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Bip; Stone Gap, Virginia
Mrs. F.: F. Tuto, of Osaka.;
wen I Friday in ilib flap visit,
ing relatives;
Prof. Vernon Jones, principal
of tho Fast Stone Gup High
School, was in town Friday af
lerii "ii.
Kev. O, W. l'ean, pastor of
the Southern Method ist church,
is ill with Spanish ihlluohxa.
Mrs. .1. M. Marks ami Miss
Florence Met ortnick spent
Tluiisdny in Bristol shopping.
A. 1.. Witt spent Thursday in
Keokee on business.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. W. Chulkley
slid children returned from
Washington last week. Mrs.
Chulkley has recovered from
an attack of inlinen/u.
Miss Fula Tackelt spent BOV:
t-t a I (luyS this week til her
borne in Pennington < lap,
Miss Clark; who has been the
guesi of Miss Inn Allen at her
Inane on Poplar Hill for several
days, returned 1,1 1"?'' homo at
Bristol Thursday morning
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Mnthoson,
formerly of ibis place but now
of Pinovillo, Ky., spent a few
days in the (lap last week visit?
ing friends.
Miss F.sthiT Goodniau, of
Louisville, Ky., is spending
sometime in the Gap at the
Monte Vista Hotel.
Xews luts been received here
that Capt. Bruce Tinsle.y, for
inerlj of Ibis place, has sailed
for Prance;
J. K. P. Marren, of tho (Jove,
t ime up to see llto government
war trophy train Wednesday
General U. A. Ayers spent
several days last week in
Lynchburg anil Washington <>n
Simon Hanks spent Saturday
in Gate City visiting friends.
Dan Hill, an employee of
the Southern Had way Company
al AppnlaChill, spent a few
libura in town Sunday.
Mrs ('. c. Cartivright and
children left Thursday morning
for Gharleslo ?'. W. Va., where
they joined Mr. Cartwright,
wlui Iltis accepted a position at
tbat place.
hi. .1. Hrcscotl and J. B.Wum
pier spent Thursday afternoon
in Crackers Keck and Hast
Stone Gup in the interest of the
Fourth Liberty I.nan.
Miss Jetn Williams, who has
had a position with the luter
Iiionl t'oal and Iron Corpora
tion, has resigned and gone to
Killgsport, where she has ac
copied a position with tin
Clihchficld Cement Company.
Mr. and Mrs.\V. ILWreu and
children returned to their home
in the (lap Saturday night after
spending a few weeks in Chil
howie visiting relatives;
General H.a. Avers is ill at
his home on Poplar Hill with
Spanish inlluouxa.
.1. K. Taggart, wo are glad to
say. is recovering front an at?
tack of Spanish Influenza.
Herbert Brown, of Wilder,
spent Sunday in the (lap visit
ing his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
tJ. M. Brown.
Mrs. (ieo. T. Winston, who
has been visiting her son, L. T.
Winston, in the tlap for some
tune, returned to her homo at
Asheville, N. C, last week.
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Miss Vordio Chesser, who un
dorwout a serious operation
soveral weeks ago, is rapidly
Taylor Robinett.of West Vir?
ginia, was in town last week
visiting his sibter, Mrs. L. B.
Ohesser. Ho also spout a few
days in Scott county with rela?
tive?, inukiug the trip in a car.
Slmlur Uilly and family, of
Pardee, passed through town
last week euroute to Rogers
ville, Tenh., where they will
spend several days visiting I.T.
Gilly and family.
Mrs. E. P. 'fate and two child?
ren, of Osaka, aro in town this
week visiting relatives.
Mrs. vTh?TWeiis left last Fri?
day morning for Morristown,
Tenn., where she will spend
several days visiting relatives.
S. rf. Jcssee has bought thf"
H. b. Cuininings cottage on
Qilly avenue ana will move his
family into same in a few days. I
Blake Wnmpler, who has
bought the Johnny Qilly pro?
perly on West Third Street,will
move into it some time this
Hop Shuler, of Turkey Cove,
who is now employed with the
Koyul Laundry Company, will
move his family to the I i ap in a
few days, having purchased a
cottage from I' M. Roasor in
I he west end of town.
11. W. Mullins ami daughter,
Qlossie, w.ho live near the South?
ern depot, are very ill with
pnuVmouia, following an attack
of influenza.
Mrs. Belle Sb-mp returned to
her home in the (lap Saturday
from Louisbnrg, W. Ya , where
she was called on account of
the illness of her son, Buscom,
who is very much improved
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W. A. Stewart arrived in the
I lap Monday night from a busi?
ness trip to Louisville, return?
ing to his home in Kiugsport,
Tuesday morning.
('. Hi Voigt, of Rye C.?ve,
Scott County was a visitor in
ibe (lap one day Ibis week and
paid this ofllcc u business call.
Miss Edith Mallard, who left
last week for R?nnoke and Wash
ington returned to the (lap Sat?
urday, where she will remain
until tin- epidemic of intlucu/.a
is over before going to Wash
i ngtnii.
Mrs. A. .1. Wolfe, who has
been visiting her brother, C. S.
Carter, in the (lap for several
days, left Saturday morning for
(lute City, where she will visit
friends for some time before
returning to her homo at Cleve-!
W. R. Saxton, who has had
the position us chief clerk of
the purchasing department of
the Slouega Coke and Coal
Company for several months,
has accepted a position with
the Federal Dye and Chemical
Company at Kiugsport, where
he will move bis family soon.
6. F. Phelps, D. H. Bran
num. Liudsey Horton, Hop
Shuler, Bruce lii illin, S. S. Mas?
ters, Q; M. Brown and son,
Ralph, spent Sunday on the
farm of .lessee Qilly across Ma
pie Qap just inside of the Scott
County line picking up chest?
nuts Every one bud a good
time and came back loaded down
with a big bag of chestnuts and
expressed themselves as highly
appreciative of Mr. Gilly's hos?
pitality. Mr. Qilly has bought
another track of land in Crack?
ers Neck and is now living
there in order to have his child?
ren nearer school. He, togeth?
er with his son, Hobart, accom
panied the chestnut hunters
across the mountain.
Victum Of Influenza.
Mrs. Loyd Christian died Fri?
day morning from an attack of
Spanish influenza which later
developed into pnuemonin at
tho homo of Mrs. Nancy Tom
lihaOii in the west end of town,
tier husband, who is working
near ttichlaiidb, was notified
but did not arrive here until
Saturday night. The remains
was buried in Glencoo cemetery
Sunday morning nt 11 o'clock,
besides a husband, the decoas
ed is survived by three small
Trip to High Knob.
Misses Francos Whalcy, Doris
Warner and Janet Bailey; Mes?
sers A. F. Phillips, Irbe Hol
lins and Jus. W. Rush went up
to Norton Sunday morning on
the L. & N. from where they
walked up to High Knob and
spent the day picnicing and (lick?
ing up a half bushel of chest?
Little Girl Dies With
Hertha, the four year old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. .lohn
D. Davis, of near t 'buyer, died
oil last Wednesday following an
attack of iiifbicnxa. Funeral
services were conducted from
the home by ltov. J. M. Smith
and the little remains were- laid
to rest in the Dan Roasor ceme?
tery near the home.
Mrs. Johnson Wells Dies With
Mrs. Johnson Wells died at
her home near blue Springs on
Saturday morning about two
O'clock from pneumonia, follow?
ing at attaid; of illllilcn/.a. She
i- survived by her husband and
live small children. Ho fore her
marriage she was a Miss I lall, of
I. county, mid her remains
were taken lb (he old family
cemetery near Jouosvillo'?unday
morning for burial. Rev. J. M.
Smith, pnstbr of the Presbyte?
rian ehurch of this place,accom?
panied the funeral party and
conducted the funeral.
M. C. Kaylor Dead.
M, C. Kaylor, aged sixty nine
years seven months and seven
days, died at the home of his
? laughter, Mrs. (Jlasbey, near the
Southern depot, nil last Wed?
nesday, after a lingering illness,
i'he deceased was a native of
Washington county and was
well known in this section. lli
reuiains were interred in the
cemetery uf Pa-t Stone (Sap bti
Thursday afternoon at throe
o'clock. Funeral services were
conducted by Rev. J. M. Smith.
The Following Rules and Reg?
ulations Are Promulgated
by the Local Board of
Health ol Big Stone
Gap, Va.
1. That it shall In- unlawful
for any crowd to assemble in
buildings or in any public places
within said town
2 That no person shall be
allowed to remain in the post
otllce lobby longer than five
3, That tlio law regulating
public drinking cups ami roller
towids in public places will be
I. That no one who is sus?
pected of having tho Spanish
influenza is permitted to mix
with the people on the streets
and public places, but must re
main in bis or her borne until
danger of any infection to oth?
ers is removed.
!>. That no loitering will be
permitted upon streets ami in
public places, nor in slues af?
ter customer bus completed nee
essury purchases.
tl. That the Hoy Scouts are
hereby authorized to report
every violation of these rules to
the proper authorities.
7. That any one violat ing any
of tlteso rules and regulations
is subject to u penally of not
less than ten dollars nor more
than twenty live dollars for
such offence.
Lot? a i, Board or Hi: vi.hi
Hig Stone Gup, Vn.
October I I, 1!M8.
New Money Circulating.
Two new greenbacks,the first
'of the new war-timo currency,
|aro just getting into circula?
tion. They are tho dollar ami
two-dollar Federal bank notes,
issued to replace- the Silver Cer?
tificates that have been with?
drawn from circulation as the
silver reserve is melted into
bullion for export to the alfies ?
ami eventually for stabilizing
the commercial situation in In?
dia. Tho new dollar note bears
a picture of Washington on one
side and that of an eagle in full
lligbt on tin- other The two.
dollar note shows Jefferson
and a battleship.
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j?j In Polly Building. Big Stone Gap, Virginia p
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Nisei's Meat Market
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us plaee nl oiicc ?s :i progressive utility,.iblnlng in li^lil
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nuil all tin- valuable llcxibility of l-'ord design, with tli.it eaiw.
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liiivii in nlti Koril earn so universally in demand.
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litticd belovi ami yon are assured of prompt attention, and
thai ? lifter iiervleo' mi eaaentlal 16 thorough ?atliifactwn
Mineral Motor Company
Bi? Stono Gap, Va.
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