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The Big Stone Gap Post.
No. 22
Young Men's
Club Discusses
Good Roads
AI Hu- regular weekly uicct
jng n| (he Voting Mon's Ulhb,
l?,|,| ivilli I'"' Mineral Motor
Company ?" '," displnj' room,
Frida) evening at 8:30 last
week tli.- discussion of good
roads "a- most generally in eyi
Build Now.
The ineeiing opened with Mr.
W. II. Wren in tin1 chair. Af
|er ilio reading of tin- minutes
which wi if adopted as road, ami
lite report of tin; treasurer, Mr.
M. K. Oclkiii requested the sec?
retary i" road a letter frnhi tin?
Stun- Lumber Company in an?
swer I" a communication from
.Mi. i ietkin with regard to the
prospects of the'building Bitiiti
linti changing or improving. The
geiu'i'iil impression created by
tin- letter was that, Inking ev?
erything into consideration, tin;
|jfill' to hitihl was now, and that
th,,-, v I.spectcd to build tit
all lind heller begin pretty soon
or it would he too Into to get any
material whatever at a reason?
able price. The letter goes on
In s:iv "Taking the condition of
tin. United States, the demand
that is: hmind to come from Eu?
rope, und the over-iiicreasihg
scarcity ahd high price of st unip
age, together with the increased
freighl rates, increased labor and
every I hi ng along the lino increas?
ed, u.. feel absolutely sure that
the man who waits for lower
prices will in till probability
spend In- d iys in his old house."
Good Roads.
V re] m t from Mr.i'. E. Biirch
lield spoke of the extremely eii
Ijuisirt lie meeting in Appalachiu
TlhirsiUiy evening last, under the
ttibpices of the Appalnchiu Ittisi
.;- Club which Tans been orgah
izetl t.' promote the building of
gool roads throughout the coun?
ty, I.i:t especially a road over
tin- mountain to Lynch, Ken?
Dr. U. \V. Holly, Mr. S. 8.
hri?,k-and Prof. II. L. Sulfridge
being present from Appalachin
Ihore was considerable lull; of
the rund to Kentucky and a
cumihitl.if live was appointed,
??iuris!ing of Messrs, It. 15. Also
wr, II. K. Pox, I). 15. Snyres,
?h VV, fJImlkley, ami General
?. A. Avers In co-operate with
the club at Appalachiu in oh
laining all the. data with regard
to ftiid lielp to engineer this road.
School Report.
Mr. Durchfielt) reported a
UlOSl pleasant anil satisfactory
meeting with the School Board
fl which their plans wore care?
ful!) outlined and discussed.
Dr. -I. W. Kelly then stated
I? the meeting the Tacts of the
rase a- they stood, and that a
substantial advance had been
made over Inst year. The sit?
uation seemed to be a consider?
able improvement over last year
"I'd all present felt lite best had
been done thai could he done at
Iho present time.
In closing, the ineeiing heard
i lotter rend hy Mr. J. M. Good
loe with regard to the govern?
ment appropriation for the state
"t \ irginia to improve her road
Ways und create new ones Mr.
cil>"dloe then dwelt upon the
needs of the state and, in espe
e"?'i of our county for good
roads, saying that now was the
time to get those roads built.
He sin ted the immediate heed
for calling an extra session of the
legislature of the state, and the
secretary was urged to, in writ?
ing, endorse the .-ailing of this
extra session and also Mr. Good
loo's ellorts in I he past as in the
present towards promoting g.)(11l
roads in this state, and to subjoin
the names of every member of
the club as being in favor of the
extra session which endorsement
is to he sent onto the committee
of the legislature. The meeting
adjourned at In j20.
Community League Notes.
The League held its moiithlv
meeting Monday, May 12th at
I o'clock in the school building.
Mrs. Irvine called the i.ting
to order. The minutes of the
previous meeting were read ami
approved. The year's report of
the standing committee-: vvns
then given by each individual
chairman. Mrs. .1. W. Ohalklcy
was appointed chairman of the
Health ami .Sanitation Committee
Mr-. F. I'!, (ioodloe. resigning.
The time id' monthly meeting
was discussed ami the first Fri?
day of every month voted for.
Then followed the election of
officers for the ensuing year,
which are as follows.
President, Mr-. I). It. Sayers.
1 -o vice-president, Mrs. it. T.
2nd vice-president j Mis- Van
?! order.
Uecorditig .secretary ? Mrs.
1'ioetor Brown.
Treasurer?Mrs. Owens.
Mrs. Ralph Tagg?rt was ap?
pointed chairman of membership
committee; Prof. Easley pre?
sented to ns the following re-o.
lilt ion :
Resolved?That we the pa
rents of llig Stone tiap school
children, recognizing the inade
([iiency of the salaries paid pltr
teachers, and earnestly desiring
our presonl standard of efficiency
at least, he maintained, most
urgently recommended to tile
town council (he increase of 20
per cent, the current appropria?
tion for teachers' salaries for
l iiJ.1)-1?20.
This rcsloution was favorably
voted upon, and a committee ap?
pointed to visit the town coun?
cil at their next meeting, joint?
ly with a committee from the
Young Men's Club. This com?
mittee consists of Mrs. .1. I.. M>
C'ormick, Mrs. Atsovcr ami Mrs.
j K. K. lioodloe.
Camp Fire Girls go to Clinch -
i A number id' the Camp Fire
'Girls chajieroneil by their guar?
dian. .Mis- Edna Catron, went
over to Cliiichport last Friday
aftemnoil, where they gave the
play, "The old Maid's Conven?
tion," in the school building at
Cliiichport Friday night for the
benefit of the Camp Fire Chili.
After spending the night at
the residence of Mr. 0. Pride
more, the girls horded the train
Saturday morning for the Natur?
al Tunnel, where they spent the
day picnieing. They cooked
their breakfast and lunch over
camp fires from the provisions
which they carried from home.
They returned to their homes
Saturday night, a tired but hap?
py set of girls.
Those in the parly were :
Misses Edna Catron, Juauita
Taylor, Louise Cox, Mae Slemp,
Georgia Beaton, Bonns Catron,
Ruby Jenkins, Helen Carico,
linth Barron, Lucilc am! Irene
Draper, Clara Dowell, Polly Kel?
ly ami Nora Vouell.
T. H. Pugh and L. B. How?
ard were in Norton and Wiso
last Friday on business. While
in Nortou Mr. Pugh handed his
resignation to Thomus Andrews
and Company to take effect in
thirty days from that date. He
has uccoplod a position with
the Mineral Motor Company, of
Big Stone Gap. ? Appahichia
Electric Mail
The business of the country in
now seriously hampered by an
utterly inadequate postofHco
Bervice, hot due to lack of ef?
ficiency, but to demands willl
which even increased equip
ment und efficiency could not
keep up. A similar condition
in Kurland required three years
to Kel order out of chaos.
A new postofHco service is
now available which, if adopt?
ed by the authorities,will large?
ly relieve this condition. It is
the Electric Mail. This service
handles the letter or card at
both ends by the postofHco just
as letters and cards are handled
now, but tin.ntentsure trans?
mitted by wire between termi?
nal postollices, Tin' Electric
'Mojl is the lust word in postof
lice service, as practical)} all
other means of transmission
but the wire urn now in use.
The Electric .Mail will use the
Telepost system of Automatic
Uapid Telegraphy. This new
service is possible because of
the generul ettlciency and espe?
cially the word carryingcnpacil ??
of the Telepost System -l,Oi)0
words per minute on one wire.
How it Works.
Write u letter, put it in nu
envelope. Beat it, write ."Kloo
trie Mail" on the outside und
atlix 26c in postage stamps for
the Iii st 50 words or less, with
5c for each additional 10 words
or less.
(let tbe letter lo the postollico
just as you would any other
letter, USilig the rural delivery
mail box, the street corner box,
or th.ail chute in your build.
illg. If you save time, send it
directly to the postoftico.
In the postollico the stamps
are cancelled, the contents of
the letter wired t<> the distant
city, there typewritten, put inj
an envelope. Bottled, properly I
addressed and delivered by car?
rier or put in postoftico box or
geh?rnt delivery, as any other
If lo words will servo your
need write In words on a card,
and attach in cents in postage
stamps all else same as for
lo cents additional SeCltroH
special delivery for either leitet
or card.
This sei vice will m.-nii that
you and your correspondent,
hundreds orevon thousands ol
miles apart, can exchange SI or
4 or more let ters it cards during
the business hours of a single
day, as train time between
cities, bugging, huulingj etc.,
uro all eliminated.
Postolfice Savings.
If adopted the Electric Mail,
while lidding to postollico rev?
enues, will lessen poBtoflice
woik, as it will do away with
the trouble and expense of put?
ting mail into bags ami taking
it out of bags, hauling bags be
tween the postollices and rail?
road, and the cost of transpor
tution. Also carrier service at
one or both ends will be saved,
as a large proportion of the let?
ters will be sent directly to the
postoftlce and many at the re
coiving end placed in postollico
boxes or in general delivery;
Telepost Proposition.
The Telepost is ready to han?
dle the wire service of the Klee
trio Mail ua above outlined.
The Telepost will pay the
usual rental for wire and space
to he provided by the postoflicc.
The postollico will retain -
All fees paid for special deliv?
ery, ;i cents for each letter, ami
2 cents for each card, turning
overy the balance to the Tele?
The Electric Mail Means.
For the Postolfice:
Ease and nominal expense of I
introduction, less labor for em j
ploy es, no change in presontl
pOHloflice methods, no new I
methods to be learned, Bamol
fees as now received for first
class mail, but fur less work,
increased revenues:
(u) Savings on present tlrst
class mail transferred to Elec?
tric Mail;
(b) Keceipta from new busi-l
neas that will bo created by this;
For (he Public:
A new service almost as!
speedy ae u telegram, costing'
but little innre IhUn n special'
delivery letter; giving cnnve
nience, speed, low coat atid gen?
eral ellloiency.
Example: ?O-word telegram,
New York to Chicago, i>2.0Q; >'0
words by Electric Mall, New
York to Chicago, "J'> ecus.
If the Electric Mail Borvice
nppoitlR tu you uh I'esirable,
write to your Congressmen urg
iag its adoption.
Y. W. C. A. Holds Enthusiast?
ic Meeting.
The regular weekly meeting
of the Y. NY. < I. A. oil Friday
evening last was u must interest?
ing and enthusiastic one, in spite
of the dilllculty encountered in
getting the stercopticon views
proporly foetissed upon the
After the pictutes, which
were illustrative of the work of
the Hod fioss in the devastated
countries of Europe, the inter?
est ol the evening turned upon
a discussion as to the best place
in which to meet, since it had
been decided, on a vote, to give
up the rooms in the Polly build?
ing, owing to I ho renovations
which will soon be tinder way in
that building'.
It was decided that for the
present at any rale the V. \V.
would meet, after next Friday,
on I he si,lt. porch of the Tour
aihe which, thanks to the gener?
osity of one of its member, Miss
lloltoti. they would have free of
rental and which it is expected
will In- far more accessible as
well as comfortable and Conve?
nient than the present tpiartors.
Before the close of the meet?
ing Miss Maty Fritysbr gave a
ni'osl interesting talk on the pos?
sibilities of the members of the
Y. W. conducting social work in
the mining camps in the form of
a Girls' Club which would enlist
the services of two niciubcrs,one
night a wool; in leading the (
young girls of thC camps in
gatin-s and recreational activities,
.Alis- Friiyscr then demonstrated
hoi point by playing several
most hilarious games with the
members present/, and tin- moot?
ing closed to moot in-xt Friday
evening to have a "tacky party,"
Mothers Club Invests in War
Savings Stamps.
Mothers throughout the fifth
Federal Reserve District are
advised to think in interest hv
the Federation of Mothers'
(Hubs of Virginia. The sugges?
tion has been made that all or
gunizatione of mothers which
have invented in Liberty Bonds
to convert the coupons, when
duo, directly into Thrift Stamps
and War Savings Stamps. The
Federation of Mot bars' (.Tubs of
Virginia, which holds a h?ll)
bei of bonds, ban directed its
treasurer to invent the coupons
in Thrift and War Savings
Stamps as they become payable.
The Federation has sixteen di
visions and each is being Urged
to take similar action, anil, be.
cause the plan appeals to the
Fed a ratio ii as good business, it
is advising all other organiza?
tions of mothers in the district
those that hold Liberty Bouds
?tu make their interest cou?
pons earn more interest, by re?
investing them in Wur-Sayings
Those iu charge of the War
Savings movement view the
mothers of the United States is
constituting oui) of thu most
potent factors for thrift. The
mother, it is urged, is able to
inculcate in the child the Idea
of systematic saving and can
accomplish results diflicult of
attainment by others. The for?
mal action of the Federation of
.Mothers' IMubs of Virginia is
therefore very gratifying, for it
not only lends endorsement to
the savings movement but
gives it substantial assistance,
particularly as many of the
women tire expected to do as
individuals what they voted to
do as Federation members.
University of Virginia
Head of Public School System i f Virginia
Department ilcprrseiiteil
t 'ollego.Oradc*te,L*w^Medioioe Hushing
Loan funds available U>,deserving llu-j
?luhtn. $10 covers all cost* tu Virginia '
atildenta in the Academic Departments j
Sefitl for catalogue. Howard Wlntton,
Registrar, University, Va.
Protestant Episcopal Church.
Kcv. K. \V. Ultat In Charge.
Sunday school at in :0t).
Holy Communion at 11 :00,
Rev. K. A. Rich olliciating.
?'Ho ascended into Heaven."
This is what you and 1 be?
lieve. As to the form of this
ascension wo have no exact and
certain knowledge other than
the symbolical language of the
New Testament furnishes us.
Rut let us not bicker over tIn?
form of the ascension, for it is
the spirit and teaching of all
glich Statements of fact that it is
essential to grasp first. Wo
must remain content, its we do
every day of our lives, with the
knowledge in our own limited
experience of natural phenome?
na. The leaching of this phase
of the Christian life is this, most
of us will agree.
The exit from this life i> one
of dissolution of the ho lily stale.
Jesus' departure partook of this
dissolution but in a way which
was intended to point out to us
that death in bodily, fleshly
guise is only a step, a stage ill
the progress of the human soul.
He left us in a manner which
le.nl- us all to hope and believe
that there is mote in store for
0- than mere bodily disolllttioii.
Otherwise what is the hope of
life".' Is it merely to eat. drink
.nid be merry; to accumulate
goods : to improve social and
other conditions; and then to
leave everything to rot and de?
cay : to make and unmake char?
acter with no hope thai character
will see even better .lav- and
find its fiiltilment in a better, a
more well ordered, a more cer?
tain state of being than flesh ami
blood knows of? '
No, the hope of life, of living
is more than mere meat and
drink, more than mere die-sing
and undressing day and night,
more than mere planning and
plotting and scheming to get the
better of our neighbor in a deal,
the hope of life which leads li?
on and on and up, and ever near?
er to the kingdom, or better,
democracy of heaven, i- the hope
thai all our efforts upon this
earth for good will liiitl fruit i
tiou some dav, some how, in
closer contact, in nobler, innre
Uplifting, more purify ing know l?
edge of (iod.
'I'he Ascension of the Christ
tenches us that this our hope is
not in vain, and thai we mii-t
wait, yes, and work now and in?
stantly', on the watch all the
time, for and toward the attain?
ment of and preparation for the
Day, that day of all days in
which he shall come again to
judge the world. We must he
common-sense, we must be ra?
tional and we must be patient
with our present ignorance as to
how those things ure coining
about, hut we must live in hope
and not live in Rcoril or unbe?
lief of what we do not know liv?
er through our actual sensory ex?
perience. This is a vision of
hope. Where there is no vision
the people perish._
Elect Good Officials.
i )ii Juno Huh Rig Stone Oap
will elect town officials consist?
ing of a mayor, sergeant, treas?
urer and six council men, for the
government of the town's a (fairs
lot the next two years, and it is
necessary, for the good of the
town that the very best men
available be elected to these po?
sitions. It is very important
that a good council be elected
ami we understand that up to
the present only two men have
announced their intentions of
running, vi/.: W..I. Rodgors and
Win. Noel. I'he candidates for
mayor are : W. .1. llorsley, the
present incumbent; W. 'I'. Hud
gens and Capt. Henry Taylor.
For sergeant, .Marshal Reicher,
Charles Mahan and 1*. M. Reasor,
and for treasurer, P. II. Ken?
nedy and W. R. Btinti.
Virginia Military Instituto
Loxin? ton. Vlrttlnln
The board ?f ?Idlart,at Ikali Ai.uu.il M<.'..(,,?
.he 1Mb of MM June, ..ill .ip)..1111 STATS
CAURTS I? till vacaadM in the ,.,.!. i.J, ;u.,
?Sth, nth, jMh, oih, ii.th Senatorial DiMrktt
in.) four m AI i.Altiil.. ThtM appnlnlm? ii
tarn fr?a hoard and tuition. ., i .. itl.in, ?S..uia
Im j.1.1" s.e.1 lo ihr na '.<? lo^ne.l M ,.r before lime
loth, on forms tbll mil l.e MM ul-.n lequr.t
M E. W. NICHOLS, iii.pt.
Hon. S. L. Luptoo, chairman,
Executive Committeo, Virgin
ui (lood Roads' Association^
Richmond, Virginia.
Dear Sir:?
1 have received the resolu?
tion adopted by the Executive
Committeo of lue Virginia Good
Roads Association urging Unit
I call a special sessiou of tho
General Assembly of Virginia
"to consider making adequate
provisions lo moot a part of the
Koderul aid for road construc?
tion now available and to ho
made available during the year
After careful consideration I
have concluded not to call the
(ienor.il Assembly in extraord?
inary session. It is proper for
mo to way. hoyvever, that should
the members of the Legislature
differ from me in the conclusion
at which I have arrived that
such extraordinary session is
not necessary to tho public wel?
fare! UllU shall, in the exercise
of their constitutional authori?
ty, convene the General Assem?
bly in extra suasion, I shall
cheerfully and earnestly CO
oporato w tth them.
Yours very truly ,
I Signed i W r.s i MoicKI.A.sn D.v \ I",
Delightful Dance at Stonega.
The boys of Stonega gave nib
other on,-of their delightful hill
formal dances in the dance hall
at Stohega last Thursday even?
ing from night-thirty to two
o'clock a. tn.
Wutkins .lazj! Orchestrti, of
Blucliulil, W Va., furnished
splendid music for the dancing
all during the evening with I he
exception of one intermission at
twelve o'clock when delicious
sandwiches and hoi codec were
A large crowd attended Ibis
enjoyable lill'ilir from the Slir
rouuding towns of Rpdii, Osaka,
Appiilacliia, Norton, Black
wood, Dim bar, Ionian, Kcnkeo
and Big Stone <lap.
Those from liig Stone Gap who
motored up to the dance were:
Misses Janet Bailey, Doris
Warner, Adelaide L'ettit, Bulb
Prescolt, Margaret und Christine
Miller, Mrs. K. W. Lewis.
I Messrs. W. r. Shuiik, Hob
Christian, T. I. Can troll, Curtis
Bobbins, .lame- Bellamy, Byron
Rhoads, Ernest Heining, (luv
Patrick, Kreil Smith, Major
I W. A. Stuart and Lieut. George
Deputies Wounded in Moon?
shine Raid.
Norton, Va., May 2!J.? Depu?
ty Collectors B. W. Gardner ami
II. O. Stull/., members of a raid?
ing parly, were wounded acut
here today when mome-lnncrs
!tired upon tin- revenue ollicers
from umbush. Their lire was
returned, hut it is not known
whether any of the nioonshliters,
who tied were hit. Gardner and
Stull/, will recover.
Dr. R. O. Bray has bought a
controlling interest in the liner.
I moot Drug Company and has
been made presiilont and gen
oral manager of the concern.
With the exception of eight
months spent in the army, Dr.
Bray has been connected with
this drug company since 1917,
'ami by hard work and close np>
plication to business be has
established a good and growing
business. We. predict for him
much success in his line of bus.
loess. He is a young man of
ability and energy and desurvta
success. ? Appalachia Progres?
j At a recent meeting of the
Norton Athletic Association,
C. FI. Dickey, of the Old Do?
minion Power Company, was
elected president, and already
tho organization is astir with
new life. Plans are being work?
ed out for a gigantic fourth of
July celebration, anil Mr. Dick
oy is now in Cincinuatti and
other points for the purpose of
aeuriug tho greatest attractions
I that can possibly bo had, and
I interest in thu coming event is
j mounting higher. ? Norton Coal
1 Hold Progress.

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