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J. A. MORRIS, - Big Stone Gap, Va.
ClintWood, Va., .inly SI.?To
llio People ??f Wise nuil Dickon
smi (',einlies;
I Iiiivo llio honor of represent
iiiK'. or ai least trying tu repre
sollt, in tlit- Mouse ol Delegates
of Virginia's greatest Icgislu
live district. My district is the
grelllest in several respects.
We huve in this threat nioiin
til ill district, Itl the very least
flftj thousand ami I believe
sixty thousand people We
huve iha greatest coal produe
in? district in Ilm state Wu
have, outside of the cities, till)
largest tax paying district in
I ho state, ami last hut not least !
IVO have the greatest gooil roads
district III the slate. I am very
proud of my ({real district, as I
have a right to he, und I never
miss an opportunity to express
this lo others. The being ?int
largest tax paying district! out?
side of the cities, ami in- great?
est good roinls district, those
two subjects are H special in
teiest In us.
A special session i f the (.ich
oral Assembly of Virginia has
been called to meet at Kich
moiid on August 23th, 1019, for
the purpose of raising revenue
initliii.in to ii.t the recent
Federal appropriation for good
roinU in yirgini?. Under the
Federal Act several million dol?
lars Uro appropriated but of the
Federal treasury for roads m
this state, provided the state
appropriates an equal amount
The state docs not have funds
at present to meet this gift from
the government, hence the Leg
isluturo is called into bxtraOrdi
uni t session lo raise the money.
This revenue can It.- raised in
mil* one wa\ luxation; It is
proposed by the advocates of
good roads to double the Ii -en so
tux on automobiles, ami make
nn additional 16 ceni levy on all
other classes of property in the
slate, which, it is claimed, will
produce sufllcicnt revenue to
meet the Federal appropriation.
I have in the four years thai I
have served in I ho Senalc, and
in the two \ ears i n
t Ii e House of I i. legates
of Virginia, found uil incliua
lion, I am sorry to say. from
some others, from other parts
of the state, to place undue bur
dens on our people, in the way
of taxes, und I fear that in ibis
instance we may lind sonui of
tin- members of the legislature
lr,.iu the other parts 01 the Hute
again inclined to try to burden
us with loo much of ibis in?
crease in taxes,
The Slale Highway COUUIUS
sinner has had published till
roads he expected lo improvi
with the federal and state moii
<?>, ami the part of those roods
in the two counties of Wise and
Diekenbon being the pan of tin
Graham anil Cumberland Cap
road, which pusses through Si.
Paul, Coeburn, Norton.and Big
Stone Cap, and tin- JCoebllrn.
l?liutwood und Gruiidy roud.
[There would bu iiiimii (Iii miles
|?f Ulis stale Incjiwav in iliCHe
! two counties, of which nboiil
.'?"> miles would bo in Wiho conn
ty,mid ist? 111 Dickenson. The
phtii of,the .siaic Highway Cun
inisaioner is |o construe! three
classes Of l oads w lltull ai U class
ed A, 15 and U and the commis?
sioner has planned t.> const< net
1701 miles <d? class A roud, l'l!)8
notes of t'lass It inad, and 717
miles ui class U road, making u
total of !b)0G mile.-, ol mad. Mr.
lUoorgo I*. Coleinu i, the state
highway commissioner has de?
scribed these several classes .'I
ruads as follows:
"CltlSH A roads ate now cur
ryine, heavy trallic and those
winch we buvu every reason tu
believe will become heavy uaf
lie when properly constructed.
I have included in this class
sume roads which should ill!"
ilollbledlv lie lie hided in ell)
It, hut owing 10 their peculiar
location I liuve chissitied with
the class A roads, since then
Consu not ion its class A roads
v, nihi i. it in- greater than the
cost, oi c.ass li construe
tton i n (hut locality. I
realize, ol course, that this is a
question which is dillicull of
solution, and in innuy mst uicos
will require very careful in?
vestigation to determine defi?
"Class Broads are those ruads
which are now carrying, or
which after having been prop?
erly unproved will curry nie
ditllll trallic, the larger percent
m{e of which will tu- sott wheel
"t 'lass C roads are those roads
over which the number of ve?
hicles pausing in twenty tour
hours is Kniall, although u tan
percentage, of these vehicles
may he classed nit heavy trallic.
Also sections of road through
the more or less undeveloped
sections Hie Inline trallic of
W Inch it is dillicull at tills time
I., i stimate.
"Class A rotulu shall he paved
for a width Of from 16 to 120
feet, with from :t to ,"> foot shoul?
ders, and constructed of granite
bl?uk or spalls, brick, asphalt,
concrete and mixed bituminous,
concrclti foundations to bp pluc
??d where necessary. I In- fust
of these will vary from jdil.OOUj
to j>27,000 per mile
"ChlStJ It roads shall he paved
for a width ol from 1J to 15
feet with from :t to .'? foot shoul- .
de's, and shall be constructed
of mixed bituminous, penetra?
tion and surface treated macad?
am. The cost win vary from
$7,500 to ^iiSiOOU pet mile
I "Class U roads shall be paved
for a width of not less than t'J
feet, possibly in a few instances
up to 15sfeel in width, with
from 3 to t'. fool shoulders, and
constructed with surface-treat
ed macadam, gravel and soil
Tin) cost will vary from ; i 0 I f
to $s,0i>o per mile. A groat
deal of care ijbould bo oxorolsod
in detorininlng the width of the
grading for these road, parti
Icnlurly in the undeveloped boc
' lions "
< >i ilu" 10 mill's ?>f road we get
i in these two bounties, according
!ln tin- plan of Ihr Stute High
' way Commissioner, 2s miles
will lie ?>| class A road', and (52
miles class i; road.
(lie part of this road that will
be class A toad will bp from
[CoObllrii; by Norton to llig
Stniio (lap.
Southwest Virginia, which
properly includes the IU coun?
ties in the Ninth congressional
district, ami also the counties
ol U ray son and Carroll, making
l.'r counties in all. which lie
west of New River, does not
apjlear to have been given its
due portion of class A roads.
All of class A roads in these to
I counties being 4 1 miles, ami be?
ing in Wise ami Washington
counties. We have been given
this 28 miles from Gooburn to
Big Stone (lap, and they have
been given l.'l miles of class A
load from Abiugdoh to Bristol.
I'm- leal good load Comities of
the state of Yirginiu, are these'
southwest counties, but this!
17m miles of class A roads is
i irgely given to the other jiarls '
jtif the stall'. There are loo
counties in Virginia, ami if this
class A roads was divided Up
equally euch county would he
entitled to about 17 miles of
class A roads. While wo do
not take the position that it
should be divided up equally
between the counties still we
do feel that these I? counties
should have beim given more
than II miles of this class A
roads To divide it equally and
give 1.7 miles to each county we
should have been given about
2ftS mill's of class A road in
Southwest Virginia.
I shall be glad to hear from
the citizens and lax-payers of
in\ two counties as to any sug?
gestions they may desire lo1
: make. Respectfully,
Board of Implication Praise the
Work oi Prof. J. II. Bricc. |
In a letter of 1st of August,
Mr. .lohn S. Itumblon, 'clerk of
the Hoard of Education praises
the wurk of Prof. .1. II Bribe as
principal of the school here for
colored children; and expresses
regrets thai it became necessa?
ry from u patriotic viewpoint to
elect a former principal, for the
fuel thai ibis principal resigned
ami accepted his country's call
to Prance.
Moth principals have many
friends in the (lap, who wish
there were two schools hero to
divide equall) between the two.
Prof. Unco desires to express
Ins heart-felt thanks to each
iiieiiibei of the board, to each
friend and patron, us well as
each child for helpful sugges?
tions, cooperation ami friend
>hip. Me realizes that it is cus?
tomary all over the country to
restore relumed soldiers to their
former positions. He bows
gracefully and Bubmistflvelyrl
land only wishes tbo returned
I soldier success without bounds
i and hesitation. PatkON. |
Mrs. J. C. Wells Dead.
I Kita Mae Wells was born in
j Powell's Valley, Va., Jan. 11,
: 1888, died at ber home at Baser
ville, Va., July 28, 1019, age 31
years, 7 months and 17 days.
She wus the daughter of John
H. and Emily Jones. .She was
married to J. 0. Wells, of Ks
Berville, (February 8, 1911. To
their union were horn two chil?
dren, Bruce, age 7 and Vivian,
UK1' ?"' years. She leaves an
aged father and three sisters of
Norton. Mrs. Alpha llerndon,
Mre. Laura Dixou and Mrs. Vi.
I obi McCologan, two brothers,
I Alfred and Bayard Jones, of
Powell Valley. Mrs. Wells had
been sick for many months but
bore it with great patience,
never grumbling or complain
mo, and her husband,sisters ami
fiieuds, did all that could be
done to relieve her BufToring
Iund prolong her life, but thiit
dreaded disease, tuberculosis,
I was beyond their power, and
M Jod had called her for His own
and she piisse.l peacefully away
I with the consolation to her
many friends and relatives t bat
she w:ts ready to ilie, and that
nothing was between her and
tlod. She professed faith in
'Christ about. i"> years ago at
Notion, waa baptized and re
ct.ivcd into the Southern Meth?
odist church bv her pastor,
Hev. Kelso
She was not o'lil)' a patient
stillerer, a loving wife, tin af?
fectionate mother and sister,
but a loving character in every
respect. So UllBcltisIl and so
thoughtful of those about her.
She was a friend to the poor,
to the sick and those in dis?
tress and was ever ready to do
what she could to relieve oth?
ers. Her daily life proved to
those about her what a noble
Christian character she really
I was.
The remains were laid to rest
on t h e hill overlooking tIn
home, by Key. Kandall, of Nor
ton, with Kred II. Kim; in
charge of the remains. Many
of her childhood friends attend?
ed her burial.
Note of Thanks.
We wish to thank our many
friends a n d acquaintances,
kevs. Kandall and Kilig for the
many kindnesses shown during
the sickness, death and burial
of our beloved wife ami .-ister,
j Mrs. lit C. Wells, who departed
this life July -Jsih. We wish to
extend mir great appreciation
for the beautiful floral ollYiiug
sent by Mr. and Mis. White
May God's richest blessings
ret.I ami abide with each of
y.m. I J. C. Wells,
Alpha I loriidoii,
Viola MuCulogun,
Laura Oixtm.
Love of country euh only bo
fostered ?\ here government is
founded upon justice and hu?
manity. Profiteering and greed
engenders only suspicion and
disgust in the mind of a snf
i fori n g people.
Town Ordinances.
An ordinance to prevent lulomobilc
drhcrs from carrying lewd women in
their car.-.
: Hi- it ordained by the tonn council of Itig
Stone ?: .41>.
I That It shall isi unlawful for the owner
or driver ot any automobile or oilier ve?
hicle l<> haul, carry or convoy, or |tenhtl
t.i I,,' carried oreoiiveyeitj Iii .my iiitonio
tiilf. or other vehicle limlei In- oi their
control, auj lewd ..r Immoral s'oinau, oi
uuu accompanying her, wllhln the limits
of naht 10? n:
Any our violating this ordinance shall
Ik. liiu-il iuii leaa than tu?. iloHam uor
um more ihm iluy ilollara for each .n
All ordinances or |i.nts of ordinance) in
coutllet w Uli lliia Oiiltuauru are ,hcrol>j
I'aaacd by town council; August Ith,
mm. w I. iioitsi.KY siayoi,
An Ordinance to Abate Kuiaancc? Wlihio
town Llmila,
Id- it ordained l?> the town council of i;ig
Mono UapJ
That it shall Ik- unlawful for any on.- in
charge of any dwelling hotiae, sin:.., er
other |il?<v.'to allow or permit lewd or
Immoral men oi women oi eagriui* lo
congregate, loaf or reanri at buck |>lacc
or roininil any illegal coiulucl thai u u
nuisance lo the riti/.eii-. et the town,
within tin- town limits
Any one violating tlila ordlnauoe ?hall
I? Bned net leaa than live dolhira nor more
than Hny ilollara for each offentc and
their liacenae to do butiiieaa >'.iall l>,- re.
volied and the mayor It authorized lo do
what is necea&ary t? abate aald nuisances.
IV?sed by town conuoll Augiut nh.
1919. W. J IIORSLEY, Mayor.
hands, arms,
umbs_ asleep
And Wai Run-Down, Weak and
Nervous, Say? Florida Lady.
Five Bottles of Cardui
Made Her Well.
Kathleen, Fla.?Mrs. Dallas I'rlnn,
of tills place, rays: "After the birth
of my last child.'.. I got very mucb
run-down und weakened, no much
that I COUtd hnrclly do anything nl
kit. I was so awfully nervous that
t could scarcely endure tho least
noise. My condition was gutting
worm) all the time...
I knew 1 must have pomp relief or
I would Hooti be In the lied ami In a
serious condition fur I felt no badly
anil was no nervous and weak I could
haidly live. My husband asked Dr.
-about my taking Cardui. He
said, 'It's a r.ood medicine, nnd gnoil
for thai trouble', ro ho got nie 5 bot?
tles...After about the second bottle I
felt greatly Improved..ibefora taking
it iny ilmbs and bands ami arms
would go lo shop. Afle;- taking It,
however, this poor circulation .disap?
peared. My Btrength c:iu:o back to
ni? and I wns soon on the. road to
health. After the use of about 5 bot?
tles, I could do all my house-work
mal attend to my six children be?
Von ran feel eafo In giving Cardui
a lliorniigli trial for your troubles. It
contains no harmful or habit-forming
drugs, but Is composed of mild; vege
Mill >, medicinal Ingredients with no
bad after?ffei N. Thousands of women
have voluntarily written, telling of
the good Cardui bis iloim thrtn. It
iihould help you, loo. Try lt. Ii 74
ii. Jv. K< >:v
Civil and hlininir Engineers
bik stono Gap. v.?. Marian,Ky
K..-p?its and estimates on Coal anil Tim?
ber I Mills, Hcaigii mil Plans of Coal and
Coke Plants; Land. Itailmail .?ml Minn
I tjiigliicuringi Klcctrlo IIhm Printing.
University of Virginia
lle.nl or Public School System! I V ir-iuia
Department l.epn ??i.t. d
Collegii,<lradualu.haw,Mcilieliiu ICiigln'njj
I.o.iii hinds available Id ilfcscivjnu sin
ilcliUi .1" covers ?II costs to Virginia
-in.I.m- in Hie Academic Departments,
Si ml fur cabling nr. Howard Win-ton.
Registrar, University, Va,
i VIKIitXIA: In the Clerk's .?Hue of
II be I 'Ircuit Ciiiirl ni Wise eounli. the Mb
i day of August, liil'.i.
M)r> .Ionian, I'l ilntilV
Stephen A. .Ionian, defendant
The nbjeet of Ibis mil in U oblalil :i .ii
Mm.- - i viuciilu niatriniiiiili,' upoil the
grounds nl abandonment, iiou support,
and adultery Ami il nppcarhiu, 1mm iil'
lldavll on flit! ill ->lil nflico Ihai the de.
reiidaiil Is not a resident of the ?l.ilc ul
Virginia; n is ordered thai In- appear
here within llftceil days aller ihn puhll
csllou ol llii.-. order and do ?ll.lt is llcces
s.nj ib pioii. i Iii-. Interest hi tins Milt
And it is further ontoied lh.it a uopj
bereut be published liiie? n week lor four
successive weeks in Ihe llig Stiinii (lap
l int, ami that a copy Is- |m>Mcd al the
front door ol' Ilm emu I lliiuso of this
COliilty, anil that a copy be maileil to Ihe
defendant, .Stephen A. .Ionian, al l.llllu
Kock, Arkansas Iii- last known pi n e of
A eopj Tiste:
W. II. HAMILTON, i lerk
fl. \V. lilaukciiahlp, p. i|. augllUUI-aU
VI KU IN IA : In the Clerk a nllicc ol
Ilm Circuit Court ol \\ lue roil illy; the .Mil
?lay ol Ailgutii. IVlts. ,
I V.ol '.milieu, Plaiiiiill
I Hob lluilleli. I lelemlallt
I'lii- object of Ibis nilil is in obtain a ili
voree, a '*vinc?il6 iiiairinioilli,' upon |lass
grounds of adultery. And it appealing
iioiu alUdaril on tile in Said oMoelual the
defendant is urn a resident of tin- stau- of
Virginia; it is ordered that be appear
In n- within lift, en days aflci .lue publl
eation of this order ami do what Is ueecs
wtry to protect bis inteient in Ibis suit.
Ami il is further ordered thai a copy
hereof be published ouee a week for tour
liuoecsalvo weeks in llie l?g Stone Cap
Pout, and thai aeopy be iiostcd at the
front iloor of Ihe court bouse ol Ibis
county, and that a copy be mailed to the
defendant; hob ijullleu. at Lynch, Ken?
tucky ^ bis last known place or abode.
A copy- li sle
W. II. II AM II. Ii ?N. Clerk,
li. W, lllaukuuabip, p. i|. atigl:'-;i:;-;it;
VlltlltNIA:? In llie clerks oil,. ..r
ihe Oireuit Conti of Wis.. county, the .lib
day ol August, IvIU.
ens Nowby, I'lainttn*
i Vs.
I Mary Newbj, I lel'cuiliinl.
IN ' IIA.N? I'.ltV.
The object of Ibis anil is to obtain a di?
vorce "a Yiiiculn ui.iliimota*,' !t|nni llie
gronuila of abandonment, lor more I ban
three ye ns And it appearing from nf.
lillavll on nie in s.u.I nllicc that the lie
i'cildelll is not a resident of the slat.- of
Virgtilia; it is ordered thai die appear
here within liftceri days aller due publi
cauoll of ibis onler ami do w hat is acces?
sary lo protect ber hltoroM in this ?int.
Ami ii is further oulured that a copy
hereof be published once a week for lour
iiiceeasive weeks in the nig Stone Hap
Post,ami Ilia', a copy be posted at llie
front door of the court bouse of tln? coiiuty
ami that n > opy lie mailed lo ttie defcn
llaut, Mary Ncwby, at liroo^tyn, New
York, her last known place Of abode
A copy?Teste:
W B.JIIAMil.TON, Clerk.
U \V. Ulaukenurilp, p. <| -juKiU-aa ao
J; 15. 'Horstnan; Proprio
Another ruinludvr not lo tan,,
in need of Klowcrs i ., ?S?
U..rs..vi..i,.,;.sww| I-.,,?,,.-. ?;.
nations, l.hryaanthennims ??i i"
I'lauu. Corsage work and noiilSSIv
a Specialty. Out of town ordrnlS
promptly by Parcel I'osl, s,.
sry, KxpreaaorTrlctfrapli '?
A. F. A A. M. "
Meets sccoimI Thursday oi
month at s j, in \|1
Visiting brethren
?' II. Math'm? v,i
A. 0,1 ?wkx?, \v y1
tfCTvV? Meet" Odtd Thiiraday ?| ...
tu? N '"'"'?? companl
"T9 J I" MvTIIKWs v ,
_H.P. ?Amtox.H V
J. c. cawood!
Bik Stono Gap, Va
Wn n ami lluggy ?..rk A Suecuki
1 hive an IJp-toiilate Machine forMttiu
on llubbur Ttrea. All work rIti " 3
Tronta Dteaaaoa or th?>
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
Mil t).i In Anpalachia Third
Friday In Each Month.
1 111,, 12-0?-1
(?'. V. Honeycntl
Ice in Willis Itulltllug nvet Mniiia
Drug Store
S. S. Meisters & Co.
General BlacKsniith
Repair Work.
Holler ami Machine Ikimlring. tin*
shoeing a special! v
Work. Wo make a i
I on : libber tlf< ? All
liful at trillion
Bit, Stone Gap, Va.
Tuning and Repairing
Pianos and Musical
111 s ten men Is
W. W . \. tilttllS. ? AppalachU, 0
I Kali tenn will liegin Keptohiher iinl
Ask fin free eat ?log and literature
i Don' In
iott^til IvstaK'
Il'y.lealre t" locate in Itlg Stow IS?I
write or call nil me, S|icclal atliiitW
given lo property of non-rcaldcnu M
you desire t.i sell 'list y.nir pnt|H'rt> ??'
(real? diseases ?l the l!)e. l:ar. Kai
und Thront.
I belli Appalaehia KIKST Kill I'M
in each mouth until i) I'. M.
Dr. J. A. Gilmcr
Physician and Surifeon
?I Tli'K -Over Mtltdul Orti^Mi
Bit,' Stone Can, V?_
For Justice Of The Peace.
I n the Voters of llluhmond Maglst*'1'
I lako thla inothod of .annnnocine W
s.-li ? cululltlato fur ro-oleotlon to IM ?
lice ..I Jtiatlce of the I'e.i. e tor ItlcbmcM
Magisterial Hi?lriel. Kleclloll
ber Ith, UHU. Your help aud Inlluf??
?III bo greatly appreciated.
W. X. |IKEBI>l.>f
To the Voters of Wise County. Va.i _
llvhilemen:?Yon have a vote : ? - '
s .iii. mau In Kiehmoinl I ?istriet mr
niisslnuer this fall, and for the fact ta*j
am uol phyalcally able 10 do innijji ? ''
I am ;?: king yen f >r this gif: "
1 win not (taking that you ?.in) >*?'
[selves to ine w ithout first Investigating J
I ace if It la proper and right for you to "
'so. As for my qualification* pei
11.. the duties of tbia oftlce, I ?'<' ""; "*J
late to say to you that 1 am cwupe?
and fully qualified to do thla -
thai I am equal to the task If I
be the pcoplo'a ehoiee, which I hJP*
bo, 1 shall endeavor lo do n.lU?'
this office in a straight, hones: bUMM
like Way, S.-J.-TAYLOR,
ApiNtlaehia ?*

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