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Could anything be greater than
the Greatest Art?
brings to you the most famous artists true to
life. It does not detract one iota from the
beauty of their interpretation. There is no
improving on their lifelike interpretation
brought to you by the Vietrola. Victrolas
for the longer winter evenings.
No. VI $35.00
No. VIII $50.00
No. IX $75.00
No. XI $150.OO
Finished in Mahogany, Oak or Walnut.
All machines sold on e asy terms, one-fifth
cash, balance on monthly payments covering
a period of from five to ten months according
to the price of machine.
Kelly Drug Company
Victrolas and Victor Products
Miss Odra Grifllii upon I n few
days this week with hoinefolks
in Kentucky.
Miss Juliet Knight is v|Bi*,iiig
friends this week at Martha
Washington College in Along
Mrs. J. Li l'.nstwick ami
daughter, Miss Georgia, spent
several days in the (Jap last
Sweet Florida ('ranges, 3 for
a dime, at Paul's Cafe. ? adv.
Mrs Ourtis Bobbins spent a
few hours Saturday morning in
Appalachia with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. C. <),. Counts, of
Ooebum, spent Sunday in the
(iap with relatives.
The junior class of the High
School gave an enjoyable party;
last Friday evening at the home
of Miss Ruth Barren. Each
member brought delicious re
fefreshmehts which were serv?
ed at a lato hour.
Miss Pearl Stickley, of Rich?
mond, Va., spent a few days in
the Cap last week al the Monte
Vista Hotel enroute to haute to
visit relatives.
Aludin and His Wonderful
Lamp and the House That .lack
Built and a one reel comedy will
he shown at the Amuztl The
ater Saturday at :i p. in.
Miss Parileo >Bickley spent
the week end at Middlesboro
with her sister, Mrs. R. L.
Miss Rosa Bruce, who was
successfully operated on several
weeks ago for appendicitis, is
able to be out agniu.
Miss Bruce Skeen spent Sun
day with friends at .Martha
Washington College in Abing
Mrs. W. H. Wren and two
children spent the week end
with relatives in Chilhowie.
I STRAYED ?One milk cow.
White, witli roan nook ami
ghouhler. $10.00 reward for in
formation or return.? \V. II.
Davidson, Osaka, Va.?adv tf.
Black Pass and Select (>ys
; tors at Paul's Cafe this week.?
Mrs. (I. N. Knight, Miss Juliet
and (.'arl Knight and Miss Pari.
h<o Bickley attended tho Hrovvn
0 ilmer wedding at Norton Sat?
urday afternoon.
Mrs. T. .1. Christy, of Emory,
spout the past week in tho (lap
with her husband, T. J. Christy.
Miss (Mara Do well and Mr.
\V. K. Freeman spent Sunday
at Wise with relatives of Mr.
The U. l'. 0. chapter will
meet this afternoon at :i o'clock
(Wednesday) at the home of
Mrs. I). 0. Wolfe.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. B, AyerH
and daughter, Emily, motored
down to tin' tiap Friday from
their eoal mines near Keokeo.
.1. W. Sprinkle, of Wilder,
spent a few hours in tbu Clap
Thursday with his daughter,
Miss Delia Sprinkle, onrnuto to
Cincinnati to spend a few days
on business,
The Friday Afternoon Bridge
(Mnli was entertained last Fri.
day afternoon by Mrs. J. D.
Rogers at her home on Poplar
Hill. Mrs. R. 10. Rhonda will
be hostess of the club this
Mrs. Jim Williams, of Kim
bill, W. Va.; who was formerly
Miss Fannie Johnson, of the
(lap, who is visiting relatives
in this section, spent Friday
night in the (lap with .Nirs.
Henry lame.
Miss Oro Rush, of Abingdon,
Miss Dora Hickthan and broth?
er, George, of Bristol, motored
over to the Gap Saturday from
Bristol returning Sunday morn?
ing on tho Southern train to
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reduction on Schlots? Bros. &
(Jo.'s big line of mode to meas?
ure clothing-. < ' ill and see our
lino of samples quick.?Paul's
Mrs. Ed T?te ha? been ap?
pointed dirnctor for Fourth Ked
Cross Roll Call, of Sloucga.
Mm. .1 L McCormick will
have Charge of trie Fourth Ked
Cross Roll Call of Rig Stone
Gup. Support this humane or?
Mr. mid Mrs. A. .1. Sewing
anil il nigh tor, Anne, returned
last Week from U few week?
vitiit to relatives in West Bur?
lington, Iowa, and L)e Soto,
Mo. Mr. Sowing received treat?
ment in a hospital in Chicago
wliile away.
Mr. ami Mis John R. Bailey
and family, of O.inger, have
moved to the i lap into the prop?
erty formerly occupied by Mr.
and Mrs. W. J, Draper.
Miss Florence McCormick re.
turnetl lust week from Rich,
mond where she accompanied
two small children lo a hospital
thereseveral days ago On her
way homo she slopped in Ab
ingdoil a few data to visit Mrs.
Retta Thompson Marks, who is
teaching there this winter.
A now line of ladies' ami
children's coats oil display Sat?
urday at Mrs. J P. Wolfe's
Millinery Shop -adv.
Thn Community League will
meet Wednesday Ihe 17th at
3:80 in tho Public School Hall
and every one who is interest?
ed in the betterment of the
town is urged to he present.
U, L. Moore, of Johnson City,
spent a few davs in tho Gap
last week. Mr. Moore is very
proud nf his now grandson, the
baby son of Mr. ami Mrs. Geo
Moore, which has been named
II. L, Moore.
Fred L. Troy is spending this
week at Graham, Va., with his
parents, Rev. and Mrs. W. II.
There will be mi ice cream
and box supper at the seminary
Saturday night, November 13,
for lliu benefit nf the school.
Every one is urged to come
C. 0. Mendel, who is employ?
ed in tins general olllces of the
Nickel Plato Railroad Compa?
ny at Cleveland, < Miio, is spend?
ing a vacation of two weeks in
Pig Stono Uap visiting his sis
tor, Mm. French Wilson and
his friend, Lindsey Horton.
tl. E. (Iilly returned to the
(lap Friday night from Roa
uoke, where be spent a few
days visiting his sister, Miss
Maggie Gilly, who has been se?
riously ill for several weeks.
LOST. ? Jersey cow with
black ears ami black tail, cu
rioilti color. Any one finding
her or giving information that
will lead to her recovery vvill
got a reward of $10.00.?John
Towusend, Osaka, Va.?adv.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Willis re?
ceived si loiter last week from
Knoxville stating then- little
granddaughter, Virginia May
Naff, foil from a chair and
broke her arm, at tho home of
her paronts, Dr. and Mrs. II. II.
F. L. Greenhalgh, L. Reich?
ert, and B. Mendleson, of the
Rcalttrt Picture Corporation at
Washington City, spent Satur?
day in the (lap transacting
business with Manager Taylor
of tlio 'Amuzu Thealer. Mr.
Taylor hooked for his theater
another (inn production, the
"Cumberland Romance," taken
from John Fox's hook, Moun?
tain Kuropia, to appear bore on
the ltitli anil 17th of November.
Tlio Highland Park Mothers'
Club met at the Log Cabin on
Monthly, November 8th, at 2:00
p.m. The fourth nursing les?
son was given after which ten
children wero weighed. Sand
wiclies nnd coflee were served.
Those uttending were: Mos
dumes Pat Arrington, Nim
Smith, Jim Collier, Cbus. El?
liott, G. L Marcus, L. D. W?lls,
Bob Ktirko; Misses Ruth ami
Lula Moore, Elizabeth Qwyn,
Mattio Burke.
Death of Infant.
Rosalie Winston, the infant
daughter of Mr. und Mra. L. T.
Winston, who was only four
?weeks and two days old, died
last Sunday night after a short
illness, funeral was conducted
Monday afternoon at ,'i o'clock
from the home by Rev. E. C.
Buruz.of the Episcopal church,
after which the little remains
wero curried to Glencoo ceme
tory where they were intered.
Injured in Collision.
I Creed Hobiuette, a young mnn
I living in Powell's Valloy, was
I severely injured Sunday after
I noou at Bluo Springs school
house when hi9 motorcycle co
tided with an automobile on n
sharp curve, breaking his left
leg at tho hip joint and sprain?
ing an ankle. The driver of
the car was only tdightlv in?
jured, boing cut on the lip by
dying glass. Young Hobinotto
was taken lo the home of his
father, Uev. W. M. Kobinetto
where be was given medical at?
tention by local physicians. j
Mrs. Dr Stoehr will be hos?
tess to the Lloyd Guild Th?rs
day, ntl3:30 o'clock.
Bitth Announcement.
Attractive announcements as
follows have boon received in
the Gap by friends:
Mr. mid Mr? W. V. Kililer
announce the arrival ol
S.ira .lam;
en October I Ith, U?8A
.Mrs. hlibler was fotmerly
Miss Cora Johnson, of the li ip,
but now lives at Appalaclliu.
Mixed Babies.
Born, about three weeks ago,
a uirl to Mr. und Mrs. George
K Bocbuck, of Richmond, Vu.
George is tickled plum silly,
rubbing bis nose against her
little nose and calling liumolf
?daddy.'' At the maternity
hospital all babies are tagged
with name cards ou their
wrists. A nurse made the mis?
take of putting the wrong name
card on (leorge's daughter, and
when he was invited in to see
her he naturally looked upon
the wrong baby. Cutting his
eye around, he saw a baby with
a stubby, Boebuekiaii nose.
"Thai one looks more like me,"
he remarked And sure enough
it was his?tagged with the
name of some one else. "I'd
know that Boebuekiaii, dramat?
ic nose anywhere,'' laughed
George's mother, Mrs. Mary
Roebuck, of StOIIOga, has been
visiting them for two or three
weeks.?Crawford's Weekly.
Mrs. George Roebuck was
formerly Miss Gladys Wolfe, of
the Cap, and has many friends
here wlio will be very much in?
terested in Miss Roebuck's ar
Bride and Gioom Visit
Hume folks.
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert 12. Mas.
ters, of St. Pauli spent a fewi
days in town last week where
Hubert voted on Tuesday. Mr.
and Mrs. Masters wore married
secrotely in Bristol ou Saturday,
October 10th by Rev. Carson
and intended to keep their mar?
riage a secret until November
20th; but their many friends
here and at Appalachia found
it out. Mrs. Masters, u very
popular young lady, was Miss
Anna Mae llobbs, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. llobbs, of
Appalachia, and a sister of
Mrs. W. R. Otoy, who formerly
lived in the Cap. Mr Masters
is a son of Mr. and Mrs. James
Masters, of the Gap and after
returning home from service in
the Uuited Slates Navy held a
position in Appalachia where
the romance which culminated
in the marriage, was begun.
Ho is now located in St. Paul
where he is in the insurance
business and where they will
make their home.
The uplift of an entire com?
munity through the faith and
belief thnt'Movc is stronger than
hate," on the part of one little
girl plays an important part in
'?Polly of the Storm Country,"
in which Mildred Karris Chap?
lin will be seen in her second
First National Exhibitors' Cir?
cuit attraction Thursday at the
Amiizu Theater.
As Polly Hopkins, Mr?. Chap?
lin purl rays the role of a girl
wedged between a most sordid
environment and burning desire
to create and instill happiness
into those about her. Obstacles
that come in her way are
brought about through the faith?
lessness of a rich woman and the
cruelty of the man this woman
is going to marry. I'elly sees
her entire family taken from
j her by the very people sho is
trying to aid. Ixive turns to
And when the rainbow encir?
cles the clouds over the "storm
country," the hate bus been su- '
perseded by love and the entire
settlement is reverent to the lit?
tle girl that brought peace and
contentment to thorn.?adv.
Wholesalers and Jobbers of
Groceries, Dry Goods, Notions
and Toilet Articles
Stoves, Ranges, Heaters, Tin & Enamel Ware
Stove Pipe, Pokers, Fire Shovels, Etc.
Miner's Lamps and Repair Parts. Carbide, Etc.
Kerosine Oil, in barrel lots only
Iron Beds and Springs
Shoe Leather, Shoe Nails, Vultex Soles and Heels
Prices Cheerfully Quoted
Wholesale Only, Nothing Sold at Retail
Amuzu Theatre
THURSDAY (Tomorrow)
Mildred Harris Chaplin
As j'Pbliyyop*' in ( .race Miller White's
"Polly of the Storm Country"
illy's Battle With the "I lilltopers," The Abduction, The
Storni, an: worth going miles to sec.
A Splendid Bill at Your Favorite Theatre
Williams Jubilee Singer:
Continuations of Ducts, Trios,
Quartets and Choruses
Sunday, November 7
at 3 P. M.
Reserved seats for white people.
Admission 50c and 75c
Benefit Colored M. E. Church
South-West Insurance Agency
Fire, Life, Accident aridCasuality Inj
surancc. Fidelity and Other Bonds
Real Estate and Commission Brokers.
? Ilhoul nuol'onlf IIoh'.'iWm
feil? In the tre.trueot of >cn?.
Titter.Rlnj?orm.Itch.etc.. r>,?-,
become diKourac"! bcc.u?. other
trrelmiot? felled JIu.o'.S.K.
kaa relieved bund/ed? of eacB
You cen't loee oe> Ml
Mene/ Bee* Cuere??ee. fg
St at our rl.k TODAY. Pti?lii
9? Ml* leeally ?y ?
KKixY ouno COMa'AMY
S. S. Masters & Co.
General Blacksmith
Repair Work.
Iloilur ami Machine itepalrliiK. HorSc
*houhif< a specialty. Wagun am! Hnggy
/t'ork. We make a ppcualty .?f putting
on rubber Urea All work gWun prnn-.pt
land :aruftil atteutlon.
Ui;; Stono Gap, Va.

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