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WEDNESDAY, OCT. ?0, 1018
Published Ever/ Wednesday by tho
aiLOERT N. KNIQHT, - Editor.
Onu Voar,
Six Months.
Throe Months,
Kntorcd according t" |k>sIaI resolutions
st tho post -nOlco at HIr Stone Gap as sec?
ond-class matter.
subscribers nro earnestly re?
quested to observe tho tlnto
printed on their address slips,
which will koep theui nt nil
times postod ns to tho dato
of the expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt and timely
attention to this request will
save all parties a great deal of
The Wliimsicall Thug.
Retween one and two million
Kreuch soldiers have boon kill?
ed during the war, ami over
nine hundred thousand of the
And as evacuation proceeds
on the edge of Flanders the
Germans enter the houses of
villagers and destroy the intri?
cate mechanism of the luce
making mnchiua which yield
them a livelihood,
The Potsdam maniac is debit?
ed with both the foregoing items
in his account. The former
looks the more portentous, but
there is a special significance in
the luttor. As a contribution
to war activity lace ranks at
zero. The villagers who made
it will probably be employed in
munition shops at present, and.
if anything, the allied cause
will gain a little thereby. But
only a little. Economically,the
whole incident i- unimportant.
And therein lies its real Im?
portance. I lost ruction is by
this lime an instinct with the
Prussian command, to com
maud, to be practised even
when no military advantage
ncci in-:-. It is done mechanical?
ly? a 1 m o s t unconsciously.
These wantoll cruellies cause
grief to the owners of the ma.
chines, but no detriment to the
allied armies.
The sheer clumsiness of these
acte of malice enable us to see
a little futher into the enemy's
character, but only a little fur
tfior than, we have already seen
Now that talk of a peace con
feronce is in the air it is fort tin
ate thai we are familiar witii
the intimate peculiarities that
characterize those who seek re?
conciliation with us. We are
less likely to uccepl promises
without guarantees
The election for senator and
congressman will be held next
Tuesday, the fifth of November.
There will only be two names
on tin- ticket. For Bonetor
Thomas s. Martin and for re
presenttitive 0. Bascoin Klomp.
So fui as we have heard any
expression from both democrats
und republicans the ticket will
be voted solid without change,
recognizing the meti who have
sbod squarely by the president
in the projection of the war.
The people who love to pay
over $12,00 for their shoes will
have that privileg until after the
first of next dune. They bud
better take tin- advantage of
their opportunity.
And now sutlragists are pick
eiing the Senate. President
Wilson doubtless offers the sen?
ators his heartfelt condolences.
The destiny of Germany is
either one thing or the other.
She will certainly be in peace
or in p'eces soon.
Tho saying "few die and none
resign" does not apply in lief,
many. Many are living at the
front and resignation seems to
be the favorite occupation, in
iu official circles.
Chairman of Christmas Roll Call Committee
Big Stone Gap, Va.. October 28th, 1918
To the Big Stone Gap Chapter, Its Branches and Auxiliaries of the American Red Cross:
You are hereby notified that Rev. J. M. Smith of Big Stone Gap, Virginia, has been
appointed Chairman of the Christmas Roll Call Committee. This Committee will consist,
of the Executive Committee of the Chapter, the Chairman and Secretary of each Branch or
each Auxilliat y. including Committee in charge of Junior School Organizations, and such oth?
er members as the Chairman may from time to time enlist in the cause, subject to the ap?
proval of the Chapter Chairman. ,
The rules and regulations of the Board of Health prevent any public gatherings on account
of prevalence of influenza at the present time, and our efforts will have to be confined to or?
ganization of sub committees and laving out the work preparatory to inaugurating the drive
as soon as the health restrictions are removed.
The same Cause having prevented <>iir holding meetings and electing officers ol the Chap?
ters, Branches and Auxiliaries at the date fixed, Oct; -3rd, this work will be done in connec?
tion with (lie Christinas Roll Call.
Public meetings will be called is so ?11 as the Han is removed, and in the meantime I urge
Red Cross members and workers to use their utmost endeavor to lay the foundation, not on?
ly for a successful Christmas Roll Call, but a very successful re organization largely increas?
ing our membership.
R. A. AYERS, Chairman.
State Health Board Mails
Samples to Virginia
Richmond, Va . Oct. 20.?It
is the concensus of opinion
among Kichmond physicians
that the puuemonin prophylac?
tic vaccine made by l>r. Sam?
uel Sudd, prbfosfior of Bacter
iology und 1'ethology at the
Medical College of Virginia,
from cultures taken from influ
eu/.a patients at Iticbmond
l-'.mergency Hospital, is of de?
cided value. The State Hoard
of Health, therefore, sending a
limited supply of ibis vaccine
to hospital centers and physi?
cians in certain parts of \' it gin
in, though it is let! to the .judg?
ment of physicians as to vvhoth
er or not they are to use it
Tim circular w hich uhnounc-l
es the mailing of Pr Hudd's vac I
cine Htiys in part:
'?It is an autogenous ynccinc
in that it represents the strains
of streptococcus, pn?cinococcus
and other organism-- found pre?
sent in the existing epiib inic of'
influenza. A very significant
Unding made by Dr. Blldil is'
tbtlt t h e streptococcus is
the predominating organism
and is responsible for n Inrgo
percentage of the pnticnioiihl
complicating or following infill
en/.a. His conclusions an- that
this vaccine given in the early
stages of inlHienzn is proving
of unquestionable value in re?
ducing the incidence of punt -
School Not to Open.
The Hig Stone (Jap Henltli
Hoard at a meeting Tuesday
tnnruiiig decided that it wotild
not be safe for the present to
open schools, and oihor places
of public gathering. The Health
Hoard is watching lln- situation
closely hud will allow the re?
opening as. soon as it can be doiic
with safety for tlie eonmiunity. I
While the situation iii Big
Stone (lap it cell' is considered
favorable, the epidemic is raging
around us on all sides. Nn
doubt the favorable situation
here is due to the wisdom and
care of the Health Hoard, and
the Hoard docs not geeni to be
inclined III lose thi- advantage
by ill-advi-ed baste in raising
the emergency restriction laid
down for the Safoty of the com?
Parents are urged, during
this time of enforced closing of
the schools, to see to it that
their children spend sonic lime
regularly euch day in study,
Tllis study may take the nature
I of review of w01 k covered this
j full1, or advance work from the
j point at which school woik was
laid down on. October I. Most
of the teacher- are in town, and
any of tboni will bo gl.nl to advise
parents or pupils in regard to
carryingou this home-study.
Mrs. Will D. McNeil Dies al
The sad news was received by a
large number <>l' friends and rel?
atives in lite Cap Friday morn
in- of (lie death <>f Mrs."Will D.
MeNiel at lldr Itotno in Wise, af?
ter an illness of two weeks' Which
was caused from blood poison?
ing. Mrs. McNeil was fotncrly
Mis- It. U. Slemp, oldesi daugh?
ter of the late Hale Slemp of
uear.lonesville. She was thirty-1
seven years of age and was a de?
voted iheinber uf the Haptist.l
< lun ch and has been president of
(lie Huptisl 1.allies Aid Society
for the pa-1 lour years in Wisoj
as well as a member of the Ked|
floss. Civic League ami Fort
nighty Club.
Hey. Fiber) Woodard.of Joues
ville, a friend of Mrs; McNiel's
silK'C early girllltxkl and Hev.
Simons, of the Baptist ?liurch
of Norton.held the funeral serv?
ice- at (lib home Saturday after
i.a, alter which the remains
were laid to rest in the new ad?
dition of die Wise Cemetery.
She i- survived by her hus?
band and five small children,
two sisters, Mr-. Woger Walker
of Ivirniingliam, Ala., and Mrs.
line (JiMcnwiilors of Esservillo
Funeral of Mrs. Harry T.
Mi-. II. T. l av lor, who will be
remembered here a- Mi-- I latinah
Kilder, died a t her home in
llazard, Ky., w i t h influenza
Thursday. Uer remains w e r e
brought lo the home of her par?
ents. Mr. and Mr-. 1!. F. Kilder
al Appalachia and a short fun?
eral service was held there Sun?
day afternoon by Hev. <'. \V.
Demi. Interment was undo in
Gloneno Cemetery al this place.
She is survived by her I1?8
ban, Many T, Taylor, formerly
of this place, and an infant son,
who have the deepest sympathy
of (heir many friends.
He alth ((flicer Peters emphas?
izes the importance of persons;
who are recovering from influ-1
en/a exercising every possible,
precaution to guard against a,
relapse and also to protect others
from contracting it: "All per?
sons who have had iiilluon/.a are
potential carriers of the disease'"
hi- -aid. "They should po urged
10 uftc anti-optics for gurgling
.iiel washing. They should re?
main at home for a period of
seven day- after their fever has
subsided! The best gurgle is the
one we have proioilsly recom?
mended. I 1-2 grains of quinine
ibisulphnte lo a quart of water.''
I Wedding Announcement.
Mr. ami Mr- Ji.-se Kwing A gee
announce the iimrrl&go of Uioli ilaughter
Ainu- Kliac
Krisign Wallace Irvine Atborton
United Stale* X?vy
en Krlilay September twenty-seventh
em- thousand nine hundred unit eighteen
Washington, District of Colombia
The bride is a grand-daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. S. Polly und is
well known to many of our
I readers.
Text of Note
London, Oct. 28 -?Tho Ger?
man ofllcial wireless nay the |
German government's r o p 1 y
to President Wilson's last note |
is as follows:
"The president knows that ;
deep-rooted changes have taken
plaee in the German constitu'1
tion und that peuee negotiations
will be conducted by a people's
government, possessing decis'
ivo legal power, in accordance
with the constitution, the mill" j
tary power being subject there?
"The < iernian government a
waits proposals for an armis?
tice, introducing a peace 6 f
justice such as the president
has described."
Mack Patton, the clothes
cleaner and repairer, wishes to
announce that he will he in his
shop from 7 o in. until 12 noun,
and asks his customers tu Ininu
their work during that period.
For Justice of the
We have the most complete
set of forms for use by Justices
of the Peace of any house in
Virginia. Our juices are
75 cents per Hundred
of an assortment of blanks.
Cash with order which can al?
ways be tilled promptly. Al?
ways order by number.
'I Warrant of Arrest:
j2 Commitment to Answer Indictment.
:i lertiiicalo of Commitment im Trial.
4 Commitmciit until Kino ami (,'oata are
? Commitment for I inpriaonnttittt, wc.
ii Kecogiilxanco u|~>u Appeal.
; Warrant Discharging from Jail, ii]k>h
8 I'oiiiplaint for Peace Warrant
II Peace Warrant
In Search Warrant.
11 Wan.u.i in Debt
1- Warrant in Damages.
t:t Kxociitlon
11 Clarnishco Summons.
Ifi Indemnifying Itond.
Iii r'orthcomlng lloiul.
I, Affidavit lor Summons in Unlawfil
l"- Summons In Unlawful Detainer.
P.i Affidavit lor Distress Warrant
90 Distress Warrant.
'.'1 Complaint for Attachment againt
Removing Debtor.
22 Ailaohtnciil Agaiuai IteniovingDobl
or, with Garniaheo Process.
S3 Attachment Itond i
21 Dual of Conveyance, with certificate
2,1 Heed .d Trust,"with cortlAcate.
20 I li ed of Lease
2? Homestead I iced,
38 Declaration In AsSUmpsit,
2U Declaration In Debt on Itond.
30 Declaration in Dob! on Promissor)
31 Declaration in Debt on Negotiant
112 Notice of Motion on Note. Itoml, or
33 Power of Atloriicy.
31 Notice to take Depositions
9*1 Indictment, (Icuoral.
8Q Indictment, Liquor
37 Commissioners Notice.
as Abstract of Jwlgmcul Itoforo Justice,
illi Warrant in Detinuo.
4ii Garnlshee Suihmona and Judgaient
41 3ub|h>ena for Witnesses.
?12 Contract and Agreement.
Wise Printing Company
jpiliril W Bit
Wash the Woolen Sochs
You Knit with Grandma's
until washday before you
order n package of GHAND
MA. It's Ki),H| for washing
so ninny Illings around
Hie house that you need it
every day'. Onvc von n?v
C It AN DM Vyoii'llneve'ruolMck
tobursnniuignin. Nomon wast?
ing of scip hi..- that. Wal,
Git AN DM A you just llu;,si;r,
out what you heed. No more
bother of chipping or slicing
and in? more tiresome hours
spent over n rubbing board
Gil AN DMA is line for sheer'
silky fabrics.
?'S Powdei
Your Grocer Has It!
bbii't think you arc getting REAL job print?
ing just because you are having your work
done at a "printing office." Investigate and
learn lor yourself that there is a vast difference
between real job printing and "just printing."
We are prepared to do
Not only because we have the equipment, but
because we possess the "know how." Our
long experience anil knowledge in the printing
business enables us to handle job priming on
a saving basis. \\ c will share this saving
with yoi ai.d will guarantee every piece of
work turned out in our plant. Will you bring
that next job to us and have it done right ?
No long wailing for the Ijnishetl product. Wi?
do tilings "Now."
Big Stone Gap, Virginia
:*::.??'?.'?:.<? * * *
South-West Insurance Agency
?. Incorporated
Eire, Life. Accident aiidCasu?lity In
r siirancc. Eidslity and Other Bonds
Real Estate and Commission Br?kers.
Seed Corn For
Hlncksmirgs, Vd., ??ct. 20.
(VII farmers interested in plant?
ing good Boed oorii m xt year
will remember the critical situ
ation as to good Bced corn last
Owing to tin- large ucrdgo of
corn that has been frost bitten
:his fall, there will undoubted:
ly be a large amount of soft ami
immattire eorn cribbed with the
Bound grain ibis winter. This
makes it absolutely necessary
that farmers should save out
their host seed corn when shuck
big and store it where it will
dr> out well before freezing
If eorn that is not well dried
out is exposed to freezing tein |
perutures, the germ is damaged
very greatly and if planted will
result in a poor stand.
There are several good meth?
ods of storing seed corn, such
as the seed corn tacks, the wire
and I he twisted siring methods
(Any or all of these methods
will he explained in detail on
nppication to the Agronomist of
the (extension Division).
Tbc main point in curing seed
corn is to arrange the individ?
ual oars in such a way that the
air will have free circulation
about them.
The beet place to select seed
corn is from the standing stalk,
but that chance has gone for
this year, so the next best op?
portunity is at shucking time
Don't fail to do tli.is it will
save you time and lnhor next
Arrest Bootleggers.
For past two weeks the I.t
Icgging business lion beeii nour?
ishing in this section but
special prohibition olllcer W. b\
Kilhotirue lias ahotit put it out
nf commission judging by the
number of arrests bo mudonud
the nniount of whiskey cbuiis
eh tod by the aid of officers from
neighboring towns. The wins
key is being brought here by
individuals from Kentucky in
suspicious looking suit eases
and the officers have little
trouble spotting the booze. Sev?
eral men wore arrested on pas?
sengers trains lust week between
here und Norton, hut only a few
were retained for action before
the grand jury, as e.ises could
not bo made against them. Ah
together sixteen suit cases lad
en with quarts and pint bottles
of whiskey were confiscated.
?III ipitcty??r cough, sootho tlio liillain
niatlon ?>f .1 sort) throat ami lungs, stop Ii -
ritattori in 'ho bronchial tubes, Insuring ?
gooiljiitiglit's rest, free from roughing and
with easy expectoration in the morning.
Mad.-anil soid in America for lifty-two
years A wonderful prcsci iplion, assist
lug nature In building up y?lll general
h. all h ami I In owing 6lY tho dlicaso Esj
peciaily useful in lung trouble, asthma,
croup, bronchitis, etc. For sale by Kelly
ilg I. oiupi
Could there be a pleasantef
occupation than raking leaves
on a golden Indian Summer
Comparative Wealth.
Following is a table given the
estimated wealth of the largo
mil ions:
Great Kritnin . . .$1)0,000,000.000
Franco. 06,000,C00,000
Russia. 10,000.000,000
Illay. 25,000,000,000
I Japan. 28,000,000,000
Germany ....... 80,000,000.000
! Austriu-llnngarv 25,000,000,000
I United States. . . .260,000,000,000

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