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The Big Stone Gap Post.
N?. 21
Reorganized a t Interesting
Meeting of Young Men's
Tho meeting of the Young
Men's Club began informally
last Friday evening to discuss
the matter of the re-orarnni7.a.
lion of the Athletic Association,
with new officers to be appoint,
ed and the terms be arranged
for tin* paying of tho suluries of
professionals und others.
Tho work of the committee
appointed at t h e preceding
molding of the club hud result?
ed in getting II men to sign
notes for $00.00 guaranteeing
the money necessary to carry
the expenses of maintaining u
baseball club through tho sea
Bui). It was moved that the
chair appoint a solicitor to get
more names in order to make
up the estimatod ornbunt neces
Hary to be guaranteed, this be?
ing about $2,000.00, Mr. It. K.
Toggart wtis selected to got
those names.
On a question from the lloor
as to the history and purpose ef
the Athletic Association, Mr.
K. H. Alsover outlined the for
rner and stated the latter brief?
ly and to the point. He suid
the original purpose of the
association was i o promote
athletic sports, und that, while
for a number of years the
amusement feature of its fourth
of July celebration hail claimed
its greateat attention und ab.
lorbed most of its proilts, grad?
ually the athletic side of its life
bad come to the fore in recent
years. This had been made
practicable through the efforts
of the Messrs. Tnggart to stir
up a spirit of rival sportsmaii
ship between the different conl
cuinps in the baseball world.
These efforts having been at
totided with a considerable
measure of bucocbs, hod caused
the forming of the Coalfields
Athletic League of Virginia.
.Mr. Alsover moreover stated
that up to ItiuG inclusive the
UHBociation hud failed lo make
oxpensos, und Hint in 1907 all
past debts were cleaned up.
Hi lice then, however, it hud had
to undergo considerable finan?
cial losses and as a result the
Town Council held notes
amounting to $1,000.00 against
the association.
The meeting then proceeded
to the election of a now presi?
dent. Nominations being in
order, Mr. It. 10. Tnggart was
Dominated, and the nomination
being seconded, he was elected
unanimously, tie consenting, as
lie t .\pressed it, with that quiz?
zical smile, "to be tho goat."
Taking the chair .Mr. Tnggart
declared nominations open
for the election of the other of
lieerB, namely, 1st vice prcsi
tlent, secretary nnd treasurer.
The following men were elect?
ed. Mr. VV. H. Wren, for 1st
vice presidont, Mr. Uuy Patrick
fur uocretary, and Mr. W. S.
Miller for treasurer. The lat
tsr's election was assured by *_'
votos over those cust for Mr.
u. L, Taylor, who hud also
been nominated, there being 24
votes cast. It was then moved
that all ex-presidents of the as?
sociation be made assistant!
vice-presidents to lend their
good advice and time and j
weight to the deliberations of
the association.
The chair then turned the'
meeting over to the Young;
?Moil's Club ouce more to pro-i
coed with the regular business j
before tho ?neoting. After the:
reading of the minutOB had j
been approved the reports of'
committees wore heard. The
committee of which Mr. A. L |
Witt hod been appointed chair
man was declared discharged
und a new one was nppointed
in Mb place, consisting of Mr
K. A. Oompton, Mr. Liadsey
Horton, and Mr. M. E. Oetkin.
This committee ib to advertise
llio existence and purpose of
tho Home Building Association
for the purpose of getting the
men who wish to build or rent
into touch with those who wish
to make terms agreeable to that
Mr. W. (i. Coutts, having
drawn attention to the presence
of three members of the Appa
lachin Commercial Club at tho
meeting, President Sayers ex?
tended the courtesy of the
evening to them, and asked
that they state the purpose of
this club. Mr. Oarruthers, as
their spokesman, stated that
the purpose of the club was to
gei an effort on foot to build n
rood over to Lynch, Ky. He
added that their meeting was
on u o x t Thursday, mid
that they expected to havosome
music ami a speech from Mr.
Huberts, of the Bristol Chamber
of Commerce, and that they
would like to have the Young
Men's Club as their guests for
the evening. A motion endors?
ing the purpose of the Appa
Inehia Club was made and car?
ried. It was further urged that
I the two candidates for super?
visor bo induced to comiiiit
themselves to do everything in
their power to promote this iilun
to broaden out our field of in?
terests into another stute. A
committee of five was appoint?
ed to attend the meeting on
Thursday, others present ox
pressing their desire to bo there
Before the meeting closed Mr.
Owen K. Rusley made a glow?
ing und earnest appeal for the
increase of the teachers' salar?
ies to amount that would be at
least a living wage for the high
calling of guiding children
along the path of life during
their most impressionable age.
Persons of the highest quality
could not be gotten for what
was now being paid to somu of
tho teachers, Mr. Easley said,
adding that not only did we owo
gratitude to co-operation und
sympathy with tho toucher but
we owed those who hud our
children in keeping, mind, body
and soul,for these tender years,
we owed tboin, he said, enough
to live decently on. In the final
analysis he said the whole mat
tor came back to the tax-payers,
adding that unless something
was done soon we would
not be able to keep what teach?
ers we hud.
The outcome of tho discussion
following Mr. Eusloy's burning
challenge to the good faith of
our citi/.eua, and it was a most
animated and enlightening dis
cussiou us to tho financial meth?
ods employed by tho Town
Council und the present condi?
tion of the Town's ?Dunces, wus
that a committee be appointed
to confer with the School Board,
and then to interview the Fi?
nancial Commilteo of the Town
Council. This committee
consisted of Mr. C. E. Burch
field, Mr. E. J. Preecott,
Mr. R. B. Alsover and tho
president, ?. B. Sayers. The
mooting adjourned directly af?
ter this matter had beeu settled
at about 10.35.
For the next forty years the
American Legion will occupy
the place which the G. A. R.
formerly held. And thank
God, their watchword is "100
Germany has heard of Mr.
Hoover, and will probably be
delighted to meet him.
Pike Road
Across the Mountain to Lynch
Badly Needed.
E. V. Albert, L. A. BilHps
ami Dr. \V. E, Riley, superin?
tendent, division engineer niul
chief surgeon, respectively, of
the United States Coal & Coke
Oonipany at Lynch, ky., wore
visitors to Big Stone (lap on
last Wednesday nftornoon. Those
gentlomen are very much inter?
ested in building a road across
the mountain In connect that
place with Wise Comity ami
say thai the United State- Coal
& Coke Company will build to
the Virginia line whonover Wise
County consents to build its pari
of the road to connect with the
pike at Linden. The coill plant
nt Lynch is one of the largest in
Kentucky and the town now
has a population of soveral
thousand people anil these gentle?
men say it will have fully ten
thousand within the nest live
The io.nl across the mountain
would ho of oro:it benefit not
only to the people of Lynch hut
to this section also ami plans are
now being discussed whereby the
necessary funds can he .tired
to build the road.
The Business Chili of Appn
lachia and the Young .Men's
Cliih of Big Stone (lap, have
both pledged their aupport in
this much necileil project.
Camp for Boys
Camp Kent, Ilm State Y. M.
C. A. Camp for Virginia Boys,
is open about the middle of
Juno accordiiig to an announce'
inent just made at the bead
quarters of the state executive
committee in Richmond. For
several years hoys from all
parts of the state have been
spending two weeks or more of
the bummer vacation; swim?
ming, mountain climbing, Ink
ing, eating, sleeping ami Iii tut?
in the open air al (.'amp Kent.
The Camp is located in Rook
bridge county seven miles from
the world famous XaMtral
Bridge of Virginia. The boys
sleep in wood on huts. They
have their meals in an open pa?
vilion. They swim in a pond
mado by damming Opossum
Creek With ii concrete dam two
hundred foot long, l'nder the
divine; stille there is twelve
feel of witter and the whole
pool covers about an aero.
The Camp is owned and op?
erated by the state executive
committee of the V. M. O. A.
and boys over twelve years of
age are eligible.
Inquiries concerning the
Camp may he addressed to
902 Chamber Commerce Build?
ing, Richmond, Va.
Capture Whiskey.
Oflicers Frank Carter, Mar?
shall Belcher, Isaac Belcher,
P. M. Reasor and Chief Police
Kelly made a raid on the home
of Alpha Sturgill late last Fri?
day night and confiscated twen?
ty one gallons of moonshine
whiskey. The Sturgill woman,
accompanied.by two liieo were
just returning home with a sup?
ply of whiskey in a car and on
arriving at the house they were
urreatotl. They were arraigned
before Mayor llorsley and upon
confessing wore each lined $00
and costs. They were also
bonded to uppear at the next
term of couuty court.
Birth Announcement.
Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Uinther
announce the birth of fine baby
?irl at their home ou lai>t Titos
ay morning in Louisville, Ky.
The little one has been named
Helen Turner Ginther. Mrs.
Uinther was formerly Miss
Mabel'Quillio, of this place, and
is wejl knowu to a large circle
of friends in the Qap.
A Surprise
A Study in Crowd Psychology.!
Tho other night, yen, it was u
week- an? to-day, the Theatre in
town win*crowded, nearly pack?
ed, indeed, with the best people
in the town, too.
You Bee, tho show had been
advertised, and the price had
I.eon raised a little also There
fore the crowd! And curiously
enough every man hud his vife
with hint. This was the the in
foresting feature. Naturally
you would have thought that
Mary Pick ford or even Charlie
Chaplin was playing. At least
it might have boeu a Govern?
ment'.'War Picture." Hut no,
the actors wore not especially
well known, and the govern
incut had no part at all in fea?
turing this interesting movie.
Tho attraction was all in the
name of the show. It was call?
ed "For Husbands Only.*' The
posters showed the actors in the
role of society folks. That wus
enough if not too much for our
good, gossipy towns-people, t >f
course HOIlio were there an they
always are night after night,
but we have tho word of an
authoritative source that there
w, re numbers there who had
not seen the inside of the
theatre for weeks and months
A large majority of people came
to see something, they didn't
know what, but at least some?
thing that would prove interest.
ing, shall WO say from a sug?
gestive point of view.
From Mr. and Mrs. A. to Mr.
and Mrs. E /.., all were there.
The bachelor, too, of high and
low degree. They expected to
see some fun. A few
honest people came to bo bdu
cated or perhaps enlightened
Hut they were few and far be?
tween, no doubt.
Wonder of wonders, it was
the holiest people who woresur
prised and the others, we will
not call their homes, who wero
enlightened und educated.
There were no scandalous seen
es strictly speaking, in fact the
motif of the play was highly
moral, Slid when the spectators
fell that thrill coming on at
certain limes, when they didn't
see how a scandalous scene or a
suggestive word or act could be
avoided, the tables were turned
most naturally, both upon the
villian and upon the spectators
themselves, unexpected though
thin turn of affairs seemed 10
Imagine, then, if you will nil
those worldly ami sophisticated
people of our social set who
were either disappointed or,
and we give them the benefit of
the doubt, who accused them
n lves in their heart of hearts of
being attracted by a Suggest?
ive play. In short the thing
! was a surprise, and a very good
one too, for it revealed tho su
perficinlity of the social and re?
ligious pretention of people thai
like suggestive plays on both
stage and screen alike, and yol
outwardly are horrified, scan.
dali/.ed by ndnncing parson or
a rank socialist.
A mo bit! curiosity charac
teri/.es nil effete civilizations, a
curiosity which shuns disease
and poverty, or feeds then from
tables laden with delicacies,
but at only at a distune.-.
We are proud of being Ameri?
cans, and it is right and proper
that wo would bo proud, bill
j when wo stop and look beneath
! the surface of the people's out?
ward behavior to-day, when we
see condition's alt around us
which aro indicative of decny
and change, of discontent
among the wage-earners, ami
the like we cannot but feel that
our pride liable to precede a
fall. And all this because of
one liltlu incident in a little
town of Southwest Virginia,
an incident, indeed, that is re?
peated wherever a crowd gath
ers to see one of the best little
movies we have seen in a quite
while, "For Husbands (inly."
Grady V. Kelly, formerly of
Gate. Pity, anil at present book
keeper for the United States'
Coal <fe Coko Company, was!
united in marriage to Mi*H;
Nancy McCheaney, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Leo McChesnoy,'
at Bristol 'Thursday. Thoy spent,
Saturday in Gate City the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. S. Lee. >
?Gate City Herald.
Of Wise High School May 29
June 2.
May-29, at 8 :00 p. in. enter?
tainment by tlx* primary ami in?
termediate grades.
May :W, at 8-.HO p. in. pro?
gram, by tiu- Nightingale Liter?
ary Society. One feature will
be a contest in reading for a
medal given by Judge W. 11.
Bond. Tin1 following young
la lies w ill contest for this nieilal :
Misses Helena Sleirip, Nannie
Daugberty, Geneva Blackwell,
K. Richardson, Fay Roberts,
Lillian Swank, Kdmona Swidall
and Let ha Dotsoil.
May HI, at S: Ho p. in. program
by the Phoenix l.iterarv Society.
Debate for medal given by Coiw
gressmiin Slemp,
Resolved: Tlinl our govern
mejit should proceed immediate
ly to own the railroads of the
fount ry :
Affirmative?Itnlph McI.ouinro
?Burns Pulton,
Negative?James Lipps ? Uo
hart Miller.
Contest in declamation for
medal given by Mayor E. L.
Barr. Contestants : Auhrev Kil?
len. Paul Hill, Willie My I ton,
Lance Dots..n, MoOurie Dale,
Uut'u- Fulton mid Winson Rnr
June I, IIa. in. Annual Sor
mon by Dr. Charles C. Weaver,
President of Emory and Henry
June 2, S:80 p, m.graduating
exercises. Literary address by
Prof. William B. Gilbert, of
Bad ford Normal School. Bead?
ing of promotions and awarding
of diploma-. The senior class con?
sists of Misses Id.ih Taylor and
and Kathryn Kilgore, Messrs.
Balph McLemore, Hoheit Miller
and James Lipps.
Major Strong and Wile Visits
Big Stone Gap.
Major Thos. J. Strong, M 0.
II. s. Army, accompanied by his
wife, spent last week in Big
Stone Cap on u visit to Mr-.
Strong's brother, P. Burgess
and family.
Major Strong is an oflicer of
several years experience in the
army and recently returned from
France and Germany with the
Army of Occupation. He help?
ed organize ami train units of
the famous "T-O" (Texas-Okla?
homa) Until Division, and ac?
companied this division to
Prance nearly a year ago, and
was on the Western Front battle
line from August till November
The liuth went over the top
nine times anil was an active
participant in all the grout bat?
tle- from St. Millicl to the tor
rilit- Mouse- Argonno offensive,
including the Bathcville, Sept
?arges, Romagne Parin, Hill 802,
Grand Gare Farms, Cuisy ami
MontfaUCOti battles, and the Ma?
jor was slightly gassed, injured
in the hip, ami has lost part of
a linger, and is thankful to have
escaped worse injuries, as his
units were homed from the air
us well as by high explosive
The personnel of the 90th Di?
vision was composed of inen from
the ranges ami ranches of Texas
ami Oklahoma, ami were noted
for their splendid physique, cour?
age, uiarkmonsliip, ami endur?
ance, and many of these men
are the recipients of the D. S.C.
and other decorations, and the
division has been cited in official
orders, and highly commended
several times for gallantry and
heroism in action, and that it
bore the brunt of heavy lighting
for seventy-four days without re
lief, is shown by its total losses
ami casualties of over MUCO men
and '2115 officers, and capturing
nearly 2000 German prisoners,
vast quantities of guns, ammuni?
tions, stores ami supplier.
The 90th was lighing hard on
the last day w hen it took Stenay,
was promptly mado a part of the
I!rd. or Army of Occupation, and
is now stationed along the Mo
soll?- Uiver, south of Content/ in
Germany, and is booked to re?
turn in June.
"Vet, Mr. President, with all
these wonderful material advan?
tages," - iid Senator 01 nude A.
Swanson when discussing Ameri?
ca's road system in Congress re?
cently, '-it is admitted today
that we have the poorest system
of public roads and highways of
any civilized nat ion*
'?Wo have today, roughly esti
mating, 3,500,000 UI?C8 of high?
way in the United States, ami of
this mileage about 200,000 miles,
or 12 percent, of the total; aro
surface roads. No other civilized
nation possesses such a wretched
condition of public highways.
??With our wonderful energy
display in ovory other field of
human endeavor, w ith our amaz?
ing wealth, there is no justifica?
tion for mich wretched road con?
"Our energy and our money
have been generously expended
in every oilier direction except
in tin' betterment of the high?
"After careful examination
and thoughtful consideration of
this .subject; I am satisfied that
our neglect in this respect hits
beeil one of the greatest misfor?
tunes that has affected u- us a
people ami should lie reminded
?" quickly as possible."
Engagement Announcement
of Interest Here.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Aston,
of Lebanon, Va., announced in
the Bristol Herald Courier last
Wednesday the engagement of
tln ir oldest daughter, Miss Mar?
garet Aston, to Mr. .lames M.
Barker, Jr., son of Col. and Mrs.
.1. M. Barker, Sr., of Bristol.
The wedding will take (dace ;,t
the Aston homo in Lebanon in
Both Miss Aston and Mr. Mar?
ker are well known in the Cap,
having -pent a great deal of
lime here. Miss Aston, the
guest of Mrs. Josh Bullitt, dr.,
who was formerly Mis- Margaret
Pettit, and Mr. Barker having
been the guest of Iii? cousin,
Harry .1. Aycrs, a number of
times in the (lap.
Missionary Meeting.
The Woman's Missionary So?
ciety of the M. E. Church, South,
met in regular monthly session
Thursday afternoon, May 1st, at
the home of Mrs. W. H. Camps,
with thirteen members in at?
tendance. A number of visitors
were present and four new names
were enrolled. Mrs.'I'. .1. Christy,
president, presided. The meet?
ing opened by the singing of the
hymn, "Onward Christian Sol?
diers." Mrs. Christy led in
prayer. Mrs. I. 0. Taylor read
some very interesting extracts
from the "Bulletin," Very
good reports were made by the
officers. Mrs. I. C. Taylor led
the devotional program using for
the Milde lesson versos from the
ninth chapter of Luke. Mr-.
.1. M. Wampler read a very in?
teresting paper: "The Task of
theOlturch,a Present Day Task."
Mrs. T. .1. Christy read : "What
we Have in Brazil, and What
we Propose to do in Brazil."
Mrs. Wren sang a beautiful solo.
??God Will lake Care of Vou."
During the social hour the hos?
tess, assisted by Mrs. W. A.
Baker, Mrs. Grill and Mr-.
Hugh Games served delicious ico
creuni,cake and home-made can?
dies and wo were adjourned to
meet in June with Mrs. J. A.
Mrs. G. C. Honkyci tt,
Supt. Pub.
The farmer has heard the in?
junction to "raise food," and
that is an excellent thing. But
unfortunately the profiteer has
j heard it loo.

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