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WEDNESDAY, OCT. 16, 1018
rnblmhcd Ever/ Wednesday bjr Iho
Unu Yoar. - SI.DO
Six Munthl, - .GO
Tnreo Months. - .26
Kntortxl according to postal regulations
?I tbo po?t-oflicii at IIIr Stone Gap as sec?
ond-class rustler.
SUBSCRIBKKS uro earnestly ro
quested to observe tbo dato
printed on their nddrosB slips,
which will keep them at all
limes posted as to the date
of tbo expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt and timely
attention to this roquost will
save all parties a great deal of
Spread of Influenza.
Sii far iiB the statu at large
is concerned, the situation grow?
ing out of the .-plead of Spanish
iiilluonxn is far from encourag?
ing and in some sot-tiolis eondi
tiuiis are truly distressing. Up
to Sunday, a total of (10,000 '?us?
es hud boon reported to the
State Hoard of Health while it
was estimated the total in the
entire commonwealth.11 < 1 hard?
ly be less than 200,000.
Im.No section is being spared and
the disease within the last day
or so has made its appearance in
sections which seemingly had es?
caped it.
In Big Stone Gap, while the
disease has not become epidemic
there are quite a number of cas?
es and there has been two or
three deaths. Inn the local au?
thorities are doing all in then
power to check the spread of the
disease, and if our people will
use common s,-n>(. and avoid
contact with each lit her as much
ns possible and take good care of
themselves we may be spared
the fate of many other commun?
ities in this section; The dis?
ease is very hud throughout Loo
County and dozens of people
have died from the effects of it
within thejuist ten day-.
At St. Charles and that section
the spread of the disease has be?
come so great and the condition
of the people so serious that the
State Health Board lias sell! as?
sistance there to help combat
with it. Some of the mines in
that section have boon forced to
close because there were not en?
ough well men to operate them.
At Cocburii the disease is very
bad and on Monday it wits re?
ported lure that the chinches in
the town had beeil turned into
There docs not seem to be any
part of the entire country that
is Spared that dreadful malady.
A Daily Duly.
Each day every American
soldier in France is confronted
by a great duty. Cur Army
there has a groat task to per
form for our country, for the
world, for civilization, and for
humanity. I lur soldiers are do?
ing their duty with a courage
and fidelity and efticioncy that
thrills every heart.
Each day every- American
citizen at home is contorted by
a great duty, n duty as impera?
tive upon bin-, or her an the duty
of our soldiers is upon him or
her ns the duty of our soldiers
is upon them. The American
people have tt great tusk to por
form. It is to support to the
limit of their ability our Army,
our Navy, our country at war.
To work with increased ener?
gy and efTicieaoy so that our
national production may he in?
creased; t-i economize in con?
sumption so that more mater?
ial and labor and transporta?
tion may be left freo foi the
uses of th" Governmoot; and
with the resultant 'savings to
support the Govermcnf tin-n
daily is the daily duty of every
American. It is a duty that
will bo met by every American
whoso heart is with our Soldiers
in Kruuce, who tflorieH in their
courtige und fighting ability
and their success.
National Banks and the Lib?
erty Bonds.
Tho Comptroller of tho Cur?
renoy lins mnilo an interesting
statement of thonutionu'. unnks
played in the three Liberty
He reports that $6,000 >00,
0U0, a little more than bull' of
the nggregutc of the loam-,
pussod through national ixtnk
channels. By far tho greater
part of this was absorbed by
individual subscribers On
June 'Jii only about ft 0,000,000
of Liberty bonds, constituting
less than :i per c at. id their as?
sets, were hell by national
banks. At tin - into time the
national bunk loans on Liberty
Bonds were only $?467,000,000,
or 2 I - per cent i f their assets.
These figures ar< taken by
the Treasury Department to in?
dicate tli t Liberty Bonds have
been taken largely by individ
ual investots ami are heilig
held by them
The Comptroller of the t'ui
reticy has no jurisdiction over
and make no reference t'> the
banks of tlio country other
than the no.i 'I bauks, but ii
is believed Ilia I an iuveslign
libh would slipw that most of
the other banks were equally
active in the loans.
Secretary Mo?dooj in speak?
ing of the w>rk of the banksj
for the various leans, made no
distinction between national
anil oilier banks in praising
their ?flici- til assistance and
cooperation, and he has ex?
pressed the hope and belief
that in the coming loan they
will coirmne the policy which
bus been of mich tremendous
service lo the treasury und the
It is well here, however, lo
quote further from Secretary
McAdoo's statement regarding
the banks.
"The loan must have the sup |
port of the people tit America. |
The support of the bank ?. grout
ns their support i-, ami wel?
come as it is, and splendid as it
bus been, is not enough alone to
carry the burden. ' ' ' The
only (rue win to finance ibis
war is to sell the Liberty Bonds
to the pi opie of the United
States. The more people who
buy $60 bonds, $100 bonds, $500
bonds, the better il is foi
America and I he more discour?
aging it is for our enemies.1'
Honor Pennant
I'd All Liberty Loan Chairmen:
The Honor Pennant, triuugu
lar in shape, bearing four blue
burs, will be furnished to all in
dustrial plants, groups, church
es, clubs, or other such organi?
zations, to avoid confusion with
the Honor Flag, which is fur?
nished only to communities,
When 75 |n r cent, of the enu
ployces or members of any in?
dustrial plant, store, church,
club or other organization, hav?
ing 'JO or more etnpl iyees or
members shall have subscribed
to this loan, it will have the
riejbt to purchase at the cosl of
$2 u regulation Honor Pennant.
Percentage numbers rending
"76," "80", ' 85," '".hi," "1)5,"'
"loo" per cent, will be furnish
jed to be sewed in the upper
white stripe of the pennant in?
dicating that such percentage
of employees or members uro
As the percentage number is
to be sowed on both sides of the
pennant it will be difficult to
change same und replace it with
a new number. Therefore the
Cardboard Honor Kmblem, ob?
tainable from Liberty Loan
chairmen, on which the num?
ber can be changed with ease,
is to be used in place of the pen
mint until the final percentage
of subscribers has been definite?
ly determined, tif course when
100 per cent, have subscribed
application for the pennant
should be made at once. Stick
'erH reading, 75, 85 per cent.,
[etc., will be furnished for the
cardboard emblems, ponding
jdelivery of the pennant. If you
are delayed in receiving slick?
ers print plain black and white
strips in suitable sizes nil p
coinages for temporary use un?
til stickers arriv--.
j It is intended that but one
Honor Pennant shall he ?Iis
playi 1 by any plant, store, etc.
If, however, suck plant or ?toi?*
lins branches or different hnihi
?nit's so physically separated
'.lint one poiyjiint would not be
representntivT of the plant as a
whole, then additional pen
mints may bo purchaRed and
displayed by each branch or
building where there are twen
ty or more employees, 7.1 per
cent. <'f whom are subscribers.
Departments or floors of the
411lite building shall use t he card
Uourd Honor Emblem in place
oflhe pennant.
The Honor Peiinunl should be
applied for by the committee in
charge of 111? ? particular Indus
try, plants, bunks, stores, clubs,
organizations, etc.. to tbo local
Liberty Loan chairman, on
forms provided for the purpose,
sinnier to those used in the case
of the Honor Flag; and the lo
eal chairman shall forward tbo
application, with ins approval,
direct to the state chairman,
who will furnish the pennant.
The post of the Honor Pen
limit is $2, which in all cases
must i.e paid by the winner,
and the amount should he for?
warded with application in
each case.
Honor Fi.Ati Bukk?u,
Fodi f 11 Kes< rye Hank
of Uichmond,
Rae . rd Nor?
mal Notes
'I ii-' Appalachian School Im
pr.'i i iie nt Foundation, with
headquarters ai the Normal
School at K.idfo.d, has secured
tin' services of a large number
of lecturers, speakers and en?
tertainers for the service of the
pilblic for the coming year.
These services are furnished
tree to any school or communi?
ty desiring tlietii, oil condition
that the school or community
pit) the actuitl traveling expen?
ses of i he lecturi r.
These speakers, lecturers and i
entertainers include many of
the iiloaI prominent men und l
women of the state. The mim-1
her and Variety of lectures and
e'ltertaimnetiis of To red aro so
gri jil ; hat I he Appalachian
School Improvement Found a
lion cm meet ihn needs of any
school or community for all
kinds of occasions. The Hoard
of Trustees "i the Appalachian
School Improvement Founda?
tion includes a number of tbo
most prominent men in Virgin?
ia The :.rotary of the fotin
tlati' ii is Prof, W. F.. Hilbert,
East Undford, Vn , who will bo
ghtil lo give any school or com?
munity information as to the
speakers, lecturers or entertain?
ers thai are available.
Several members of the Nor?
mal School faculty will he avail
aide lor extension work of vit
rioitS kinds the present session. ;
A series 'if bulletins helpful t?'l
teachers, superintendents and
trustees will he published dur?
ing the session for free distribu?
tion throughput the state. This
institution feels that ii should
aid not only the students study
lug in the institution, but teach
crs actually in tbo the touching
service and the public who are
interested i n keeping the
strongest and best schools pos?
sible in all parts of tbo state.
Red Cross
Washington, i>. 0., Oct. 10.?
Fairly mi i|its slimmer Secretary
linker announced that there
were \.:: ? . nj troops in Europe*
Immediately a Gorman war of
llcial prochiiined to the Gor
mau people that this statement
ji Mr. Bilker's was not true,
because it could not tic true. He
said we didn't have an tinny of
that size, and that if wo had it
would have been impossible for
Us to have sent Hie men lo Eu?
rope because of 'our lack of
ships, and that even bad we
bouts enough io carry them,
the German submarines would
httvn sent them lo the bot?
tom before I h e y reached
th.-ir ports of destination. He
concluded this remarkable
house that .lack-built with the
assurance that German soldiers
n'ould never have anything to
fear from American soldiers.
i?ur enemy looked on with
sneers and jeers und contempt,
followed by fear and panic,
while Democracy built nh army.
Our Allies watched with hope
and Willi doubl, while u dem?
ocracy tinned lls citizens into
soldiers ami sein the finished
product to the halllefrouts of
Yon will remember the 5th of
June a year ego, when between
dawn nii<l Jurte ton million men
?lo lie exact !),680,508 men?,
beiweiiil the ages of twenty one
um! thirty.one, wero onrolleil
for military service, how within
forty-eight hours practically all
registration returns were as?
sembled by telagruph at Wash?
Tho same process was repeat
ed last June, and ugnin in All
gust, when something liko S50,
000 men, the new twenty one
odds, were enrolled; and now
the fourth registration which
Congress has just authorized
includes 13,000,000 more, up to
forty-five years of ago ami
down to eighteen. That will
leave in the country only about
live million able-bodied men;
the rest will ho hoys and gray
At first glance the biggest
thing about the draft appears to
be its size, btil grout as that is.
the numbers are hardly as re?
markable and us significant as
the fact thai the people raised
their own army. Kvcry town,
city and county nominated its
best men, und they were put in
charge. No mighty federal
war machine composed of army
ollicers was sent from Washing?
ton and intruded everywhere
into the framework of local
At the capital Provost Mar
sbal-Qeneral Oruwdnr with it
force of forty ollicers perfected
the plans ami directed the work
assisted by live hundred clerks,
mostly women. The selective
draft was put into effect by
thirty thousand civilian ollicers
und was administered by home
town people, friends and neigh?
bors, it was the finest demon
struiion ever made of local self
As to the cost, it is lo be not?
ed tluii the bill for the draft is
far less per man than for volun
tecring. In 1914 it cost $2-1 IS
for recruiting u mini into the
volunteer system; tu lOlfl it was
$10 II, and for I be nine months
just before we went lo war it
was $28.116. During the first
year of tho war down to the
seventh of April, 1018, official
report.! show that the cost for
registering each man was 5t
cents. The cost for euch ill- a
called was ?1 09, and the cost
for each man accepted for ser
vice dame lo ??I.93.
The appropriations for tins
Provost Marshal General's of?
fice were $10,134,003, ami the
expenditures were$13,064,034 11
anil included among its largest
items the salaries of local and
district draft boards $4,210,000;
salaries of clerical assistants m
district and local boards {!3,fl00,
.and $2,648,413 was spent for
printing und other-expenses.
Our Army is, every Ameri?
can believes, the finest body
of bum.in beings the sun ever
shown on. Ii is lit to light that
the world may be made safe for
democracy, and it is built strict?
ly on the lines of democracy,
i'he millionaire mid the hum?
blest laborer inarch side by side.
Ollicers are drawn from every
1 walk of life. No man is exempt
ed because be is rich. None
are drafted because they nie
poor. Men ore measured by
their willingness or their capa?
city. Past, or caste, or creeds
are not taken into account.
Thus the selective draft has
become a tiadge of honorable
Sincerely yours,
Reported To Be Alter More
Harlan Coal Lands.
I'he United States Coal iSr
Coke Company; subsidiary of
the U. 8.Steel,which is m iking
a mammoth development at
Lynch, Ky., is said to be seek
nig control of the holdings of
T. J. Ashor, of many thousands
tcros in Harlan County, Py.
There are at present many im?
portant operations on Judge
Ashor'8 land, which tin- Steel
Corporation would doubtless
enlarge, and open lip others.?
Appalachian Trad-.- Journal.
Moonshine Sells At $20 For
A Gallon.
Freehng, Vai., Oct. 7.?1c is
an "open secret" that whiskey
bus soared in price, us weil us
otliorcotnmodilios, Despite tin
prohibition laws now in effect,
it appears that it is possible for
tippler to Hue ti re a drink?or
ev en sev eral of I belli,- prov ided .
however, that be lias a fal
pocket book. it is said that
moonshine brand is current ut
$20 a gallon.
As'TotsRTTK Pi nk,
Don't think you are getting REAL job print?
ing just because you arc having your v drk
clone ;it a "printing oflice." Investigate and
learn for yourself that there is .1 vast difference
between real job printing and "just printing."
We are prepared to do
Not only because we have the equipment, but
because we possess the "know how." Our
long experience ami knowledge in the printing
business enables 11s to b?ndle job printing on
a saving basis. We will share this saving
with you and will guarantee every piece of >
work tlirnet] out in our plant. Will you bring
that next job to us and have it done right? !
.\'t> long waiting for the finished product. We
do things "Now." |
Big Stone Gap, Virginia
South-West Insurance Agency
Fire, Lite, Accident and Casuahty In
surancc. Fidelity and Other Monds
Real Estate and Commission Brokers.
Carries Mail Over Rough.'
'Mountain Road for Fif?
teen Miles.
HVoeliug, Vit., Oct. s ? shor
man I'hipps, a oho. -logged man :
of Clintwood, is doing his hit!
for Uiicle Sim by carrying tho
mail ov.'i ilio star roll to from,
his home oiHco lb Alniira, a dis I
lam.f fifteen mil-s, thirty]
mill's on tIn? round trip. This
rout"' trav?rst's tho roughest
part of tins section, u\ I ending
along thO face of Cumberland
mountain tin- greater part of
tho distance. The mail is car- 1
ried oh liorsoh n-k, and is rather
heavy* there being usually four
sacks of course mail, beeiden
the bhgs ol loiters, lie sits in
the saddle most of the time j
while the mail is being exam
ilied at the ofliccs along his
route, bill occasionally he dis
mntints and bops "inside" for a
brief rest spell, lb- does not
carry Ins crutches en these
trips lie is one of the most'
ollieieni carriers who have per?
formed service over this route,
being trustworthy and almost
invariably ??>n schedule time.
A year ago this man bad two
legs, but by accident at a mill
in which lib worked lie lost bis
right leg, thu member being
torn oft about midway between
the upper joint of the thigh.
Stamp Purchasers Refusing
To Sell.
Washington. Oct. b>. - Pur?
chasers of War Savings und
Thrift Stanr-s uro holding them.
A treasury report today showed
that, .only $5,760,000 or three
quarters of one per cent of the
ji7U0,OUO,6OO War S a v i n g s
Stamps sold to date, have been
presented for redemption.
Meeting Of Holston Confer?
ence Postponed.
NoW8 received ben- Wednes?
day is to the olle? t that Bishop
Prunk M. Bristol has postponed
the meeting of the Holston Con
ferenco of the Methodist Epis?
copal church from Oct. I0,\to
Oct. 30. The conference is call?
ed to meet in Chattanooga, but
owing to Spanish inlliu-nzt ami
the government quarantine in
that city the Bishop ndyisos
that be will convene : lie uinfer
?'??en in annual session on the
30th al which time it is hoped
the epidemic will be under con?
trol . ? Bristol Herald Courier
To Save Our Men From Ger?
man Poison Gas.
Tliii Potom.ia Di vi lion id the
American K id Cross mikes the
following request;
A nation-wide campaign for I
tho collecti in of crt'iin fr lit
stones, fruit pits, au I nut sheila
inn-, lie vigorously carried on
immediately. These materials
are urgently heeded to mulct;
carbon which is to protect otir
moil overseas from German
poison gas. Every orgauir.ition
and individual in the country
is expected to cooperate ini I
take p n't in this vitally imp if.
i.-iin campaign hut the lied Gross
is in In the principal ngciit of
the government in connection
therewith. Its functions are
outlined in this letter.
The following aro th ? tit i
'.??rials to ho collected:
I'eaeh stones or seeds, apricol
pits, primp |ii:s, plum pits, Olive
pits, date seeds, cherry |iits,
Hr.i/il nut shells, walnut shells
(English or native), hickory
nut shells, butternut shells.
It is not, necessary t iseparate
ihe various materials listed
above, They may be mixed to
gnitior indiscriminately. Any
of these matorials, if sound, no
matter how bid', will be accept
ed. Cure must ho taken, how?
ever, to exclude all materials
not listed. The field has h.i
studied carefully by govern?
ment chemists and no materials
ouuddo of the tibovo list are de?
All pits and nuts must bo
thoroughly dried in ovens or in
? he sun before they aro deliver?
ed to the collection centers
mentioned biter in this loiter.
This is extremely important. It
will simplify mailers if the in?
dividuals, restaurants, hotels,
etc., dry their own pits before
turning them over to the lied
The attention of our chapter
branches and auxiliaries are
called to the above communica?
tion. It. A. AvKits,
Save for Your Country or
Slave for the llun.
Do your Christmas shopping
i early is an old, old friend. It
! has always made the appear?
ance the w e e k following
Thanksgiving, ami nothing
Could bo more unexpected than
ito lind it greeting us early in
Hack Your I) w n with the
Itond You Own.
Americans always had the
i reputation of being drivers, and
this may be the reason why they
are meeting with so much sue
; cess in France.
l'u1 Your I) iliurii into Id iki
H ly Liberty Hoods.
You undoubtedly have al
ren ly ah excellent collection of
Liberty boo d s, We would
Rtrongly udvine you to add t'> ii
aa miuy Hjieci nous as possiblo
Ol t ie l'\ urth Liberty Loan.

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