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,4 ^tf^^H <*fllafl% A
tone Gap Post.
No. 28
Road Meeting
HcM at Joriesville to Boost
New Highway.
.\ m iss mooting whs held ul
JouohV ilhi Salitr.l iv, .1 mm I '.u Ii,
for tin' purpose ni initiating a
nuivi inoiil toward Securing
ito ami federal unl mi ii in.ul
leading from Bogcrsyillo,Teiih ,
.. i , Umn Wells, Kidson, Kyli-'
i ..;.!. Black w ater in JtmcKvillo,
litroe carloads i.f fill Im
situitic rotld boosters from Bog
. i .v itle wore pi'i sinil-, also n
ii ii ii 11 it ? ? uf ears friini Kyle's
I id ami Bbtc.fc'wulor nulwiih.
- ii. liiu; nit,till day ru,M? Which
|,rtt\enteil hundreds from at?
tending. I'ii'ti;county was well
,. |irn ?luiii'il, tin' murihouse ho
iiu: lull tif standing rooiii.
I his particular Bngersville
Joitesvillc road, however, is
mil) a sli ul link in the Lhr<iii|>li
mountain high way pros
posed hading from dm Dixie
highway inoar Lexington, Ky.,
, I'oil ml (.-hip, Norton, Appa
laeliiti. Dig Stone (.lap, I 'on
liiugtoii i lap, Boil 11 nr. Jones
villi', Uogersviile, Morristown,
Sew port ami Ashovillo, N . C
\ pel iiiiineul organi/. ition for
tin promotion of this riiutl was
elleclcd, Ali. T. J. Price, of
Uogersviile, lining chairman
ninl .Mr. M. K Tost?rman, sec
nian. Vice chairmen friiiii
Wise, I. ami II ilieock were
appointed, the iiieiithers heilig
Jl.iliIi W. Clmlkley, ('. K. Cniick
tiiul Thomas I,ivena) .
In Ilm iihsi'tm.I Mr. Price
II..ii. I.. M. Uohinolle, ol Jones,
villei presided over the meeting
hi I Mayor Charles I'. Duncan
wan secretary, following in
-Mui'tions fluni a preliminary
i'onfereiioe held at Big Stone
ilap a few weeks jireS iolis,
M V. /oner re.nl resolutions
reciting in detail the various
sections of such a proposed,
inad, the wonderful i'esdlirees
it would open up such an the
Kteal stretch of farming territo*
i n 11.*i we'eii t he Southern Bail
i ni ul Kogel -.villi-, Tonn . ami
lite- Loliisv 11).? iV N'usliville Bail
in el near Jryhesvilluj and Ben
Bur, Va. This territory is
wonderfully productive in beef
? llll.e, horses, mules, hogs,
sheep, poultry, and also hn\ 1114
u'o railway fnoiiini'is nornioderii
high way ills limber Init Is have
heen hirgldy ilntntichoil. It was
also recited how siicli a road
Would give nil llUt.lol lo I he
Southwest Virginia coal region
into Knoxvillc and t.'hul l.anoogii
l.v way ol ItogeiSV illt) over the
.Memphis-Bristol highway how
hi'iug completed through Haw
kins comity at a cost of f-iiO,
a mile. '
Il was forcibly pointed out
thai siicli a cross mouiuaiii road
would furnish totlrisls from
1 in.-ago, Cincinnati, ete-i, a
short ami direct route into Hie
1 .! iliiias over this Jnocavillo
Bogcrsv 1 lie. Mori into w 11 high?
way .
I he resolutions, being adopt
id hu the main, petitioned both
the Tennessee and Virginia
Highway Commit>siniiH to take
mienssiiry hieps mid to tile for
h'i.'ibirill aid 011 Ilm proiiibl mu
and Completion of Uns thirty
live mile link of toad from
Uogersviile to joiittsjviilh. Thin
link, twenty three miles of
which me in Tennessee ami
iwelvii in Virginia, when com
pleted w ill then furnish through
service over the entire route
I'riiin the Dixie highway in Ken
lucky to the Carolinas siiice the
w In tie route is ahead) coinplot
? d or having heen provided for
except from Norton, Va., to
Pound (lap, a distance of sev?
enteen miles which is now he
fug graded mid will receive a
StUuo Allrrace in the near future.
Enthusiastic speeches on the
project were made by Messrs,
Unto Kyle, Uogersviile; I.. .1.
1 airon,' Kyle's b'prtl; ('. M.
Suodgr'iiSs, und Hon. Ben Sew.
eil, Jonosvilto; Judge .1. VV. (>ri
?uid James Allen, Norton; M. K.
I'sleriiian, Uogersviile; \V. B
Whitaker, representing the
Board of Commerce, .Morris
'own; Qule Armstrong and
A liiionce committee com
posed of U B. Alsover,;W. K
vVynn, 1.. J. Outrun and Albert
Lyons was appointed und Wine,
l?ee ami Hawkins counties as
signed flu'i eacn with J?u Iroin
llnucuck, making j>300 for itci
dental nr advertising expanses.
L M. Uobiiiette, M.V (Coger,
0. H Curler ami T. Jell Davis
were appointed u u publicity
Other prominent road boost
er? present und inking an ao-l
i iv Ii pan were: It. T Tenter- I
niaii, ebairiiian court, Hancock :
Mr. Andy linker. Kyle's l<'6rd,
W. T. linker, Jesuie Hogers,
T. .1. ToalormuU, A. .1. ami
.1. W Ten tor man, Wait ijroun,
Thomas Liycisdy, road cnmmis
sinner; Louis Itohihuttu, Jambs
IIicknih, .lens Anderson, V. S. I
I'..-inner, Wnldnu'a Creek; Vau
Sage, Meek Allan und many
others fnnn over Lee county;
M. I'. Beiisiey, Henry N'olson,
Krank hTilknrsnh, of Hogers.
villo were present.
Name ul Crass'Alouaiiln llifhwsy.
At a preliminary conference
mi the Hogers v illc-'J ones v ille
road project bebl at Itig Stone
flnji tint matter of untiling the
proposed cross mountain high
wny was referred to the com
inittee on resolutions which re?
ported tn the Jnniisvillo maiss
meeting bebl Saiurday lust.
Also at tin- Jonesville meeting
a H?hnrath coinihittee was hp.
pointed mi miming tbn high
way both of which committees
suggested to the meeting either
nl" three iiiliites for the propus d
road which were:
This I'ine Trail
The Lonesome I'ine Trail or
The Kox Trail.
11 was pointed mit by the
chairman of the miming com?
mittee in tin- roporl that any
name for such highway
! st. ( Might tn be whorl Ami
?Jml. It ought to be suggest.
ive id the route.
iird. It blight to represent
the winde stretch of territory
(?tit of Kentucky by way of
I'otind (lap, Norton, Itig Stone,
lvniuugiou, Jnucsviile, Itbg
- I i s die, Morrisiowu, Newport
and Arthevllle, through which
the road is to pass, und
ith. It ought if possible sug?
gest 01 earn with it some his
torieal significance.
It was further explained in
tile report thill either of'these
three proposed mimes would
fulfill the ii <|iitieinenln. Aside
In,111 being short und hands
Hint suggestive and represent,
ing the whole cross mountain
country through which the
road passed, the historical in?
terest attached to the noted an
thor, .lohn Kox, Jr.'i would lend
great worth to the highway.
John l-'ox, Jr.'s stones were
read and loved by the reading
public of America, Who is not
familiar with all the characters
of the 'Trail of the Lonesome
I'ine, Liith- Shepherd of K ing
doin ('nine, 'The Heart of the
Hills, Knights nl" the Cumber?
land, etc., nil of which were
taken from the mountainous
country through which the
road is to pass. If the reading
public loved his characters in
hooks would they not lie at?
tracted over a national highway
through iho Cumberland, Ilm
l?g Clack, Ilm Ihg Stone, and
iho author's home town, and
l'owoll's ami Clinch .Mountains
if Sltcli highway carried the
author's name or a suggestion
from some of his famous sto
'The ,/onesville mass mooting
by vote rejected the names pro
posed by lint committee and
adopted instead:
the Vlrjlnla*Teane*ie< Highway.
'This name was voted on with
only two or three minutes dis?
cussion and with little consid?
eration as to whether the inline
applied or represented tile
whole territory from Kentucky
into the Carolinas.
It is now proposed by the
committee on publicity ap?
pointed by ihn Jonesville meet?
ing to gather more data on the
naming of the cross mountain
highway. The boards of trndfl
of l!ig Stone Cap, Uogersville,
Morristown and Aslieville, will
he ask, d to pass nil the naming
of this highway.
Also it is further proposed to
consult lim wishes of the public
in the miming of this route, till
of which data will be placed
before the two state highway
commissions for them to con?
sider before they give the route
an ofticial mime.
Kvery one who is at nil inter
esied tu this cross mountain
highway uro iuvited aud urged
tO write oil U post cnrd their
proforoucn of tint four names
for Iho highway liste.I below:
The l'me 'Trail
'The Lonesome I'ine 'Trail
Tin' h\ix 'Trail, or
'The Virginia-Tohhoh-o-o 11 igh.
If, after earefill tbongbl, any
one ih eel tain tho\ ean Mlggest
a belter name than the ones
given ailOVO give ll also. Itnt
uxpfoss preference of the four
names given. Ask all your
frieinlh lo eoiitrihnte to the
naming ol tin- highway.
Aihlress nil eanls for ibis
purpose lo
Vioo Chairman I 'it hl Icit y Com.,
Ungersville, Teilli.
Sunday School
Ity'-Mr- W S
\Vo want every Sil mill V school
in this count) tn he represented
at nur county Sunday school
convention, Augusi III, 1020, at
the community center in Nor?
ton. 'The persons in charge of
tin. convention urn anxious to
secure the exact name of every
Sunday school ami its HUperin
t.-inlent; will they please semi
their names mi.I addresses to
Mrs. W. S (loss, Wise, Va., so
they can lie furilisheil by mail
all information concerning the
work which the state wishes to
semi you. liiteresle.l people
will please soul) information of
sin minuting schools.
We especially wish to make
an honor list; recording the
names of the schools winch
have not missed a session of
Iben school during the year
en.ling August 1st. Another
I.I for .nrd will he thi<
schools having hail regular
monthly or quarterly ^worker's
council meetings."
lie sure ami secure from your
pastor the number of persons in
your school that has been con
verteil ami joined some church
? luring the year. In this one
point, especially, is the success
of our work show n.
When tin-re are so many
teachers searching for jusl the
thing that will make their
blosses a greater success, we
tire surprised, that oven yet, so
many teachers in tins section
do not renli/.d the r'iispimsi
bility of their position us work?
ers together with t lod, fulfilling
(be mission that our Muster left
uuiiltished for us.
Knr a great many year." the
uniform siinday school lessons,
prepared by nn intoruiUionul
cuhiniittee, wer,- used lilone,
(ben persons trained to instruct
children at every a g n of
their lleVelopinenl began to
realize that the child was big?
ger than the lessons or in other
Words, the child w.ih (irst to he
studied then the lessons select?
ed from the liihhl that would
develop in the child the truths
that will develop bis Christian
When a siillicient number of
persons became convinced that
Ibis should he applied in Sun
day school work the same ns in
week day schools the interna
tiOlllll people BOloCtuii the
cream of trained workers in
euch of tin- children's depart*
incuts in prepare lesson suitable
for children of that age, when
prepared and criticised hy both
international ami ilnuomiun
tioiud committees and revised
they were accepted tis the inter?
national graded uniform les?
When teachers make u con?
scientious, thorough study of
these lessons and llso them us
the makers have so carefully
planned, they '.will produce a
steady improvement i u our
school all along the lino. Pic?
tures of the very best quality
have boon prepared for use in
presenting the lesson story in
each year of each department,
and every year new helps that
have been tried out and books
giving just the information
teachers need lire being made.
You can call some people hard
names without insulting them,
though you may give deadly
offeuse. The until is never un
_ !
To the People of Big Stone
Gap, Norton and Surround?
ing Towns.
Wo wish to state Hint nil our
lionliugH throughout more tlmh
n sccirc of states in the Union
have ul ways 1 >>>!?! i fair ami
square ami within ihn law, ami
hover boforo in all Of mir trav?
els have wo Oeon bothered ami
accused of breaking tin- law.
Monday inornihg wit Were no.
titled that mir airplane had biten
attached because wo hud been
selling photographs of an exhi?
bition which nn one else in the
World has ever attempted. < iii
these photographs, Which is
plainly staled, there is a mini
her Which entitles the holder to
a free ebunco to draw the air?
plane when the photographs
uro all sold. This photograph!
cost us hundreds of dollars to
gel ami the ehanee of losing
olir lives, hill we are Olli to
help develop aviation ami we
lind it necessary to lake some
very ha/.ardous risks in order to
keep the game pushing for?
We thought we Were doing
the people of this part id' Vir
giliiii a favor by bringing our
airplane in here, as many of
lliluii had never seen an air?
plane. True enough we were
paid for our first day here, hill
we still have lo pay our* expen?
ses the balance of the time. It
wo criick: up our plane as we did
in ,1 oiiesville last fall, no one
has to pay the hill hut us, ami
in order to prepare for these
kind of days, we have to think
of many ways to raise inon >
to keep in business anil at the
same time we try always to
stay within the law. In a fi w
years it will he much easier to
remain in tin- living game, he.
cause people will understand it
better, hut miles-. We aviators
tindlirlilke III ge where people
know nothing of airplanes, how
will they ever und.-istami ami
how eiin We ever i-X|.I to ad?
vance tu aviation with other
countries of t In- world':
These photographs with a
free chance on the plane lirii
heilig sold bonuuse il slimtilutes
further interest in aviation. Is
It I.allse we u: e st rangers in
here thill some one trys lo hloijk
every move we make': I sup.
pose if we should break our
necks while up in tin- miinn
tains here deiuonslrat.ing that
aviation is a coming business
no one would objecl to that.
Hut we arc game, wo do mu
miml coming into a country
where no lauding liehls exist,
if we think there is a hall
chance to get out alive. Both
of our exhibitions at Pig stone
(Jap and .Norton were very
ha/.ardous unit both times if
things did Hot work perfectly il
meant complete destruction of
our investment and perhaps our
lives, i >tir Might out of Norton,
wo both thought we were gum-,
bccntisii of the dead air which
would mil let our ship cillllii.
We missed the teloph. wires
only one foot.
When we lake Chances like
that to make Our expenses so
we can tiring something in this
part ol the country where no
other airship will attempt to
come, run il he possilde that tin
people here will not let us con?
tinue the Same work we have
done hi twenty other states?
If this be so, nil the people Who
have bought photographs will
kindly return same to Winsl in
Salem, North Carolina, ami wi
svill return the money to them.
Wo wish lo thank till the
people who gave us their hearty
cooperation during our stay
here. Signed:
Uahky J. k?nskii I .
Hiis. uk. Ti usKi: j Aviators
P. S. ? Wo think that we
should have been noil lied that
it was not the wishes of Un?
people for us lo sell our photos
iiere, in place of attaching our
plane while we w. re in tied
Mrs. K. II. Quid has returned
to N?rten, it is understood lo
make her home. She has mov?
ed hi her Ouk street residence,
Mr. Tnggurt having hough I Uns
Cuwlhorue properly o u the
lough;- ?Norton Progress.
Base Ball
Keokcc vs. SImcxsi
Keokee defeated Slouoga nn|
(Ik- Utter'- grounds lust W.-.ln.
day afternoon in ail oxcitiiig len]
imiitig contest, tin- -core being S
to I. In (In- lillli inning ('In--,
inr Keokee hit a hinne run and I
in tin- -1 \l 11, Mat hew- for Si el n-g i
also hit for four bases tying the
score which remained tint- up
tn the tenth inning, when Keo
kee lauded on the hall fair audl
hard piling up seven scores. Oili-|
T features ul' the game- was the
lidding of Williame in Infi lieldl
for Kcokee, w ho ticeejitod eight
bailees wit limit an error.
stoxkoa Alt l( It I'll a i:
11:111,2ll , i. I I I 1
I "oil v i h' I n I :t 0
M at flow?, Ss .-.II , 1
Kii/wt-llnr, ll> 'i ii 1 t)
It.iuiiguiaiii 1 I .'. n I 0
lt.-ii. it ,:| o: ii ?.' n
iti-, liti 3 it i a ii
Kn In, o : ii I n ii
Krtsjiij ji :l a I n ;i
Total* . . ;?-; t ^ |:l
Ckli'kKK AH It II pn v K|
Mis' ?
till If!
Wilhuns Uni llatih.
i ii n ii ii I
Bin Sliirie ti-.p v*. Norton.
Big St. (lap and Norton
fie eheilllled here mi l-.l-l
I Wedlie-day hut rain prevented
lie- "inn- from being played and
tile (lllp tealll Welll t>i Norton
Thursday and were defeat nil
a very holly contested game
by i score of 7 lo ?>. Norton
slagnil ?? m,,>' "' eighth in
iiing and made throe scores;
Several enslily errors were made
by tin- (lap' buys which gave
Norton ijiost of their ?cdr.es.
NOilToN At! It II I'll \ K
Uavi- ? I Ii I 'J 1 1
,1:1. limn, .- . . '-? I ; ! 0
M.-N.ihv. H . I 1 I ii ii
i.lon. Iii III 12 ii I
Lit/. It I ii u l a ii
I iiii.rr ui, .'I. ii ii I I
Ili.il.lt... ill III .
Andrews. Uli I (I J n 'J 2
II .rj |i S ii u ii i u
/.humor, |. I 1 I ii ii li
' I'unkiu 1 n I .
I s is a It !( II IM a k
uis.ui. il> it 1 '.' 8 I
Mel l. ili?li. ii. ?- .11111
C.llv. , I 'i 0 8 'j Ii I
kdons, ff i ii ii ii ii u|
ii-, ah i ii u ii I
ylilw.ii|if i l I ii 0 1
I.-/.-II, lb 8 I s a ii
lli|l, i- I 1 II (I II
My. n I ii I Ii I 0
Hl K.lll)
I /.b..?.
Norton l ii 1 n u 8 ii .1 ?. li is
Iii:; SI.? i Sap u n I 1 ii 'l ii i ii .'? 11 is
Umpires J. Coylo anil li.ll. Ain-ml
in-o, ,'iUn.
Ui|f Slant- (iap k Stoaegs,
Sloiiegn administered another|
lefeat to Big Sloiiii Clap Satur?
day tifleriiooii mi the Andnver
grounds by a score of ."< lo
They hit St..I.ihn hard with men I
mi base- and together with a
few ciisl ly erroi - h id little trou?
ble in scoring. Stonega gave
t'oleiuan errorless support ami
lie held the (iap boys down on
ai a meeting of the interpre?
tation committee ami club muii
agers of Iii? Coal Kiel.I- laiiigui
held at tie- ollice of the .Mineral
Motor; Company last Friday
night ll was uiialliliuiil-ly decid?
ed to employ two professional
I umpires in officiate sit all rc
j in.lining schedule game- of the
Ileague. They will make their
lirst appearance .probably in to
..ay'-; games.
til tin- sixth am! seventh lie was
touched with hit< that resulted
in two scores. Tat*- made the
tir-t Score when Im hit tu right
field I'm three bases ami came
home iai Hebers single. St.
John w as forced to retire from
the mbiiud in tin- fourth ami
Kelly went i a ami allowed
Stonega one hit fur the remain?
ing live inning*.
llalijSb i a n a n
I'oily, ii i' 0 U 0 0 u
Mttliewa im l n n a I a
Ku/.wlter. Hi IIIS D n
I'uelil, cf "i I ii ii n 0
Oyle, ali IS I l o
MvUger if t l l 0 ?'
Kirby, c ... .a o n 7 u n
< .leii.ili. p II ii 0 ii .: 0
fouU .. tta fi 'i -!7 Id o
Ii S. li Alt It II I'll A K
Harrison, lib .I i I n o II
lieber, u I 0 1 II o ii
I'.i'.Iv cf 1 n a il n I
Tale ll> I 1 -' I I I
Kili'iM, rl" :l 0 n -' a ii
Klug us H a il II a
ItliiMle?, if :\ n n a n I
Hunting, lb 2 U t 11 0 ?
t*ri//le. lb 1 n n 1 o n
St.John ill... U ii a n '-' n
Kelly, |. 3 ii Ii n I n
Totals :tlt 8 .'. '.'I IS 6
Three base lilbi Tftte mill Uoylu. i'wo
lnuu hlta-llebet
Struck "HI by Stj .lohhi, 1. Kelly, I.
t 'mIi-iimh, ??
I fit mi bases p.ie, stum- (lap, '-.
Sloiiega, it.
Stolen banes?Mi-tiger, 3; llsrriium, I
iS'NINOH i in i u ?i ; s ii K ii E
tiiilrgu n 3 n !l n il 0 M \ i .'? ii
] llig stniut ti i|i o n 0 u n 1 l a ii li '? ">
t ? 111.11.?Ciiiii|itnii mill In ll.u-y
A111 n.lHe e I.IHM
SI WOINU Ol I l:\til I:
IV I. I'll
Kenken i i -mi
llg Sinne (!?,. ii .'. 0O?
(lame Her? Inda),
tig Stone (lap ami Keokee
will play hure this aftetiuion and
Stoiiegu goes to Norton.
ktaikre i-. Norton.
Helme seven thousand lliiwl
|iiig fans the Keokee chili ivns
defeated by Niirlnn mi (lie lal
tor's grounds Sal unlay afternoon
liy a Hpocfucuhif ninth hilling
rally after mie in in hail beiin re?
tired. William-' rank error nf
Ifiiiu'crhiah's tly to left lie hi
started tin- rail)- which could mil
stopped ami ilacksoii'ji hit
! whifch fell safe scoring two men
ua a piece ui [inor fielding by
the Keokee cliih. I lm killing nf
ilatiilier ami Class, of Keokee,
Ulli t he Ii.'Illing nf Smith, ? Im
Ihre? mil two ot Norton'? t'ast
-t runners from ileop eenter af
| ttir mukiiig two long running
L'utchcs ami Jackson's lulling
for Norton were the features.
It Wils mm grand crowd ami a
.I jolly mie. Music \yas made
I by Norton's concert ha ml ami
Turiier and ItuiiHer's aeroplane
stunts llirilleii II.niWil ami
j he hi them breathless:
The losing pitcher was lloone,
uf Keokee, ami t In- u inning
pitcher was /immer, of Norton.
I .N MMiS I '.' II I ". il T s li It II K
.N.ii I 1 il il I II (ill .iii li! li
Ki uketi I ii Ii I ii (I ii ii il la li
l iiipires llriii i' :uiil Hubert*.
I . inn il Kiiiih Keokee, 5; Norton I
lit., .ui bull? ml lUt.-li.r. S /.immer,-J
Tin ee base hitit?lUlulier him I MuNulty
Twii base hila Clus?, Hatcher, n.m.v
w.ty aiu| Holoiitim,
Strunk out b> II.iI.Ikt. 1. /.iiiuwr. 10
Double |.l ?v^ Norton 1, Keokee, 8,
Atleiulauee, 7,000,
Road Bond Sale
A. I.. Witt, member of Hie
Hoard of Supervisors for the
Kiclimoild Magisteriiil District,
together with II. (?. (lilim-r,
county trcisurer, spent severul
lay- last w.ek in Nuslnille,
T?n 11., where they ilelivereil ami
closed tin- sale of the $1100,000
of Iticlunond Magisteriiil District
road iKinds to Caldwoll a- Com?
pany, of that city.
It i- Mr. Will's intention 16
infract as much of the work as
Ipossihle during the month of
The fanners uro missing n
I golden opportunity. They might
i invite the candidates lo give a
i practical demonstration of their
love for the lords of the soil by
aiding in the harvesting (if the
'crops. What candidate would
daro refuse!'

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