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ILid anything be greater than
the Greatest Art?
ings to you the most famous artists true to
2i It docs not detract one iota from the
Uitv of their interpretation. There is no
proving on their lifelike interpretation
ought to you by the Victrola. Victrolas
- the longer winter evenings.
No. VI $35.00
No. VIII $50.00
No. IX $75.00
No. XI $150.00
finished in Mahogany, Oak or Walnut.
111 machines sold <>n easy terms, one-fifth
Uli, balance on monthly payments covering
[period of from live to ten months according
h the price of machine.
Kelly Drug Company
Viet rolas and Victor Products
Mi-- Qraco Long Bponl bo vor
days hint Week in Abingiloti
ill attended thd I lay tor I'ros
n wedding on Tim rail ay.
Mise May Horton spent the
cpIc end with her parents hi
ranington < lap.
Miss Alien Bruce, who in
^aching school at. Dorchester,
pent tin; week oiid with home
Uatiuco, "Sloeplng ltoaut>V'
II Aintizu Theater. Saturday
jkftemnoii, October J:iril at three
W. ami I,. (I. Hun nett sponl
weak end with their Bisters
l.i Kichlands.
Mr. und Mrs. Harry .lessee
int tile weok oiid with friends
0u Louisville,
Mr. und Mm. K. 11, Q reaver,
tf Chilliowie, dro visiting theii
[duiightnr, Mth. YV. II. Wren, in
in tlap this week.
Mm. K K. Qoodloe attended
[tin- funeral of her eoitain, Mr.
[r'oreacre, last week, in Atlanta.
Mr. and .Mrs. John VVuirijiler,
of Norton, motored to thoUup
Sunday and spent a few hours.
W. Li King, Biiperintenileht
.f tin- Southern Railway, Spent
ievernl Aaytt in Atlanta last
leak ami attended the funeral
'f Mr. Foreacro, who was the
lenoral manager of the South?
ern Uailway.
Mrs. J. Proctor Brown will
fit a piuno-violin recital at
ito Oily on next M oiid a)
piglit for tin) benefit of tho Hup
st church;
The Episcopal choir will moot
with Mrs. J. Proctor Brown on
[next Friday evening for prac
Miss I'osye Burgess, of Mile
[Heidi \V. Vu., is visiting her
brother, 10. F. Burgess, in the
;: Hup this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard .lessee
?pen! Sunday at Coeburn with
i friends.
Complimentary to Mrs. J.
['roctor Brown, of the U'up,
Mrs. Itohttrt McFnrtaud Wat
?Ins entertained with a lunch
ton Tuesday at her lovely hung
I alow on Jnaka Avenue al John
I son City, Tonn.
I'ho Ladies' Aid of the Bap
S list church will meet Thursday
S afternoon at 30 at the homnl
? "f Mrs. E. J. Present. A full |
i attendance is desired.
W. B. Taylor left Tuesday
; morning for Sun Francisco en I
' route to llotioluiu, Hawaii, to]
resume his position as circula?
tion manager of the Times Bull?
etin, .tftor spendiug Be v oral
weeks hero visiting his father,
Capt. Henry Taylor.
Lawrence Bukcr, who is em-1
ployed with ihn Wisu Printing
Company, spent Sunduy ut j
Bristol visiting homofolko.
Miss Iiiiii Alton spout Sunday
in Bristol with hoinefolks.
"Nu wonder she lost him
She just wouldn't play with
him. Then she dressed as if
she was his aunt, not his wife
Why Change Your Wife. ? adv
J. Marion Smith, of Jones
villi-, ch-rk of Lee county oir
chit court, and two children.
Ruby and Hilbert, were visitors
to Big Stone (lap on last Satur
Tile Mothers' Club, of the
V. & S W., will give an oyster
supper at the Log Cabin Satur?
day, October 2Urd, Kried oys
ters, pickles, crackers and cof
fee. Kvery body invited.
Miss Miriam Taylor left Mon?
day morning for Pittshurg, I'a.,
where she will spend some lime
visiting her sisters, Mrs. A !
Sexton and Mrs. S. W. Trout.
Miss Rosa Bruce was opcrut-j
ed on last Saturday for appendi i
citis and is getting along as well
as could lie expected. The op?
eration was performed by Dr.
J. A. Oilmor, assisted by Dr.
W. (i. Painter and Dr. W. A
W. W. Btckley and mother,
Mrs. Laura Bickley, are spend?
ing several days in Middles
hero visiting Mrs. Bickley's
daughter, Mrs. 11. 1,. Brown,
and heard Calvin A. Coolidgc
spunk there on Tuesday.
Matrimony, like a dip in the
sea, first stimulates, then chills.
But once out of the water the
cull of the ocean lures the bath?
er to another plunge. Why
Change Your Wife.?udv
Pniil B. .lessee returned home
Monday night from a visit of
several days in Ohio and In?
diana, lie was taken seriously
sick in Valparaiso, lud., but af?
ter being coullued to his room
for a few days, was able to re?
turn home.
I'. ('. Kobins and bride, who
was formerly Miss Margaret
Butron, of this place, have re?
turned to the Gap from Toledo,
Ohio, where Mr. Robins was
employed as a mining engineer
with a large coal company at
that place and will make Big
Stone (lap their future home.
They are at present stopping at
the home of the bride's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. K. 1'. Barren.
Angels are often dead hus?
bands, but husbands are seldom
live angels. Wives know this
hut they can't seem to iret used
to it. Why Change Your Wife
?ail v.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Wolfe, of
Wilder, Va., announce the
birth of a daughter, Durthula
Helle, at their home on lust
Thursday morning, October 14.
Mrs. Wolfe was formerly Miss
Kate Brown, of this place.
Misses -Mary Merrimun and
Hazel Parkey, who are attend?
ing school at Martha Washing?
ton College at Abingdon, spent
Saturday night and Sunday
hero visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Lindsay Horton.
Conditions Unchanged.
The conditions of Rev. \V. H.
Troy, tho West Graham Metli
odist pastor, who lias been se?
riously ill for Beveral weeks,
remains practically unchanged.
Mr. Troy is still confined to his
bed, but a change for the bet?
ter is hoped for soon.-Sunday's
Hluclield Dally Telegraph.
Mothers' Club.
The Mothers' Club, of tho]
L. ?V N., met at the Community
House Tuesday, October 12 at
2 p. m. Plans were made for
an oyster supper to bo nivi n
October :iofor the benefit of tho
club. II children were weigh?
Those attending were: Mes
.lames A. M. Hall, Iv M Lyons,
Clarence Burdihe, T> O. Oiirri
son, William Chuhdier, T. II.
Talier, JtiineS Johnson, Van
Pehdleton, Mary Voting; Miss
es Mary Seatou and Jane Mor?
Miss Keiiby Tonnte left Sat?
urday iifteriVbon (>>r Now Or
loana, Ihloxi, Gtilfport and oth?
er points in the small, where
she will he gone for a couple of
weeks visiting friends and rel?
Bride mid Groom in Blucfield
Kreil Troy and his handsome
bride,Torihlirly MissJnnet Bai?
ley, of Big Stolle Gup, have
been here lor Several illivs as
the giientsof Mr. Troy's parents,
Rev. mid Mrs. W. II. Troy,
They were married at Big Stone
(lap on last Saturday .-?Blue
Held Daily Telegraph;'
Matinee for Benefit of Open
Air Schools.
Hansel ami Gretel, a boauti
fill version of the famous
Grimes' fairy tale, was shown
at tile Amux.u Theater Satur?
day afternoon to about three
hundred school children and
enjoyed by all who saw it.
Twice a month good education
ill pictures will ho shown.
Sleeping beauty will be shown
October 23 at !) p. in. Rip Van
Winkle is booked for October
30th; Visual instruction is the
latest method of efficient in?
struction ami the schools in
most largo cities are teaching
many subjects in this way.
The local Red Cross chapter
hopes to entertain us well in?
struct the children in this man
nor und a large attendance is
expected at these BllOvVa.
"Why Change Your Wife?"
Story of Married Life,
Filmed on Lavish
Cecil B. DeMille's latest Para?
mount Artcrafl production,
"Why Change Your Wife?"
will come to the Ahilizi) The.
utre Thursday, October 21.
It is described as a striking
drama of married lite lavishly
presented. Gloria Swahson and
Thomas Meighaii are the fea?
tured players. The story is bv
William DeMille.
The plot centers around Rob?
ert ami Beth Gordon, married
for ten years, but now begin?
ning to drift apart. Beth was a
charming girl. She has become
u too wifely wife and bores her
husband with tier excessive so
licitude for his comforts. He
finds diversion in the company
of vivacious, pleasure loving
Sally Clark. Literal minded
Beth imagines th?lll in love. A
divorce follows, ami Robert
marries Sally. Too late Beth
discovers why she lost her hus?
band and, blossoming like a
rose, develops into society's
gayest figure. Sally, on the
other hand, is transformed by
marriage into a worse house
hold drudge than Beth ever
was. Robert's eyes are opened
when he again sees Belli, and
through a dramatic series of
events they uro brought happi?
ly together.
The picture has been produc?
ed with ull the beauty of' set?
ting, mastery of screen tech?
nique, and admirable attention
to detail that wus characterist?
ic of Cecil B. DeMille in "Male
und Female" und his other cin?
ema classics. Sudu Uovvun and
Olgu Brintzlau furnished the
Henry Bullitt, who has just
completed a business course ut
Pokeepsiu, N. V., is visiting
relatives in the Gap this week.
Mrs. J. Vv. Chalkloy spent a
few days last week in Louis
villa attending the State fair.
The Church As a Power
[By I>r. .1 ?nies t. Yauco.)
"I like to hear that man
preach, because he gives me
Huinethitit; tu live by during the
week." That is what n busy
business man said about Iiis
pastor. It was high praise.
Why should people go to
church, if it is not for some?
thing like tilts? There is no
particularmerh in being bored,
even when the process is label?
led "pins," and there is no re?
sistless fascination in listening
10 a pulpiteer perform, even
when be does it well. 'Chen
what is the merit of church at
If one goes back to his work
Monday as lean and spent, as
listless and inspirationless, as
empty of courage and as * oid
of hope as when he closed shop
Saturday night, the church has
?uit met his need.
There should be something in
the hour in (rod's house to lift
us out of the sordid and sel?
fish, und set us anew on our
?ptest for the Holy Oruih
There should he something in
the minister's message that
makes tired souls look up and
take hold afresh, and wavering
feet Straighten and steady A
man should go out of that sanc?
tuary with a shining vision,
and a cleansed Conscience, and
a singing heart, and a will that
is charged tifresh with the pow?
er that overcomes the world,
Then the church must I o n
power house, it is a mistake
to try to make it a pluy-lidiise.
People do not go to the church
for what they gel, at the the?
ater. The theater eati beat tin
Church when It comes to ellter
tailiment. The preacher who
has dropped down into nothil g
but an entertainer has forgot,
teil his commission.
It is not enough for the
church to be a schoolhouso. Ii
must instruct, but it must do
more. .Men m-ed more than in
formation; they need inspira
tion. They need motive powei
strong enough to drive life up
The cliurc.lt has missed its
mission when the switch n
thrown on Sunday morning,
and no power leaps out from
that central dynamo to recharge
the spent wires of human lift
that are there to be made alive
Don't forget the oyster sup?
per at the log cabin Saturday
night, October 'J:inl.?adv.
Where to Worship Sunday.
I'ltKSIIY'l'KltlAN cilUKOH:
IC.-v James M. Smith, l\ist??r. Sunuay
School at '.1:1%. W. .1. Smith, Suportli
tcmleiit. froacjiliig at ll lot) by the pas?
tor. Christian Emleavor mooting 7:00
ji. in. Everybody is cordially Invited to
attend these servil e?
iiAPTi.vr iinm u
lli-v. A, I.. Slmmtl,-, Pa.-stor. Sunday
Sebo.il i'Mi W. 'IV tloodlne, Superbl
tcaduiit. rreauhiiig.it 11 ;0Q by; the paa
t..r. It. Y. 1'. U. at than. Kvcuitig ser?
vice at ?:t0. Prayer meeting every Wed?
nesday night at 7:!lo. Everybody wel?
come, Coino oil! to these serviees.
M K. i llb'lt? It. Sol Til
Kev. Ci \V. I lean. I'astor, Sunday
School at 10:00, J S.- tlahtblen, Suuorin
leiidenl. Preacbiu'g it II imi by ilia pas?
tor. Prayer meeting every We.hie-ilay
night It 7:bY A welcome lor yon.
and House Wiring
Box 43 Big St one Gap, Va. j
UI0 STONE (JAP LMMll- Ne.208
A. P. & A. M.
MmiIh see..it.I Thursday <?f each
nii.nth at 8 i'. m. Masons- Mall
Vlal?ilg brethren welcome,
A. I?. owkns, w. m.;
.1. II. MATIlkwsi S.r'y
Auto Transfer
Prompt Service
Clint Morrison
[for all kinds of Trans?
fer work. lie will
appreciate your busi?
ness. Opposite the
tMineral Motor Co.
I Big Stone Gap, Va.
Wholesalers and Jobbers of
Groceries, Dry Goods, Notions
and Toilet Articles
Stoves. Ranges, Heaters. Tin & Enamel Ware
Stove Pipe. Pokers, Fire Shovels, Etc.
Miner's Lamps and Repair Parts, Carbide, Etc.
Kerosine Oil, in barrel lots only
Iron Beds and Springs
Shoe Leather, Shoe Nails, Vultex Soles and Heels
Prices Cheerfully Quoted
Wholesale Only, Nothing Sohl at Retail
Toilet Articles
Ladies will find cvery'articlc (or the toilet at this
store- lotions, creams, tonics, tissue builders -toi?
let sets -in fact everything required in the up to date
boudoir, We halve endeavored to have immedi?
ately at hand anything that you might desire.
Our Shaving Creams for gentlemen
are the best.
Make your desires known and we can supply them.
And feel assured that we sell nothing containing
injurious ingredients. All are of established purity
and excellence.
Pulling Prices Down
Where the high cost of living is not so high
We carry a stock of
Dry Goods, Notions, Etc.
ample to supply every want in this commun?
These goods are of recognized quality and are guaran?
teed to be as represented. No one ever wants their money
We arc making a consistent and determined effort to
PULL PRICES DOWN. We arc doing ?tir best to meet
you lialf way?to ease the burden of buying for you, THAT
We have added to our stock a fine line of
Ladies Ready-to-wear Garments
consisting mostly of Coats and Suits. Also carry in stock a
choice line of Furniture, Carpets and Ktigs.
Hay, Corn. Oats and Chop
Near L. & N. Depot
Phone ~;'>. Big Stone Gap, Va.
Heal Your Kidneys
If you stiller from Backache, Rheumatism, Swelling of the
Ankles, Inflammation of the Bladder, Uric Acid?use
It will remove the poisons from your system. It will take
the "Kink" out of your back. It will restore a "run down"
system to a healthy condition.
for those who suffer from Kidney and Bladder troubles.
Cut out this N?TICE. Take it at once to your Druggist
and get a bottle of this WONDERFUL REMEDY.
is recommended by all those who know it, and can be pro?
cured at most Drug Stores. If your Druggist is not yet
sup lied, he will gladly get it for you.
South-West Insurance Agency
I ncorporntoci
F'irc, Life, Accident and Casuality Inj
surance. l?delity and Other Bonds
Real Estate and Commission Brokers.

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