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The Big Stone Gap Post.
No. 40
The first Wise county work
conference met in the town hall,
Norton, Va., Wednesday after?
noon, Septemlier 2-11 It, IIHI),
from :i :Q0 to ?"> :00 |>. in., with
seventeen men present. The
following men were present :
... K. Hyatt, V. 1$. Kline, I'rof.
,'l l. Burton, W.W. Kemp. Bev.
/. |{. Bandall, ('has. Mall. Jr.,
John Koberts and Key. Smith,
at Norton; It. Swank, of Gla?
morgan'; (lee. Jenkins, of Ap.
palachio ; .1. S 1 [iimblcii, 01 Big
Stone <!ap; Kev; Ni K. Uurl
right, .1. .1. Kelly, Jr., W. .\.
flash, Bov. II. II. Gibson, and
Di. II. M. Miles, of Wise; A.O.
Johnson, of Dooley.
Mr. II. E, liyatl as acting
chairman, took charge of the
meeting. The meeting was
opened by a prayer by Bev.
II. II. Gibson, of Wise. Mr.
Hyatt in a brief way told the
ihen present the purpose of the
meeting was to consider the or?
ganization of a county V. M.
('. A. in Wi-e county. District
Secretary Burroll, presented
thoroughly the plans of tin.
county work ol the ? . M. <\ A.
All the men present were hearti?
ly in favor of organization ami
voted accordingly. Secretary Bur
roll suggested the election of a
county chairman and treasurer.
Bev; N. B. Oartright nominated
Mr. 11. K. Hyatt Tor ehairr.idn
ami Mr. Hyatt was unanimous
lv elected" Bev. Ban.hill sug?
gested that Mr. Hyatt, the chair?
man noiniiiute a treasurer, and
Mr. Hyatt nominated Mr. (Jeii.
JnitkiitB, of Ajipaluehia, who was
also unanimously elected. The
IjUCStiotl of selecting a loeal
campaign committee was dis?
cussed and Mr. Roberts moved
that Mr. Hyatt select his own
committee, winch was seconded
by .1. S. Humiden. This move?
ment was favored by all. In?
dustrial Secretary, Mr. Koister,
explained the county budget for
one year and the men present
decided to accept same. Mr.
Keister also discussed the state?
wide program and District Secre?
tary Hurrel I spoke briellv of
? What Will Wise County Gel
in Beturu for Our Share In the
Slate Budget?"
Mr. Hyatt, chairman, an?
nounced the Big State Conven?
tion at Richmond, Va., Octoboj
I Ith, Hill), ami urged all to at?
tend who could possibly do s,,.
Mr. Burroll spoke of the county
campaign meeting ami it was
decided to hold the meeting it
Norton, Va., in the town hall,
October 18th, 191!'.
The meeting adjourned with a
rlosing prayer by Bev. Randall.
Legion Meets
The Honry N\ T?te I'ost of
the American Legion will meet
Wednesday night, October l-i,
at S:30 p. hi. Additional offi?
cers will be elected, und also tin
executive committee ami dele
Kates to the. State Convention
at Bouuoke. All ex-sohliers
und sailors are invited to attend,
and learn what i h e legion
stands for, whether they are til
ready members or not.
Girl Scouts of East Stone Gap
Attend Fair.
The Girl Scouts of East St,.
Gap, with their able leader and
captain, Mis- Christy Jones, at?
tended the Wise fair Friday in a
body. The scouts report this a?
one of their most pleasant mit?
tags. They arc planning a trip
to High Knob in the near future;
The organization of the Girl
Scouts has meant much to the
young life of this community
and others are beginning to see
just, what it means to be a real
Soft drinks are going up, they
?ay. Of course?before they go
Virginiu State Teachers'
Wise, Va., Sept. ?_'!).?To the
Teachers ot Wise County: As
your oflicial, 1 lake tliis method
nf giving you a short com inimi?
cal inn.
This is the most critical time
in the history of the common
won I III, boili for the teachers
and the stale. The schools of
Ihe state are short just 0,000
teachers. Almut 0,000 teachers
in the stale are very materially
under paid?many cd' IheiU clear?
ing less per month than will buy
one pair lif good -hoes. The
teacher- themselves can remedy
this situation and il will never
he hotter until the teachers make
it better. < ?liier worker-are or?
ganized, are asking more, and
are receiving a living wage.
Teachers of Virginia are not or?
ganized as ihoy should lie and
are not in a position lo demand a
creditable salary.
Lot us get together anil plan
at i.in- November meeting in
Richmond this fall to do some
thing-. Let every teacher join
the State Teachers' Association.
Let every teacher read the Vir?
ginia Journal of Education mid
keep posted. The Journal now
belongs to tin' teachers of the
state, is run by them and for
them. Your executive commit
too look this paper over for yon
la-t November. The Legislature
meets this winter. We should
be in a position to impress upon j
that body ;is we have never done,
before III.- needs of the teachers
of the -tale.
I shall be glad to hear from
each principal in Wise county.
Have you a subject you Would
like lo discuss or have discussed
in our principals' meeting in No?
vember'.' In helping tu arrange
program, I shall endeavor to car?
ry olil your wishe-. The leach-j
ers are looking to the principals!
for leadership, and unless we do
some planning, very little will
bo accomplished. Let everyone'
who possibly can plan to be
present at our Richmond meet?
ing. II. ?'. Williams,
Member of the Executive Com?
mittee and Vice-l'residenl for
District K of the SiateTouchers'
Association, also Secretary and
Treasurer of the State Principals'
i loiiforeiice.
Enjoyahle Hay Ride.
A jolly bunch of young folks
from Kits) Stone Chip, under (lie
chiiperoiiage of Mr. and Mrs.
Woubeii Uillv, Mr. and Mrs.
W. P. Hilly,"and Mr. and Mrs.
Strain Tale enjoyed a hay ride
Friday night. They were trans?
ported in the big ice truck driv?
en by Mr. Steve Neoloy. The
merry party went down in I.
county and when within a lew
miles of Prydou, a big camp lire
was built, and supper served.
The cool night made the lire
very welcome, while the ajipe
tiles lot toasted iiiiiishmallows,
were fully lested. A Per re
froshinenls were served, the par?
ty engaged in several games un?
til a late hour and then reluct?
antly they climbed in the truck
for the return trip. Merry songs
wete sung, and as the party
entered Ihe home town, the
strains of Home Sweet Home
might have been heard, had one
listened attentively?but at Ihr
suggestion that it was rather late,
the voices were hushed. How
ever, all vote it a wonderful
Irip. thanks to the skilled man?
agement of the cliaperoiies and
committee. There are vague
hopes for another trip in the fu?
Shame on the fellow who re
marked that "lots of men would
lie good husbands if they had
better wives." Tliat'a the time
he caught the wrong pig by the
Yes, people will always say
disagreeable things about you.
Rut you can console yourself
with the knowledge that only a
part of them are true.
Richmond, Vn., Sept. '2\-.? I
Word cbinoM from Sydney, New
Smith Wales, tlint, there ere
200,000 cases of "llu" in tlint i
Australian city, and that the
doctors and nurses are utterly I
unable to cope with the grant
volume of disease.
Self-styled specialists in in
lluoii7.lt nitty pretend to kltowl-l
edge" concerning a recurrence
this year; but the fuel is that;
no one knows whether we are
to bo revisited by the plague
that swept over the country 1
last fall and winter. L'hochdllCCS
are in favor of a second out?
break since previous epidemics
of grippe have run two seasons,1
but it is all guess work The
best that health authorities can
do is to warn against a recur
rence. ami to publish all the
knowledge they have on the!
subject. All that is known is!
very little, and can be summed
up in a single sentence: fFlut
I- earried in he Secretions of'
the mouth and nose. That is
the .whole knowledge on the
Now the Statt' Hoard of Health
issues rules, which if followed,
will prevent the transference of
mouth ami nasal discharges,
and thus make the spread of
"tin" impossible. first?Pro
tect others by using a handker?
chief to cover a cough or a
sneeze or if no handkerchief is
available, when coughing or
sneezing, bend your head down?
ward. Second ? Protect ynor
selves by avoiding those who
do not obey these rules, and tlo
iot put anything into your nose
or mbtlth which may have bomb
into contact with the mouths of
others or imiy have been touch?
ed byjjfo?r own or some other
The State Board is confident,
as is the 1". S. Public Health
Service, lliul 'llu" cannot be a
menace if I hose rules are obeyed.
"Engines Functioned Perfect
ly," Said Lieutenant Com?
mander Read, Who Com?
manded Big Seaplane.
The Ford .Motor Company
has just received ojlicial advice
from the Navy Department that
it was four Ford Liberty Motors
?till built in lim Porti Motor
Company'a shops at Detroit?
which furnished the power that
drove the X C Four to victory
in its recent record breaking
(light across the Atlantic from
Trepassoy, Newfoundland to
Plymouth, England; a distance
of 4,000 miles. They were reg?
ular stock motors built during
the war as u part of the Ford
Liberty Motor production.
Upon his arrival in Lisbon,
Portugal, Lieutenant Comman?
der Bead said, "The engines
functioned perfectly all the way
from America to Portugal.":
And American naval officers
who thoroughly inspected the
X C Four upon its arrival at
Plymouth, England, stated that
the big seaplane was in even
better condition than when it
left America.
The N C Four (light, which
has meant a triumph for Amer
ican engineering skill, also adds
another record to Font achieve?
First Aid Teams Goes to
Jim and Fred Callahan, Pat?
rick Cress, Alex Nouse, M. S.
I'ennington ami Sain David,
who comprises u picked tirst
aid and mine rescue team of
the Stonega Coke & Coal Com?
pany, in company with E. F.
Tute and Dr. C. B. Bowyer, left
Saturday night for Pittsburg,
Pa., where thoy will enter u
contest with teams from other
states to compete for national
honors. They, together with a
team from the Clinchfield Coal
Corporation, will represent
Presidential- booms are still
pipping, but few of thorn have
reached the hatching stage.
State Horticulture Society.
Tin* Virginia State Horticul?
tural Society ami the Virginia
Stall1 Uorii Qrowora* Associu
tioti will hohl their annual
meetings ami exhibition in
Roannke, Va , December !lrd
ami Ith, 1010'. The exhibition
ot fruit-? und grain will he held
in the auditorium, which is ad
mirably suited to ihe require
mellts of tllC two socielieH.
Thlfl show will be what the
farmers und orchard men of
Virginia make it, as without
their co operation, a successful
show is impossible.
One of lite fen urea of this
year's Horticultural Show will
he "Special No. :l ? Host two
barrels commercial pack of any
of the following varieties:
VViuesap, Albemarlo Pippin,
1)1 lick Twig, Men llavis, York
Imperial and Stavinan." The
chairman of the exhibit com
mittee, Hoy IC. Marshall, of
Hlaeksbtirg, should he notified
of intention of entry, and time
when the variety will be puck
ed, ho ho may delegale some
neutral party to select two bar
I reis from the daily run. (irow?
ers may select day of run and
! burrels will bo taken after they
are headed up. These barrels,
will Im so covered by the n pri ?
senlativo of the c uhmitiee that
stencilling will not show. Nnmet,
of exhibitors will not be made
public unless the exhibit *vins
first, second or third prize.
First prize, bron/.e medal and
Second prize, $20.
Third prize, $1?.
Fourth prize, -110.
This class is being entered by
oreliardists over the entire state
and promises some real educa
tional competition.
Select and Save Exhibit Fruit Now.
It is important that exhibit
fruit be selected early ami a suf?
ficient quuntity put uwuy for
future entry. Shipping tags
will be furnished by the secre?
tary or by Mr. Marshall, the
use of which will provide free,
transportation to Kounuke, free
cold storage service, and free
delivery to the exhibit ball.
William 1\ M?stet, Sec'y,
Winchester, va.
Hoy E. .Mah.niiaj.l, Sept.,
Blucksburg, Va.
Advance premium lists for
the Horticultural Show may be
had by writing either of the
above men, and for the Corn
Show to E. R. Hodgson, Secre?
tary, Hlackaburg, Va.
Big Fire at
Six Business Houses Burn
Down, Causing Heavy Loss.
One of the most destructive
fires that ever visited Appatu
chilt swept the main business
part of town on last Sunday
night al 12 o'eloek Imming
down six business houses and
severely damaging the front of
'the Windsor Hotel and CitJ
Meat Market just across the
! street from where the lire start?
ed. The loss ih heavy and it is
said very little insurance was
carried on any of the buildings
or their contents.
The lire storied in the Palace
Cafe and had gained much
headway before it was discov?
ered. The burned area extends
from Gibson's store, u large
brick building, to the brick
building of YY. A. Head. Had
it not been for these brick walls
probably the entire block would
have been destroyed. Also a
number of railroad cars in the
rear were burned.
Following is a list of the bus
iness concerns lhat were entire?
ly destroyed: .). (\ Isaac's gen?
eral merchandise store, Pastime
Theatre, Barker's BuslllUrunt,
ItUley barber shop, Allen's gro
eery store, and the I'alnce Cafe.
Wise Court is Reversed in
Hayncs vs. Peterson.
Wednesday u decision was
rendered by the Supreme Court
of Appeals of Virginia in the
case of Kev. J, K. Hay lies ami
others against A. T Peterson
reversing the decree entered by
the Circuit Court of Wise coun?
ty, The suit was over the sab?
le Mr. Hay lies of a boundary of
land at' Horton Summit by
W. I'. Peterson under a power
of attorney executed by A. T.
Peterson. A. T. Peterson en?
tered suit in the Circuit Court
of Wise county for the recovery
of the land,with Bond A- Bruce,
Vicars and Cox as his attorneys.
I'll - attorneys for Mr. Huyries
wore Judge s. II. lioiid and
Coleinuu and Carter. The Wise
Circuit Court entered u decree
in favor of Peterson, which de
orbe was reversed by the Court
of Appeals, Judge Stafford (i.
Whittle, president of the court,
banding down the decision.?
t iale City Herald.
Birthday Party.
Henry II. Nail', Jr., son of
Mr. and Mrs. II. 11. Naff, of
I Klioxvillu, entertained a hum
ber of his little friends at the
home of bis grandparents, Mi?
ami .Mrs. .1. M. Willis,Saturday
ifternoon in honor of bis fourth
birthday, between the hours of
three and live o'clock. The
dining room ami table Were
tastefully decorated and de?
licious refreshments were serv?
ed by bis aunts, Misses Mabel
und Jamima Willis
Henry, Jr., was in receipt of
several nice gifts from bis little
friends ami also received checks
from bis relatives nt Kuoxville
to the amount of nearly twenty
dollars. Those invited were.
Agnes Potter, Bill Puller, Jr.,
Curlyle Williams, Frank Nick?
els, Archie Hamoluit, Willie B.
(viiider, Chns. Bunn.dr., Willis
Crawford Nail", Henry Hudson
Naff, dr., Harold Nickels, Hellt
in Witt und Harry Taylor, Jr.
Revenue Officers Capture
Seven Stills.
Deputy Collector C C. Pal
Palmer returned Friday after
noon from Wise county and re?
ports one of the most success r
ful week's raiding yet made.
The. officers engaged, besides
Mr. Palmer woro C. F. Beverly,
W. B. ECU bourn, Sam Hall, the
last named being of thu Bald?
win Agency.
In one day five stills wore
captured and destroyed, und in
another day two. No one was
found about any of the stills
but tire; wus under some of i
them. One of the stills taken I
wus near Wise whero the fair:
svus being hold. "Moonshin-:
ing" seems to be on the crest of
the wuvo in Wise and well as*
other counties.
; The officers captured three
men who they overhauled in
the uct of transporting "boozo,"
Watts and Minnick, of Wiso
county, and Mutter, of West
Virginia.?Gate City Herald.
State Corporation Commissioner, who
served with Red Cross overseas,
speaks In hloh praise ot work per?
formed by the Army Y.
"If the Youbg Men's Christian Asso?
ciation bad dona nothing In Europe
except to proVlde mot tun plrturc thea?
tres and Its theatrical entertainment*.
It would have been worth every dollar
contributed to the organisation by the
American people." Maarted Major
Alexander forward, a number of the
Virginia State Corporation Commis?
sion. In an address In lllrhniond. Tbl?
Statement Is regarded as coming with
added force because Major Forward
was not connected with the Y. M. 0. a.,
but was In the service of the American
lteil Cross In Europe.
"Hut for these entertainments." he
continued, "the boys would have bad
nowhere to go In the evenings, but
would Inevitably have drifted Into a
search for diversions that would lu
many cases have been demoralising
to them personally und disastrous to
the cause for ?hieb WO were lighting.
I am under Iba Impression that the
number of moving plctuVca operated
each night in Franco utouo exceeded
1,600, and In addition, troops of profes?
sional antertalriorn and theatrical com?
panies contatantly visited every camp.
"The large program 'made necessary
by these activities was very costly.
Theatres bad lo be secured, In aomo
eases they weie leased. In others,
bought; in others, built for the occa?
sion. The entertainers had to ho paid,
ami there was the overhead expense of
administration. Hut it was worth It.
i every cent."
Major Forward's duties took him to
most ol the countries ot Europe, nnd
he had ample opportunity lo observe
the work of the various organisations
'The Itcd Cross." ho says, "wan eugag
etl in feeding the hungry, clothing the
nuked, boating the sick, among the
Civilian population In the dnvasted re?
gions of Fi a lire and Italy ami Hie Hal
kails. Its work among our soldiers
and sailors was confined In the main to
the operation of canteuna at railway
stations unit steamship w harves, and to
Ihe maintenance of Home service
work, helping 16 keep up communlca
tlon'between the boys and their people
In America. On the oilier hand. It was
the mission of Ihe Young Men's Chris?
tian Association lo provide wholesome
amusement nnd recreation among our
soldiers, and so surround them with
proper and attractive diversions. The
canloen work of Ihe Y. M. C. A. was
Incidental to Ihe main purpose of the
organization which was to keep our
men nut of amusements of Ihn ilemor
allztng sort. In the. camps and billet*
aud leave area*, a porpoau which va*
apleudldly accomplished."
To All Telephone Companies
Operating in Virginia.
Richmond ,Vn., Sept. is, 1910;
in oilier tout no c.infusion or
misunderstanding may oxist
with reference lo the status of
rates to be ohurged for service
of telephone companies in Vir?
ginia on ami ufter December 1,
1010, the State Corporation
Commission issues this state?
ment to tunke the Situation
The Airt of Congress approv?
ed July I lib, 1010, providing
for the return of the tolepuone,
teh-graph, marine cable mid
radio systems to their owners',
stipulates that "the existing
toil and exchange telephone
rates us established or approv?
ed by the Postmaster General
on or prior to June Oth, 1010,
shall continue in force for a po?
und not to exceed four months
after this net lakes elfect, un?
less sooner modified or changed
by the public authorities?state;
municipal or otherwise?hu ving
control or jurisdiction of tolls,
charges, and rates, or by con?
tract or by voluntary reduc?
Iii accordance with the terms
of the Act of Congress afore?
said all rates, tolls and charges
in existence ut the time the wire
lines were taken over by the
United States Government will
be the rutes, tolls and charges
in effect in Virginia from and
after 12 o'clock midnight, No?
vember 30th, PH'J, unless sooner
modified or changed by tho
state, municipal or other au?
thorities having control or ju?
risdiction of tolls, charges and
rate-*, or by contract or by vol?
untary reduction.
Statk.Cobi'okation Commission
. By Alexander Forward,

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