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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, January 29, 1919, Image 4

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Who makes your fertilizer?
Is he a man who has spent his life
at the job?
If you would like the benefit of 33
years devoted to the improvement
of Southern Crops and Soils, use
IKA09 M?J1?
migisth nso.
F. S. Royster Guano Company
Norfolk; Va. Kichiriond, Va. Tarboro, N. C. Charlotte, N. G. Washington
N. C. Columbia, S. ('. Spartahburg, S. C. Atlanta. Ga. Macou, (la.
Columbus, Ca. Montgomery, Ala. Baltimore, Mcl. Toledo, t).
G?hl Standard of Values
in all counties
R. C. Edgerton &l Company
Statu Distributors
Norfolk Suffolk Lynchburg
Would You Rehuib!1
If a friend cime to you wich a psraonal
rcqucat thm didn't mean any great in?
convenience on jour pan, would you
retuw him}
Wi behove wo are your friend ete4 wo
have a per tonal request Co maker.
Vi babx (in not hold any telephone Ibas
longer than vou mu?t. l-oijg conver?
sations make more vrLre? ncce??ary. And
conservation it ?tili the word.
Mamy of the men who build telephone
lines are ?tili in France. Much o? the
needed material U tiill scarce.
la our request granted/
Negro Citizens Organize A
Negro Business Clul>.
Sonn- of tlto most representa?
tive negroes of the Gap, hnvo
organized llioniBelyes into an
organization to he known as
T'l.<> Negro Business Gliit). Its
object is, as tlir name implies,
to look after the material, to
ligiotis and literal welfare of
the colored people of the town.
Move and hotter homes, bet?
tor churches and schools, a bel?
ter citizenship, is the slogan of
the organization. It will bold
its first public meeting Th?rs*
I day night, .limitary liUih, in the
; Baptist church, Mr W. II.
I Wrenn. Cbairnian of the Voting
.Men's flub, (White!):and Uov.
\V. W. Bliss, lihvo beeii invited
I to be piesent nail make some
? remarks.
The occasion is being looked
'forward to with keen interest
by the colotod people. Kvery
one is invited, .1. H Brico,
Brincipal of the colored school,
is president, and Uov, S. L.
: Tucker, secretory.
tmt Ihvu .> hotiM'tioM remedy all over tin-,
lilrlllzml world for inert' than lialf? cen?
tury ter constipation, liitcMlnal trouble*,
torpid ilvtfr kiul iho geiicrrdly deptvi-usi
ft't'iillK tllal ?1*>".'III|?IIM? Mlt'll di.-oideo..
ti is a itVofet VAtuabU) iriiH'ily for indli;eH
lion ??? norvou* ityH|icpxta anil liver irou
Ulc, brlngtii|? oil beailachc, coming up of
toiol, pal|tll*lliin el heul, tool ni:iiiy other
?yniptoin? A few ilowt of August Ktow
or ?in relieve yoii It I? a gentlo lain
tlvis. Bohl by K?-lly I'm^ Compiny,
( Build more homes).
I heatrical.
I'lad in robes of regal rich
ness, sealed in the midst of
c inopicd esiaie, olusping to her
bosom a twining lisp, Egypt's
greatest Queen, Cleopatra, the
Insl of the t'toletnys, expired.
This is what Thedn Bara did
for "t'leopatia," the Vox won?
der film, and it is hill one of a
number of mittlres of similai
ealibre in which this famous
screen actress is sinned, "Cleo?
patra" is the gronteet and most
suitable character for the ills
play of the laicals of this rare
Never in her life bus Miss
Bara entered to eiirnesily into
a characterization nt> she has
into "I'lecpalra." Not content
with a mere casual and Bliper*
tieinl study of tiie character.
Miss Bara bus delved into all
the historical records at her
command, in regard to the sav?
agely-imperious, magical ly-ul
I luring Quoon, about whom con?
troversy lias raged during all
the centuries since she lived.
Prior to coining n> California,
.Miss Mara made a detailed per
soiiiil study of the wonderful
Egyptian exhibit iu the Muse?
um ul Ari in New Voik City.
Here is, perhaps, the greatest
collection of the kind In the
world, anil the Pox star lost no
opportunity to thoroughly im
hue herself with the atmos?
phere of tin' past, which the
strange carving:!, the mummies
and the hieroglyphics suggest
Miss Uarii, h) thorough study,
hussucceeded in resurrecting
many forgotten and obscure
traits of character of the fa
iiioiis Queeii, and portrays tlium
upon uif screen with a vivid?
ness and intensity that has
never before been expressed
oven hv the famous vampire
One of the striking features
of ihe making ul '?< 'ie >patra"
is tho remarkable enstuin s. A
positively Htnrtliiig bit of garb
if a phacock dress, in Miii mak
ing of winch a whole i" acock
wan 1180(1. This is only One of
the gorgeous ami expensive
Costumes' Miss jlarn wears in
the picture. At tin- Ainu zu
Theatre Thursday ttomorrow)
Soldiers To
Visit Paris
Sammies Will I akj Trip Be?
fore Sailing For Hon e.
Puris, .hm. Ji ?All Aiheri:
cans ollicei - lind soldiers w ill
get it ol?itl" Hfr? I'nris ? n a
leave of absent of lliree days
befoie Milling lioii.e?vnr?l, ac?
cording to general order N'o. II,"
issued froin Anieriean general
lieadquarterK oil January is.
American soldiers of Italian,
French, I!. gitin ami Itritish ex
traction will linvo aii opportuni?
ty In visit I In n- i .im i n 'in ?
or relatives before returning to
the United Suites
TlttD gem-riil order, however
carries one condition to llie
clause Concerning visiis tu Par?
is, as follows:
"Permission may ho grunted
without Hpecial reason tu men
of exceptional good character
who may he expected to con
duct themselves properly at all
times, and '-who nave siitliduiii
Pluck marks aguinsi privates
will nut prevent tliein, however,
from obtaining leaves of ale
seiice Iii Visjit i ein I i ves i u hi mice
Iteigiuiii, tJreiit Itrituiii and
A young soldier by the nnnio
of Work men, passed down ihe
Clinch Valley Suturiliiy uiiroiite
to his home at Diiiite, Mussel!
county. The yoniig hero wore
u stur in gold signifying that
liewaK a member "i Ihe lust
battalion winch w.-m over ihe
top eight thousand Strong and
when dually rescued numbered
only three hundred! Thby were
without fond in water fun. days
und only had three ollicurs Ich,
one of whom w as I lie major,
who told the Lierniiius that
Americans had discarded the
word surrender.-- T a / e W u I 1
The selfish ambition i an un
priucipiiled ruler has made it
self felt from one end of the
world to t lie other, has produc. d
results far beyond ami intention
or expectation. F.ir instance,
I Dr. Robertson, to* head of the
Chicago health department, es?
timates that ui the 400 UUO
deaths from inlltien/.a and pneu?
monia in this country, one hall'
could have been prevented if
the suiters had had skilled nur?
ing. This i. was impossible in
supply, fin the ai my had I ? ?
ipiircd 20,U00 trained nurses tb
meet its needs. This left at
home barely enough ex peri
eencod nurses for ordinary
times, and when (he epidemic
arrived the Scarcity ol" nurses
was immediately felt. The poo
ph- who ilie.I on account of stlf
ftcieht cure in sickness wore us
truly victims of ihe Prussian
military system as if they hud
died on the li, Id of battle.
Uncle Sam's 'roubles in the
po.ee conference are not con?
cerned with die li.idaries iiiul
indemnities, He,only wants tri
'get his boys buck home and to
"live happy evtii after."
And Wo* Ron-Down, Weak ana
Nuvouj, Says Florida Lady.
Five Bottles of Cardoi
Made Her Well.
Kathleen, Fin.?Mrs. Dallas Prlne,
of this -dace, says: "After the birth
iif my last child... I got very much
uii down nml weakened, to much
II at l could hardly do anything at
all. I was no awfully nervous that
I could scarcely endure the least
noise. My condition was getting
none nil the time...
I knew I tnuct have aomo relief or
1 would noon be In the bed and In a
serious condition for 1 felt bo badly
and was bo nervous and weak I could
hardly live. Sly husband nsked Dr.
-about my taking CaiduL Ho
nald, 'It's a Rood medicine, and good
for that trouble', so he Rot mo B bot?
tles...After about tho second bottlo I
f. it greatly Improved...before taking
It my llmba nnd hands and arms
would ko to sleep. After taking It.
however, this j-oor circulation dlpari
poared. My Btrength ratno back to
mo and I vena Boon on tlio road to
health. After the use of about 5 bot?
tles. I could do nil my house-work
nnd attend lo my alx children he
You cnu fe.d rafe In Etting fardul
n thorough trial for your troubles. It
contains no harmful or habit-forming
drugs, but Is composed of mild, vege
table, medicinal Ingredients with no
bad nftcr-etfect.... Thousands or women
hav voluntarily written, telling of
the good Cardtil baa dono thctu. It
should help you, too. Try It. K 7?
To The \ olflni of Wise ?'ounty i
1 hereby announce invseK a Candidate
foi (he Olli.I Comity Clerk 01 Wise
Couuty, to lie tilled by election in No
i ember, loill, subject ti> (!?? action of the
Republican Parly.
I pledge (..the Voters and Citizens of
slid county, (hat If linn uouiliiuted and
elei tod to said office, to raithfully and im
|.anally dischaigc the duties of said of
liceaecordlng to the requirement* "f the
hivvahd in the be?l of my nullity.
Yours eery re?l>eutfully,
F?ii i OUNTY ? I.KHK
I hereby aunounee mysoll a candidate
for Clerk of the I ireull Court of Wise
county, subject lo tin- Republican con
; vculion 'I'liu work oi the olllco shall be
i in lii-t class at nil limes untlei my per?
sonal supci vision. All people will bo
treated with respect and their business I
I.iptly attended tu.
Yon;- lespcctfully,
:. ii. i A t ltdn.
11iil i iuT.vsi iti.it
At the rcpicst of a number of friends
I aunounee myself a eandlilalh tor the of.
li. c of Treasurer of Wise county, subject
10 the will and action of the Republican
pally lit its convention or primary.
in ".eking this nomination, I hupe,
und do not (hink. I am asking mo much at
I he bauds ol my parly, ami am willing to
leave it lo the judgment of (he people ??.
to my ability and fitness for the position.
,i. II. IIA?: Y.
Imboden, V?. I
To the Voters of Wise C.iuiKy:
l hereby announce inysell a candidate
Im the iillicc ol Ticasurer of Wise coun?
ty, to be filled by election lit November,
11110, subject lo the action of Hie' Repub?
lican party.
Rcspeot fully,
It. I?. H A It RON
mi! s111;1111'i?
To the Voters of Wise Couuty:
I hereby announce myself a candidate
foi re-election lor the'Office! olSheriff of I
m ise liounty, subject to the action of the ;
Itepublican party Of said couuty. If I am
liomiuateil and elected toaald oillec, 1 w ill
endeavor lo serve the people as I have
done in the past, in accordance with the
laws of Virginia, and (o the best of inv?
alidity. I am, yours respectfully,
FOR TliK ASI' It Kit
To the Voters of Wise ( ounty:
I hereby announce myself as t, .-atidi
date tor the olllce of i 'ounty Treasurer of
Wi-c county, subject, however, to the ao
11 ion of the Republican parly at their next
. onventlou nr primary It nominale.! ami
elected (?' said office 1 expect tu devote
! my entire time and attention to the du
! lies of said office flu- voting precinct of
Norton has never before asked Hie Re?
publicans of Wise county fur a political
I feel thai I am entitled to In.initiat?
ed for the said office, and promise that if
elected, I will endeavor to perform (he
duties to the best of my ability, and ac?
cording to law. T. SI. I'KPPKR
roil' C< ?M M ISSI?N Kit i T1IK
ITo the Volets of Wise County:
Ai the request ol my friends, I hereby;
announce myself as a candidate for tin'
olli"o of Commissioner <>f tin- Revenue Ittr
the Richmond Magisleiial District of
Wise couuty, subject to the Republican
patty If I am nominated and elected, I
will faithfully and impartially perform
the duties of said office as the law directs
and lo tin- best of my ability. Your sup
port is earnestly solicited,
.1. A. Mourn
.1. B, Horsman, Proprietor
Telephone ioao Noiton, Va.
Another reminder not lo forget us when
in need ol Flowers for any occasion,
Roses, Violets. Sweoi Pass, Orchids, Car
nations, Chrysanthemums and l'oi I e d
Plants. Corsage, work ami Floral Designs
a Specially; Out of town orders tilled
promptly by Parcel I'ost, Special Dcllr
ry. Kxprcss or Telegraph
tBuild nioro homes),
A. P. & A. M
Mont atcoud rhuiitda) ? v
niociti ?t 3 p. m XmobI ih"
Visiting brethren ?0I1 on.e
J. II. MATni usSfc, I
A. ?. OWF.KS, \V M
R. A. M.
Moots tliinl Tktinda) ol net
month i?t S p. m. Nfaasinli IL
Visiting companions nelcon i
.1 II. Mmiii.v - v, .
It. I'. Uaiihon, II p;
Rof ractionist.
Treats diseases ot the Rye, Ear, Not
end Throat.
Will bo In Apnalaohla FIRST KMUa\
in each month until . 1*. M,
Troats UIbohpob ol the
Eye, Kar, Nose and Throat
vVin bo in Anpalachia fhiro.
Friday in Kncti Month.
Civil and Mining Engineers
Big Stono ?ai>. Va. Harlan,K>
Kep?ri? and oatimntea on Uoal at I I ?
bor I.anils, Design and I'liumnf t tt?l u
Coko Planta, Laud, ltsilroad ?n.i Mi
Engineering, Electric llluo Printing*
Big Stonu (jap, Va
Wn o ami lttiK>:y work A Sjh litti
1 have an I p-to-dato Machinefor putting
? in Itubbcr Tires. Allwnrk ?m-u inn.;:
S. S. Masters & Co.
General Blacksmith
Repair Work.
ilnller ami Machine Repairing. Horn,
stictcliig a Specially, VYagoii ami lluci;]
Wnrk\ We make a kpCtiiAlty nf pllttitlj!
mi rubber tires All work given prom |
ami oarelul alteiitinn.
Bin Steina Gap, V.-t.
Dr. .). A. ?iliiicr
Physician mid SurgcuM
OKKH i: Oyor.Mututl DrngjStore
Bi? Stone Gap, Va.
Dr. (i. C. Iloncycull
OiHcO in Willis Building uver Mutiu
I >rnn Store.
Legal Blanks
For Justice of the_
We have the most complete
set (if forms for use by Justio -
of the Peace of any house in
Virginia. Our prices are
75 cents per Hundred
? ?( ah assortment of blanks.
C ash with order which can al?
ways be filled promptly. Al?
ways order by number.
No. .
I Warrant of Arrest.
',' Commitment to Answer Indictment
.t certificate of Commitment for Trl.il
Cl Commitment until Kino and Com? ar<
A Comiititinehl tor liuprisoumciili ?e<
u Recognizance upon Appeal.
; Warrant Discharging from Jail, upon
8 Complaint for Peace Warrant.
II Peace Warrant
la Search Warrant,
11 Warrant in Debt.
19 Warrant ai Daniagea.
IS Execution
II Uarnialico Sail mons.
K, Indemnify lug ttoml.
Hi Forthcoming limn!
IT Affidavit for Summons In Unlawfo
is Summons in Unlawful Detainer.
!'.i Affidavit for Distress Warrant.
20 Biatreaa Warrant.
31 Coihplatnt for Atiaebiueul again*
Removing Debtor,
23 Attachment Against RoihovlrigDebl
or, with Oanuahcc Process.
2.1 An icluiient Itoiid.
at Deed of Conveyance, with certificate
?.',"> Deed ol Trust, with certificate.
30 Deed of Lease
2? Homestead Deed,
Deri.nation ill Ah-nni|.sil
20 Declaration in Debt on lioml.
:w Declaration in Debt mi I'romlaaofj
ai Declaration in Dabl on Negotlabl
33 Notice of Motion on Note, Bond,'Ol
38 Power of Attorney.
ai Notice to take Depositions.
t:. Indiotiucnt, General.
M Imlictntent, Liquor.
:1T Commissioner's Notioe.
ts Abstract of Judgment Itcfore Justice,
.tli Warrant In Detinue.
in liaruiahee Summon* and Judgment.
11 Sub|*>cna for Witnesses.
12 Contrai l ami Agreement,
Wise Printing Company

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