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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, July 14, 1920, Image 2

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pablMhvii Kvi t.. VVedneMsy by lb*
UII.BBR1 N. KNI?HT, - honor.
LlNDSRY -). HORTON, Ai-Ct Killlor
OntJ Y??nr. - ?I.DO
Six Mond,?. ... ,71,
Thron Min,Iii?. - .-tO
Rnlaretl ?cconllnir, lo |i>>>t?l regulations
? i tlio |iotl-ottao ?i Ith: Sion? ii?j'??> m'"
,1 ui-olsu nisttm
Moiuiiiy morning it wnsloiirn
oil thai Ilm Sli, uii ?>f Wise
county litnl attached Ihn nero
plane nf Itimsor ,v Tumor, hiiv
illg locked it <>n the iivintiiin
field near KiihI Stone ?np, tit mi
fitrly hour, ovlui While lliii uv
intern were asleep ill the hotel
here. Thin wi'i'h ilone probably
because the aviators wen- Holl?
ing photon iiml giving the pur
chuBoru u cliuiicc on the Hying
machine dee, which miiy have
been construed u? ti violtition
of the low. I'll,' I Illing oll of
automobilen, etc.. has been a
freijounl occurrence in ?Vis,
County within the In-I few
yours iiml so t u u iciiii be lenru
eil no one b in licit muh -ted or
proSeciltOil for mich mi net. yol
these gUllllomOU whoeiune here
for n good cullHO, und having
piloted then machine across the
lolly mountain ranges, for the
sake of giving the people of thin
section n chance In see a leal
m l,?plane ami acipinilll tlieill
with a \ Hit inn, III! vu to face this
limine cnibiirriiHHinont, Tliuj
me gentlemen ol the highest
type mnl buVv i ii in* Ii service in
the ii via lion corps during the
recent win, both herb ami
ubroad, ami although coining
here rank strangers the) lue ?
luuilti friOmlH with every one
they come in contact with ami
it was not their purpose to vio?
late any law. They announced
their intentions of helling tht?*?j
photos within liu, en iniuiitus
ufiei urriving here on tin- even
iug of July 3rd iiml if ii wns n
v loht I ion oi (he la w und the au
thoritien inteiided to tiiko tie
lion in the mutier the aviators
should have boon notified to
llllit l-llei'l Kilt UO IIClloll tvus
taken until after the uviators
bad made exhibition (lights In
fore thousands of people, both
at ihn- place iiml at Notion,
it is to tie llOpCll thai il liiCHC
gentlemen have violiiled ihn
law ami are prosecuted they
will he ileil 11 With leniently, Iis
we do not hebeve ih.-v ha,l" any
intention of evading i r violating
the law in any manner,
Tendered Coi. D. B, Went/
and Mr. C. E. Bockus by
the Virginia Coal Operators
<>n last Saturday night hi ilie
Monte Vista Hold n banquet
won tendered t'.>l I > It Wehtz,:
president of (ho Notional Cool |
Association, ami president of
the Sionego Coke ami Uonl
Company, ami Mr. Charles K.
KdcktlH, a director of the Na?
tional Con I Association, il ho
illg the occasion of the annual
bnuquol of the ussociui inn.
TliO dining loom of tin- hotel,
where the banquet was held;
was beautifully ilecoraleil in
red, while ami I.lue hunting
tin tins oecasion, Mr. (Mis
MouHer, vice president nf the
Stoncgn Coke mill Coal I 'urn
piiiiy, was p resell I >d a loving
cup lor Ins past faithful ami
eltieieht sei vices as president "I
itie Virginia Coal OjiOnitois
A ssi iciation
During the evening the guesls
were royally riitorlnliied hj
Mr. George Mann, numologuisi,
of Cincinnati, and hit jokes
w ere much ci joy cd In all
Delight fill music w as fui
IlisillCil h i this nee itiioii by ii
('l tic j li mi 11 orchcttl in.
The following delightful menu
vytiH served liy James linens,
eaten i , of i ?iiliicotllia, (ihn.,
who came hero especially tu
prepare it for I he oceasion :
New point.
llllj'N itt! I'l llil
Aue? l<-- Sil,
following Ilm least of giimj
tilings, the toast mast ei . Mi
l(, S. (Jrnliiiui, of Norton; call
ed upon the following gentle
men, who Hindi' excellent ad
dresses upon the subjects us
signed them:
"* Address ,if Welcome I., ,
Long; I'Aport Situation C, 10,
Hockiis; As a Token of Appro,
eiation?j-Ueorgo II. h'.Hsor; Ke.
spouse (Mis MoiiSer; itclittioii
ii| t loN'erninenl to I nilusl ry ?
Hon. i'. 11. Slenip; Virginia
Hon. Harry St. < i.go I ticker.
Among those present wei-e
I i eilend It A. Ay. e.. II. C A ml, e .m
M M Ilm?n, II. in, s II,, 1,, i I
Beekes, V. I lilrniioii, < Ii llutvlmi
!?' I. II. .in,'i in l || |t,.? v, i \ 1. I'
liirder, i'. .1 i mvMllug, I iiiuiingli.ini
Jnllli W ? lulkltiy, l. II t lili'liltll; i S
.link IHiwmmi, II S I!,,,,,,,.?, ?.,. .
fWi W .1 Klein, W A 1,1,1. i \\
fuller! i....,,:, Kuller, Ki.'ii.ml K I n\
Ii I I l.lr.ii I. II I hi.i. Ii S l i.
lulu, I . A. (Imsi'i'liisc, S .1 tiiiiulii
M II tlralii i. II. ll:inl:oi oi i II v
ill \\ M lb,Hun,i. II ii ilm.li ,, I i
llunt.il. Ii I Irvine N II Ingle* \\ I.
King, M K. Kelly,?; l>. Kllgore, lav
Long. IV I. l-ongley, K. It. lauiaehring,
A Mini.lv. M II Maiiry.Oila Mooser,
a A. Mcllugli, Wat!.' II .Mass,,-, J. A.I
Mum B. II M.-l'niau.l. .1 li. Morgan.
0. Mathcws, f It Srjel, drover Oir.
I*. II. l'eutH?, K I l'ris,ott. 1) A Pat
tenon, Vieler ?' l*?lii?, ?. H I'epiier,
?eorge II leppcr,J. I> Hoger?, .lohn
Kolwrts, l>r, Stoelir, C. M Stomp. W, C.
shunt:. A. .1 Sewing, Itu.iolpli Swank.
I>. II Savers, V. A. Sine, Judge Skeen,
l K Suyiler, II B. Tnggart, lloii. Har?
ri 81 Ueorgc Tin ker, r II Thompson,
T> Ter pit ra I K Taggarl, Webb ?VII.
1. ti. Itoscoo n oil/., <? ?> W alkor, It If
i asiwr. Itohlnette, Roger, I'riee, M II
lira bur. It (' Itlioada, Andrew Heeder,
Will Ni.-I.el-. A <i l.m i-. W. I' lllcli
moild. ( has. Conner
Kitchen Shower for Miss
Mrs. Will L. .limes (neb .Miss
I.illt,. W..||si delightfully enter,
taincd it largo number of lier
friends lani Thursday after,
iiiinn in liohiir "I ,Mi*s ,\label
Tl.lor scheme for I ho oc
cusioii Was green ami v\ lute
which was carrieil out very ui
trnctively in ilie decorations of
the large veranda, where' llu*
gai..1 henriH w.o. played at
lour small Hildes. .Mm. llurvy
I'rowii iyon tin. lirsi pn/.o, a box
.'I nilnleria bumlkerchiefs.
A delicious ice course carrieil
nui in the color scheine of green
ami whim wai.rveil the guests
ill i he cl. ..I i he names
Vflei the I'etieHhinenlS were
seivitil in, monl luicrcst ing
eVenl took place when little
Miss \\ ick Sett, dressed its a
Hille kitchen maul ennui out
dragging ,( linlc wagon iliVcor
it. it in green ami w bile, tilled
with in in\ useful kitchen uleii.
nils in aluminum which were
|'i.- iiteil In Me - Willis by the
Rad ford Nor?
mal Notes
I lie number of students en
rolle.I in the Kailfor.i Normal
School tor I lie lirsi term of muli?
nier school is Ii.' I. Some |>00
students were lilllhle lo gliill
ulmissinu to this lirsi term
I ii,- iluiubei of students in the
second i.im of summer school
will he Coin idcinhlv I il'ger
(ban fui nu i I v A great liinui
application- have heeii niiide
for admission in Hie second
Lernt Kverj stu.teiit that o\
jieeis to come In the second
litrili shollhl appiv til oiiee lot a
loom lo I,,- reserved, otherwise
they might hill be able lo lie
icciiiuinoilaleil with a place to
siay iv hen in.?> arrive Near I)
? v erj city ami c luntji Iii Vir?
ginia aie represented in our en
hViilj i b of ,1 nly was celebrated
on Saturday evening, .Inly 3,
in ihe aiidiloriiim. I'he main
Ulitiess ..I ihe occasion was de
jivcrcd hj Judge lioorgo K.
I 'as-el. ill "Ol Cljy The pin.
gram was pal riot ic.aml musical.
Students lake a great ileill hi
interesl in the Work ? I I be
The Ford Sedan with electric starting find lighting system and
demountable rims with 3J _.-inch tires all around, is the ideal family
car because of its all-around utility and refined and comfortable
equipment. Finely upholstered. Plate glass windows. An open car
in the spring, summer, and early fall. A closed car in inclement
weather and winter. For theatre parties, for social visiting, for
touring, and for taking the children to school, it is just what you
want. The low coat of operation and maintenance is not the least
of its charms. A regular Ford car, simple in design, strong in con?
struction, and durable in ser vice. Won't yon come in and look il over?
The comforts of uu_electric car with the economy of the Ford.
Mineral Motor Co.
Hill SHIM Ii VI?, I'i \\|Mi|u\ IUI*
All the joy out of life? Feeling blue and gloomy? Everything
seem to be going wrong?
Let's see?guess you'd better visit a doctor; must be your liver or
stomach or something. No? You don't need that kind of a doctor?
Oh! That's different. You want a mental jolt, you say?some?
thing to give you a fresh start? Well, there's only one chance for
you ?but it's a sure cure. Better go and see the joy specialist
in his big new picture of laughter
and love, thrills and surprises
(raining school Pitt* ohservn-l
iinn nf clnsst s is contlucleil by
I'r if J. K A vent, ilin-eibr of
training sHinols, When the
lesSnn im iilisnrvoil the class
meets with him fur n sillily nf
I In' |ii iiKit.lt- in\ nlveil in that
pai I n ii I a r killil nf teaching. He
has given in connection with
i In- iihserviitiuii a ntiiiihoi nf
niAmliiril it-sis im ileiiKiustia
linn in tin' visiting tendiere
These tun ?? pit.ve.ii , cry helpful
ami an- much appreciated
I im i liii tii i! I luvet enu \ ? him
pain will give Mime lit ill. e\.
eelleni phivn here nn Sitiurilu)
? ?I i Ins ivi-i k
At chapel every ilay till!:; ni'0
niinle in the stuilents by visit?
ing IcolilicrS or by members of
the I acuity. 'these pmve (u he
very helpful Hint serve In sup
pleiiient Hie preseribeil courses
of the sllllllliel school pr.igrulns.
Many nf ?the comities have
iWroatly orgiini'/.cil county clubs,
regular olticers are nice toil ami
v arii his sue in I net iv it its aril till
.H i t i U i n by those clubs Koine
nf them have picnics ami tin
oilier things far il ivt i sion
following is a list nf summer
students trout \\ ise county:
I Mi.is ViieIni.t linker, III?; Stone (inp.
Miss I'..ill Mae lliayj ...uinii. Vliiw I m i
Villau i Ituoliunau, tUunllowu; Mist ,M
r.lU (.awotKi; III?; Stoiiedap: Miaa Mm
MiOawiMKl, Km Storni (lap; Miss Klniiia
Klizauelli tnllm, Iii?; Smut- U?ii; Mis
lie?if Mho Collier, Iii?: Slnito Hap; Ms.
Lucille la!) IViwell, Hit; Stone liap;
Mi.- Mao fanner, ? neburil Minn 1,111 lull
llnulley, llrewalei Mi- Killle Hamilton,
Wi-f . Mnis Tlplou Kula Ilm.I. Kaal
Stone liap; Mis- Ollte Helle .lolin?oii,
Kaal Stone Hap; Mia* Susie Ktlgore, Iti?;
Stoiie Can; Mi? (Sertriule Leweilyu,
Wi-.-.Mi- Iterlb* .M.ili.it.y lltg Stolle
(lap Me. Aiulre) Manlliall, Si I'mil.
Oi? 111.iff I'aliutr, lti?; StolieMap; Mi?
di u.- IWelh Uradeu; M? IVarl I
Keetl, llig stone liap, Mutt Hone Mael
llotxals, lYradeu; Mia lleorgle ii Seaton,
Iii?; Stone (Sap; Mi? Iteulali Klla Sliel-I
Ion. Iii?; Stone (lap; Mi? l.tlia Kdlia
Mio'lioii, Bit StoneUaptMuui I'rulal It-..;
.--ina.hi, in?; Monti liap; MlAi Ktlher
Stewart Kaal Stout Clap; Mitt Bohule
Let Wellt, Kant StoueOap; Mitt Nannie
Mamie Wiltou, K??i Stone Qap
A Standard College for young meti with linn history,
good equipment and I.u nity selei u-d fbr teaching ability.
Martha Washington College
Abingdbn, Virgin in
A Standard College lor youiig women, co-ordinate with
lvmory'& llfcnrj', h'biii yearn standard college work.
Emory &, Henry Fitting School
Emory, Virginia
A boarding school lor boys who an- nut ready for t.ul
lege under same management its above.
l\or catalog ol eitltei school address
CHAH, C. WEAVER. Emory. Va.
Its For
It will take Ihe kink but nf your htiok. Bmka.'ciiie will tout
up tin' kidneys ami stimulate tin- hl i f I -r to natural notion. You
druggist can supply you.
Marion, Va.
Knr sale in this suet inn by tin- Mutual I'liarniili'y, Big Ston
(lap,I tld Dominion Drug (Joiiipuity, App.ilaidtin and tin' date Oil
I'liuriuac.y, < lato t lily.?adv.
Think ii huh' ami von will
i'.ill In muni some young linly
whoso hivi'1'Iiii'?k ?if iliB|intiiiinn
is ii marvel |o her l in nils I'lirt
of thai ilis|iosiiion is hcreilllury
hut much of it is tin' riisnll nl
mi) irouinout iiml oai ly training.
Sonic, mothere hiivn a riird tal?
ent iu lliu training of children.
The) ilo not ruh' liy threats ami
| spunks, bill from ehrl) child?
hood tin- pride ul tin- lillle one
I in brought 10 the fore. As nir
j ly as it cito uodemUtud, it
is taught tu h? gi'title ami
invent; ami tn lake pride in cx
rolling in ilm.se womanly <|nal
litioa which appeal no strongly
tu tin' human nice. * Ah a child
in laugh! in its infancy, so will
it iuvnriuldy bn in maturity.
It all mnthem would bear this
in mind, there would be innre
ni that innate HweotnosH which
is -ii eh'irming in the female
sex, and which uppeuls t">
strongly to muuliood in all ?tu
j iions of life. ,

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