchbnrg. Connect*
Wal ton al 0:20 pi m, with the Chi?
cago Express for all points weit and
north weat,
6:16 p, hi. for Norfolk and Intermediate
poliita, Pullman Sleepers to N'orfolk
1:06 p. in, and 8:80 p. m. (limited.) Solid
trains willi pullmaii sleepeis to N
Ington, Daltlmoro, Philadelphia ';
New York via Lyncbburg, Docsno'
make loc?l Klops.
\Y, ('. Sm-sdkiis, G. I'. A.
\V. II. llKVIl.b,
Pail. Traf. Mgl.,
itoanoke. Vs
J.E.HORSMAN, Florist,
Tolo[)liono 1030 Norton, Va.
Another reminder not to forget IM when
in need of flowers for anv occasion,
Hoses, Violate, BweOt Peas, Orchids, < ir
nations, Chrysairthcmuuu and Potted
Plants. Corsage work and Kloral Design?
a S|H.'i.-inlly. (Jut of town ordeis Oiled
promptly by Parcel Poet, Special 1'do?
ry, Express or Telegraph
S. S. Masters & . Co.
General BlacKsmith
Repair Work.
Heiler and Machine Repairing, Horse?
shoeing a specialty. Wagon and llnggy
Work. Wo make a specialty of putting
on rubber tires All work given prompt
and careful attention.
Big Stono Gap, Va.

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