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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, April 07, 1920, Image 2

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|*iit)lialiei) Kvery WiMiif.il?} l>> Hie
LINUSKY J . MORTON'. A bs* I I lilt Ol
Ono Vonr. - - - * I '.' I
Six Months, ... ,75
l'hrvu M.mti.n. ... .in
Kalervtl ?ciioru'ltiii in |io?liil rvgulidloua
tl 1ha ???i?t olttca it tilg St.,in- (I i|i mm
ami >o1sm ntaltai
Revival Ser viles at the Bap?
tist Church.
The meeting start ml Sunday,
with Kvangelisl Tlnis. IC. Itoordc
preaching I wo st rong ami help
I'ul sermons. Sini'e I lion lie has
beeii laying the fonmlulioiiH foi
Hit' result.'; we believe1 hui has in
store for a-. Uro. Bnordo. is not
a sensational preacher, lb- just
tpiictly preaches tin- gospel, up
prilling In teas.ni an.I stirring u
to thought.
We are depending on Hie go...I
people of tin- CiilUlilUnity to tall
in line, ami work anil pray lot a
great revival, of true ami eon
struetive Christian living. .1 re?
vival that w ill bless ami lifl the
entire tow 11. We wiint yon; Will
you come ami help?
At Rust Sti. 1 iap. the in.-. I
ingstarts oil very encoiiiagiiigly.
Kvaitgelist l.uwson is preaching
Mlioiig g.ispel sermons, an.I Ihn
people are rallying |o In- sup
port. The congregation gave hiiti
the money Sunday night t.. in
stall electric lights in I lie citurclij
inn) Monday night all whs bright
aiitl cheery. The prospect*1 arc
title. A. I.. Smmm 1 , I'astm
A wedding ol interest to many
in this commuilily was solemn
I/.eil at the home of Mr ami
Mrs. W. II Carrier Wednitkilai
evening, March list, at 1 HO,
when Sirs. Kdnu Carinii .Imi.ea,
bucanie the bride ol \l 1 Culfnrd
Iturchtlehl The ring coriimoii)
was performed by Kev 1' W
Dean in the presence ol mem.
hers of the families m ibe bride
and groom and 11 few intimate
I riomts
The bride is a blond Ol illlilS
mil beauty and littriietivOiniun.
Iiers lind never looked 111 He
charming, dressed in a hand
some suit of blue trii'olilm w ith
grey accessories
The gro.mi is u popular y ouiig
mini and hold" a prominent po
sitiop with the Southern Hail
why 111 Appalacliitt After a
wedding journey in their new
automobile to km.will.-. Aahe
ville and other points they will
he at home to their many
friends in Appalachian v 1
Enjoyable Birthday Parlyi
Little Miss Kli/.tbeth I'opu
Morton, oldest dailghtei of Mr
ami Mis Kidding Morton, de
lighfiiilly I'litertaiiied a large
number of her little frichdti
Monday afternoon from I to
0:1)11 111 honor of her eighth
birthday at the home of bei
aunt, Mrs. It. 1. I liltbii, in t hit
The young guests played nu?
merous games mich as "Drop,
ping the handkerchief" und
"Pretty (tit Is. Station" in the
huge living room of the home
which was made very attrac
tiy.0 by vases of carnations und
After the games were played
the young folks were invited
into the dining room where the
color scheme of yolhiw and
given wus benutifullv curried
lout in ttin decorations <d the in
ble by vanes nf brigiil >Ollnw
jonquils mid sliciiniors ol cri-pe
paper twimd from the chlllidc.
Iler to I be colliers ol lln: table
The centerpiece lor ilie luble
was a large iiugel fooil cuke
holding eight lini ciinilb s, on a
a betilltiflll ctoelleled center
pieee. Delicious brick icecietiui
and a large pieee ol lie l.nth
dux cuke was Serv.il Kacb
lilile ?ih'kI received u large
eboeoiaie ealid I eastei egg Iis it
favor ol the occasion
Kli/.a belli ii ceived a bit ge
number id print y little gifts
11 ein hoi little fi lends pri -em
wbo wished lei miiii) more
hiippl birthdays
Those present w ere:
Dorothy Mmblox ami Dm
King, "f Appnlachiti; AguesS
Iturgess. Onrtei Alleli; Dniotlll
Present I, Snook ill ami Kale
Uibsoii, Alberta Tillv, Dorotti)
(loodloe, Nell and Mildred Witt'.
I lot ot by W e e ill s , .leinlee
Knight, Alice Minn- Kill.out n.
Klcnnor I.'rocker, Dnroth) Ir.
vine. Hi-leu Til) lor. .1 nut. Mm
garei ami Mary (Himer, 1'erry,
Sura iiinl Alfi'ed Morton, Itui
Lt'o Uli. .Ii . Adelaide Sim
Mrs n I, Mud.!,,v nid Mis
M. K King, ot Apptibtchiti;
Mrs A I. Shun,at-. Mis K. I..
Mortui.. Mis It I. Hilton mid
M iss .1 tine) Hnile.y.
Seminary Hitjlt S, liool
Tilt* closing exercises will he
given at Seminar) Hich School
mi April I I mid II Kv-rcise
hy I In- pi unary mid in termed iud
gi ades will begin I net-da v
night the roh. al..nit r lo
\\ ednesiliii hi luou;, m it I-.
Iltrilllgeil tu have contests iii
reciliilioii a u d ileclumat Ion
The lilernr> ndilress is to be
gl\ ell at I Ins I line by UtM A I'.
lit.inks, of I'oebnrn, Vitgiiltil
At 7:'IU |i in tin- program will
ronsist ol |iluys: "Woniiig Uu.
.lei DilHculiies" fullow.d b>
"A Pooi Married ,MUli*,' a popu?
lar i wo hour |d,i\
Mrs. Brown Resigns As Mead
ol Musical Clubs.
Mrs. .1. I'rnetnr Hi own has
resigned her - Hire as slate (ires
hlent of the h'edertition of Mti
sieal Clubs to enter oilier nihsi
cal net i v n i.-s \| is I'.i own will
continue the study of piano un?
der; Joseph l.lle\ Hille III the
American I'iinservatoii ol \lu
sir. Illiicngii, for a I ??rill nf si\
week s ulsn s ml in Ulldci 11? ?!
heil Mutier, of tin- stt. ilislilu
While in I'Inc.ii;o she will l.e
t he house rue-1 ,.| hei l.i oililii,
Albert I'orhett. and wjifji iui
Like M iehigau, iM-conipiUi i.-.l
by hei \ otitig -on, .1 I'riictor,
I'd.- local high school team
defeated the 1. Baptist Insti
Int.- lentil It.mi I'eliuiUgton (lap
in a ver> rl..-e and interesting
gam.- u( hasehill here Krida?
afternoon, the score being II lo
"lied" Sleiiip fen tu red til
the hat, getting loin hit-, a
couple of two base hits and two
singles \ tniell, Slonip and
I'ettlt Were tile Olli} lllelnhii's
of the local team that could hit
tin- visiting^ pitcher, und ihev
also run wild mi the bases, bi>
ing responsible for nearly all
(lie scores. (loiidloe featured In
making a good catch di a long
IIy m center;
I lining- I t! It I '. e ; - .i t; 11
IHK et. >i?f I ??DIU I : ii l II -
IViinhiKioli ''up a a a l ti a 0 it l '. n
llOt. ll.- Uli? ?11.1 elellip
llml si'iit itobbtii?
1 . . . WATCH THIS . . . 1
ja) m
m next week and in the meantime
[|{ don't forget lo paint and varnish [||
Ira up your things.
El 1 ?; - I
( The Mutual Pharmacy I
I Phone 123
IS] pj
THURSDAY, Tomorrow
Now released For Public Exhibition
rhe only film ever shown in America at
$it) per sent
Featuring the beautiful Armenian Refugee
Aurora Mardiganian, herself
Sole survivor blhali a million Christian Armenian girls,
in lief own story ol two years in Kurdish slave
markets anil luild-h llarcms.
This t.'pic film produced with
5000 People ami 83 Principals
is the most sensational revelation 61
conditions in tin- m ar Fiist vet at hand
"Auction of Souls"
From Hie Book ''Ravished ArihehiaV
which is
Aurora Mardigf?nian's Own Story
substantiated In the reports ..i tin British Investigator,
Viscount Biycc ami American Fmllassadoi Morgenthau
The Truth, and
Nothing But/The Truth
A Film that .will'make you thank
Providence yon live in America
15 and 25 cents
Easier Dance.
A vinA ciijnyuhlc iliince was
giVuii l 'i iitti) i \ ? iiing I win
aim' ii it 111 three thirl v n'olnck,
in honor i.l I lie K nit;, i hdlhiu) h
'in I In-il i ii I iiu' lii.Sin.il Ihn M.iill '
Visln Hotel In a ii11111In i el the
voting men ill' i he (Jap
I'lie ilining t....? 11 i n die de
fc r inn lia.l Lean attractiveij
.I. eui iiteil h) tin ' ..line in. ii
w.tth I'i'Kliiii'h'x aiiil si i camel -of
gi-eeu an.I while ciepe paper
Hie large eh mil. Iiei -- were
rihiiileif sol 11v i i. ivhiie ami
C i ? .-ii which . ? e l a I > ? s I i v e g 111 w
(>\ ei I he lai ge ntlihllcr nl ilail
I lelici .11- I i uu punch was
eel <? eii all timing the ei cuing
hei u eeii .1 uu ."' uuI .luring in?
termission sever.il kitnis ..f
saiiilvvTches. which ha.I heim
prupitrcil ll) live ..I tin- young
lllilies ..I I he I lap. were sei \ eil
tu all pi e-elit
I in- ili.|ighil'iil linisie for the
iiCCasinil was fin ii is) it-il by Wil
hums musicians,nl V\ itit'hcHloi ,
k v
Aliuiiig tin.-.- present fi.-m
Hi. ( lap were:
Misses iattel Halle) Adclaiile
I'ettll a ml i;t|. :.|. M iii n l Send ,
..f A hiugili.il: Vint v Cox, i)ot is
W at tier.10.lull \ nnUorilcr; Mor
lie an I Kathleen llorgail, Ma?
llei Smith, nf i ?iilhow ie, ghesi
.if Mis \\ II Wren, ol I he
(lap haw sou, of Texas, gueist
at the Moni.- \ isla; Messrs.
I'le.l Hal. v, I'n k Canllell |{n?i
coo NVolI/., ii K Patrick, li.W.
Monitor, who were on the com
niiitee; Clnroheo Itohiiins, N.
M.nl.ui. john Allen (looillnn,
It, K Casper, Wm, A Stuart,
10. Fleming, .1. W. Uiiah, W 10
Hrtinetl Or. anil Mrs. Price.
From Norton w,ere Misses
Margarel M. hi fee, Klizaheih
Black, I'hiisiiiie HurroWTnnn,
Kahe ami I.en.u a Chapman. I
Mr. anil Mrs. ,1 K 'Taggart.
M. ssts Webb .1. Willelt?, Itiiiph
Kalan.l, Vergil liatiiiTo, Kihlio
Carter, Krank Slithers, Don
Coiick, Herbert .lones, Tom
Heese. I'..Ill I.alle. J lllilllie
Stump; Misses Sarah itnil An?
nie Heese.
Pro in Sienega were Messrs
Hen Wilmoth, Hiiwaril Collier,
Hat..1.1 Hepass. lleiir) Howyer,
< i I In , K Hal.I., t hai les ami
(lonloh Young
Prom Wise w ere: Missen Lila
Vicars ami Helen 1'iilu.n
Messi- Call Unheils, Sam H.ile
ami Cre. il A hiervon.
Proiii Apuulaehin wen Miss
es KilllII Williams, I.aura Mae
llailey ami l.orttta Nelson,
Messrs. Harr) liuuirhuiiin an
A I. ? L'bub, ..f Lynch, Ky., j
liurr) Smart, of Lebanon; K K.
Iviilili', Jr , of Abiugdon; Carson
i oIImm (roii, oi Ihmhains, Kyi;
l<Ted Sikiith, of losophino; V S.
\v omhwoll, , f Ashi'ville, N. C;
hi i'h,i- i hi unit VY Hani
mock, of Inimin: * * I {I'' Carico
ami Mr iSiwers. of Coehurh;
Mr Kent, of Akron, Ohio: Mr.
Sinclair! of Philadelphia; Prof.
Muddle, of fiiisi Stone (lap.
Bureau 61 the Census Ap?
I. I . .lessee, of ttiin place ami
M ay inn (I I. I lot no. of i '.minim,
I have heeii appointed to take tin
1','tiKiiri oi tin- uiunufilcltirors in
live eniintios nl Southwest Vir
gihiii, Lee, \Vise. Scott, Uussell
ami rnk'iiweil; Mr. .Icsiien will
leaver t h e counties of Lee,
Wise ami Seott anil Mr llortlH
UtiKsell anil Ta/.ew ,11, ami hoth
will lliiye h'eaihpmt ter.t in Hig
Slime i iap This census in tak?
en e> i i \ li * e i ears by t he If ii
real! -ill t ho I 'OIISUS llllll the oh
jeci is in secure a correct rec?
ord of all minim; ami muniifiic
tin i oi; in I his eounl r> .
liic. Stone Gap Hi>;h School
Lit Is Win Over Wise in
Basket Kali Game.
The gaum played ill Wise Sat
unliiy was the lirsl of the seusioii.
The linai -i'. -i.I sevchleen
to tu elve in favor jif t he local
ii um. Though hoth leaiits show
? il a lack <>f jirjietico, llie playing
ivua spirited anil (he teams even?
ly Ulli teilet.
l iiu lineup u a- a- follows :
f'iiruiml .1, nkin- au,I Hilly
I'eulci Powell
i,n o.I Vouell ?na i llirist)
i.I. Miss SlroutL
A return game will hi- played
lo re -ooll.
Millinger Taylor, of the Aiuu/.u
Theiiier, relumed home last i
week from a few days linsiliesB I
trip to Cincinnati. He reports
his trip a most successful one,
having hooked several of the
leading produclioiia foi the
coming year to he shown at the
AmU7.ii at this place and the
lirnud at Appalaehia A few
of those selected were: "Hiver'a
' Kmt," "In Old Kentucky,"
?? l'lii. Cnpcrlleiid," "On Willi
the Dance," und ;l.Miracle
i Man.-' V? bile there Mr l av l.n
u:i- Hiitortained with a lunch
Be a
:' ' , - f bus Our
? S^' ( ^PORTING
C" / - GOODS
BOV." so COME IN HOS s and iii v a nk\s BALL AND
YOU iia\ K FUN
wan I YOt lo no am) do ll WITH A SMILE AND
I HEY WILL <.iv. 1 hi i hi- MONEY.
1 KV US.
Smith Hardware Company
South-West Insurance Agency
K ire, I.iff. Accident arid Casuality In
surance. I''id.-lily .nid Ollier Hunds
Real Estate and Commission Brokers*.
eon ui :ii>< Chninln-i "I Com
nierce anil by ilie KiictuinK? ,'"|{ ?ALK.?1'ot?ti'i nnjon
Mahaiiora'AHaociation, ol Cm I'lione nr write Ca iron a
(?iiiniiti llimter, Big Stone Uup ?aili
_ rebis.'im
M.<U'aaU?U Ion ill ol Uo-e ? VtfamtMM
?*?? M'mtM. HUa ClMft lililtttU M I'l.m
MataAioMM '-? ? - i '? - uh? rebbtJwcll iqib
in lii^ai. ciital aaj uj-Ici li< Vota, Mil Klkn Ibt
? .j. Uak a?jcatt(.a Aaj pfeeNU lollal aiax>
I?. Wc. 1:1 Jl I'J al a3 ?-.; .': tl ai .. .. i.-.;,^ i,
Umiuy Diii|j Co. _N-. ^llfic,bof "i N- C.
Uookkecuing, Sboithatul, i'jwwrltl?ij
Special itteotUm glveo to Utcoiog !?...?
hooping t.> matt.

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