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The Big Stone Gap Post.
Germany Accepts Terms
of Peace Made by Wilson
Full Text of the German Communication in Reply to Presi?
dent Wilson's Inquiry.
??In reply t<> the questions of the President of the United
SI Lee "f America the Gorman government hereby declares, the
German government has accepted the terms laid down by Presi?
dent Wilson in his address of January eighth and in his subsc
uiiunt addresses on tlie foundation of n permanent peace of justice,
i equontly its'object in entering into discussions would only be
to agree upon practical details of the application of these terms.
!:, Ciorman government believes that tho governments >>f the
novrers associated with the g?vernincnl of the Pnited States also
take the position taken by President Wilson in Iiis address. The
lierinnn government in accordance with Austro-liungarian gov?
ernment for the purpose of bringing about an armistice, declares
itself ready to comply with the propositions of the President in
rogard to the evacuation. The (ierinan government suggests I hut
tin- President may occasion the meeting of a mixed commission
for making the necessary arrangements concerning the evacuation.
Tin1 present Gerninn government, which has undertaken the re?
sponsibility for this step toward peace, has been formed by con?
ferences and in agreement with the great majority of the lioich
stttg. The chancellor, supported in all his actions by the will of
this majority, speaks in tho name of tho Gentian government and
of the German people.?Berlin, October P_', 1018. (Signed)
SOl.P, Stab- Secretary Foreign Ollice."
and Austria
Both Represented in New
Reply to President
(lly tho Associated Press. |
Germany tloclnrcs itself ready
tu comply with the propositions
of the President <>f the Uiiilcrl
States with res pec I to the evac?
uation of occupied territories
and in this associates itself with
Ilr. W. S. Solf, the newly ap?
pointed foreign secretary, in re?
plying to President Wilson's re?
cent note accepts the terms laid
down by President Wilson in his
recent addresses "on the founda?
tion of a permanent peace of
justice.'' Future discussions,
the reply asserts, would be for
the purpose of agreeing lipon
the application of these terms.
The present Uoriuan govern?
ment, it is further announced,
assumes the responsibility for
this stop towards peace and has
the support uf the great majori?
ty of the Peichstag. The Im?
perial Chancellor, declares the
note, speaks in the namo of the
Herman government and of the
1 iertnaii people.
The President of the Pnited
Stales, it is suggested, may oc?
casion the meeting of a mixed
commission to make arrange?
ments for the evacuations.
Allies Are
in Accord
Opposed to Any Armistice
Without Every Guarantee
and President's Answer to
Be Speedy and Positive.
London, Oct. I I.? While cer
tain developments are taking
place, the Central News Agency
>ays it learns, it can be said that
tho British government will rcs
ohltely oppose the granting of
an armistice tu Germany unless
absolute guarantees, both mili?
tary and naval, are forth com?
Washington, Del. 11.?The
official text of Germany's reply
to President Wilson reached the
Swiss legation here this morning,
and the .swiss Charge, Frederick
Ocdorlin, delivered it to the
state Department without ??? ?tu
metit. Uolonel House was in
Secretary Lansing's ofljcc at t!n>
In tin- meantime President
Wilson hail called Secretaries
Lansing, Baker and Daniels l<>
the White House for a confer?
A few minutes later the liotc
was in Hie hands of the Presi?
dent. A State Department iries
seliger took it tn the \Vhito
House us soon ?s Secretary Lan?
sing had read the document and
found it did nut dill'cr from the
wireless version.
It developed that Counselor
I'olk, of tho State Department,
was at the British embassy in
consultation with Uolvillo Bar?
clay, counselor and charge in
the absence of Lord Beading,
and other officials of the em?
Counselor folk's visit was
The Red Cross is making an urgent ap?
peal for nurses. Any woman who can help
in the epidemic will please ring up 'phone
2 20 or 62.
considered to be significantly
connocted with the word from
London that the British govern?
ment is inclined lo oppose the
granting of an armistice until
complete guarantees of both a
military and naval nature comes
from (Sormauy.
This development, reported in
Associated Press dispatches from
London, probably lias sonn- rela?
tion to the announcement Satur?
day that Great Britain, Franco
and Italy were agreeing upon a
common line of action.
The President and Mr. Lansing
had been considering the Her
man communication since Satur?
day night, when the unofficial
text reached thciti.
Washington, (?ct. U. ? ProsL
dent Wilson has answered Ger?
many's peace proposal with a
decision which not only fulfills
the expectations of supporters
of his diplomacy but also dis
pels the fears of those who pre?
dicted In; would substitute vie
torios. at arms with defeats at
No peace with Kaiscristn I
Autocracy must go; no armistice
can oven ho though) of while
1 Germany continues her atroci?
ties on laud and sea ; one cannot
he considered unless it is fully
dictated by the allied t'OUHUUnd
ers in tint Held in such terms as
absolutely provide safeguards
and guarantees that Germany's
part will not bo a scrap of paper.
This in a few words is the
President's answer.
If il does not bring a capitu?
lation which may bo more than
unconditional surrender allied
diplomats and American officials;
believe it may cause a revolu?
tion in Germany.
Boyond question it speaks for
Peace Terms Laid
Down by President
The fourteen concrete peace proposals laid down by Pres!
dent Wilson on January ti, \:>\--, began with the declaration that
the days of private interest understanding)] are gone and thai
covenants of peace must be reached in the open. Briefly sum
inuri/.ed, the other points were:
Absolute freedom of the seas in peace or war except as they
may be closed by international action.
Removal of economic barriers among nations associating
themselves to maintain peace.
Guarantees of the reduction of armaments to the lowest
j point consistent with domestic safety.
Impartial adjustment of colonial claims, based upon tho
principle that the peoples concerned have equal rights with the
Evacuation of nil Russian territory and opportunity for Rus?
sia's political development.
Evacuation of Belgium.
Evacuation of French territory and righting of the Alsace.
Lorraine wrong.
Readjustment of Italy's frontiers along recognized lines of
Free opportunity for autonomous development of the peoples
of Austria-Hungary.
Evacuation of Rumania, Serbia and Montenegro and guar?
antees for all the Balkan States.
Sovereignty for Turkey's portion of the Ottoman empire and
autonomy for other nationalities.
An independent Poland with access to the sea.
A general association of nations for mutual guarantees of
independence and territorial integrity to large and small states
The four terms mentioned in President Wilson's speech of
February It are hh follows:
First?That each purl of the iinal settlement must be based
Upon the essential justice of that particular case and upon such
adjustments as art; most likely to bring u peace that will bo per-;
Second?That tho peoples and provinces are not It) bo bar?
tered about from sovereignty to sovereignty as if they were
mere chattels and pawns in a game, even the great game, now
forever discredited, of the balance of power; but that
Third?Every territorial settlement involved in this wnr
mtiBj, be made in the intnrest and for tho benefit of the popula?
tions concerned, an(l not as a part of any mere adjustment or
compromise of cluims amongst rival states; and
Fourth?That all well defined national aspirations shall be
accorded tho utmost satisfaction that can be accorded them
without introducing new or perpetuating old elements of discord
and antagonism that would be likely in time to break tho peace
of Europe and consequently the world.
the Entente Allies as well as the
United States.
The dispatch ot tho President's
reply was followed by tho issue
of tlii* format statement iii the
White House by Secretary Tu?
multy :
"Tb<- government will con?
tinue to send over 2011,000 then j
w ith their supplies every month
and there will he no relaxation
of any kind.*'
in Retreat
British and Americans Pour?
ing Through Breach Be?
tween St. Qucntin
and Cambria.
Pari?, Oct. ll.-?A quarter ofl
a million Hermans now are in
full retreat bi 'tween Oninbrla
cud St. (Junnlin, with the allies
hot at their heels, according to
the hattlefrout reports that
came in through the night, At
some points the advance hits
exceeded fifteen miles in the
last two days.
Thin forward movement of
tho allies is regarded as the
lirst step in tin' e;reat H''1"'1"1'
retreat of the Germans which
now seems inevitable, for it if
doubtful whether (jdnorui Lu
dendorff has such fortified posi?
tions on the upper Oisii, and:
Sutnbre canal as to permit him'
effectively to resist tho exploit?
ation of the victory of tho last
two days on the allied side.
The success in the Cambria
St. Quentili section of the front
was in a largo measure math
possible by t h e splendid
achievements of Oonernl (ion
rand's men and tho Americans
from Itheims to the Metisn. Ho
cause a break in that part oi
the front would have much
worse consequences for tin
enemy than anywhere eist?, the
Germane concentrated most 61
their reserves there. Generali
Gouruud hot only succeeded in
holding them then' -in itself a
valuable Borvico?but notwith
standing the tliflicult country
and tin? powerful artificial do
fcuscs, bo has made, anil is
continuing lo make, wonderful
progress, thus enhancing the
victory farther west.
Yesterday General Gouraud's
forces advanced still farther to?
ward tho important junction of
Vouziors, while the Americans
ifiishod forward and joined tho
Kreuch south of Grandpre, thus
Completing the conquest of the
Argonne forest.
The result of Marshal Foclr's
skillful strategy is that tho re?
gion of I,aim and the St. Go
bath massif has become so
dangerous that the evacuation
of this vast and important pock?
et in the near future seems im
In order to conserve paper
the government has limited the
usual fall output of novels
Wo shall not object; Every
one who reads tho news from
uboard realizes that nowadays
truth is far more interesting
than fiction.
One person in six throughout
the nation subscribed for the
Third Liberty Loan. Let us
make it one in live for tho
j Fourth Loan.
Preparing to Combat
With Influenza Epidemic
On Sunday morning there was a joint mooting of members of
the Town Council and citizens of the town, with .Mayor llorslcy
acting as chairman, the purpose of which was to discuss the con?
ditions existing ami expected todovolopna a result of the epidem?
ic ?f Spanish inlluenza. According to Dr. Barn tiger, special
health officer sont here to review the situation, we are due to
have approximately 1700 cases of tho disease in this immediate
locality, so it at once becomes apparent to every thinking person
that drastic steps must be taken to prevent a further spread of the
malady and an overwhelming mortality among those already sick.
A Central Committee, composed of Mayor llorsley, Mr. Bliss
and Mr. K. It. Atsover, was formed in which wus vested, by vote
of the Town Council and Board of Health, almost unlimited au?
thority in the matter of handling this most threatening situation.
Special officers will be employed to enforce the ordinance always
in existence itgaitisl spitting on the sidewalks, and to prevent the
forming of crowd- on the streets; in the drug stores, postoOicc, or
at any other point within the town limits.
Under this Central Committee will be working the entire
personnel of the Bed <'ro*s, 11s*> Associated Charities and (he
Community League. The Bed Cross w ill have charge of all pub
lie nursing, with Mis- Minnie l'o\, as Chairman of the committee.
This committee will advise the Home Service Department of the
Bed 1 I'Oss of the dillerenl needs of each case that comes under its
care, and this depaitlueilt will confer with Mrs. K. I!. AlsoVer,
acting for the A- ncialcd Charities, when clothing and drugs are
needed, and w ith Mis. K. K. Taggnrt, representing the Commun?
ity I - ague, when any destitute ease or family is in need of food.
Il will perhaps be well to adviso the members of the Com?
munity League now of the part they will be expected to p|a\ in
tbi- work. The Ifood Committee, consisting of Mrs. Taggart,
Mrs. Irvine and Mr-. Howard will from lime to time, ns the neces?
sity arises, call on the various member- to help make ami distri?
bute broth ami other foods for the sick, and if the epidemic as
stiinev ti,,. proportion* expected of it; an emergency kitchen will
be established in the Domestic Science room of the school build?
ing w here any girl or woman will be given an opportunity to show
jiisl how tar her patriotism extends.
Tlie thr.lectors have promised to report all cases of milli?
on/..i to the llotiie Service Department, where a record will be
kept of every case, the best source of supply of nurse:) being
among those who have recovered from the disease and thereby ob?
tain- d immunity for a period of from two to four months.
To all tho-e, both men and women, who have SO longed for
tie- j 1 uiior ami glory ol service in l-'ranco, let us say that the ..p.
port unity has bebjh brought home to you to show jusl how truly
you .1 -ire to sacrifice Yourself on tie- altar of your country, and
tbi you can do |iy lopping into the places ,,f the nurses who have
guile three thousand mile-- from home to serve America on the
hill 11 -tii-hls of l-'ranee. Let every woman who can volunteer for
publ i- nursing in the .-ri-i- that is surely coining, und prove her?
self worthy of tie- ? renter sacrifices or those noble ones abroad, to
whom our danger would hardly seem a grievance.
Volunteers' will be welcomed at the Home Service Depart?
ment , 'phone 220.
Buy More
Washington, (let. 10.?Secro
t ir\ McAcl?? today appealed to
oveiy cilizoii tu double Iiis lontt
Bulircriptian to match tho
tichiovehihnlH of tho alliod arm
ins in Frnlice
"The brilliant victories of our
British, American ami French
forces yesterday^" said the Sec?
retary, should impel overv pa
trio'ic Amoriean iinmudintely
to double his subscription to
Liberty Bonds.
?' That is way to put tho
Fourth Liberty Loan over quick?
ly, and that is best way to
strengthen the lighting power
of these brave men who are
moving with such irresistible
ilu?h and success against the
Huns. Let everyone double
his subscription today, and let
everyone who has not subscrib?
ed make his subscription today.
Don't put it otT. Let our boys
and our comrades in the battle
lino know that we are lighting
with the same enthusiasm ami
determination here as they are
over ttiere, and more than all,
we appreciate, as well as glory
in, what they me doing, not by
words, but by deeds."
I Secretary Baker is in Franco
studying; the aircraft question,
He will uudoubtly lind that it
presents an excellent (leid fur
Looking hack at French fields
the Germans see a flaming
swords at the gate of their lost
Paradise They will uovor en?
ter again.
The Fourth Liberty Loan.
Tho campaign for tho Fourth
Liberty Loan begun Sept mhor
28th ami closes Octobur ruh.
I'hi' amount is fur six billion
dollars, nod the American
people, therofore, are called
upon to raise a larger sum of
money in it shorter length of
time than over before, There
is need, therofore, for prompt
notion--prompt und ollicient
vvorl; und prompt und liberal
We have a groat inspiration
for a great effort. Tito now/a
front tlii) battle front inspires
every American heart, ii'pt o ly
with priili- and patriotism but
with a great incentive to do his
or her part. Thero is ho Shirk?
ing, no shifting of the individu?
al burden, tin sclfiishhoss by
American soldiers in France;
there should be none hore. Wo
are both supporting tho same
country and the same cause?
our Army in one way, oursel?
ves in another. Theirs is the
harder part but at lent we can
do our part iih promptly and
loyally and efficiently as tboy
do theirs.
Hack tho Fighting Men with
The Fighting Loan.
A salient? When the Yanks
have been in France a little
longer ??there won't bo no such
The news from aboard is cer?
tainly encouraging, Hut it is
not yet quite time to beat tho
sheilds into plowshares and
swords into pruning hooks.
Men who usually rend novels
have been rending quest ionurio
instead. It is almost us long as
a book and of enthralling in?

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