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tone Gap Post.
?^va.. Wednesday; November ,3. tgis.
No. 46
Great Conflict Comes to Close When Germany
Signed Armistice Monday Morning.
Forced to Sign Grim Terms of Allies and Hostilities
Cease on all Battle Fronts
WASHINGTON, Nov. 11.?The world war ended this morning at 6
o'clock Washington time. The armistice was signed by the German
representatives at midnight. This annoucement was made by the state
department at 2:45 o'clock this morning. _
The announcement was made verbally by an official
of the State Department in this form:
"The armistice lias been signed. It was signed at 5
o'clock a. m., Paris time."
The terms of the armistice, it was announced, will
not be made public until later. Military men here, how?
ever, regard it as certain that they include:
"Immediate retirement of the German military forces
from France, Belgium and Alsace-Lorraine.
"Disarming and demobilisation of the German armies.
"Occupation by the Allied and American forces of
such strategic points in Germany as will make impossible
a renewal of hostilities.
"Delivery of the German high seas lleet and a certain
number of submarines to the Allied and American naval
London, Nov. 10 ? llmh the
former oiriporbr und his son,
Frederick William, crossed Lite
Dutcli frontier Sundu) morning,
according to advices from The
Hague, The former Gerniuti
Bmperor's party, which is be?
lieved to include Field Murslial
vim Uindonburg, arrived at
Kysden, oh tin' Dutcli frontier
at 7::i0 o'clock Sunday morning,
according to Daily .Mail advices.
1'ractically the whole Ottrmun
general Btiill accompanied tin
former emperor, ami ten auto?
mobiles curried the party. Tin
automobiles were bristling with
rifles and all the fugitives were
armed. The ex-Kaiser wuja ill
uniform. He alighted at t lie
Kysilen station ami paced lh<
platform, smoking a cigarette
Kysden lies about midway lie
tween Liege und Maastricht, on
Dutch border,
German Kaiser
And Crown Prince Have Ab?
Washington, Nov. hi?VVi? ?
Ham Hnhon/.ollom, Geriiiuil em
peror ami kinvc of Prussia has
renounce the throne.
This declaration is made in
a decree issue at Berlin by tile
Herman Imperial (Jliancellor,
Prince Maximilian, of Baden.
The Gorman crown prince will
also renounce the throne, and
a regency will In: set up.
Prince Maximilian will re?
main inotlice until matters con?
nected with the abdication ol
the Emperor are settled and
FriederichEbert, vice president
of the Social Democratic party
will replace him as chnncelloi
dining the regency.
Thirty years and almost five
months after ho ascended the
Imperial throne, William Ilo
henzollern, his armies defeated
in the field, forced to sue for
armistice terms, and the Ger?
man people raising in revolt,
given up his power. Ho came
into authority with his country
at llie threshold of an era of
pence anil material progress; he
leaves it torn by revolution
ami suffering from hardships
ami sacrifices of more than four
years of war?virtually ruined.
Earnest August, Duke of
Ihirnswick, son.in law of the
Emperor, has abdicated und
ronouced rights of his heir.
All Rulers Odse.
With the pas; i ig from power
of William (lohehzollern all the
heads of the governments of
the Central Powers when they
entered war have died or lost
'heir thrones. Emperor Fran?
cis Joseph nnd the Sultan of
T?rkey died before their coun?
tries agreed to Allied armistice
terms, ami Ferdinand of Bul?
garia abdicated to be suceeded
by Iii? son, who gave up the
throne when his people rose
against him. The other Europ?
ean Kmpcror at the beginning
of the war, Nicholas Uomuuoff,
was desposetl in .March, 1017,
und murdered in July, 11)18,
Hun Arch
William Hohe z .Hern
Frederick W. tlohenzollern
Knel F tlohenzoiiorh
Admirul Von Tirpuz
Admiral Von Capelle
llupprecht of Bavaria
Duke of Mecklenburg
Minister Von BusscllU
Qoheral Von Qruovonitz
General Von Itoedittki
General LutleodorfT
t leneral I lindenburg
General Maoknnsen
(leneral Fleek
General Schubert
General Von Itulow
1 leneral Bernliardi
General \'on Boeliin
General Klauss
(leneral Biegen
General Von Manteuffel
And the shivers of Edith
Gaveli and Captain Fryall.
These will be remcrabi red as
the days wlieu peace messages
were living and Spanish inliu
epzt flew.
The Start
and Finish
The war begin July 191 1
U untied November 11, 1018.
It lasted l years, !) nionllis
ami ii day's, <>r exactly 15G7
When thoy entered war:
Austria,'July 28, 1911
(termany, Aug. l, 1914.
'1 lirkey, Nov. 2<i, 1914.
Bulgarin, * let. 11. 1913
When they got out:
Bulgaria, Sept. 29, r.us.
turkey, Oct. 30; 1918.
Austria, Nov. 8, ltHS.
Germany, Nov. 11, l'.US.
Death of Mrs. I. R. Gilly.
Mrs. Nannie Creech Qilly,
wife of 1. R, Qilly, died at her
h?rne in Powell's Valley, hear
Lit tie Stone (ian. on Friday,
November 8th, from complica?
tions following an attat'k of in
llnenza. Aged ?;i years, 11
months anil 7 days.
Mrs. Gilly was a consecrated
Christian, a member of the
Southern Methodist church ol
West Norton, ami admired by
all who knew her because of
her splendid qualities of mind
ami heart, und her faithfulness
in the discharge of all the du?
ties of wife, mother und neigh
bor. Her memory will lone; be
cherished among her friends
and relatives.
She is survived by her bus
band and the following children:
F.wmg Qilly, Mr?. Salin
Quurlett, .Miss Kdna Gilly, John
Qilly; Mrs. BesBie Upchurch
ami Gordon Qilly. She was a
sister of Mr F.lijnh Creech, and
therefore, an aunt of the Bplon
did Creech boys who guye then
lives in ihn service of their
country, and whose remains lie
buried under the Slurs and
Stripes in the Valley.
The funeral services were
'held from the residence Satur?
day afternoon at two o'clock,
conducted by Kev. J. M. Smith
assisted by Rev. William Bob.
incite, und the interment was
made in the Gibson cemetery.
Death of Milatn M. Cloud.
Milum M Cloud died last Sat?
urday night at < Ilamorgan from
complications following tin at?
tack of influenza. He was 'a,
son-in law of Mr. Robert H.
Willis, of Powell'? Valley, and
was Well known in this section
He is survived by bis wife, Mis
Vera Willis Cloud, and a little
daughter, Etta Beatrice.
The remains were conveyed
to the home of Mr. R. 11. Willis
Sunday afternoon, where funer?
al Bervices were conducted by
Kev. J. M Smith, and the inter?
ment was made in the family
Good News
For Susanna. Vaugn Stevens
From Her: Soa.Lrt France.
She can hear from him by
applying to the Home Service
S-'^uotiv An?iU'ao Bed Cross,
Big Stone Gap, Va., Telephone
Study "Flu"
State Board of Health Pre?
pares Attractive Bulletin
for the School Chil?
dren of Virginia.
Richmond, Va.. Nov. s.?The
stair Board of Health now has
in press an "Influenza Catech?
ism" which will bo widely dis.
tributed among the school ohil
(Iren of Virginia in the hope
that youngsters in till parts of
the Commonwealth will study
the attractive publication a id
follow the simple precautions it
offers in connection with the
prevention of "Hit" and other
spray-borne disease.
All of the information em
bodied in the bulletin is set
forth through the medium of
questions and answers, which
are OO?ched in language so sim?
ple that even third and fourth
grade pupils may readily under?
School sitperiuieudents in all
the counties and cities of the
state will bo supplied liberally
with '?Catechism," and Dr.
K. W. Quruett, the acting com
missioner of the State Hoard,
on October 30th addressed them
the following letter in regard
to the use of this publication
which he litis prepared:
"With the iuilueuza now
rapidly subsiding ill most sec
tions of the state, the question
of when to open the schools is
doubtless becoming for you, as
well as for us, a very pertinent
"The executive commit tee of
the State Board 61 Health |has
today passed a resolution cover'
iiig the needs of the situation
as well as it can be done in a
general statem-nt. A copy of
this!resolution is herewith en?
closed, altoiigb you will have
probably a I ready seen it in the
papers. As volt will observe,
the responsibility tor fixing the
date of opening tin- schools is
placed upon the local health au?
thorities. Conditions vary so
widely in different portions of
the slate that the only fair way
to deal with these problems is
by letting the ultimate decision
rest with local authorities.
" We should not fail to lake
advantage for educational pur
poses, of the favorable psycho
logical atmosphere created by
the epidemic of influenza. Now
is the tune of all others when
we may succeed in effectual!)
presenting certain, most impor
tan', health truths.
A special health bulletin,there
fore, under the bailie of the "In
lliien/.a Catechism" is being
issued, and we would like very
much to have tins made a pan
of the regular teaching in nil
schools of lite, stute. Copies of
this bulletiin will be sent to yon
as soon as they come from the
"Since it is important that
this material be gotten into the
hands of all the teachers, we
will appreciate very much your
letting us have ut once a list of
your teachers ami their address
es, if you have not already done
so, in order that wc may be able
to mail them direct a supply.
.Should you prefer to distribute
this material personally, we
will he very glad to send you n
sufficient supply."
British Army Takes 200,000
Of Enemy In All.
London, Nov. 8.?Two hun?
dred thousand prisoners were
taken by the British on the
western front from January 1
to November 5, inclusive, ac?
cording io an official announce?
ment made in the House of
Commons last night in the same
period of the Kreuch captured
14l),t)t)u,the American 50,000 and
the Belgians 15,000
Loans to Our Allies.
The extension of a credit of
$!).000,000 tft Belgium made re?
cently makes the total ad
vances by the United States to
Belgium f SO.020,000.
The total amount advanced to
date to all of our .associates in
thu war against Germany is
I Majority!
For Both Houses in Congress
Assured by Final Returns.
Washington, Nov. k. ? A Re?
publican majority in the next
Congress at leust two in the
Senate ami of not less than 13
in tin? House was assured from
returns today from the scatter?
ing doubtful districts of lust
Tuesday's elections.
Word from Detroit of olection
in Michigan, upon almost eom-i
plete unolllcial returns of Tru?
man II. Newberry, Republican
candidate for the Senate, over
Henry Ford, increased the Re?
publican roll call |6 40?a bare
majority. The Democrats have
46; with the I lali'o contest, be?
tween Senator Nugent, Demo?
crat and former Governor
Godding still in doubt on the
face of almost complete returns.
Nugent has a majority of near?
ly 500 but I loading has demand?
ed an oflictul eonnl which will
be made November 1">.
Returns from the last mis-1
King House district?the Sec
Olid Montana, where a Bdpubli-|
can was elected to the sent now ]
held by Representative Jeanette,
Ruukin; unsuccessful indepen
denl candidate for the Senate
were received today.
On the face of now complete
unolllcial returns the political
line up of the next House is as
Repiihlicnns, 23.1; Democrats,
I 1; I inlependent, 1 ; Soci ili-i . 1
Fire Destroys Home.
The home of Mrs Betty Brngh,
a widow woman living at Cole',
was totally destroyed by tire
Wednesday night at ,s o'clock.
The* tire,which caught Upstairs,
was not discovered iintil the
whole top was ablaze, warnum
being given by Mis Mary K 1
jy, who lives a short distilhco
below the place, and Mrs Briigh
had barely time to save her
daughter, who is an invalid,
being about 35 years old and
can neither walk nor tail..
Neighbors are now taking c ue
of Mrs. Brngh and daughter
until Mime further arrangement
can he made for their comfort.
She is left, in a very pliable con?
ti it ion, every tIiing in her home
was destroyed. Any one wish
ing to help may see her at the
home of Mrs. Noah at t'adet.
The building tvna a two story
Structure and had eight rooms.
There was no insurance* evriry*
thing being a total loss. Mrs.
Brugh had made her home
there for twenty-five years.
Last Call
For Christmas Presents for
Soldiers in Europe
Mast be mailed according to
directions by November 2?J For
boxes and information regard?
ing same apply to
Stoneg? ? Superin tendon t's
Roda?.Urs. II. S. Estiii.
Osaka?Mrs. E. F. Tale.
A p p a I ac h i O? Mrs. R. W.
Inmnn ? Mrs. tl. V. Brown.
Imbodou?Mrs. II. A. Alex?
Exeter?M rs. Crocker.
Keokee ? Mrs. King.
East Stone Gap?Miss Chris?
tie .1 ones.
And at Red Cross Home Ser?
vice Section; dffioe oh second
lloor, Post Office Building? Big
Stone (Jap.
Lot the packages be mailed
Do Not Believe Unofficial
Norton, Va., Nov. 0.?ft is
the desire of the United States
Fuel Administration to cooper?
ate most fully with the press of
the nation in their generous:
ami patriotic olforta to aid in
providing fuel to keep the na?
tion's householders in health
ami comfort, ami the nation's
essential industries in motion
during the coining winter.
To this end il is of first im?
portance that no precaution ho
"milled in guarding against
fallacious reports, perhaps de?
signed ! I'-n t lie ardor with
which workers in war indus?
tries pursue their efforts, and in
this wo ask your aid. Will you
not make very ch ar In \ our
readers flic distinction between
authentic reports and thosu ru?
mors ami foreign press com?
munis which piess associations
properly curry und many pa?
pers print in order lo show the
s lit?> i f the public mind abroad?
Such reports, while of much
interest ami real value, if tie
copied al their face by your
readers, may result in serious
interruption lo the work of (lie
government. As an instance,
the extensive acceptance, us a
fact, el a recent report that the
iGuriiiau crown prince ami ar?
my h nl been captured, was fol?
lowed by a most natural cele?
bration which slowed down
production of uuvy coal 26,000
tons in one Held alone. Had it
been generally understood us a
tumor instead of a fact, prob?
ably small atic-itiou would
have been given it.
May we count oil your heart?
iest cooperation along this lim-,
in whatever way you may think
Yours very truly,
U. S. Fuel Administration
By ii. D. Kilgoro
Production .Manager.
Some folks apparently arc ?ettin? rich with great ease.
In fact, they are the ones who commenced
By Laying Aside a Fixed Portion
of their Income Each Week
and depositing it in a reliable bank. Then when
opportunity offered they had the necessary funds for
takirig advantage of it.

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