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The Big Stone Gap Post.
No. 18
30 Per Cent.
Rise in Building Materials is
Predicted for the fall.
Tin' above prediction appears
.,, i,,' that i>|" the majority nl'
tiiosc who are butb directly ami
indirectly connected in any way
wild tin- building situation as it
,.\:-!- all nver I lie count ry.
The Government of the United
si atc-s realizing Uro seriousness of
the situation,bus begun, as every
one should know, an active pro?
paganda to promote the building
(,f ?? mote homes everywhere
throughout the country.
The Government.?Owing to
lue fact that in the last four
rears practically no building has
"been done, you might say the
tyorid over, now that we an- free
from the responsibilities of the
terrible days of the war, we lind
Hi.' whole country sadly in need
i.i homes for its people. Espe?
cially is Ibis- true in the outlying
iewiis in farming and mining
A- a rcsiill of the awakening
i^iisciousnc'ss of the immediate
i. ids of our own small commu?
nity, tin- Young Men'- Club, of
Iii? Stone Gup, was organized
ntul succeeded m putting on ii s
fcttl an Organization to further
the ways and means for the man
if -mall means to build a home.
.Y : ally did the clllb stimulate
l|lot|i>lil along building line-. It
|f0] 1 111 stimulale action in the
itirOct toil of bome-huildiug in
nur town, ami ii succeeded; hut
tilt 1 v in part.
A Warning.? What I he chili
wants to know is what has he.
? ;' the Iwciity-hdd men who
pfi itiisetl to build on their own
ii: tiaiii oV Ate I hose men liolu
itij! up tin? fulfilment of their
vi-rliai yet actual and matter of
fili',1 promise- because lumber
and olher building material is
ti" high'.' They will wait in
\ And when the lime comes
lint they will be known for their
fn|s'? promises; ? ami it will
miles; they begin huild
i. i i -'ion, building material
I will have advanced no doubl .'to
jftf*i . -Hi., owing to tin- unavoid
1 aide shortage of lumber stacked
i Hi tin- yards and the increased
j .I' mam! lor all kinds of lumber
; in ho used for building purposes;
The Farmer's New Year Hook
Commissioner Koiner, of the
j State Department <d Agricul
is mailing out his new
i't'ai Hook. It is sont free to all |
: farmers who desire a copy.
Uns Near Hook is full of]
pi Ic.tical and helpful informa
li - to all clasSos of farmers.
I'lte report gives an account of
ll various lines of work the
department is doing to help the
fanner, v aluable articles are
Riven on soil improvement in
tin- most practical and econoin
' w 1} the euro of the fruit or
J'h ml, including ;i full spray
': |i calendar for a I I fruits |
and vegetah I es ? impor
to ? very farmer and owner
of ' garden; the feeding and
care nl live stock; discussions
'."? "'attic, hogs und sheep; in
fiel nearly everything relating
1 -. I farming is discussed in
J tins Year Hook. It is free to
l! I inner and a I I farmers
jVotiltl he interested in reading
It. A postal addressed to d.W.
Kijiner, Commissioner, Kicb
moiltl, Ya., will K,-t it.
W" have the pleasure of an
j!0,1,tving that Hon. C. Bajcohi
?Vi,,l" '"as indicated his willillg
l;'- lo address our club Friday
"eiting :,t 8:00 o'clock on the
i Building More Homes.
A1! :".irdially invited to
('"m" <i.d hear what a well-in
h'rm.'il ,?;,,, jlns ,? sny nbouj
situation with which th.
coun?ry st large and our t.i
iiiuimy i? particular is coufront
-Nlr' Sleinp speaks with au?
(Biiild uiore homea).
Veterans of
j World War|
! Organizing "American Legion"
Southwest Virginia Branch
to Hold Meeting at Bris?
tol on May 3rd.
Tlio vctraiis of the great war
in tin- armies of the United
Sliilcs are taking active steps to
organize themselves into a great
national body called the Ameri?
can Legion.'responding to the
United Confederate Vetrans or
ihc Grand Army of tlio Kcpublic.
The movement started at a meet?
ing nf American soldiers in Paris,
Kran. ,., nh March l?, UHU, which
l>ass,.,| the following resolution:
?'We, (he members of the Mil
ilarv and Naval Services of the
United Slates of America in the
Great War, desiring to porpctu
ate the principles id' justice,
Freedom and Democracy tor
which we have fought : to inciil
eate the duty and obligation of
the citizen to flip State; to pre?
serve tin- history and incidents
of our participation in the war;
and tocenient the ties of cm
radeship formed in service, do
propose to found and establish an
Association tor tin- furtherance
of the foregoing purpose-.
Those eligible to membership
shall l.e ; All olheers anil enlisted
personnel of the Military and
Naval S.-rvices of the United
States of America at any lime
during the period from April (Ith.
11* 17, until November 1 Ith IfllS,
both inclusive; excepting, how?
ever, persons leaving the service
[without an honorable discharge
or persons who having been call?
ed iiifo the service refused, tail?
ed, or attempted to evade the
full performance of such ser
A great National Convention
has now been called to meet at
St. Louis on May S-'.i with dele?
gates from every stale in the
Union to create a national organ?
ization and make general plaits
looking to the future.
Lieutenant-Colonel Stuart Me
Giiire is chairman for Virginia
and the local chairman lor South?
west Virginia is Major W. A.
Stuart, of His; Stone Chip. A
meeting of' all'soldiers who can
at lend is called for May !ld at
tin- Hotel Bristol, at Bristol^
Virginia, al 1 :'M P. M. Eastern
Tune. Al this meeting the
Southwest Virginia Branch of
the American Legion will be or?
ganized, and delegates will be
elected to the St. Louis conven?
tion, Southwest Virginia being
entitled to two delegates.
The returning soldiers are tak?
ing up Ihis idea with great en?
thusiasm everywhere and a large
and representative meeting is
expected al Bristol to start nil'
the SiititInvest Virginia Branch.
The national organization will
he very powerful and all soldiers
w ho can possibly do so should
help in forming it. Wise County
should be well represented .it the
Bristol meeting.
Just Facts
I The government of the Unit
j od Status is your government.
That government has givon
its sacred word to do certain
These thiiiKH require the ex?
penditure of great sums of
Your govormenl mum keep
iis word, must spend these stuns
of money.
This money can only be so-|
cured now in two ways: either
by taxation or by borrowing.
Taxes are high enough, are!
they not? Nevertheless, they !
will not produce enough to meet
the present need.
'Then, the only way the Unit !
etl Stales can pay for peace is!
by borrowing tlio balance need-]
ed, $4,500,000,000.
All ritfht ihen, your govern?
ment must borrow $4,500,000, !
UJU and sineo other countries
have no mo ley t> lend, it must
borrow the money in the Unit-'
ed State?, ami front one or two
I sources.
Your government must bor?
row from tlie banks ami other
financial institutions or it must
borrow from millions of patriot?
ic citizens.
If this money could be bor?
rowed from the hanks, would it
be wise? With all of their cap*
ital tied up in government se?
curities, how could the banks
perform their normal functions
of financing regular business
enterprises and development
projects? Without being fi?
nanced, how could factories
and busineS8 operate, how could
the country be developed, how
COUld labor be employed, how
ebtl Id people live- Think it
Very well then, there is one
course left open. Your gov?
ernment must burrow from you
ami from every other individual
up to each tine's limit of lend.
Hence the Victory Liberty
Loan on April 21, 1910? the
loan of victory, peace and
'These arc just fuels. Can
you see any ottior way out of il?!
We can't. Tlio 'Treasury Da j
partineiit cannot, and after you
thin!; it over and consider that
the government is asking you to
subscribe for an absolutely gill
edged, short t?rm, good inter, i
est bearing security, and by I
doing it help pay for vicloiy
and peace and prosperity, you]
won't want lo find any other j
way out, but will. Like a truei
American, you will step up and
"Sure, we'll finish the job!
Uncle S.im can have the use ol
all my money to pay for peace!
I can go ov.-r the top in the
Victory Liberty Loan if my buy
could do it at St. MiUiel."
'The Btoneg.i Dancing Club
gave a delightful dance oil
Tuesday, April JJnd, which
was largely attended by dancers
from Dig Stone Gap, Appu
lacliia, Norton, Wise, Coeburn,
I tod a, Kxiiter, Keokeh and
Osaka. Music was furnished
by Harris' Saxophone Orches?
tra from Bliloflehl, and was
thoroughly enjoy ed by the larne
number present Itefreshmdnlx
of sandwiches and coffee were
served at mid night, after which
they danced until 3:00 II. in. All
left seeming t<> have ha I a
good time. 'The following p. o
pie danced:
tog Stono (lap Mr.- LouLsc WavOrly,
Mir,:. Hnlli Present!, Mis* Margaret Mil
ler. Miss (JlirlMllie Miller. Miss Jmint
Hnllcy. Miss Miriam Taylor. Miss Blsiii
Tavlor, Mis F. W Lewis. Mr. W. < .
Shunk. Mr .1. It. Christian, Mr. 'I' I
Cantrvll, Major W. A. Stuart Mr. Wi <'.
Nlulngor, Vir. liny Patrick; Mr. Ilrowniu
Potty, Mr Hymn ItlioaiU. Mr. Chapman,
Mr IV C. SabliurH, Mr K Ii. Heining.
i oelnirn ?Miss M.irv I.e.- lire.-ar, Mr.
.lohn Siphers, Mr. Olaud Mom'I.v.
Noiton Miss K ite ?'mints. Mr. TIlOs.
It Williams. Mr. Donald \V Cook?.
i >.-aUa. Mr. anil Mis B. F. Tale.
llixla.?Mr. Cuiiis Kobbliia. Mr ami
Mrs. Howard Kstill, Hi. ami Mrs. It ('
Stone, Kv.-.V C. Culberlsoo,
Diinbar.- H \. Stallard.
Kxelcr?Mr ami Mis. .1. .\ Crookor,
Mr. and Mis. It. It Adkliis, Miss Bdttli
Lent. Mr. W. .1 II. Mayo
Imboden?Miss Kvans, Mr. Itolxirl
Kookec. ? Miss Hack in in, Miss Cornell
Mrs. Souins, Miss I'age, Mrs Itepasa,
Miss Sarah Heese, Miss Anna Heese,
Miss Ituili Iteeae, Mlas Coehrau, Miaa
Cooper, Miss Velma King. Miss Neil
Uvlns, Miss Laue. Miss Iceland Wells.
Miss Alma Wills. Mr. and Mrs. King.
Mr. A II. ihliil. Mr. I II Cavlll, Mr.
Hugh Itecsui Mr. Have Iteese. Mr Tom
Iteesc, Mr. K. \V. IVuy, Mr. ?am Itawl
Appalachian Mlsallrady Leo Johnson,
Miss Kii/alieal. Edwards, Miaa Patay
Hamilton, Mis- Railey, Mr. M.ly, Mist
1 Kdna Carrier, Miss Elizabeth Sullivan
Mr. Denver Brown, Mr. Howard Cross,
Mr. .lack Planer/, Mr. Hugh Sil.toil Mr
Carl Shumaker,
st.meg.i.?Mr. and Mrs. C. G, Dully,
Mr. and Mis. M. II. Duffy, Mr. and Mrs
S. J. Oimdry. Mr. and Mrs. .1 M.Vouug,
Mr. and Mrs. McCoy, Mr. and Mrs .1. II.
OrOSOCtOSO, Mis, Allie Korne, Miss Hess
Young. Miss Nita Collier, Miss Mae
Tllley. Miss Williams, Miss (iraco Stair.
Miss Horton. Miss Margaret l'ayton, Mr.
and Mrs. I'. W. Gundrv, Mr. Fred Ilaloy
Mr. l'has. Duffy, ,lr , .Mr. A. s. Penning:
Ion, Mr. Louis Fisher, Mr. Howard Col?
lier, Mr Kyle ( arieo. Mr. D.W. Knoden
hiser, Mr J. II Urvis.
Congressman 0. iL Slemp,
who has boon in Big Stone (lap
for the pjist week, was an Ap
palaohia visitor 'Tuesday. He
Bays that he can and will get an
appropriation for a Government
building in Appalachia if a suit?
able building site eau be pro?
cured. ? Appalachia Progres?
Asks Davis
To Make Known His Position
on Road Project.
Richmondi Vu.. April 2-1.?
stroii?; resolutions were adopted
today l.y the executivc'cninmit
tee of the Virginia Good Roads
Association ''rospeetfullyi hut
earnestly" calling on Governor
Westmoreland Davis to make
known his pusitiou in the mut?
ter, and his reasons in writ in?,
for not having caltctl a special
?ession of the General Assembly,
a- requested by the association
on March 11. to match the Keil
end appropriation for (he con?
struct!.f roads in the suite.
In view of the fact that tliu
Governor is routined to his bed
by illne-i* and could not r.ive
visitors, tin.inmittoi named to
deliver llie resolution called at
the Executive Mansion ami left
them w itb Colonel I .el toy Hodges,
the <lovernor's aid.
The resolutions, which were
passed unanimously by the eom
mit lee, stress tie- importance of
I he good roads movement, and
place ilo- matter square before
the Governor, seeking an e\.
plauatiou why lie has not acted
m the mailer. They set forth
thai approximately .<i;.ooo,uoii
is now available for road work,
ami that an additional $1170,000
will he Obtained by taxation
iiexl fall, while the highway de.
part men) has already negotiated
contracts for $850,000, leaving
$120,000 with which lo meet the
residue of the federal appropria?
tion. The mat lei is placed
squarely before the Governor in
the closing section of the rosolti
t ions, w hich are its follows :
??The Virginia Good Road?
Association, Chambers of Com
.reo, Boards of trade, Boards
of Supervisors, Kotary Clubs,
Automobile Clubs ami Kindred
organizations throughout the
?tale, together With numerous
private individuals ami a consid?
erable number of the members
of the Legislature have request?
ed the Governor lo call an extrii
session for the purpose indicated,
??Governor Davis has not yet
acted in response to the previous
request of this committee made
on March 11. 1010, and a prompt
decision mi this important ques?
tion i- vital. Now therefor.', he
"Resolved, That the Executive
Committee iff the Virginia Good
Roads Association earnestly re?
new its former request lo the
Governor that he call an extra
.ion of the General Assembly
at once to consider making ade
(|tia(e provisions to meet a pail
of the Kedoral aid for road con?
struction now available during
the year I?30.
"Resolved, That Governor Da?
vis is respectfully but earnest))
requested lo make known bis pO.
"ition on this most important
matter at once in writing, giving
his reasons i herefor.
I lieataical.
"lie's all right as a husband,
but when it conies to acting in
mot ion pictures with him?no,
thank yon!"
This is the reply of Mildred
Harris, dainty star of l.ois Web?
er's latest Jewel Product ion,
"When a Girl Loves," to a
query as to whethei it was true
that she would co-star with her
husband, Charlie Chaplin, on the
screen. Tlio report was current
soon after their recent marriage.
"We are altogether diil'eroili
types ami of different tempera?
ments," she exclaimed. l,l do
not care to appear in comedies
of the kind in which Charlie is
In ??When a Girl Loves,"' Mrs.
Chaplin is appearing in her lirst
six-ree] Western drama. It i- n
thrilling story of an atheist's
reformation by a beautiful girl.
She is supported by an excellent
j cast.?Amuzu to-Day,
Go to church next .Sunday.
Good Roads
Willi only n-few fiptift notice
of a good roads meeting, u big
bunch of Harbin county boosters!
inet at the coiirt house Insl Fri?
day-evening id greet Congress-1
man .1. M. Kohsiou ainl listen to'
his talk mi securing Fudernl >i? 11
for good roads in Harlan and ad-j
joining counties.
i Viiigrcss lias appropriated over!
two hundred million dollars fur
read building in the various
late., Harlan, l.etcber and Hell
counties are designated rpr Koti?
er* I aid, and fur every doll in the
county spends I bo (.toveriiuieiif
projioses to spend two ilolhirs.
The proposed roads would ciiii
uect with tin (ioveruiuehl High-1
way in l.etcber county and the
Dixie Highway in Hell eoti'iity.
The meeting was organized
with I'. V. Cole i- president and
I >. c. Junes as secretary. A cuiit-|
mitt.in posed Of W. K. Hall.!
<i. T. Howard, \V. L. Bailey,
J. S. Koresler, .1. ti. i'"orestei.
Senator Brock, and |). N I los
kins was appointed lo confer
with l.etcber ami Hell enmity
citizens on the plitu of edmpttrat-J
iug to obtain Federal aid, lud
the committee met at the county
jtidg'-'' oili. e last s it iiriiay ainl
forniubited plan tog., a fiel' ?lieh
help. A joint committee (Yoni
Hell. Harlan and Lctchei' eOllU-J
lies will be appointed t" Confer;
with the State I toad t'onlniis-j
sinner \Vileyi
After .Mr'. Kol,-ion'- speech a
rouud-tlie-tuhle discussion was
otl'eled and the slogan will be
"Federal Aid I'm Harlan Clin-'
ty road-."
Under the prosiOti I iw the
government agrees to spend two
dollars for every doll irthe c.,-j
ty expends, and the state one!
dollar. Thus i f I larl.in comity
expend $100,1)0(1, the slate w ould |
|>iil up $10(1,1100 and tin- ;? it ei n i
liieni $200,000; making $ 100,00(1
in all.
I'he roa I plans and rout.., nej
approved by the governineni us-1
perls and the construct ion work I
done under . -t?te supervision, I
lint- ensuring the work to he
don.- a.irding lo governmental
aiiil -late standards.
Hell county has already 'eiil
word they will work in hourly
cooperation with Harlan county
and will build their road') to the
Harlan county' line. Whatever
is done in the matter will have
io he arranged before .1 illy I -t,
as on that date if the dilVcronl
count ies do not .ply with t he
terms the money available w ill
revert to the treasury.
Everyone knows we need gisid
road- in Harlan county, and this
is the greatest opportunity to get
three dollar-, for every iuie Ivo
expend ever ollered, ami nvory
mau in ibis county should cnii'
sttlutc himself a* uoinuiitti.I
one to boost t he project.
It mil only means good road-,
which we IllllSt hale to develop
our immense resources, hnl it
means employment t" hundreds
of men in the country as well.?
Harbin, Kentucky,Kiilerpi ise.
Fire in Turkey Cove.
The resilience of I'. M. Iteasot
mi his farm in Turkey Cove was
totally destroyer by tire last Fri?
day afternoon at about '2 O'cldeki
The building was occupied by a
tenant by the name of Tom Fan
iiihi, who by the help of some
neighbors, managed to -avc part
of the household goods. The lire
originated in the roof and had
gnilied much headway when it
was discovered. There was no
Sale Saturday, May 3rd.
Cakes ami pies, the brut of eats
Uhlldren s olothes suO dainty feats
Of sewing ami ombroldery, to pe seen
Anil liuii|rlit, (if course, by any t|ticenj
Or klii);, iiim-nl, if jiucli there be
Anynlicro in this vicinity,
Wim ilomiiutcs the home .mil ptir.si
Kin wlfo, their children anil the nur*
Moni? Vista Hotel, !" ' m
Wise County
Goes Over Ihc Top in the
Victory Loan
In thy driven licht in Big Stone
Cap, Norton, App.dachia and
Wise up i" the present time
thes,. towns have put Wife
County ISO,J100\over the top in
the \ ictory l.ihei I v l.i.in now
going on. The i 'minty's quota
i- >?'!".';;.Too, ami with the drives
vet In he conducted at Cncburii
and St. I'mi I it is helievetl the
county will almost double its
ijimta before the .lose of the
campaign ...i May loth, Big
St..lie Hup was the first town in
th. eoiihty to statt a campaign
and in.ue iL.in iloulde it< quota
? ?I ?* -Jon was subscribed in
one day. Since then several
(hoij mini dollars have booh add
i'll hi the subscriptions.
< ?n last Friday Norton held its
drive niul enrolled < 105,000 in
subscriptions, exceeding its
quollt id slim,01,10 bv $05,000.
On si 11 nrday afternoon Appal.1
eliia conducted its drive audsiili
-ei ihi.vi rL'00,000, exceeding its
quota of i 1 I 2,000 by $|i:i,000.
1 li 1 Sunday .1 It.?rni 1'hi the drive
i! Wise tonic place and lie
county -eat subscribed 11 ,nno.
e.\?.ding ii quota of $1)11,000
by fS^OOO, making .1 i.dnl sub
1 pi mn hibseribki of f Hi 1,000.
('omit v chairman, < \ S. Car
lor, and vice-chairman, Iti 1!.
Alsovori and those engaged with
tin-in throughout the cotinly in
putting It liver the top ill the
last of I he libe| ty loans, are to
lie imiigrafnhiled on the inagnili
? 1. ni and faithful work thev
ililVii lioiie. They -aid il could
lie done, and it was.
Sunday School Worker to
Visjt Big Stone Gap.
Mi IviithOriuo liroh, state
sun. 1 ml. lid. ni ..I' the children's
division ..! tin- Virginia Sunday
School Association, will be in
Big rfiolie (Sap Wcdhesdnv t..
lissisl Ihe Sun.lav Sol.Is of the
toy, 11 in their work. Miss (.troll
is in position to make valuable
suggestions to Sunday School
teachers who have small ehil
lii order that all the Sunday
SehOi 1 workers of the town may
have an opportunity t.? meet
her, in.I to receive her assistance
during her visit to the town, a
union prayer meetingservice has
beim arranged for Wednesday'
nigh I I., l.e led.I in the I'leshy
tori hi irhureli T :<)'?. It is
earnestly Imped that every Sun?
dae School teacher in I11WII, US
well a- those w in. substitute frnni
lime to time, will attend this
meeting and meet Miss (.5roll.
She will ajsi) give a denionstrii
t11.11 in teaching a class of small
chilren, who will l.e present for
this purpose,
This service will be concluded
in ample time to permit lln.se
who attend it to go to the enter,
taiument a' the school which he
gins ;ii s:?().
Fire at L. & N. Depot.
The 1.mi.ling formerly:known
.is th,- Centra) Motel and occu?
pied l)V Dan Darnel! al the
I.. A N. tlejiol . aught lire Sun?
day night, I.ut wa- extinguished
by a bucket brigade before much
damage was done. The lire
started in the roof; supposedly
from a spark from the chimney.
Big Stone (Up, Va , April lltli, 1010.
To the Stockholders ol the Big Stone (Sap
Land Company:
I'll.- nest regular annual meeting of Ihe
stockholder* >?! thla Company will 1?. held
,1 lu office in Ihe town of Big Stone (lap,
I \ Irgiiiia, ,11 Wi-.Iuc.mUv. May Jth, lain
10-la lt> John WiCKalWejr, Secretary

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