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and we sincerely believe that our customers are of the same progressive
spirit, else they would not benefit daily, as they do, by our practical
mechanism of buying and selling. The success that is ours thanks our
customers for their confidence in our power as an economical supplier of
their needs.
ilurim, the New Year and let us share the good will you have bestowed
upon us in the past. Our every effort will be bent to your best service
and our best wishes always arc sitting, on your door-steps.
ZfAo ffloxail Store
Prof, ami Mrs. A. .1 Wolfe,
of Cleveland, spent Christmas
week in the Cap the guests of
Mrs. Wolfe's brother, Mr. O. S.
Mrs. F. W. Lewis, who has
been in the service of the gov?
ernment in Washington, is vis?
iting her parents, .Mi-, ami .Mrs.
B. K. Hhoiies in ? he (lap.
Koy Manes's, of Wise, spent
Sunday in the Quip.
Miss Kathleen Litton, of Dot,
is the truest of her sister, Mrs.
./. A. I lllmor, in the flap.
Mrs. Lowcry, of Chilhowio,
spent Christ mas in the (lap vis?
iting her sister, Mrs. \V. II.
W ren.
The nicest fruit in town at
Paul's (.'afe.
Misses Miriam and KlsieTay?
lor spent a few days in Bristol
the week before Christinas
Mr. and Mis. Clarence Bailey
spent Christ mas day in Hunt?
ington, W. Vu., visiting rela?
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Wolfe,
were down from Wilder during
the holidays visiting their par?
ents, Mr. ami Mrs .). P. Wolfe
and Mr. and. Mrs. (i. M. Brown.
Misses'Cornelia 'awl Amelia
Christy, who are attending
school iit the Slate Normal at
Itadfnrd. spent the holidays in
the t lap visiting their parents,
Mr. and Mrs. T .1. Christy.
Miss Irene Fisher, who has
been spending the Christmas
holidays with honiefolks in
Pembroke, Va.,jreturned to the
(iap Sunday night.
U. B. Alsover returned last
week from PeuiiHylvania',whoie
he was called on the account of
the death of his mother, which
occurred a I e w days before
Mrs. Thomas Mnllins, of West
Virginia, is in the (lap this
week visiting her mother, Mrs.
Sarah Thompson.
Santa Clans paid a visit to
the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Wade
Tale at Botla Christmas morn?
ing ami left them a line, baby
.Miss Ruby Toiirue, stenog?
rapher in the Southern Kailway
olltces here spent the holidays
with relatives ioGeorgia.
Howard Slemp, who is 'it
tending school at Ktnory and
Henry College at Kinorv, is
spending the mid-winter holi?
days with his parents, Mr. ami
Mrs. Hugh Slemp,
Mrs. Henry Taylor and two
? laughters, Misses Mariam ami
Klsie dud little son bnscom are
conti m il to their rooms with
Miss Dorothy Owens left on
Thursday for Lawrence, Kan?
sas, where she enters on her
sophomore year at the State
University of Kansas.
We specialize on fresh tish
and oysters. Give us a trial.
Phono 1,49, Paul's Cafe.
Miss Mattie Holten and little
neice, Louise, spent a few days
in Louisville last week.
Miss Murtha Hugi spent the
holidays with honiefolks in
Bosedate, ()hio.
Miss' Emma Duncan, of Jones
ville, spent the holiday.- in the
Gap visiting her bister. Mrs.
V?jV Baker. :. . /
Mr'. a?d Mrs. M.'.Jf Moody
spent the CuristmapY holidays
iu Cbatuuooga. /
Paul Grundy, of stonegn.whn
is Ii member of the Marine
Corps stationed on Paris Isle,
span) the holidays with Iiis par
ents, .Mr. mid Alis. S. J. <!riin.
I dy, at Stoucgn.
Miss Ruth .tones has accept-,
eil a position us stenographer
for tin* Clear Creek Lumber
Company at Ramsey for a few
IfOUND. Thursday afternoon
in front, of posollice pair of
automobile driving gloves.
Owiier tiaii havo same by Call?
ing at this oflicc, describing the
gloves and paying for iIiin ad?
vertisement .
Wayne Wright, who is at lend?
ing the University of Ohio this
winter, -spent the Christmas
Holidays in the Gap with bis
wife ami little daughter at tile
home of Mr. and Mrs. W. H;
I Build more homes).
Miss Bliaabeth Burgess, of
Rpnnoke, has been spending
several days in the Gup, the
guest of Mr. ami Mrs. K. F.
Miss lOdith VanGorder, who
is attending school at Oxford
College,Oxford, Ohio, spent the
bolidtiyB in the Gap with her
Mra. Theo. Lyttle and chil
dren, of Middlosboro, spent the
holidays in the Gup with Mr.
and Mrs. 0. 0. YaoGordur.
Get your eggs at Paul's Cafe.
< Always nice mid fresh.
A J. Sewing, puohttBing
agent for the Stoiiega Cpku anil
Coal Company, who lias been1
confined to bis room with influ?
enza, is aide to be nut again
(liuild more hoines).
Tho Woman's Missionary So
ee t s will meet Thursday at 3
o'clock with Mrs. J. H. Math
own. All inembers are urged
to be present.
Dave Sargent, Jr., of Gate
City, spent a few days last
?vcek visiting his cousins, Sam
and Stuart Ourtor.
Mrs. W. J, Christian and j
mother, Mrs Pierson, are spend?
ing a lew days at Andovor this,
week visiting Mrs. Ohas. Witt '
Mrs. Harold Pyle and baby, j
of Kingsport, are visiting Mrs ;
Pyle'8 parents, Mr. und Mrs.!
IS. R. Taylor.
Nlr. ami Mrs Kichard box, of]
Chicago, Mrs. Wrri, C. Moore, I
ol Washington, D. O, Mr. Oliv?
er K. Fox, of Harlan, ky., spent
the holidays in the Gup, the I
guests of their mother, .Mrs. J, I
W. Fox.
.las. W. Rush, who has boon I
in training in the University of
Virginia for the Motor Trans !
port Corps, -for the past few
months, received an honorable
discharge and returned to the
Gap for the holidays.
Walker Jones, who is work?
ing as a printer in the uuvy ul
Norfolk, spent the holidays in
town visiting his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. (j. K. Jones.
Reuben Danks, who is with a
motor trausport in tho army at
Hampton, Vu., spent the holi?
days in Gup with tits wife. Ho
expects to be mustered out of
service in u couple of months.
Mr. and Mrs. VV. R. Wolfe,
of Wilder, spont Christmus in
the Gup visiting Mrs.-Wolfe's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gi M.i
Lieut. Robert Wron, of Camp I
Blevins, Boutou, arrived In the!
Gup Monday night to visit his j
brother, W. H. Wren, for a few]
Mrs. [. T. Gilly and two suns,
and father, .James Gilly. ufrlved
in (lie (Jap on Christmas jfivo
! from Kogersyille, Tonn., ami
i nro stopping at the home of
Mrs. Elizabeth Gilly. They
will go to 'housekeeping in a
few days in the tldnry Morrison
property on Poplar Hill, whieh
Mr. (Idly recently purchased.
Simon Panks, Misses Edith
Hallard ami Uosa Bruce motored
Up to Norton Christmas day
ami took dinner with Mr. ami
Mrs. lt. II. Bruce.
! Sam Carter, dr., accompanied
his aunt, Mrs. A. .1 Wolfe to
Cleveland, where lie will attend
Mr. and Mrs. Punch are ill
with influenza ai the Monte
VJste Hotel.
Miss Corrio I,mit;, who is a
student nurse at Camp Wads
worth, Spartniibnrg, S '.spent
Christmas with honiefolks in
the Gap.
Hewitt Wolf- h it Monday for
Blitcksburg, where he will ut
j Virginia Polytechnic Institute.
i Herbert Brown, of Wilder,
'spent Christmas in the (lap
with honiefolks.
Sunday school ami regular
morning services will he rusum
ed at the Presbyterian church
next Sunday at the usual hour.
J. M. Smith, Pastor.
W. H. Wren spent several
days last week in Columbus,
Ohio, on business.
Miss Myrtle Wolfe, who is in
the employ of the government
at Washington spent the Christ
mas holidays in the Gap visit
ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
I). C. Wolfe.
Sunday school ami preaching
services at the regular hour at
the Southern Methodist Church
next Sunday. C. W. Dean, Pas.
Mr. ami Mrs. E. A. Harder
had as their quests during the
Christmas holidays ('apt. ami
Mrs. Hiltlyard, of Hutchosoii,
Kansas, und First Sergeant
W. S. Orr and wife ami little
son, Billy, of Chicago.
Miss Francos Long, who is in
school at the Badford State
Normal, is visiting her parents,
Mr. und Mrs. C. ('. Long, dur?
ing the holiday s
All churches will open for
Sunday school next Sunday
morning at the usual hour and
let every one attend somewhere.
Mrs. Albalndojo, Jwho has
been in Now York for the last
eight months in the govern?
ment service, translating for?
eign censored mail, spent the
holidays with her sister, Mrs.
Mrs. Alfred Owens.
Anderson Lyons, eleven year
old son of Mr. ami Mrs. .his. S
Lyons, living in the bend of
Powell's Valley, (lied on De?
cember 23rd of influenza and
was buried the following day in
the cemetery near oy.
F. F. Scott and daughter .Miss
Frances, of Knoxville, spent the
holidays in the < lap with Miss
Friinc.es' grandfather, S. VV.
Wax. Mr. Scott returned to
Knoxville last Friday, while
Miss Frances will remain for a
few days
Mr. and Mrs.'L. O. Pettit and
Mrs. Willis Slaughter left Mon?
day before Christmas for Mont?
gomery, Ala., where they were
called on account of the serit us
illness of Mrs. .1. F. Bullitt, Jr.,
whp waa formerly Miss Mar
garet Pottit of the Gap. We
ars glad to notu that Mrs. Bul?
litt, who has pneumonia, shows
some improvement at tho (pres?
ent writing.
[ Mr. und Mrs. R. T. Irvino und
two cliildri-n, Dorothy ?nd Rob
| ertieft laut week for Richmond,
Iwhere they spent ('hrisiiiiiiB
holidays with their little daugh?
ter, Helen,, who is apending the
winter in Richmond with rela?
tives und attending school.
Lieut, and Mrs. Thomas R.
Cochran are visiting Lieut.
Cochrun'n parents, Mr. aud
Mrs. C. C. Cochran. Lieut.
Cochran has been stationed at
Camp Hancock, Augusta, Oa.,
and has been given ail honor
able discharge. He bus accept*
led a position with the Inter?
state Railroad-und will make
his home in the Cap.
Donald Prcscott, who for sev?
eral months past served in the
IU. S. Navy, spent the holidays
Iin the Cap visiting his father,
E .1. Prescott. He left Mon?
day morning for Madison, Flu.,
where he will be connected
? witli a large plantation, recent
ly purchased by his father.
Arthur Crawford has return?
ed to the (iap from Fortress
Monroe, where he has hi en in
training for the past several
mouths with Virginia Coast
Artillery. Tbiacompany, w hich
consisted wholly Of volunteers
from South west Virginia, was
mustered out immediately after
the armistice was signed.
.lohn Kelly, who has been in
training for the past year at
Camp Wadsworth. N. V., re?
turned in the Gup Saturday,
having been discharged from
lie- service, .lohn, together
with about 1,700 other men had
I hoarded a transport bound for
France,but wore turned back
when the armistice was signed,
lie witnessed the big sendotl
given President W ilson on his
departure lor Franco.
R. A. Wolfe, who ha- been
located at Dante for the past
eight mouths as engineer for
the Clinchfield Coal Corpora?
tion; has resigned his position, j
and together with Mrs Wolfe, I
left Saturday night lor Lehigh, |
Montana,Rafter spending t 'hrist
! mas here with relatives. Mr.
Wolfe has accepted a position |
las chief engineer for a largei
coal operation owned by the
Great Northern Railway at Le?
high, which he formerly held
previous to coming to Dante.
.lohn Lane and wife, of Rye
Cove, Scott county, arrived in
the l lap last week ami spent
the holidays hole visiting rela?
tives. Mr. Lane has just re?
turned from France, where he
has been for several months
with Uncle Sam's lighting
John Graham and wife, of
Somerset, ky., spent, the Christ?
mas holidays with his parents
Mr. und Mrs. F. P. Graham.
Postmaster G. F. Gilley has
received several let lers from his
s .11, Sergt. John D. GlIIV; who
is with the American I'.xpedi
tionary Forces in France, since
the armistice was signed, stal
lug that he was all right aud
enjoying gpOd health. He does
not expect to return to the
.slates though f o r several
months yet.
Sergeant Ycary Injured.
Sergeant James S'eary.of l!ig
Stone Gap, was reported on
Saturday, December 21st as be
ing slightly injured in action in
France. It is understood that
he was gassed and is rapidly re
covering according to a letter
received by his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. F. il. Yenry, while he was
in the hospital.
Time Changes
A change recently made in the
time meridian has placed Big
Stone Gap in the central in?
stead 6f the eastern meridian,
therefore the lime will be one
hour slower. All trains run?
ning into either Dig Stone (lap
or Appalacliia, effective today,
will be operated mi central lime.
Dinner Party.
Miss Deri ha MahatTey was
the hostess of a lovely dinner
party on Christmas day. Cov?
ers were laid for the following
guests: Misses Ida and Virgin?
ia Baker: Messrs. J. 10. Body,
Frank Baker and Lloyd Mahuf
fey. After dinner tin- party
motored to Norton, returning
in the Inter part of the evening
Farm for Sale
l have for sale a '.!?"> acre farm,
threo roomed dwelling and
good stable, within half mile of
school building in Big Stone
Gap, Va. Call on or write,
janl-l-t R. A. Ayebs.
The Feeling of Assurance
that a hank account gives is worth many times the ef?
fort required to establish one at this hank. Because
this feeling of assurance plays such a large part in '.lie
Success of Your Life
your hoy should have it at an early age. Give! hihi as?
surance and self reliance by entrusting hirri with an
account today.
Gjpl Is ] [3 Bj pJ lsff3 Sp?jp S) ralj&p jgl Bp Bj [dig gl igraCg BjGjfj) ij (iBpfjp
(SI 15]
3e ;?
Wednesday. January
At a meeting of the Local Board of
Health Monday it was decided to lift the
influenza ban and as a result the Am?z?
Theatre will open for business on that
date with a splendid program.
For the information of our patrons
we wish to advise that the theatre will
be thoroughly disinfected by "Formal?
dehyde Gas ' before and after every
show. This disinfectant is the most ef?
fective method used and is recommend
ed by leading sanitariums, health offi<
cers and physicians.
You will also find that this theatre
has taken every necessary precaution
for proper ventilation.
J. R. TAYLOR, Manager.
f^BpBlidBuaisinDBp . . ;. !..'
BpBjplBj p'j &j ?0 jfjjgj Bp Is j pJ BJplBjf?J
From Choice 1
Stock 1
make a roast of any kind kjjj
tender and juicy. These Is]
qualities must hit in the.
Beet, Pork, .Mutton or Lamb IS)
jBj meat when it is killed
Roasts when bought from us are
Tender, .! nicy and I Iclicious
We must positively know this before we offer tl
Also Fresh Fish and Oyster's
or I
s iVleaf SVIarket
[51 In Polly Buildintf. Big Stono Gap, Virginia ial
151 ,_, m
The Little New Year
will find us awake with hew ideas born of valuable
experience and with ambitious hands ready to put
into action some conveniences that arc not found
just everywhere.
We believe in prospering by what we learn and
there is only one party beside ourselves who can
benefit by that method and that is
Accept our thanks for your patronage of our stock ands
We wish you the happiest, most successful
New Year that has ever jumped up in the morning.
Hamblen Brothers
Big Stone Gap, Va.

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