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I'll K V.'.r, STONK CAT I'OST.
\VKi)NKSI.)AY, AlKS. 18, 1910
'?nl.lin.hisl Mrrr/ Wcliuv.Uy In- the
LINDSEY J. MORTON. As?-t Erilter
Oi.u Your, - - - ?I SO
SI. Month! . .75
Ttireil Montlin, - .-IO
ICntared tccortttnc lo postal regnlntioiui j
?I tllO pOSl-OfllCa :>t I *.: i- StOIIO < l?p HS ?CC
Ullll.?lfttfl UlAll.T
Too Many Irons.
'I'lir packers :ii">' now lioiiij?
bin mod for llio price of meat,
ami tin* usual roiiictly is. demand?
ed. The government must take!
over Hie packing industry.
Tjic government took over the
railroads, mid iiltliougli ii suc?
ceeded in making the railroads
poor, il also iimde the shipping
public poor. Au v one w li" dis?
likes (In- puckers enn feel ipiite
happy iihoilt Hint. And. ns far
ns this paper i- concerned, Hint .
uiiiy liappeii any t iiue, anil wel-1
conic. We slioiild worry tilioul
whnl happens lu I ho puckers; we
aren't in the inn-king business;
Hut while tin' government i
making the puckers poor, will ii
make us any richer? That is
what ive want to know. Will it
Hinke our meat cheaper','
If (lie packers have conspired
to jackscrew prices up, so as to
llecco Iii?' [Mlblic, Wf don't mere?
ly want to sec I hem impoverish?
ed. We want to see them ruin?
ed?pauperized. Hut t!ii- i- n
matter for accountants. If they
have done m>, we can easily lind
it out by investigating the ledg?
Investigation- up t o date
merely indicate that the packers
make a small profit, hut that the
turnover i s large?in n word,
thaP the high prices is due to
the high wages paid to employ?
ees, and to tin.t of transpor?
tation; for which we really par
the government, future investi?
gations may tell udill'crcul tale;
hut wc should ask lor more
proof before we ask the govern?
ment to seize the packing houses.
It i- a highly specialized in?
dustry, needs a lifetime ' i expe?
rience to leant, and i- very deli?
cately Organized. The govern?
ment know- nothing about it.
and would begin as an iinyilour,
with everything to learn. In a
few months it would dislocate
the organization, and by dissM
pitting it- energies instead of
concent rating them it would de
velopo ruinous expenses which
I he consumer would have lode
I Rexo Films
raj to fit all makes of
Cameras and Kodaks
are the best.
M Developing and Printing
El A Specialty.
El =====
I Mutual Pharmacy 1
El j|J
Fine Groceries
come on ii(n supply truck every day to take their
places on our shelves ami await the particular pur?
Our Kxtra lfiiic Brands include everything in <>ur
stuck from pic-plant to pickles.
Our measures .ire honest anil our prices bashful, Be?
cause they feel they account lor so little in the world.
Hut?-Our Customers?they arc what count, arc al?
ways satisfied with goods anil service. |oin the
ranks of good breakfasL dinner ami supper makers.
S5i?j>; Stone O?V O .
Lee Baptist Institute
is under the auspices of the Home Mission
Board and the Powell River Baptist Associa?
tion, but liberally patronized by other denom?
?i *y *ti Pupils the past yeai of whom 7: were in llighl
JL / \? School Department. We had 70 boarding pupils.
The school employs 8 teachers. The l?cst possible .} year
High School course is arranged. Excellent course in music,
college trained teachers.
All Charges Reasonable.
Kali term begins August 19, 1919, school year <> months.
Brick buildings, rice trie lights, and Girl's home heated by
steam and water in buildings. For further information write
CHAS. H. UTLEY, Principal.
fray in Iii?' increased cos! of
j meat.
It would bo an excellent thing
if the government could handle
all staple industries. If it could,
liul it will have to learn how
iir?t, and during its apprentice?
ship tl.xperts must he kept
close at hand to show how econ?
omics . an grow "lit of systemnj
I i/inj.';
The Impending Storm.
Profiteering tuny yet he the
undoing of this country. No
nation ever is greater than the
government it maintains, and
if the government does not Con
serve the interests of the people
the people in time lose COIlfi
deuce in that form of govern"
The greatest crime in the
historv of our country is that
of profiteering, wholesale and
deliberate robbery "f a helpless
Prices have heen artificially
forced to such a hinli altitude
that it is bccblliitig more and
more difficult for a poor person
to even sustain life
'fin- law of supply and de?
mand no longer prevails. It
has I.i substituted by one of
gougu a id grab.
Already many people, men
and wone u of sound and pat
riotic principles, are predicting
revolution as the only means
of checking Ibis wholesale and
lawless thievery.
i ?nr government should take |
Warning while there is yet lime.
Protection 6 f profiteering
should cease at once, and pros?
ecution should bo swift ami
We can not all'ord to have our
great country ?vre? ked upon the
rock of greed and avarice. And
yet today, because of the supine
inactivity of our nubile olliciuls,
we an' hutldilig si right toward
The government should heed
tin- impending storm, before it
is too lad' to prepare to meet
'Heart oi flic Hills" by John
Fox, Jr., in the Movies.
By the way, Mary Pick ford
has selected her third ami last.
H'irsi .National Photoplay and
is now completing her contract
with that concern. The story
is John Pox, .11 ,'s ''The Heart
of the Hills." In il Mis.s Pick
ford will he seen with a east
which will include A l>. Seats
as leading man. Miss Betty
Him ton, Juck Gilbert and liar
old Goodwin, Sidney franklin
is the director. The heart of
the Sierra Nevada mountains
has boon invaded for the |oca
lions. Upon (he conclusion of
this photoplay. Miss Pickford
will start work on her lirst
United Artists production This
will either he "Pollyanna" or
"Hop o' My 'rhumb."?? Prom
Photoplay Magazine
They say, however, that thei
devil is much concerned over I
the future of Iiis realm. Ho
has ii ? place vile enough for a
Presidential bees are again
buzzing nrouug looking for the
entrance lo the official hive.
We suspect, however, ttint Home
of them are only bumblebees.
Business on a Boom.
\V. ti. Coutts, the plumber,
report* the heating business is
mi a boom and the past week he
lias landed SOUIC nice business.
The heating job for the new
commisary at Ihinhur runs into
log money.
The heating plant for Mr.
George I.. Taylor's new house is
to he hot water using Peerless
pattern radiators.
Mr. Ooutts ha? gold I pipeless
heating jobs so far this season
and hopes to handle a car load
this fall. II. healers cost
hut one third of ho' water and
are ruliy guaranteed to give as
good service ?tlltl do il on less
Mr. Cootts does business on a
llat I" per cent, basis, so no one
can make nil excuse for high
cosli of heating in Big Stone
I To Knoxville and Back the
Same Day.
I Wo understand that arrange
moots have been made between
the Southern and Louisville &
Nashville Railroads that per
[sOIIS desiring to go to Knoxville
lean d>. so and return the same
Slav, with a stay of about live
hours in that city. By leaving
on Hie early morning train over
the L. A- N. connection is made
at Cumberland (lap,,with a mar?
gin of lorly minutes lor the Hain
lor Knoxville, arriving in that
city about eleven o'clock. lie
turning the train leave- Knox?
ville about hair o'clock and
makes connection at Cumber?
land Cap with the L. ?v N.j
which arrives here about nine
A baseball leuin composed of
Big Stone Cap und keokee
! players under the leadership of
Dan Richmond, of Ewing, went
over to Lynch, Ky. Sunday and
tackled the strong team at that
place and won by the close
score of 2 tod. Kelly, of Kitr
Sinne' Cup, pitched for the
visiting team, allowing tin;
Lynch hitters only live hits.
The Kentucky pitcher only al?
lowed foui hits, but they were
bunched in the seventh inning
which accounted for the two
Kir.it Lieutenant Henderson
N. Horsley. who returned from
service in France about ten
days ago, is in town this week
visiting his father, Mayor \V.
.1. Horsley. He will return to
i'amp Cordon, Ca., Sunday
where he expects to be mus?
tered out of service soon, lie
brought back several interest?
ing relics of the recent war.
K. K. Tale, is in receipt of a
valuable present from the
Osaka people, where In- has
been superintendent for several
years. A handsome (told filled
Howard watch was presented
bun upon leaving for Stoncga,
where be takes up the position
as Superintendent, which place
was held by C. 0. 1 hilly for
many years, who recently
A party of young people car?
ried a victrola in a sack to the
High Knob Saturday evening
ami bail one great time dancing
in the apauious reception room
it tin- Inn. The young folks
observed Sunday school hour
by reading a Sunday sermon in
a newspaper which they also
found in the sack with the vic?
trola, and after a pleasant af
lemoon descended to the city.?
Crawford's Weekly.
Judge Preston W. Campbell,
of Abtngdou, passed through
Cate City Sunday afternoon en
route to Wise to hear a case for
Judge 11. A. W. Ski ell in which
tin- town of Coeburn seeks to
enlarge its territory. The Judge
was in tine spirits and wan in
company with President Wil?
son's brother-ill law,Mr. Maury,
of Pin Stone Cap, Va.?Gale
City Herald.
Miss Jess McCorkle, who
spent a couple of weeks \ isiting
friends in the (lap, left Tues
duy for Nora, where she will
spend a few days with home
folks, before returning to
Washington, where she holds a
position in the navy depart?
K C. Buck, who conducted
a handle factory am) who until
recently conducted a broom
factory in Pig Stone Cap, while
silting at his typewriter at Iiih>
home in Norton on last Friday
evening was stricken with
heart failure ami died before
any medic.?! attention could In
given, lie has no relatives
except a wife in this country
ami was v'eiy well known, hav?
ing made his home at Norton
foi some years
Klbort King, who is employed
as a lineman with the Electric
Transmission Co. hen-, while on
a pole last Wednesday cut the
wires loose from the pole in
front of the Smith Hardware
Company causing the pole to
fall, catching Ins font, breaking
a bone in his ankle and other?
wise injuring his leg.
Dwelling house, six rooms,
basement.and healing plant, on
Kast First street, "hear the park
32-a:J II. K Vox & Co.
W. W..Taylor, chairman of
the Street Committee, will re?
ceive bids for repair and con
struction of the road from the
bridge to the town limits in
the Cap. ? adv.
THURSDAY (Tomorrow)
I "Till I Comeback
To You"
A war play without the horrors <>f war; a picture ||
in which the war is treated .from an entirely new
angle, and in which thought enters largely.
See thi: "sappers" painfully tunneling their way |l
to the Hint lim s; see the liquid lire featuie. See the ^1
wonderful portrayal of the King <>f Belgium and per
feet ion of the scenes wherein he and his advisors arc!
Set this great and sincere picture that lias
come out
f the Great Conflict.
10 and 20 cents, war tax included
Ex-president Taft disguised his identity and
purchased one of the New Big-Six Studchakci au?
tomobiles. Lhterjit was found out who the pur
chaser was. If Mr. Taft can ride comfortably in
one of the laic model Studehakers, can't you/
With its perfected 6o horsepower motor you
may loaf along at two miles an hour, or, in an in?
stant, speed up to a mile a minute. A perfectly
balanced chassis of 126 inch wheelbasc insures
comfort at all speeds. Especially restful are the
hand bluffed, genuine leather cushions, laid in at?
tractive French plaits. .
Standard equipment includes cord tires, shock
absorbers, Gypsy top. silver facial speedometer,
anietcr and jeweled 8-day clock, glove box in hack
oi front seat, and extension tonncaii lamp.
For Further Particulars, Apply to
Woods-Bailey Motor Go
How many times have you had tires
nxod only to have them "give out" 011
the very first trip?
Our vulcanizing' outfit enables us to
fix blow-outs end weaK spots tn &
way that usually mahos them even
stronger than, the rest of the tire.
Poor repair worh on tires is ulti?
mately the most expensive. Unless
the weah part Is properly strength
. ened, there is ltholy to be another
blow-out soon that may ruin the tire
Just give us a trial and we will
show you that our prices are low and
that we can turn your worK out
? -v. f/vumi-am.j..-- .)
CHTnt Morrison, ~ Big Stone Gap

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