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? '?itdished Kvir.r Wednesday by Hie
Uli.BERT N. KNIUHT, - t??ltor.
LINDSEY J. HORTON. Afts't Editor
One Your, - - - 91.BO
Six Months. - .78
Tnroo Montlm, - .40
laitered according; to postal n ,? ulnllum
it the post nfllee at llle, Slone Hap sn nee
iiul-elns* matter
Facing the Facts.
The national debt of tho
United Stnlei ol tho eud of the
fiscal year 1(111 1012, was $1,
010,340,000, or f 10 40 for each
nelson living in this country,
figuring oil a bntms of 100,000,
000 population. Thn national
delinl of tlio United States on
.Inno 1. I019;WU8$26^421,161,270.
This simply llicaus lliat every
portion in* tin? United Stales
faecR a national debt that aver
ngoH $231.10. If conditions that
h a v e become so radically
changed by this so greatly In
et eased debit are to become in
mly wise normal llioy can come
in just one way?.(ho absorption
of this bonded tlcbl b\ the
siivlng of tbe people.
The answer given the Senate
committee by the governor.
\\ . I?. 0. Harding, of the Feder,
nl Heserve Hoard, to llicir tpicry
us to what legislation was
uei tied at t his tline to inliove
the lin.mciul HitUtltliOII, was
"The Federal Reserve lloitrd
Iii lieves ibat any currency
legi dation a t this tune i s
nnecessary and undesirable and
would suggest that whether
viewed from an economic or
It11iiiifui 1 standpoint, the ?>.
ed? for the present situation is
tbe same: namely. "Work itud
Mr. Harding is a man of
ael;now lodged ability, with an
opportunity of studying from
nverj angle our industrial prob
bin-, a study Unit includes in
t'- -cope the llnaiiciul ntViiirs of
tho world. Mr. Hunting's in?
terpretation of the sign of the
tines must be given earnest
consideration a u d cnicful
siiuly. Such opinions nil his
mei it cohsiilornlion.
The real and true basic pi in
niplo of the thrift campaign
tbe- year in arresting the niton
lion of the American public to
tin' end that it adopt as a habit
the ideas ami the thoughts of
systematic saving. This is the
i.tral thought of every plan,
the motive of every act. It
takes lime, patience and (he
en operation of every branch of
ein industrial ami our liuancial
The people have got to spend
less and save more. The bunks
occupy a peculuirly important
p isilion in spreading this mes
Mtgo, because all business re
xolves about the banks. The
people naturally turn to them
for tillvico and it. is rjghl they
The people can save. Unin?
vested money is dissipated too
easily and is wasted too often.
If the money is in the pocket,
til it new luxury really not
lie led, is usually gotten; for
it is easily convince ones
self that it is good business i<?
buy the thing 011? wuuts. In?
vested money earns internal, 11
ia not ?0 easily spent ami 11
encourages the saving of more.
If bankers a u <l financiers
will encourage habits of thrift,
keeping in m i n d ??vorher
Harding'* suggestion, "Work
ami Save," the national debl
will soon get back nearer to its
pre-war figures.
Hlchm ui IjVu 16, Sepl.? I a a
statement issued to the \i ess
hero today, S. A. Aekley,
excel) vc1 secretary of tin- stale
committee, v. m. c. a of
Virginia, expressed surprise tit]
finding many >d those who
have supported I b e Young .
Men's Christian Association are
now accepting the criticism
against tho association without
investigating the facts of the
"It has been a comparatively
short time since I returned from
JWar WOrk" Staled Mr. Aekley,
"and I have been surprised to
note that tunny good people,
who have b. en interested in the j
V. M. 0. A believe many of
(hosieries thai are being cir?
culated in cril icisui el the war
work, particularly overseas.''
Mr. Aekley added that he
knew if the people were reullj
informed of the great work
which (be led Triangle did in
Franco, that 1 he cril ieisin
would soon disappear.
"lam continually receiving
rcpoits, many <d them hi tit to
be sure," san! Mr. Aekley.
"which show, depite the critic?
ism, I bat the ' \ ?01I; in
I Franc ? was one o| the noblest
|achic\ ullieiltS of the war. I i
ha\ facts to back that Stab
For instance, you sometimes
hear thai Ihe Y. M. c. A. was
pretty good in the s 0 S, and
111 the leave areas where there
was little or no danger Kill
it is a mallei of statistics that
seventy-one Y. m.c ,\. wmk
eis died in service overseas;
eleven were killed in battle,
three died of wounds, and Hfl)
seven are classified as 'died . |
accident and disease,' which
really means exposure and
hardship. A nyoue e a n see
from those ligures that those
deaths could tiol hnVu happened
unless there was extensive .
M. c. A. welfare operations in]
the advanced areas.
"In connection with (hesame
circumstance it is interesting to
note that 111 V. m. C A woi k
ers were wounded, gassed or
otherwise injured, while two
more were made prisoners,
making (he total casualties of
Ihe Y. M.C. A. overseas until
the signing of the armistice
"11. In addition to that, thirty j
ono Workers died in service in
the nriny camps of the United
"More than 100 V. M.,C. A.j
workers were decorated wuh
war medals and a great many
more were cited for bravery in?
fer special service to troop;
under heavy lire."
When questioned concerning
the duties of the workers of the
front line areas, Mr. Aekley
added that the strain on such
workers was terrific und that
llicy had to depend almost en?
tirely on their own physical
strength Iii get up supplies mid
serve tlo- men because of
difficulties i n transportation
more complex than any one
: dared to dream of.
?'.M iuy of those men exhibit*
ad the most remaik.ible cour?
age," said Mr. Aekley, "It is
one thing to go into battle with
a machine gun or rille and
another to go in with not lung
but your bit re hands and gas
musk in lim- Nif protection,
Yi i I lie i Itter is just what
scores of *Y' men did in main
lights. thing non-combatants,
ilo y w- re not permitted weap
oiis under i lie rules of war. It
is true that many such workers
saw red when the boys they
served dropped about them,
and grabbed the lirst weapon
they could get their bands oil,
knowing full well thai if they
were captured with it they
would be shot forthwith."
" In justice to the Y. M. (.'. A.,
the public sllbtlld know these
facts. It would he unfair to
the home of the V. M. ('. A. to
have them remain in ignorance
of th. in "
Rural Carrier Examination.
The United states Civil Ser?
vice Commission has announced
.in e.vaininatiou for the county of
Wise to he held at Norton and
Pig Sinuc tiapon September 27,
I ?10, to till ihe posit i.f rural
carrier at round and SI. Paul
and vacancies that may later oc?
cur on rural mule- from other
post oilices in ihe abovc-nieu
t iuued count) . The cMimiiiu'
lion w ill in- open only lo citizens
who nr.- actually domiciled in
the lerrilon of a posl ollice in
ih.Ullty and who meet (be
oilier requirements set forth in
Form No. 1077. This form and
application blanks may he oh;
I.lined 111 mi I In- ollice- mention?
ed above or from the United
Slates Civil Service Commission
at Washington, I), c. Applica?
tions should b.- forwarded lo the
commission al Washington at
ih.- earliesi practicable dale. j
I lu v tint the Present All
.1. Polk Wolfe, who was re?
cently mail ied ton Miss Long,
of hante, as they were re
turning from ihelr wedding
tour they stopped oil in the Cap
Sntuiday to visit Mr. Wolfe's
relatives. On Saturday after?
noon, not knowing ibey were
in town Mr.-. I T. * J illy was
Idling her father, James Gilly,
Polk's grandfather, about the
wedding and as Mr. Gilly was
telling bei if she saw Polk to
tell him if he would bring bis
wife around to see him he would
give them a nice present, they
looked up and there Polk ami
his wife stood in the door. It
is needles, to Bay ihey gol the.
For some years the women of
tin- Western staloa have bud
full suffrage. In Ihe middle
states tllOy have partial suf?
frage, and in most of the Rust
em sliiles they just sutler for
the vole
An American soldier who
fought his way up to the grade
of li. iiti mini-colonel in Franco
solved the job question himself
by donning overalls and going
back to Iiis old position of jani?
tor of the high school building
in bis home In/wh
Scene of "COME ALONG MARY" which comos to tho Amussu Theater
Saturday Night, September 20th.
Prices: 76c, $1.00 and $1.50. Seats on sale at Kelly's Drug Store
Orlando Amburgoy, of Nor-!
lull, was visiting relatives ami!
friends in the (?np Sunday.
Wim. A. Stuart returned last i
week front a business trip of
several days to Richmond.
.Mrs. Walker Kennedy and
attractive little (laughter, Oar*
olyn.und Miss Beriltn Kennedy,
of' Uma'ila. Fla., ate "visiting
relatives nnd friend* heie.
E. A. Complou, Wim was re?
cently appointed superlhtentlei.l
ai Diinbur, moved his family '?>
that plnee last week.- Little
Virginia Chuichill, their bluVi
daughter, will remain in the
Qop and attend school.
Mr. and Mrs.~V. t. MuhafToy
and Mr. ami Mrs C. B. D.ivis
left Monday morning for a ten
days automobile lour through
Tennessee and North Carolina.
1. T. Hilly. K W. Nick.ls
and L. .1. Horton motored 10
Itogersville, Ten.n., last Friday
where they spent a few days
visiting- relatives and friends,
returning lo the Gap Sunday
Charlie Willis and Kd. Edens,
who have been in the merchant
marine service for several
months, was recently discharg?
ed and returned to their homes
here a few days ago.
Orlando Arnburgey was down
from Norton yesterday renew?
ing old acquaintance. Mr Am
burgoy recently placed a large
order for his new song, "At the
Foot. Hills of Old Virginia,"
ami is wearing an indelible
smile. It looks as though Ibis
bountiful lyric is going to be
one of the hits of tho season,
and to tint it prosaically, u rich
irusber for its author. ? Appnlu
chin Progressive.
Mr. Ohas. Evans, lield Beere
tary of the Christian Endeavor
Society movement, will speak
in the Presbyterian church,
Thursday night at eight o'clock.
A cordial invitation is extended
to all to attend this service.
d.s. ficamnn has purchased
lots in the Payne addition nml
will commence the erection of a
new residence nil them in the
near future. Mr. Creech ot
Cooburn, has also purchased
lots in this addition and expects
to build a resilience on them
ami move his family to the (lap
as soon us completed.
6. C Bell, Jr.. of Bedford,
Vtt., formerly with Fox & Peck
jut Ibis place, who has been
with the 171It engineers of the
American expeditionary .forces
in Fiance since P.H7, spent a
lew days last week in the (Sap,
having arrived from overseas
only about n week ago. His
many friends were glad to see
him again.
About every nation of Europe
is looking to the United States
for assistance in some way or
another. And tbe fellow who
relies on another to care for
him seldom evinces any par?
ticular desire to do something
for himself. Europe should go
to work.
School Children Should Wear
iE, C, Skuffer Shoes
i Faucettc-Pcavler Shoe Co.
11111ST< >I.. TGNNKS3EI?
Wholesale Distributors
The Better The Leather The
Longer They Wear.
For Justice Of The Peace.
To the Voters of lllohinoml Magisterial
I take tills method of announcing mv
iclfti candidate for ro-elcellnii to the of
? flee ofJuallceof ihc I'eaee f--r lliehmnnd
Magisterial liiniri.i Kleellon Neu in
] Ik-i llh. l'.U'.i Your help out inllot-iii-e
? will In- greatly appreciated
Kes|ieeil'iilly wuus, |
koh i o.MMISSIonkh
I To Ihc Voters?I Wise County i Vu :
Oeutlcinru:- You have a Vote to give
some min in Kichntoni) District for Com
im>.'.iniu.-r lliiii fall, ami f.n the faet tliat I
'am lint physically ?tili- to do inunual labor
i i mil askiiiji you im Uns mu. However,
II kin not Ksklni: that yon commit your
selves to me ntihout ilrsl in .i-titigaihig 10
i see if il is propel and riglil or you to do
so. As lor my nuallAcaUoiu pctuiulug
jio llie duties of thi>i olllee, I ito not he.si
i late lo say lo you that I am competent
laud fully t|iialltled to do (Iiis work and
thai I mu equal lo the task. If I chouhl
lie the people's choice, which I hope to
bo, I shall endeavor to do the duties of
this nth I-1- in a straight, honest, buiiness
iikeway. J. J. TA YI.OK.
Appalaohl, Va.
Saturday, Sept. 20.
WSom HiTs %
Prices: 75c, $1.00 and $1.50
Seats on sale at Kelly's Drug Store
How many times have you had tires
fixod only to have them "give out" on
me very first trip?
Our vulcanizing outfit enables us to
fix blow-outs and weaft spots in a
way that usually mahes them even
stronger than the rest of the tire.
Poor repair worK on tires is ulti?
mately the most expensive. Unless
the weah part is properly strength?
ened, there is lihely to be another
blow-out soon that may ruin the tiro
Just give us a trial and we will
show you that our prices are low and
that we can turn your worK out
East Fifth Street.
Buy a Carona Typewriter from the
Printing Company.
K \
M ?u

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