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The Big Stone Gap Post.
No. 35
Tli.' growili of Itig Stone 11 ;*I?
;ls a residential town entered up?
on a new pliase last week when
:,t a meeting ?f jho board of di?
rectors of the Ih'fj Stone Gap
Homo liililding Corporation, ii
mis decided to make the lirst
call upon i lie olock subscriptions
ui mice. This cull in accordance
witli Hie terms of the subscrip?
tions will he for ten per .cut. of
tin- amount subscribed.
This coin puny was organized,
it will he remembered, by the
Voting Men's Chili in the spring
with a total siiuscriptlon of ?fi:?,
tjOO, the object heing to assisl
flic building of residences in or?
der to reduce lite shortage of
houses in town which was very
iti'tiie al that time and which still
continues. It was at lirst the
intention of the promoters for
tin- company to enter upon ac?
tive building operations on its
own part, as well as to lend
money lipon approved security i
to persons v> ho iniglll waul tol
I,nil.I for themselvo-. It later
became evident,' however, that
.o small a coinpnny would not be
able t.nintltiii a sulllciohl or
guni/.iltion In supervise actual
building operations of its own.
Accordingly, lite second part of
tl.onipany's program: namely;
tin' lending 6f money to help
persons build lor themselves, be
? line the principal object of the
I'oinptiuv. <
I'm- sometime ho applications
for loans were submitted, ami,
i'jm6iM|nentiv, tbc_ stock suh
sctiptions were not called; There
ttas a very Wide demand for
lionses to rent, hut on aceoiiiil
of the high priees of materials
i.in- wanted to build I'or'him
selt, the idea seeming In he pre
. [lent that it would he better to
ly?il until prices went down.
Since that time, however, prices
m' materials instead of going
ihjivn have conti mied In rise, and
Mtyer?l citizens of the town who
IijVVO been intending to Iniild,
biVe now decided not to post?
pone the matter any longer.!
t(v,qapplications for loans from
thoroughly responsible uiti/.ons,
lor the pin pose of building
Innnes for themselves, have al
rajulj been submitted to the
company, and other applications
u? understood to be pending.
Kfjir this reason the call w as made
by. the directors.
11 is felt that this company
' .in do u great deal of gooil to
Hie town by helping. building
"perations in this way. The
t"?n is growing more ami more
popular as a residential town on
account of iis line schools' and
cultured people. It has been
estimated that if one hundred
new bouses could be built, they
could he II I led immediately, so
gr. at is the demand.
In view of Ibc gilt-edged
character of the security, the
'lock of the Home Building Cor
imratioii is an entirely sale in?
vestment and is expected to pay
very well, on account of the pos?
sibility of a rapid turn-over of
Hie capital. It is understood
thai if the directors receive more
applications for loans than they
??an supply from the amount of
stock already subscribed, that
Ihey will put more of the stock
?"i the market. The present
subscribers are more than one
hundred in number ami iire all
citizens of the town, thus mak?
ing the company ;i real co-o'per
?i iyc enterprise.
Work of
'l ln- old council held their his)
im-.-tiny Saturday night. This
Iins heeii a very eflieieht council.
They have spool mi roads and
streets in lowii ovar-three thoii?
-and dollars. Tin' greater part
of this sum was used in repair?
ing tin' wash out au.I mads in
the Gap, l!y turning over a part
of tho tilip road and oilier parts
of roads on outskirts of town, to
tin- county will lessmi tin- future
ex [lenses in keeping up road-.
Appropriations to school board
of sixteen hundred dollars in ex?
ecs- of tin- previous aiuouul of
three thousand dollars.helped In
improve the school and build a
cement fence nfound Hie school
T? 'I hundred dollars w as spent
on a font bridge at the. hall
Igtohnds. Two hundred and lif
t v dollars was paid lo help lot
owners in Itiiboddii addition (o
gel a water line. Many other'
improvements have been made.
I!v purchasing three tlmu-iml
acres of land above the'water
works, insures a perpetual "SUp?
ply of pine water for the town.
'I'hi- tract of land cos! a boil I
twenty-four thousand dollars.
Four thousand dollars have been
paid ami miles given for twenty
thousand dollars. Including the
old indebtedness of tin; toSvu for.
build issues und other debts, the
town now owes ninety thousand
dollars, The initiml interest on
this -inn is four thousand four
hundred dollars.
The -inking fund coil) lil it too
have in flip past two years paid
and retired twelve one thousand
dollar bonds. The yearly tax
receipts amount to (iftcon thou
-ami dollars. The mayor's re?
ports si?>W he has eolleeted und
turned nver lo the treasurer two
thousand four hundred dollars
since .Inly, Id IS.
This is the lirst council for
many years that has not borrow?
ed money. They have purchas?
ed usphultuui and rock, ready
for street improvements., whieh
will be i all ied on by the new
The regular monthly meeting
of the United Daughters of the
Confederacy was held at the at?
tractive lioine of Mrs. J, A. <iil
mer, August tilth. The follow?
ing olliccrs were elected for the
Coming year. ('resident, Mrs.
11. A. \V. Skeeii; vice-president,
Mis. K. B. (ioodloe; '2nd vice
jfresident, Mrs. Qeorge L. Tay?
lor : trea.-urer, Mrs. 1). 0. Wolfe ;
recording secretary, Mrs. ii. i{.
Wuinpler; correspondence secre?
tary. Mrs. Wi'Ti (ioodloe; his?
torian, Mrs. L. (). l'ettil: regis?
trar, Mis. .1. L. McOorimck. He
ports for the year wore read.
Mrs. Long reported 17 pairs socks
knitted for old soldier.- at Con?
federate home. Mrs. Wren sang
lw?. very pretty selections. The
hostess served a delicious salad
ami ice course.- The no-xt meet?
ing will be held at, tjig home of
Mrs. 11. A. Alexander the sec?
ond week in September. All
iiieinbers who have not curs- are
requested to be at Daugherly's
store and a way will be provid?
ed to take them to Imbodeo to
the meeting, three o'clock being
(he appointed hour.
Uncle Sum his received a
pood many jolts in his day, but
he generally manages lo land
nn both feet with hid head up.
U. D. C. Meeting.
Wise county, si tun toil in the
heart of ihe coal Holds in the
beautiful thountnins of Virgin
in. ha? our of the most success?
ful fairs in the 'Mil Dominion.
Greil! strides have beeil math'
n the development of this sec
Moil in the last twenty Rye
years. Rich in bituminous coal
deposits und virgin forests of
excellent timber, railroads were
extended into the county some
thirty years UjJO and now reach
into almost all sections of this
rich country. The Norfolk &
Western, Louisville i\- Nash
ville, Carolina, Clinchfioid cv
Ohio and Southern all traverse
the county having numerous
branch lines and spurs reaching
out to one or another of the va?
rious coal mines. Thousands
of tons go out daily over these
hues. While Virginia is not
rated high as a coal producing
state yol Wise county ranks
with the greatest coal produc?
ing counties of the United
Slates. Perhaps one-half of
the coal produced in Virginia is
mined in Wise county.
The population of Wise coun?
ty has grown by leaps and
hounds. The county had in
1800. loss than ten thousand peo?
ple, while today she can boast
of over fifty thousand, who are
as n whole a happy, prosperous
Seven years ago a great good
roads movement was started
and carried to it successful tin
ish. liver one and] one-half
million dollars was spent for
macadam and graded roads ami
today they reach to almost ev?
ery 'nook and corner of this
great county and connect with
pike roads from other counties
of the state.
With all this great progress it
seems thai something should be
done to encourage the farmers
of the county to greater and
heller farming. The Hoard of
Supervisors employed a faun
demonstrator some Hyo years
ago at considerable expense to
the countv. This demonstrator,
Mr. J. (.'. Stiles did il wonderful
amount of good lor \Vise conn
ty agriculture and made him
self very popular among all
classes. ' He started the people
to farming along new and up
proved methods It is he who
perhaps deserves the credit for
the establishment of the Wise
County fair, which is doing
more to stimulate good farming
in Wise county than any oilier
one thing.
The Wise County Fair should
be proud of the ricord it has
matte. It is no exaggeration to
say that it is one amongst the
foremost fairs in the stale of
Virginia?and that is saying il
good deal. It hegan Us exis?
tence in the summer of lOlij
the year the world war started
The farmers who want to keep
pace with the fast moving times,
take great interest in the Conn
ty Fair, ami their liberal pat
ronilge and support are among
the chief causes of the BtlCCCSS
thus far made. It will be bone
ficial to both the farmers and
the fair to continue this friend?
ly relationship The fair was
started us a farmers' aid ami
bits grown digger every year
because of this purpose being
steadily kept in mind and car
ried out. The future of the
County Pair is in the hands of
the farmers. If they lose inter?
est the fair will go down. If
they continue their support and
ill greater measure the fair will
grow right along as it has done
from year to year.
Another thing that helps the
fair is its location and the
ground chosen. High up on the
tup of Guest's Mountain in the
center of the county in the
beautiful little town of Wise,
twenty-five hundred feet above
sun level whore the air is pure,
and tint climate is healthful
acver.nl acres of beautiful, level
woodland was clipsen by a
representative committee select
ed from all sections of the cotin*
ty as the must suitable in the,
county for a fair. A very large
sum of money lias been spent on
fair ground improvements until
now it bus become one of the
prettiest and most visited places
in this whole suction. In fact
it is a veritable little park dec'
trie lighted with a first class
race track, beautiful groves and I
ample space for slmw ground
and other amusements. Two!
wells a*td a stream afford plen?
ty of water, ami the buildings
I anil grand stand are ample to
take care of people and all ex?
It will pay you to visit your
county fair this year. You will
be agreeably surprised with the
display of exhibits that will he
there, if all signs do not fail.
Already the greatest program
of amusements ever singed in
S tuthwosl Virginia is practical?
ly complete.
Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Sayers
Mr. and Mrs. D. 15. Sayers
were the delightful host ami
hostess of an enjoyable party at
their home in the (lap last
Thursday evening, complimen?
tary to the hoy?, who have been
playing ball on the Keokec and
Stonega baseball teams lite past
season from the University of
Ohio, ;tt L'olumbus, of whicli
both Mr. and Mrs. Stlj'ers are
"Progressive Heart-," the
mode of entertainment for the
evening. wa< played at eard ta?
bles arranged on the veranda, in
the living room and dining room.
The veranda and rooms being
very attractively decorated with
Japanese lantern- anil a profus
sion of late summer flowers.
After the game and the scores
were counted Mr. Byron Kltoads,
.lr., bad received the smallest
number of hearts and was award- I
ed tile price, a box of cigarettes,)
while Miss Janet Bailey bad re?
ceived the largest number of
hearts and wits awarded the
('booby':' prize, a beautiful box
of Symphony lawn lorrcspnu
de.aids. All the guests cut i
for the consolation prize which
was a large box of Whitman's
candy, ami Was won by Mr Boh
I 'hn-t iau.
Luncheon cloths were then
placed on the card tables where
a delicious salad course was serv?
ed, followed by au i.'Olifsc
ami coll'oc.
The university hoys and Mr.
Sayers then delighted the guests
by singing a number of their
Ohio State University songs.
The honor guest- invited for
ihi' occasion wer?- Messrs. Ken?
ner, Ulis-;, Kiiiie ami Davies, ol
the Keokec ba-e hall team; Mot
Zor ami Kaller, of the Stoiiega
base ball team, and Johnny
Jone-, of the (lap. The guests
invited Were MiSSOS lleverlv Halle
Taylor, of While Gate, Adelaide
L'ettil, Christine Miller, Buth
Prcscott, Mabel Willis, June)
Bailey, Clara l.ou Burchlicld,
Peggy 'Kelt it, BrilCO Skeen,
Dorthy Owens rind Florence Mc
Uormick ; Messrs. Byron Itlioads,
J i., and Boh ('brist iaii,
Personnel of the Wise Coun?
ty Fair, Ladies' Depart?
Special attention is being giv?
en to the ladies' department of
the Wise County Knir. Mrs.
Carrie K. Aldorson, of Wise, is
chairman ami is now devoting
a good portion of her time to
fair work. Associated with Mrs.
Alderson on her supervising coin
mitten uro the following Indies:
Mrs. K. W. Holly, Appalacliiuj
Mrs. II. K. Pox, Big Stone Gap,
Mrs. G. K. Ilueser, Ooobiirn,
Mrs. Napoleon Bond, Toms
Greek, Mrs. Tom McKelvey, Nor
ton, Mrs. IL Schwank, Glamor
gaii, and Mrs. 0. J. ('reveling.
These are the holies who will
have general charge o f all
branches of the ladies' depart?
ment .
There are several departments
or branches for which there lias!
been elected a special committee
who will carry on the work in
detail as may be required. The
ladies' department consists of
four separate brauche.-, namely :
Fancy work, cooking, flowers,
and for girls under sixteen years.
The fancy work branch is
le aded by Mrs. M. E. Lipps, of
j Wise, with very competent as?
sistants in I be following person
Inch Mrs. ||. M. Mil,.-, Mr-.
j\V. 15. Fulton and Mrs. Sam I..
Tin? girls under sixteen years
branch will b?j in charge of these
ladies: Mrs. II. 0. Williams,
chairman; Mis. J, II. Vicars
and Mrs. Uevn Dotson. This
should be a very interesting pari
of the work, as no doubt the girls
under sixteen will manifest a
keen interest in competing for
the premiums otfored them.
The flower committee is an i
appropriately selected one, it
being composed of tin" follow ing
ladies: Mrs. W. if. Uoborts,
chairman; Mrs. \v. .1. Mcl.euioro
and Mrs. N. It. Uotson.
The cooking department coih;
mil tec is exceptionally well
made with the following ladies
in charge: Mrs. U. I.. Mel.o
more, chairman; Mrs. K. it. Mc
Kirov. Mrs. ||. A. |.;1.v and
Mis. W. |{. Hamilton.
The U'is.. Oolinlv fair j
eiation should feel i.ililcut of i
it- ability to pleas.- the public!
ill the ladies department vvit!i an
organization like (he above. Tin
fair is to be congratulated on the
sei eel nuts made.
W (1. ('mitts U in ik -in: in'
exhibit of the Uulnriu pipolnsf
furnace tit the Wise fnjr. piie
of the men from ih.i.i factory will
lie on the grounds lo (lemon
?tr?te it. This furnace is nun.
lutinni/.ing the heating busi?
ness ami is meeting with hig
SUCCess. In every ease where'
tins ftirnnoO has been iiistalled I
in this Held the ow ners are big
boast 'rs.?adv. i
Public Health Nursing Service,
Following is a report of work
dime by Hie Big St?hn Uap Pub?
lic Health Nursing Service from
August 1-t to September 1st.
3011 mothers attending meet,
ings; lltti girl- attending meet?
ings. 202 babies atteliilillg meet?
ing-. '107 instructive visits, in?
cluding: ?"> typhoid, I syphalet
ic, :t tubercular, :i7 prenatal
cases, 02 -iek babies, 0 new l>orn,
:i child.welfare, :t ca-es referred
l-i ether agencie-, 12 social wel?
fare, IP health talk- in mothers,
21 health talks to girls, 12 class
es in care of sick for girl- ami
mothers. Kducatioiial slides
shown, danger of wood alcohol
to eves, lly campaign, scene- ill"
American Keil (Jross in Prance,
educational lilins shown, kiddies
Of ho man's land, good Samari?
tan. Visitors:?Nora Spencer
lluihner, Virginia Tuberculosis
Tli thu volvis of tllll litcliinoiiil M .lulstC
rial Olatrtet or Wlso county:
Aller receiving nuiiiorvjua solicitations
rroiii a lame iioinbcr ill Ihn voters of the
district 1 have cuhsciitisl to make Uiu racii
for KnjwrviMit of this district to Is- voted
lot in I he November election; I HI ti, sub?
ject to the ncitim ol the ItetiubllcAii dele?
gation In this district I res|icotfully so?
licit ihn su|i|H>rt of all the voters in I be
district, and if 1 im elected I shall en
deavor lo fulfill the duties of this ..Ih.i
a business basis mid for the beat interest
ot the district.
.iicr.'T III? Stone tl i)i \ a
III III ?.lern p it I.nice a HUCCoHS.
fill business in.in is one who
get. the other fellow's money
und hangs onto it
This fine farm of 149 ? acres is located
near Max Meadows, almost adjoining
famous Fort Chisel Farm, within a mile
of macadam road each way, samt; tb be
rocked by farm soon.
30 acres valuable original oak tim?
ber, balance in corn and blue grass
sod. Watered by spring and cistern.
7 room house, barn, granary, 2
cribs, ice house and other buildings, 2
acres of orchard with apples, peaches,
pears, plums and grapes now.
Wire fencing. Near schools,
churches, stores and mill. Produces
well of corn, hay, wheat and oats, and
excellent grazing. Much machinery
and some feed thrown in if sold at once.
Price and terms very reasonable.
Interstate Land Corporation
We Will Trade You
Talking Machines and Pianos for old
Organs or a good horse and buggy.
Record Sheets and Roll Music for sale.
Send us your orders.
afonolas and Records
] > i > t > 1 i \ O 1 i i ( e , V*8.
Virginia's Greatest liiu, Type
at Jonesville, Va? on Monday, September 8th, 1919.
12:30 p. in., consisting of IS head of tried sows,
gilts ami spring pigs of liotti sexes.
The National Poland China Association is sending several
sows to this sale from the host herds of Indiana and Ohio, Kour
big ones already here One a grand daughter of thO ?$CfiO0
Qerstdalc Jones and she bred to the f-JOOu boar Model Clansman.
Another a I sister to the ?25,000 boar. !?? volution goes in this
sale and she is bred to (limit Monarch.
This in the greatest opportunty to buy here at home and at
your own price the best blood of this popular breed. Make up
'an automobile party and come. Por catalogue or information
J. 0. WOODWARD, Jonesville, Va.

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