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"KUNKSDAY, OOT. 20, 1020
l*o 1 ii?!ic<l Kvory Weiinomlaj- by tho
i;lLUERT N. KNI?IIT, - Kdltor.
LINDSEY J. HOHTON. Ass'l Killtor
Ono Your, - ?i.SO
Six Months, - ,76
fliroo Months, - .-VO
Kntcnxl according to postal regulation*
?! tho |H>hi ofBoc ^t lti>; sinne Gapasteo
.nut-clii*-.? Matter
How would you like lo jour?
ney lo lltu nearest city for n
pound of Sugar, or it yard of
iiiubHii, or a spool of tliro id, or
a Btnoki And liow would yon
liko to make tho trip when you
need it proscription liHod in a
hurry, with death running you
a rnco? S'ou would uiukt! some
noise if forced to such on ex
treinity? and then more noise.
You would gny -and justly ho?
that ii town in which you can
not buy a pound of sugar, or a
yard of muslin, or n spool of
thread, or a smoke, or even gel
a prescription 111 led, is a mighty
poor excuse of a town and not
worth living in Y.d our lliur
chants can only nltord to keep
those things for your conve?
nience us long iis you buy oth?
er things from them. ll is not
doing this town any gooil to
buy the little things h?re and
then chase oil' to a city oi semi
to it catalogue bouse when you
wuni something on which the
merchant has a chance lo make
a dollar. Neither is it doing
yon any good, for the prosperi?
ty of each citiP.011 is dependent
to a huge extend Upon the
prosperity of the community as
a whole. We are not Idling
you something you ,|o not
know. We are simply refresh
nig your memory in hope the
time may come when olir peo?
ple will conclude that a town
that is woiIII living in is worth
trading in.
Some people ale never able lo
make up their minds. It, how?
ever, is quite ditllcillt to make
Up something that doesn't ex?
With Cox and Harding both
handsome men, the male per-1
suasion is at its wit's end to
figure out how the women will
There is one word in the
English language that retire
seats a mole hill today and a
mountain tomorrow "scandal."
Iiy 1'aI Murphy.
Water is composed of two
Knees. When these two gases
get together they become wet.
This often happens when in dry
territories. Water is found ill
many placos and has mauy
uses. It is found principally in
oceans, lakes, rivers, milk, on
the knees, on tho brain, and
more recently it has been seen
on some bars, One becomes ac?
customed to having water in
oceans, lakes, rivers, etc., ond
men are gutting used to having
it given to tin in over burs, but
having it on the knee or on the
brain is nuother thing. When
water is oil the kin e, the condi?
tion is easily remedied by the
nillictod person weiring pumps.
If you suspect you have water
on the brain, have a small hole
bored in your head. If water
runs out, you have "water on
the brain"; if nothing runs out,
you have no bruins, Noah was
the lirst prohibitionist, He
lived for forty days and forty
nights on water. The strain
was too much for him, however,
and ns soon as he got out of the
Ark he beat It for fermented
grape juice and drank himself
cock-eyed. Water lulls upon
us in the foi m of nun, snow,
hail and water taxes. It springs
out of the ground at the slight?
est provocation und many
places in the world have hot
and cold water without having
to pay any janitor for neglect
tug the boiler and the furnace.
A large perceniage of the hu?
man body is wuter and this
percentage is rapidly increas?
ing, since the advent of prohi?
bition last July. In the not far
distant future burial will con?
sist of bel?g poured back into
the ground. Water is used to
lloat ships, run factories, to
make ice from, and some people
use it to bathe in. This latter,
however, is not recommended
The following is one man's idea
of water:
Water is a vyoiulcrful blcMlnjfj
tlood lei washtlig necks ami cars,
,'iisi ill,- i'iing ler lakes and tiver
llldia|?'llhihlc fur COIICrCtO I'il'ts,
Nice t..j.uli beneath Iho bridges,
Swell fur making lain ami ink.
Water i- a wonderful blessing,
Hut it makes a Ii?of a drink.
Me.i,I I Y?l pel aliou.
If tin- job is harder than you
thought it would lie, then the
logical thing lo do is to work
harder (hau you expected.
It is not always wise to judge
a stranger to he a fool because
he nets like one. He may be
leading you on in order to sling
you in the end.
The two big political parties
are repealing history. The pot
and the kettle tire again en?
gaged in (he time honored oc?
cupation of calling each, other
Laborers and Carpenters.
New Building for Central Supply Company
Best Rates. Apply to
Turner Construction Company
Andover at Mr. Rotenberry's Place.
County Highway and Railroad Track to Arno,
The custom adopted by pres?
ent civilization is by erecting
suitable Memorials to their
graves. There is no mure drear?
ily or gloomier sight than a sunk?
en, neglected grave, grown up
in weeds and briars. The world
forgets the words, "Honor thy
father arid mother, that thy days
may be long." All do not do it
wilfully. Putting it ofl, and waiting (or spare money, is of?
ten the cause; it is unwise tu put up Grave Markets above
your means, The fact that you have remembered the grave
of your departed .stands for itself. Under the present system
of from manufacturer direct to you. prices of Memorials have
been reduced to such a low point that their cost is in reach of
Joe IViiner & Sons,
United Slates Citizens Far Away
Enthusiastic Members of the
"Fourteenth" Division.
Among the most enthusiastic and
energetic member! of the American
Bed Crocs uro lboku citizens <>r the
United StalM who live outside the
continental boundaries nf their country
??oiis und daughter* or the Stan and
Stripes rcshllnc nt Ilia fur corners of
the earth.
These people compose the Insufal
and foreign Division n( Ilia parent or?
ganization, generally known us the
"Fourteenth" Division, which has
Jurisdiction of ull territory outside
the country proper; Dun Is, Alaska.
Porto Rieb, Hawaii, Virgin Islands, the
Philippines, Ultimi, und even the Is
Innd of Vap, which came under run
fine as a result of the world wnr. Pol
the year 1020 this division reported
SOjOS paid up members.
The innln object of this division Is
to give, our citizens everywhere II.P
portunity to participate in the work
of th" organization which stands fur
i l.e best national Ideals, Americans
in fnr places Intensely loyal mid pit
trlotlr. treasure their membership In
the lied Cross ns the outward ex'
preaston of their citizenship. Ii Is an
other tie to the homeland und to
each other. There uro chapters of
this division in Argentine, llotlvlu,
Brasil, Cuhal zone, Chile, Chlnii, Costa
Ilten. Cuba, bojvnlcnn Republic,
Ecuador, England, Franco, Guam,
??stc-nnla, I lull I. Ilnwnll, Honduras.
Japan, Manchuria, Netherlands, Nica?
ragua, Paraguay, Peru. Philippines,
Porto Rico, Siberia, Spain, Sweden,
Switzerland, Syria, Turkey, Uruguay,
Voneiuelu und Virgin Islands.
During Ibo wnr them; scattered
members of the Red Cross contrib?
uted millions In money, und millions
of dollar*! worth of necessary articles
for the men In service, and sent many
doctors and nurses to France At the
same time they curried on on excel
lent Home Service In their respective
communities for the families of those
who had gone lo war, und In some re
glnim gave Inrse sums of money and
Immeasurable personal service to the
relief of disaster und disease victims
The division Is now CStnuliShlug
service clubs In foreign ports for the
benefit of sailors in the American Mer?
chant Marine, making plans to aid 1
Americans In trouble In foreign lands
and completing arrahgemcuta for giv?
ing Immediate adequate relief in case
of disaster.
It Is the Fourteenth Division'! part
In the creui Peace Time program of
the American lied Cross.
The American Red Cross Is carrying
on a wide program of service for the
disabled World War veterans receiving
treatment In United States Public
Health hospitals, mid those being train
ed through agencies of the Federal
Board for Vocational Education.
In each of the Public Health Service
hospitals .lted Cross workers devote
their time to the general welfare of
the service men from the day the]
enter the receiving ward until ihey
ore discharged. After the soldier's dis?
charge the lted i"ross continues Its
friendly service through the Home
Service Section In his own community
The lted ?Voss inuliitnlns a convnles
cent house nt nil of the hospitals
where patients can nmuse themselves
after they nre ?eil enough to lie up
and around, parties und picture show!
In the wardi are also furnished, with
occasional excursions when convales
cence comes. .
llrent service tins Peon rendered by
the lted Cross In menial cases in Iden?
tifying those ?im have appeared In
state hospital! for the Insane, and help?
ing them secure compensation due from
the Bureau of Wnr risk Insurance,
In the Federal Board's various dls
trlct office! the Red Cross worker, act
Ins with the Heine Service Section,
innRes necessary loans to the men, ar?
ranges suitable living conditions, helps
Collect evidence and supply facts to the
Board, nsslsts In "appealing cases" and
settles various personal difficulties for
Ihr inen. The workeiS also follow up
and ulil ull men who discontinue train?
The Red Cross scents And men "lost"
tu the Hoard, help clear up delayed
eases und aid tl.lllego counselors In
their friendly work with the men
Many Red Cross chapter! have set up
recreation facilities, and In some In
stances living Clubs, so these victims
of war may hu\e attractive surround
iligs and the fun which must go with
effective school work
To the American Red Cross Institute
for the Blind near Baltimore, Md..
more than half of ull the American*
Minded In the World War have conn
for trnlnlnc The Institute, through
the Red Cross, long nco conducted un
exhaustive Industrial survey to deter?
mine the vocations for which blind
men could be fitted, As a result It Is
piittlnc forth well trained men equip?
ped to meet the social, civic nnd eco?
nomic requirement! of their respective
Aid for Spanish Red Cross.
The Iberian chapter of the American
Red Cross, composed of Americans
resident In Sfialn, has Just contributed
$4S0 to s fund being rnlsod by the
Ppsnlsh Reil Cross and the I-onguo ot
Red Cross Sortctles for the purpose of
fighting malaria.
The Ford Sedan with electric starting nncl lighting system and
demountable rims with 3J j-inch tires all around, is the ideal family
enr because of its all-around utility mid refined and comfortable;
equipment. Finely upholstered. Plate glass windows. An open car
in the spring, summer, and early fall. A closed car in inclement
weather and winter. For theatre parties, for social visiting, for
touring, and for taking the children to school, it is just what you
want. The low cost of operation and maintenance is not the least
of its charms. A regular Ford car, simple in design, strong in con?
struction, and durable in -?. rvicc. Won't you come in and look it over?
?The comforts of an_elcctric car with the economy of the Ford.
Swat the
He is More Dangerous Than
a Man With a Pistol lie
causc He Scatters
His Shots.
Richmond, Va., Oct. I?.?
This is the timo when colds,
coughs, grip, whooping cough
ami inhereulosis an- widcl)
spread. During the school day*
of curl) fall, when people have
ant changed tu heavy clothing,
had colds start and the cougher
spreads t hem abroad.
The State Hoard of Health
declares that the cotighur is
more dangerous than the pistol
shooter. The latter may miss
Iiis mark; or at the worst, he ir
apt to hit only one victim; hut
the cougher llings broadcast
into the air the germs of any
nose and throat disease, or nil)
lung trouble he may have, and
whoever comes along and
breathes into Iiis system some
of these germs is very likely to
catch the disease.
"If you must cough," says
the h o a I t h commissioner,
"cough into your handkerchief.
If your liuudkerchief is not
available bend your head tow?
ard the ground when you have
to COligh. The germs are not j
apt to come up froin the ground
alter the next fellow, hut Hioj
take a long lime to lall if you]
cough straight out into the air.
" This is the time also to warn
children against pulling pen- j
cils or lingers into their mouths
mid also against using the com-;
moil drinking cup So much
of the child's energy is expend?
ed in growth that it has little'
left for the building of n sis
lance, mi the youngster is more1
susceptible than the adult to
almost every disease; but if he
can he taught to avoid Ihel
promiscuous cougher and made
lo keep OV?r) thing except his
food and toothbrush out of his
IllOUtil, there is little or no
chance of getting diphtheria,
scarlet fever or any of the iron
bles mentioned above."
Bvery community has its'
spirit. With some it is one of
honor and integrity and pro.
gressive intellectuality. With
others the spirit of greed,
gouge, repression and retro?
gression predominates. The
tirst attains its aim in life,
while the latter aims no llighcl
than that which it attains. We
of this community have our
choice. We can progress with
the march of time, or we can
procrastinate while tune march?
es by. This is an age when
men do things, or they do noth?
ing There is no middle of the
road course. The man who has
the will to grasp his opporluni
ties also has the power to make
them. That is What we should
I do.
a/\a J\tL XX Ouaii J
i i Cf>ammoui\l lrhrafl(jyuinn>
Where was the girl lie married? Where the lure, the
glamour, the ecstatic sweetheart hours?
leaded into dull, drab matrimony.
Was he wliclly to blame when another woman, aglov
with the joy of living, slipped into the place in his lite which
his wife had left vacant? Was he?
A vital, intimate picture ot the greatest problem ot.loVe
and marriage. Dressed in all the luxury, color and feminine
beauty that distinguished DcMillc's "Male and Female" and
"Don't Change Your Husband.'"
Thomas Mcighan, Gloria Swanson, Bebe Daniel
and I Iteodore Kosloff.
Some People Know Everything!
All riebt, let's see if you <|(). |),, you know that Virgin?
ia is fourth in the Pure Bred Sire Campaign? Did you ever
know any one to top the market witli scrubs? Did you ever
know any one who blundered around mixing breeds to make
any money at it? If not then the scrubs is not to blame for
it. When you can gel I "tire Bred Big Type Poland China
of such breeding as Gertsdalc Commander No. 345961. hy
Gertsdale [ones No, 2441S7, Big Bone Bob No. s?^CjA.
Kate Wonder No. 56493?A, Winona Wonder Mays Gran?
ami other noted sires and dams from inc. If you want meat
and laid breed and feed Pure Breds. If you are satisfied
with hog bristles and poultry stick to the scrub.
I A. C. JONES, - - Big Stone Gap, Va.

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