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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, July 14, 1920, Image 4

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test on
How Firestone
puts the miles
in ? and then
proves it?not
at YOUR ex?
No oilier tubes in the world are road tested
on so big a scale as Fires tones. The Yellow
Cab Company of Chicago uses Firestone
Tubes exclusively ou its 800 taxi cabs. The
service of these tubes is checked constantly
- improvements und developments arc
arrived at.
By close watching of a large number of
tubes in service not confined to isolated
instances, the conclusions arc accurate and
Firestone puts the best in materials into
tubes by i stnblishing purchasing experts at
Singapore, center of the world's rubber
market. Firestone puts the best in work?
manship into lubes by organizing the crack
manufuct uring organization of the industry
on a profit-sharing basis.
And then subjects the finished product to
this big-scale road test -in order to get you
more for your tube money and more miles
out of your tins. And yet Firestone Tubes
cost no mute than the ordinary kind.
gps- =? . ^.^-^^2^
TpOR more tire mileage, more miles to a
A gallon of gasoline, greater riding comfort
and for the best possible tire investment
Next Time?BUY FISK
Theoc tires nrn built (.1 this Ideal:
"To be the best concern in the world to work for nnd
the aquorcst concern in existence t.i do business with."
Auto Filling Station
Ow ing lo adequate dormitory
facilities (he Normal School al
Radford was nol able to accom
module all oi ih?' Btudeins mak?
ing application fur ;ulini-riuu tu
the first term of the mi miner
Telegrams aud letters were I
scut in innre ihnH 200 applicants
informing lli?mi that llio school |
could not provitle Cor tlicut Ilm
Urs! term opening .lime I tili .mil
advisiug them to enter the sec?
ond, term Opening .Inly 20.
All the course^ offered during
Hie lir-t term will l.e olfered
during the second term. Here
Inf ore the review courses for lir-t
j ami reennd grade certificates have
I been ottered in the various slate
institutions only during the first
; term of the summer ((Harter.
There h n * been a marked
shortage of teacher* n<>( only in
Virginia but throughout the na?
tion for the last few years. This
shortage continues. The Normal
Sehe. "I ii Und ford iu eo-opera
imii wit Ii the ?lato educational
authorities i- seeking t<> over-!
??um?' tin- ?linrtag? und is mak?
ing every ?Hort possible to ns-i-t
prospective leacliess for the next
session of the public schools.
Teachers wishing (0 attend the:
second terin of the summer!
quarter opening July 2o ure ad?
vised t>> make early application
for rooms.
Treasury Department -Office
of Comptroller of the
Cm i ency.
Washington, t>. 0.,
June 25, lii20.
Whereas, hv Htttibfuciory evi?
dence preaunted t.> the under
signed, il ban been made to ap?
pear that "The First National
1 Hank of Hin Stone (Jap," in the
'town of Hin Stone (Jap, ill the
COlinty of W ise ami state of
Virginia, ban complied with all
i Hie provisions of Hie statutes of
Hie I lilted States, reipnreil to
in- complied with he fore, un uis
Rooinlion shall b?? authorized to
commence i h o business of
Now therefore, 1, John Skol
ton Williams, Comptroller of
i the Currency, do herein certify
that '-The first National Hank
of Hi^r Storni dap," in the town
of Hin Stone (lap, in the county
of Wise and stale of Virginia,
is authorized to commence the
business of banking as provided
in section tifty one hundred and
sixty nine of the Ue vised
Statutes of the United Stales.
foil version of The liiter-lale
Finance ami Trust Cuinpnii),
Hin Stone Clap, Virginia.
In teslimony whereol witness
my hand ami seal of office tins
i5l.li day of .1 line, 1920.
John Skki.ton Williams,
Comptroller ol the Currency.
It is no longer considered
hazardous to liny u pin in u
poke. If the poke is made of
cotton it is more valuable than
the pig.
Aggregate for the First Five
Months 240 Against 297
in 1919 and 415 in 1918.
Richmond, Vn., July 9.?The
cool spring ami the consequent
delay ill the slate's tly crop lias
had a mitrked influence mi the
incidence of typhoid rever Us
shewn by statistics gathered by
the .Stuli' Department of Health.
Kur the lira! live months of
1920 Hu- aggregate number of
reported cases of this ilis.e has
been 210 against 207 for I hi* cor?
responding period of DHU and
41? for the first live mouths of
While the early mouths of
loitl showed a very considerable
reduction 1.i the 1(118 figures,
typhoid fever hung on with
greater persistence dining the
vein with the result that there
Wtts a tolul of 2,101 reported
cases in Hie -late in 19111 again; t
2,1 HI for the preceding year.
February and March, 1020,
were banner mouths in typhoid
reduction, there having been but
IS cases of the disease reported
in the former and 20 in I lie lat?
ter month.
The Slate Hoard of Health
urges constant warfare on the
tly, careful screening of the homo
in prevent Hies front reaching
food or drink for human eon
sumption, sanitary disposal of
jiili human excreta, which menus
that Mich disputation shall be
made thereof thai access Hierein
may m.I he gain.-.I by insects,
annuals or fowl" and thai liiere
-hull be no possibility of its po?
inting any water supply. Til.
precautions will not only .-oiij
qiior the typhoid menace but
will dissipate the forces of other
tilth borne diseases including
those intestinal parasites which
sup the strength ami impair the
health of untold thousand- of
buys and girls in the soil I It.
When one candidate begins
l'i take the lead the others join
forces in an attempt to shove
him oll' Hu. mal. And when In.
has been properly squelched
they continue their pleasant
pnBtithe of culling each other's
political throats it's a great
A man can always dictate to
his typewriter, but seldom to
I his wife.
Roots, Herbs,
Barks, Etc.
We are paying premium
prices for SLIPPERY ELM
bark rough-off dry in any
quantity up to Car load.
Make Fifteen to Twenty dol?
lars per day working for us.
Writo for contract a n d
prices on all kinds of ROOTS
and HERBS.
Ij. Q. fflcGUIRE Sl CO.
Johnson City, Tenn.
VIKUINU -In Ike Olcrk'i ?Iii,-,, of
the Circuit Court of Wise ooluity, iIn?
tnl. ,Uy ui June, litto,
Ihg Stone (lap l.iiui) Company,
Ellis Huh), el a), DofeiHlanbi
IN" ( MAM KitV
I ii.- object of tin- foregoing .suit In to
eururee u certain veuiior'a lied retained in
deed from lh? l?g sinne (lap baud Com?
pany to llustou [turd, dated March tltli
I Witt, ,in Uol .'. block llil, IMul ;t. Ilig
Slum- Gap, Virginia, aaid linn being for
the sum qI' IBILOtl, wlib Intoreat tliereon
front ...i.| tit!? ilay of March, 101(1, nniil
Ami it appearing from attldavlt on nie
in aalil olltce Uiat one of die defendanta,
Oeorgo Kuril, i? .i nou-rcaldeui ol the
?late ..I' Virgiulatll I* orderet! dial lie
..|<i - o lier.- within flftesu d..>- alter due
publication ui il.la unlcr ami do what is
ueeeaaary t.i protect In? liitotuat in iliis
It Is furtlier ordered tliai a copy hereof
Ihj published once a week tor tour suc
ceaaltr* weeks in the llig Stone flap I Vet,
and thai a copy be posted :ii Hie front
door of the Court House of Wlao couuty,
as i<?-;'..i[c-l by law,
A copy?Teal a:
It. R. KUllKHTrf, Clerk,
llul Wtt & Cbalkliy, p. n. juaaa-241-98
VIUUINIA? I" tliu Clerk', ?n,,.
ilio Circuit Court ol' WUocount) ih !,
day of June, 1980,
M. S. Carpenter, Plaintiff,
Hannah H. Miller alias
Kniiiiali 11. Carpenter, Drfeudaut
The object ol' tlil? suit 11 t.> recovci uf
tin- defendant the sum of One tlninlifj
?ml Twenty-five (?18(1.00) Dollars, ?ja.
iiitercxl liom tlio day of
iii , mill lo attach tlio estate ol tin
defendant and subject tIi?.- same i.,
payitie'ul of ulalutlira debt. Aud .u, j,"
iiu-iii having been returned uti |
tin- estate of Hie defoudaut, and au ?m.
ilavll baring been ni.uli' ami tiled n?t
said detomlallt is a Uou-realdeul ?f ult
slat of Virginia, aud tbal ln-r hist known
latofllce addreas Is 1'i.or Kork, kit ?
nrdcred Ibatthoaald defeudanl n
Ii ii. .Miller. Alias llaUDali ii L'arpeo
r. appear here within Ion Jaya ahm ,!,...
publication of thla order and iki wbatb
icesaary to protect bei Interests In ,;,?
ad, Ami ii is turtlic-r ordered that ,
ipy ol' Oils order be published uiicn ?
l-cK lor four micccshIyo weeks In n... m.
Stone flap Post and tbal a copy ol um?
lie |toMe<l at tbe froiil door of I lie Court
IIoumi oI Wise county, as uieacrlbtd In
law. ami :i copy of same i?.illed the i|e.
iVmlnni at I'oor t-'oik, Ky.
A copy Teste:
n it. Humans, in,
lly I . A. Johnson, U i
.V. W.tl, Dolson, p. i|. juullt-;i.:;
VIHiil.MA -In the Clerk's olUca i>l
Ii?, i n.mi Court Im Wise county, tti?
I t ali day of June, lli.'ii.
Margaret i amity, Plaintiff,
W i" (' e-uy, i icfondaut.
'I'lo' object of lids Miii ts lo ubtiilii ? if.
orce A Vlncillo Matilinoull upon (kc
Igriilliuls ol adultery, RiuuuioiiH havitig
Ibeiiii I w ice issued and returned not <?.??
Ami ii appvara from affidavit oii'lihtia
aiild office llial the dereiidaitl ft I'
l.'asslly, is not.a resident of Ilm utali ,.:
\ iiL'iin i, it la ilhterell that Ilkap|H?ar licit
uii Inn lull days aflel duo publication dI
Hie, prdei ami do what is iieccasai] lu
pilitecl Iiis Ihtcreal in '.Ins suit.
Ami ii is further ordered thai n copy
liereof be piiblialieil oiieeh week fo.-fuui
esslce weeks in tin* Him Stone lisp
Post; and thai il copy Im posted ?i i lie
| front iIo.ii oi tlie ( .'mii lions, ol llili
eouitty. and ili:it a ropy be malted to lk?
dcloiiilnul, VV. 1*. i'anally, at lUilaii
I Kcutticky, Ins last known |iokt otilct! ill
A copy Ti sto.
A copy Testet
It ii iHUiKllTS, i lerli
I w. ii lioud, p. ?! jmrju a.i-4j
Dr. J. A. (. ii liner
Physician ami Surgeon
OKPIOK -Over Mutual Ibug Stun
Biur Stone Gap, V.u.
i riintH UlHuuuuKor thu
Bye, Ear, Nose and Throat,
Will boat Anpnlnclun the Hunt
Friday of ?aori month.
Dr. (i. (.!. lloneycutl
office in Willis lliilldlug live! Miitus.
Ilrug Store
S. S. Masters & Co.
General Blacksmith
Repair Work.
Holler and Machine Kepairlug. How
lalibuhig a specially. Wagoii ami Hugg)
Work Wo make a specially of putting
I rubber tires All work givuti prompt
ul careful atloiitlon.
Uii4 Stone Gap, Va.
k. A. M.
Meets liilrii Thursday of eaoli
UMiuth^al 8 p, in Masonic Hall.
\ isilllig companions. wotci>ate
Iii n. I. '.'I'avi oii.II r
.1 II. Ma iin ?s, Siv i
Ulli SI ONI. (1AP UIDIIH No.-'ii
A. P. & A. M.
ills second Thursday ofeaoh
,in..nili at % p in. Masonic Hall
Visiting brclhrcu welcome.
A. Ii. Owi Ns, W. M.
.1. II. Matiilms, See y
II. 15^. l^l>J*L
Civil and Mining Engineers
UIk Stono Gap. Va. Harlan,Ky
Iteporla anil oatimates on Coal and Tim
her l.iimln. Ueaiguaud Plaits of Coal ?od
Coke I'laula, I.ami. Kallroail ami Miuj
KliKlneoriug, Kleclrlc Itluo Priulliig,
Treats iliseascs ol the Bye, Par, Nost
and Hirual.
Will be lu Appalaebla KIBST PKIHAA
In each mnutb until II P. M.
? ?ll hnut qucitloa If Hunl'i S>><>
fall, lo tho licatmest of Iciisi.
Tftm.mntvorm.Iteh.cte. Du?a
iMCStat dlK-?jr?lcd MCSBM etk??
Inatasaati f?l!M. Hum'. D.i.?
h?i tallcvc.l liui.d;e.l< ?f isck
too Vau csa't lot* oo ?a>
Uantt Coli Cm?nlM. t/T
It cl cur risk TODAY. Pita ft*
Im isla l?ctll|i kt o
Kolly Drug Co.

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