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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, April 07, 1920, Image 4

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, o !V; ; t\ ['? ?
APRIL 15th, 16th and 17th
A'DEVOE factory expert will show you how
can N made to U>k like new, at a small cost, will]
1 1 ' \\\\ ?.?
I..... mi iln
' pin
YOlI will he ihii'iVslod, so don't forgeI the day
WVu'ir.l ym\ U> try NllKKt'j.LAC at ciur exj>(?um?
so \ve will un \ o y"u ,i .'tili- ciiii FRK13 if yoii |m?si'h
cotipon, fillet! in w ith your name ami adilrr .s
The Ford Goupc has an especial appeal for real estate lblks because
of its splendid up-to-date appointments. A comfortable and depend?
able moloi car every clay of the year shine, rain, mud or snow.
Eqtiippc 1 with electric self-start ing and light my system and d e mount -
nbh iuns with .i1 v-inch tires all around it, brings its owner till those
established dependable Ford merits in economy in operation mid
Upkeep, with assured long service. Not alone for professional and
business nun who drive much, but as the family car for women,
the Ford Coupe meets cytiry expectation. The demand for them
increases daily s<> we solicit immediate orders to make reasonably
prompt delivery. Will you not make our t,hop your repair place?
Genuine Ford parts and skilled mechanics.
Mineral Motor Company
Inooi poiatl
poi .ii.mi
unit KN ami NtlRlllY \ \
I Cost to you $3.25 a Gallon when mode ready t.. use ['
fj Obtain COI.OK CARD from our Agcntl or f.
J^LOISOMA^&lV^f^NCI Manufacturer* Now Yoi k
? ? ? v it a?:k ?AW^^,
K?llv Drug Co.
Iii?- entertainment, "Hixie
I.mill,"" was given HUtnrdaj
night This program was u
success in every way. Kueli
ini'iiilii'i nl I lie "cutii|iiiii \' iIhI
Ins part exceptionally well, anil
altogether gave a good view ol
tin-dusk) purlnf the southland
1 In- Hille nicknhuins, Van Hull
i?i, Kecec Neelv, Mun in Morris,
Verhn) Wells', Kddio SprobV
mill < 1-I-ui- Kerbs; added \ isr)
much tu tin- enierlaiumeni.
Their local jokes, mm^? ami
dances, amused I lie crowd tu
Hu- fullest extent This elmrns
Hirls. Iiigh school girls, gave a
nun her nl splendid songs, ami
drills ami in spite ill their dark
Complexion, innde. a pretty pic
line with their pink, green,
hide and vellow crepe paper
drosses The, high school girls
worked failhfull) , mid the
teachers in change appreciate
this lidelilj ami patience they
showed .Madaiii Vnloskn Hljoll
I Id-lie Oilly) sang "Tllfl l'dlle
hiril" in a wu> that did justice
I to her title. Missjeruahii Kli/.a
! I'.angs (Siitliu Burke i gave a
splendid talk on "Woman's
Kighls" and tile end men, Oilier
Jolinsoii (Taiiiho) ami .Mr. Ilud
\ le SaillbO eai-li gas e a speeial
act as welt as middle man, Ha
cm Kind from 'Possum ('reek
- Ki nest Sk eOll |.
These wen- enjoyed very
much Altogether Hits program
Was it success, ami $07. 9U was
taken in at the door. This gives
us a sum of about J>65 for our
Exeter Notes
i News for last Week . I
D. S. Wells, of Kasl Stone
tinp, has been visiting in camp
this Week .
Hill Spaugler took advantage
Of the flue weather this week
und finished tree planting.
Min A. 'I'. Wolfeuba'rger is
visiting hoinefolka in Lee conn
ty thin week
It. V Wolfcnlmrger.of Osaka,
wan in camp a little while Sat
j unlay night.
Rmv. Win. <>f lonesville, was |
in camp a few iluya I >?l week
II. > iireacheil here Suturdiij
night There was iniite u lar?.
crowd mil l<> hem lllill pi euch.
11r. \' W Qilihen ia back
ugaiti "ii the j.ili after li lew i
?In} ?>' ?Ii- i><.ii litlH.??
Mr? lh.tr. ..f Bin ShineOap,
in..I Mis-- Kvuiih and Milburn,
missi'.mii i.'s, >>l I. inn, Sr.xl
Comity, were vi-iims ..I Mr
umI ."ills K W K> ins a iii Hi'
wlull- mil' iIn) IllHl Wi-i-k
Muni e> ? i > find) ih i r> in? In
uiuka ii Kurilen this year us
well Ii? have a nice grrtM?
) Uni mi l shade lr. >'s
I I..- II ii iii e llllprni e.nl
League. "I Kxeler, Will u.i m.
in xi Ki ithi) iiiglii,
A now store ami iifliee huihl
ihk is now miller coiir-lrueriiiu
nl Kxeier, wlieh eiiiii|ili'leij ii
v\ ill iiiiil In ii.'- :iji|.ranee ..I
iii, tiiwu
Rev C B Urujkaliunk. nl
Keukee, will preach here Suii
day ai 11 :'Mi a m
Mum l.. Mr ami Mrs .1 W I..
Spangler, a line lug hlij wi-ie.li
Ing atimii leii pounds
A cnlid) parly was given nl
tlm Iniuie iit Mr in.I Mis Olyile
Rarll) Saturday night, in liunur
.,1 Mi Ha Mabel Dix, of Ami..v.r.
Pimm' attending Were: Misses
Aila llamillim, Amamhi I'.11??.
1n.-li.i Tale, Nell Curlier iiiiil
Bessie ToiiihiiHoii, ana .\ I?- - ?is
llari) MeDmi.mglij l.vMi:
Thllrniun WuhiM Oalln'wiiyj
Hum aril Ml. .in.I .lohli I'Villii
A part) ul yntiiig lolks um
hired frnili I'.M'l. r iii Hig Slum
i liip Sunday al'iiiriKiiin
Missen Mill.um ,iml IA mis. nl
Laim, Scol i county . n eiup
tins week anil spent a niglll
with Mr. ami Mra K W I A aus
iii Kx.'t.'l Mi:, lOvuiis ? i ??-111 (ll
few ila> ?- u ah liei pur.'nis at I
W in-. (Ins week .
Tin' II.mi.' Improvement
Liatguo will m.-. i lumglit, |>'i i
Jay in regular Heiikiiiii.j A g re it I
dual of work lias i.n ilone in
iii.- wuy nl h..in.' imp'ruvi-iii-Mil
suice the liisl iiieethig Alniusil
i*ver) fiihiil) wiiliiini cxccpiinn I
has put I.atli aniue ill,,it t.>
make iln-ii huiiiis ii,.ii,- ilesil I
utile llegH Ihiii used In run iii
ling.', iuiiaii) in jai'ils, Imvii
In .'ii penned.
I ii.' \ ming People'h I nion
meets eviiry Mundil) nigln. ul
I way a with a very large mi '
ilienee. Much hileri-Hi m slmw ii
anhing tin- ) oling people
l?r. Jiiaeph T W'ait-i, Sunday
school s.-.'ii'iiii . nl tin, Hu jit mi
Stute Mission Boa nl, stairs jlial
in.-, linaril i- Working ? at (lie
most einiiprelli'lisi v.- plan f?r
rtlaeliitig Ilm rural churches nl
Virginiii with nmilem Siiiiila)
school melli.iits that lias eVCi
in .-ii put .hi in ail) Hinte id the
ami Ih .
In ililH a total lit .mi' Iiiiii.I i .-.I
ami thirty institutes were in-lit
in which mil in.il iiinliuciitiii
<viim givim iitlicers, teaeiu r? ami
piospec.livo workers in llaptisl
Sunday si'lmnls. In i'.ii'.i t>\.,
liuuilre.l ami lift) auch insii
luti's were held, Imicliing prac
lically every section nl I lie
Mule. Now tin. Itapiist hoard
is planning Iii hold live liiimlreil
lhalilules .lining the presCnt
year, principtill) lieiweeii Apt il
ami t Iclotii-r
Baptist churches art) nrgauix.
??il int.. twenty hi.liatricl
builieH, called aaancialioiiH, ami
a repreaeiltalive of the Sundh)
wink hau been appniuteii fin
each (if tin. iliatrieia, in some
of them two ur more workers
linvn been uppnimeil in nil
there will his furly one liehl
workers, ninu ul im-m wmiien
a ml the real bright young limit
frtiui Bichiiiiinil t'ollege ami the
Soiilhurn Baptial I'lieological
Tliii boani at Itichmouil in a ken
ungageineiitM in ailvance for all
tin- werket? employed in the
rural campaign, ami ehch iif
lhem is expected in libld a mm
iiuuiii ..I twelve inslituiCH it
tiny work three months ami
more if they are employed fur a
lunger periuii or for fall ti.
I be lietuhpiartorti ?lall cm
eism of Dr. Joaepli 'I'. Walts,
sucroinry; Hiiv, Krank K. Boole,
Suntluy sclmul Held aeeretary;
I'ruf .1. f Kockutt, bohthweal
em liehl worker; Miss Muliie
fJuthrie, eleiiieuiary worker,
ami Miss Muritiu v. Ilarilcaailn,
eaatern Held worker
The BuptWt Slufe .Mission
Hoard in now engaged in m
???ing tnfoi unit ion Concetti
llin needs ?if all of tliu V
Holds, under iho form of a V
survey;?tills will be cotnp|?]
by i lt.- lirnt ol .1 uly an.I ?
? \ allable lo the district a."
uiiitimiri for tin ir considerate
in meetings to be held o
uionciiig in thai mouth
Aged Lady Dead.
I'noling, Vii., April J?)),,
I'm/, iliolh Mnllius, said to Im
been *.>7 yours of ago, died STL
hoion four inileH east or i,r._
linos,lay. She was iloiiblU,
the oldest person in the ' coiinii
She Iii survived by a sister V-.
Malvinu Stanley, win, )H j.,
(hi The il>-eoiis,.,| |,,,| i,,.r |("
baud a boll I in \ na I i uu,:, i
Ictivtng no Issue, since ?v|,j
1 Ulli- Hill! lull- k opt In l I,gi ,
homestead in i in,g I in' Ina
all ill i mi a~> to 11 v ?? up ,? , .
In Her Mother's Home, Sayi j>_
(ieoinia l.ady, Rejjardinjj Blici
Draught. Relic! From lltiil
actie, Malaria, Chills, Etc.
Rloggotii, Oa.? Mrs. Chas ?tiu
of tills place, writes: "I mil t
uf Tbedford'a Ulack-DrauKkt In Ii
It was ono of our family uiedtcUa
Ainu in a.y mother's borne, ?In
was a rlillil. When any of in c..
h i, complained of headache, lira
caused by ronstlpatlon, alia |?u i
? iloao nf mack-Draught, wli!cu ?...
rectify tlio trouble. Often la it
b'lirliiR. im would havo matarli i~
ileus, or troubles of this ktoaViis]
v.l.util take Blaek-Drauglit pritt/rti
ula'r until the liver acled well, u.
we would soon bo up mil irlii
agulu. We wuiild not t,e with,.: r
fur It certainly bus saved in lpt11
doctor lillla. Juiit h dubo ut BUS
IJruugiit when not so well wwtii
lot i.f dui a In bud."
TbC'ilford'8 Hlai li-VlrauKht hjuj hf
In lino for nlany yearn In Um tin
went, of Stomach, liver and iff
trotiblea, mid tlio popularity watt)
hovJ biijoyo la proof of tta mailt
If your liver Is not doing tti ir
you will Buffer from Bin Ii d!?i:t
old,i ByiDiitotriB us headache, bills
liCBD, conBtlputtou, Indlguatlob, ?:.
mid unless something la done, ittti
trouble miiv reault.
Tbedfofd'a Black-Draught ti? t*
fnuiiil n valuable remedy fur li?|
troubles. It Is purely vegelaM?. w
acta In ii prompt und uatur&l ft
regulating the liver to Its m
function" und cluatndug Iba ' ?- ??
iwpiirlllea. Try It. U'blal on Iii
told a. thtl original und gouulua i
If \. M.
gfT ^?j Mut- 'linnI ThlmiUi I
"? ] iimiillOit s p in Mb i
i it :m ?
ItliijSHiM: OAP l.nU'i
\. P. .\ A. W.
II. Iv. ?*< >X
Ivil ami Mining Engl nee
lUu Stone Imp. Va. Harlan.'
ttujiorta mil eat I mat es on t'oa
I bei I .Hillila, Design ami I'laua of t<M
I... IT,no.. 1 .iii.l. Kullroiul
Kugliicortiig, Kliletrlii llliu. I'riiitliif{
Dr. .). A. (iilnu'i
I'hystt iail and Surjeuii
it Tli'K llyir Mutmil l>ni|l '
Biu; Slono Gap, V i
Ri.'f ractionist.
treats dlaeatet ol the Uye, Kir. S>
and rhroal.
M .11 Is In A|i|lalaobla KMIS'I I HI
in eaeb liiuntll until a I*. AI
S. S. Masters Sc 0
General BlacKsmitl
Repair Work.
lloihT und Macblue Kepalrlih
?hoe|iiK ? specialty. Wagon and
Work IV? make a sp.-. ?iliy ill l -' v
on rubber tirea All work given | g
.nut . an I nl attention.
Hin Stotiu Cap. Va.
Dr. C. Hour.*
OlHee in \\ Iflbt Itiilbllug hvi
lung Store
I n,uls lllauamia or tn?
Eye, Kar, Nose anil Thf
Anpnlachia offico ilib.oi
noil toi ttio present
?ii?,Ulo I

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