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?VUDNKSU?Y, DKO. 17, 1011)
??'iliii?!ifil Kvit/ Wednesday l>v the
I1ILUEHT N. KNIGHT, - editor.
LfNDSKV J. HORTON. Adl'l Editor
Uiw Yoar, - si.so
Si* Months, - .75
riir.io Months. - .40
Knn-rv.l accordliiit ?i postal regulations
\\ llio nost-oMotl ?t IIIr Stone (.'up ?i> see
iml-olas? matter
American people It it vi* Iohr
been weary of oven hearing tho
unmeet Onrrnnza and Moxico.
T'liti whole muss is si> nuuscut
ing it sin.Us. Hut lit times
backyard conditions come to
the front with mich force ne to
compel even reluctant recogni?
tion, Lawlessness and anarchy
in .Mexico are becoming so in.
tolerable that action by this
government can not much lon?
ger i>,. delayed If wo continue
our attitude "i indifference, or
timidity, or whatever .um
choose to citll ii. Knglund or!
some other countn will step >n
and set 111 - Mexican bouse in]
order. They have every provo?
cation for mi doing And once
there, they uro likely to remain. !
Thun exit our Monroe doolrino.
Will Uncle Sotil proceed to
administer u sound kick to the
Ch i nn/.,i pants, or w ill be eon-;
liiiuu to receive 01 meekness
and humility the p i iudicul
jolts from tho Mexican toe?
Musi the Mexicans kidnap all
of our consuls and a dozen or
two of on governors before we
can he ja. i> d into actii u?
When i h e multitude ?ei"
hungry liny w re given leaves
ami fishes, and ihoir hunger
wasappcats.il. la tins commit.'
nity there may lie some family
with but unagre ingredients
for tin Chrislinns dinner A
wave of the band tod i) w ill
not convert thai meugioncss
int.i plent) , uor will it create a
turkey 11olll n crust of bread
Those who live in pli nlj should
see that there are none who are
in tvaut on that day. If we
liitv.) u family upon whom the
littttil of misfortune has fallen,
we should see that their larder
is welt iiiled, and thai (he.
Christmas turkey is not absent
? >u i hat Day ot Days,
li we don't kick the Red- mil
it i> only a q.iostion of time
?ton they will do the kick i ig
to.- government and ooiigress
might just as well face the in
e\ it utile now at later.
i'.v.-rybody wants an end to
profiteering except wherein he
protlteurs himself. And. with
everybody profiteering in one
iyu) oi another, what are von
going to do uhol|l 11? Kb?
laving in llie past but dims
tin- glories of the future and
renders futile the conquests of
toditv. ('nine to life!
Tho Secretary of the Ooit*.
jmou wealth ileHiios tu call to tho
[attention of automobile owners
j important changes in and lo o
I now automobile law passed at
tfie extra torsion of the ' loiiorul
Assembly called for tin* pur
post* of providing funds for the
highway improvement scheine.
Iii? liceiiHe fee of all c.us
other than trucks was changed
from 10 coins per burse power
to ou cents, a minimum foe of
$10 on au (oh and $5.00 on motor
cycles, $2 no on motor cych
side cars.
Truck tux changed from horse
power t n a lonnngc basis,
I Trucks of one ion or l< >ss lf!l? ? I
[und for each half ton or fi o ?
[lion thereof in excess of ih
jfirat ton $5.00, Trailers $10 011
for one Ion or less and $.'1.0(1 nd
dilioutli for each half ton or
fraction thereof i n ? XCCHR of
one ton.
(Jhnulfeurfl foe from $'Ji 60 to
Dealern no increase in license
fee, but liuiil placed on number
oi t'.. :s of plates fuillished eaeli
denier to Hi roe. Additional sets
required by a dealci at raie df
fl.V per .sei. Service cats lined
by ii dealer will ho compelled to
be registered und obt till lici iise
for i lie same tiH uuy othei own
or not a dealer,
Registration of lilhi tn cars i
fee of ft 00. Kvery car within
ihc confines ol the state of Vir?
ginia on ami .alter the '.'th day
of December, wheiher in use or
not, the title to biuno must be
regiBtored, No license can hit
issued unless car applied for
has hud title registered and m
addition the failure of an own.
? r to register such title within
30 -lays after December :<;h will
subject the owner to a penally
of a tine not exceeding ji??U or
confinement in jail for not less
than six months or both tine
and jail sentence.
On and after February tsi
any ctiroperated without lici n i
will subject lint owner lb n liin
of not less than flu or more
than f'JO. each du) *s use a Hep
arute oh*omte. The use of
number plate on any innolliili
for which it wan not issued and
fully described in license cud.
or obtaining and using license
on n ear the horse power ol
which is greater than tliit foi
which lieen. e wasol>iainod*will
stlhjeel the owner to u line ol
not loss than flu oj more Ihm
toil ouo half ol the line going to
the informer ti not an oltieer
If au oUlcer the magistrate h '?
required lo ass.... in ihc costs
the Mini of $.r> pivalde to li e ,,|
licer ittllkillH the arro.-:.
Invitations Issued lor Holi?
day Dances.
I he Norton Junior Ban I hn\ u :
issued invitations lo a stlbsoi ip
tioii dance lo be,given at Nor
ton in the town hall Friday.
December 19th. The music w ill
be furnished by Williams' lb-!
cbcslra, ol Kentucky. Uelresh
incuts will be served The
chtiperoiies for tho occasion .ire
Mr. and Mrs T. 8. McKelvey,
.Mr. iiiul Mis. It si. Uraliatn,
Mr. und Miiv .1 K. Taggart,
Mr. and Mr., ti T FoilHt, ol
The boys oi the (t up ha ? e is?
sued invitations to n dance tu
the Monte Wui Hotel, Wed
ncsdlty, December 'Jttb. The
music will bo furnished h\ tin
Btuotibld'Jazz Orchestra. 'I lie
United States Kail road Administration
Director General of Railroads
I'lisscnger (rain service w'hjoh was withdrawn bv Soulhorn
Hnilwiiy Lines ou account of Coal shortage will b<a restored
eHVetivV 12:01 A M Central Timo, Monday Deconibor l?th, vi*:
No. : Appalnchin Division Leaving Bristol iilO I*. M.
N?. :i Appnlitchin Division Arriving llristnl tlifiO A M.
No 23 Knoxviile l> vision Lcnving Bristol 2:20 A. St.
Xo. 24 Knoxviile Division Arriving Bristol 3:30 A M.
would please him more than anything else
you could think of. Toys are soon destroyed,
but a Bicycle is a lasting pleasure.
We have just received a large shipment of
the latest models of different makes, and in
this assortment we feel sure we can please
you. Call and see them.
Auto Filling Station
cominitloc getting the dance up
are: IL Li Mill.r. .Ir-, T. I
Cnntroll. (J. K. Patrick. The
chnperuiie* for the occasion are
Mr. und Mrs I) H. Pierson,
Mr. anil Mrs. M. K. Kelly, Mr.
and Mrs K. T. Irvine, Mr. uud
.Mrs. II. L. Miller, of the Gap.
Tin' Mothers' Club, of the
V. it S.W., met (it the log cabin
Monday, December 8th. 1919,
A delicious dinner was cooked
over the tire place and plates
laid for thirty members. De.
spile the fact that it rained the
entire day there wjis a good nl.
tendance and every one Bocmed
to enjoy themselves. The ba?
bies were weighed ami sterriop
tic in slides on the "Care of the
Sei.) Child" were shown:
Those attending were: Mes
dames Ar ringt.Mullen, Shnr
rel, Woulherly; Ciusbny, Klliol,
CnlviiriL Booker, S iiithern,
Home. Cole Misses Ruth
Moor*:, Muv Wliliaius, Nautili
t Uiffi M iiy*< laudill, Ojara link?
er. Mrs. .to si,'. Mtss Lulu
Moore, Miss Morgan.
\ wedding of considerable in?
terest io the p.-ople of this sec?
tion occurri d hisi Monday,
when Miss Res io Wells, became
tile ? if.- of Mr. Vincent The
ceremony took place at Pen.
Oillgtoh Cap, and the hippy
COUplll w. nt io Si. Cb-irles In
make tlieir lloljie, Mihs Wells
is the s.oid daughter of the
liite L C Wells, mid is hugely
connected here in Wise county.
She grew 11:? in Norton where
she lias many friends. The
Progress extends to the young
pi ople, its best wishes for future
happiness. -Norton Progress.
See \Y. I>\ Baker wie n io
need of Pipeless Kumnccs, nil
steel rivott-d and welded, Ne
joint:, for smoke or gns to escape
into room. Double jacketed ?
Mi-s ICtlie] Tucker, who has
hoen spending several days in
Hrjstol vi .iM..,r I,or uiulnra,' Mrs.
I Ii in v Harris und M rs Sam
Didier, returned to her home in I
the (lap Wednesday, uccoinpn.
tiled b-. her sister, Mrs. Sam
Detter, who will spend il few
da' s hero visiting her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. T. T Tucker.
Mrs. M. P. Oitrico and Mrs.
K ill Sloebr spent a few days
Iiis! ?. ei; in Knoxvillnshopping
and visiting Mrs. Curico'fl
daughter, Mrs. Hour) Warner.
I he Pig Stone (lap furnace
of the Iliteriuoilt Coal ?V. Iron
Corporation is beim; rapidly re?
paired and w ill probably he put
in blast b> tin- first of the year.
W . I i ioodloc, chairinau of
street lights committee, w ill re.
ceive bids until .lanuarv Sth,
IH20, - p. in., for contract to
furnish street lights for town of
Big Stone Qap for period of no!
exi.ding ten years.
w T ? Ioodi.ok, Chairman,
dec 10-11
Buy the Red Cross Xma.i Seals
and a Health Bond.
The mono) from the sale of
these pennv seals ami health
bonds is used t<> tight lllberctl
Tuberculosis, or consumption
alone costs more than the ex
pensn of the entire Pederal
i lovernment.
At the present rate at least
;. OliO 000 of the people now liv?
ing in ihn United StnteH w ill die
oi tuberculosis.
I.lien Virginians de each
year et tuberculosis.'
Many people die of tubercu?
losis hi Wiso county.
Tuberculosis is no; inherited
Tuberculosis is cm able.
I Tuberculosis is pievoniable.
Put a Christinas seal on your
Christinas packages and letters
; Buy a health bOiid. Remember
the money from them will tie
, used lo light tuberculosis.
Now that congress is again ill
[session, let's put an end to the
peace treaty and the league of
nations. Tin' war ended over u
jyettr ago, and we ait- still cack?
ling around like a bunch of
1 pullets trying to lay their tlrsl
When voii speak well of nth.
ers you forge u bright and nn
breakable link in your own
reputation, think- it over.
Be Profitable To You
We have everything you could think of in wearing apparel that
would please every member of the family and your friends too.
Don't forget that we still maintain low prices on every article in
our store, as d?nn1; our recent sale.
Our sale on Groceries last week, as we expected, empted our
shelves. We how Have them tilled with Men's, Ladies' and Chil?
dren's Hose, Gloves, Wool Caps, Sweaters, etc.
Men's \Vhfio Silk Handkerchiefs 75c
Ladies' anil Children's SilkH intlki rchiefs 19c
Box Handkerchiefs
Children's. Handkerchiefs (3 per hex) 25c
Children's Handkerchiefs (2 per box))5 & 19c
Ladi. s' Handkerchief a (3 per box) 3C &, 45c
Ladies Crepe ?!?? < !hine Handkerchiefs
25c and 35c
Coigatcs Combined Oomlbrts
Colgate's Combined Comforts for .Men
75c and $I.OO
Colgate's C untuned Comforts for La.lien SOc
Hen'* Silk Ti -s, $1 50 value
Men's Kinii T'es. *l 00 vain.
M-n'? l' ine 'l'ies, ?7?c value
Men s Fibre Silk Hose, <;i oo value 73c
Mon's ('as I mi im ii >ne, i 00 value. 75c
Ladies' Silk II., $1 00 value
Ladies' Silk I tone, 2 SO value
Lndies'Silk Hose, II.OO valua
Ladies' Silk Ho*,., a.50 value
Ladies'Silk Hose. I 00 value
Ladie ' Kid Gloves, $:t.oo value
Ladies' Kid Gloves, $;t .'a> \ aloe
Lad0-8* Silk Oloves, f Liu value
Ladicb! Chamois Gloves; $1 25 yalut
Ohihlren'H Kid Gloves, .,1 io value
Children's Silk Gloves, 1 00 value
Children's Knit Gloves, L?0 value
All Tfool Blankets, f\i Do ?will?
Wool Blankets, 19.00 value
Army Olive Ilrtt.li Blanket!
Cotton Blank US, %\ 30 value
Cotton It! ink ila, 4 00 Vit hit!
(lomforts, $Ji 50 value
(lomforls, 4 IJO value
Co Iii f i mi Si 4 50 ? a lue
(lomfort?, ? 00 vallie
? 2.50
. 0.50
. 2.98
We have on hand a large selection of Men's and Boys' Mack
inaws, Overcoats, Raincoats, Suits, Trousers, Wool Shirts initl
Dress Shirts at greatly reduced prices.
151?:; j^rr* >;v 13 ?ljl/vi?, va.
Scientists tell um |h:il ihr
world's supply til Coul u ill I . I
for 7 777 ye n s In o mi ? Tilt*)
are wrong. At the prcsou! rate
of getting it out of tlio ground
it will lint for 7.7,'7,777 yearn.
Happiness honestly sought is
readily found, l?ui it soldero
cotnpH of its own accord.
To M|M'Uk llueutly in puidic is
a rare gift, tint to sa) tie- cor?
rect tliini; al lie- riglil lime ,s
one ol the most precious of all
he: itikges.
Destroyed happiness may lie
convened into a lasting bless?
ing, if one understands how to
assemble the shattered pieces.
? -
This life contains many a hu?
ll, aniseed diamond in the rough;
and, likewise, many a highly
polished pi, (.I glass.
Every force makes for good
or evil, with the steering wheel
in your own bands. The wise
mail turns it with cure, but the
fool gives it a twist ut random.
If, as we are lold, every man
is the architect of In? own fur
tune, sinne people must he ex?
tremely gifted in the art of
drawing crooked lines.
Ami now will some kind
friend please tell us who is to.
he our hexl president? We
want to establish our reputa?
tion as a political wiseacre and
presidential prophet by doping
it out to our readers in advance
jof the nomination.
North Dakota health author?
ities say that of the last series1
of 7,0'J7 school children exam-1
lined tiy one of their field nurses,
5,091 had some defect, more or
less marked., and that 75 per
cent, of these wore amenable to
corrective treatment.
l?lM? A. B. S.. tnr.
-if ^ou ship them to Shubert
"Shisbert" Wan?s Virginia Fers
And Will F?tiy These. Extremely Hl{j** R*Use?
fwffr?ifcc-Gt j h'utRGi ~T s'imediuh I y.'y1,1, ?[^,,1fl,>.;:. 1
4JSto 3.7S
350to 3.60
3.50 n 3.00
2.S0 ta 2.49
2.75 to 2i0
2.30 tu 1J0
2.251? 188
1.70 U 13*
1.751? U>
l?ti 1.80
Kmc, Dark
Usual Color
15.00 to 12.00
11.00 to 9.00
ISO la 7.00
11.00 to 9.09
8.50 10 7.00
6.75 10 5.75
8.5010 7.80
6.50 to 5.25
5.00 It 4.00
6.Wt8 SJS
5.00 te 4.00
3.S9IO 3.00
1.00 tj 4.0?
5.601? 3.ee
a^oto 25?
Heavy Furred
15.00 to 12.00
10.00 to 850
8.00 ta 7.?0
11.00 to 9.00
8.00 to 7.00
6.5010 550
8.00 te 7.00
6.501o 550
4.75 to 3.75
630 to 550
450 to 3.75
3.50 to 3.08
6i0ti 4.00
458 to 3J?
3581b 256
These extremely high priceB are based on the well-known "SHUBERT'
liberal grading and are quoted tor immediate shipment. No. 3,_ No. 4,
and otherwise inferior skins at highest market value. For quotations on
other Virginia Furs, write for ' ite fetmfctrt *fctpwr." the only reliable
and accurate market report and price list of its kind published.
It'* FREE? Write for it.
A shipment to "SHUBERT* will
result In "more money"?"quicker."
25-27 W.Austin Ave. E-ept.moCl?cago," 12,S*A*

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