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Only IG more days before Christmas and only l-i more shopping days, but wo have
beat you to it. Wean* prepared for the Holiday rush and we have overlooked ab?
solutely nothing. Don't put. off your buying till the last minute. .Just remember
Look over our many items or better still; visit our store at once and let us show
you our well selected stock. All goods marked in plain figures. One price to all.
Eastman Kodak;
Tins ovur-pleaalng pivacnt It .
uvcrylMKly mid ?I pilcca houi
S2.00 to $5O.00
Thrtc la nothing more nltratl
youth lliau jituturu taking, in
more i leasing in the grown lipa
fancy Ait China from .liip.111, .il
varieties of ilccernliona and -11 ?) ?? -. ..
you always And Urioutal I'rodiicvlotiH
'Vahle Wan- in Sets ami open stock.
Nothing will phase Mother inora h-i
she had a haul thud for four year*
getting along with i lid Seta.
Leather Goods
Our 'Leather floods have Stylo il
Uli t J?Jit pureu or! bag. Kmvycais wo
have carried the ''Humps'.' Leather
(lootli and many a fine liitl Hook,
Ladies' Hag, lroekcj Hook, Memo.
Henklet. . an In- Iraccq to bin ?iura
(itye Hooka tin Children's .\ma?.
Wo carry a very large assoitmont o.
Children's Hunks limn J In S yuan.
Km-(iirls ami Hoya from -in 15 yearn,
Surround your homo with bboksniid
watch lha woiulorful Inllueneu It will
have over your children, The ti arli
er will speak "I il 'I'lio child's
monthly r?i|M?rl will lie another ovi
Christmas Decora?
tions and Toys
Fountain Pens
(Mean I
For the Student, Hi- Hanker, the
oofckeopcr W e have one that will
ill yi.il Waterman a ' Ideal, Car?
er's l.neky Curve, Iho Snap till, plain
l|f| gold momilo I in all kinds ..f
?lluts S2 SO lo S'.O.OO
anil I.onviuee.l that i:i Ihla as
n all i?111 olhvi I in ? ?e have confined
.!v. s i.uly to article* i>r highest
nade Our pines tiro based mi a critn*
ui-rclal profit (I iimIs plainly marked,
?Svry article niubnditlolially guarau
I availlors .. SO OO to S50.00
Hhuja SI OO to S20 OO
Uracolela . (SI! 50 lo S2G.OO
Icwclcit Swiss Watches
S25.00 to ?35 OO
? ii k I'liis, Htooehea. Ilahy Set... |U.
by Klug.? Chains, I.kbta, Kol?,
Helta, duckies. Cull' Huttoiia, I n
Cut Glass
the child hi its itreatcal pleaaure of
Christinas. You yoiirsell
forgottoii tin- preaeiitx v
I.nt (ho picture nl' tin- Tri
lug in vivid memory. Wooil T6>>
well nt.i.le. ulmoat inde.irm-t il.le, D
special factory uomlier. Cannons
Soldiers. Wagons, II.uses. Wind an.
I.ainl .Mill., Carls, etc.
Smokers' Articles
Cigar c
OlgareUo I 'ascs, Cie;ar
or Cigarette llohlora, Ash Trays,
I'lpcsj i.'igaicilcs, all kinds Tobacco
in lars ami Package*. Slcllla Hrlair
Pipes, Itcg-dar (2.00 radio at .. 75c
hvory year we ?eil u. (tin
Cetlotl ill sets ami hldividtlld piece
rcry Urge Colnha llritslus. Min.
Mnulelirc Articles; of all kinds, M:t
lire Sets at ail prices I rout
i sii.rso to S2o oo
till liv- j? p|?|? ami fniicj Silk mil l.e.t
It..Iis. Shaving .Sis, Cloth Hrual
We I.sbl our st..-k early. '
prices will prove it to you
The kind lie smokes you llml
'Kelly's'' Inn if you (hi iii il i
lake, we exchange any Ikix, aitv
of a Imx.or any clgti
ly aatiafaclbry, '
Wehsters. liarcl??',
other hramla,
Water Se
sele. I ..he.
ruling \\\\\
lit ale
$4 OS up
\ . SI OO lo SI^.OO
It. in Cm Dishes Celery Diahea.
Uowla, Crape Juice beta, ( oiii|M>rl?.
full II i\.s. Nappes
Kllldll, CrilllU ami Tike's ami Syin
phony rapcitiei.-.. icprcscnt the last
word in cnriespomlence.
U.ixoh from t35c to S3.50
all the going shi.h s ami latest <le
algiia i'.i appreciate this line is ^?o
Don't worry, we've got it. Don't buy just any kind. We have the kind you always
bought, the kind that always pleased. And remember a man is often judged by the
candy he sends. Huylers and Whitman's in I, 2, 3 and 0 lb. packages. But for the
children we have Buntes, absolutely pure, wonderful in lustre, the best hard candy
made in the world. Come, see, be convinced.
TJi/ic J/Pcjt-a// Stoic
Will There He A Victrola In Your Homo This Christinas?
Mrs. Qcargo L Taylor re
turner) last NVediii mlny from a
few rlays shopping trip to
Miss Verdi Chesser spent last
Thursday at Dunluir visiting
her sister, Mrs. George Wallace
Messrs. W. T. and John M.
Quod loo were called lo t lei r
home at ?ft?n, Va., last Wed?
nesday alt? "noon on ace unit hi
the illness .?? their mother
J. (J. Strotlth, of Lynch, Ky.,
spent Sunday in town visiting
his sister, .Miss Mary, who is
teaching in tin- public sol.I at
this place.
K. G. Wade, ?f the Mutual
l'hurmncy, has bean confined
to his room for several days
with Rickneaa.
Von have only a few days !<>
complete your list. Lome in
and select from our well assort?
ed stock. You will find shop?
ping ntC S. Carter's a pleasure,
Chas. Gibbons, of the \V. T.
Sislruuk Company, of Lexing?
ton, Ky., spent last week in the
Gap on business.
Mr. und Mrs. Dan Hill moved
last week into the apartment
completed by Campbell Coch
ran near the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. J. B. Wampler.
Prof. H. L. Sulfridge spent
Saturday at Wise on business.
High class and useful Christ?
mas gifts for mon can be found
at C. 8. Carter's.?adv.
Miss Uuth Prescott returned
last week from a few weeks
visit to friends in Nashville,
Tenn., and other points.
CS. Curler, of Bristol, will
lie .it Iiis --lore all during Xmas
week assisting Mr. Hammond
?luring the holiday trade and
will lie glad to serve his many
fi n-nds here again.?adv.
; ? ' j
Messrs Piermnn, H. I? Price,
Sr.. and Col. 0. I!. Crilsun,
lie-min is of the Stonegu Coke
and Coal Company, pf Phila?
delphia, have boon spending
several days in this seetion.
The Lloyd Guild of Christ's
Kpiscopal cliurch will suspend
its regular weekly meetings un?
til ufter the Christmas holidays.
Itey. ('. \Y Dean, pastor of
the Southern Methodist cliurch,
j went to Ktnory last Saturday
where he preached to the stu?
dents of Efimery and Henry Col
let/e Sunday morning. *
I (
Mis. l'Tanklyn Brown and
baby son, Krauklyii, Jr., re?
turned to Mrs. Brown's parents'
home, Mr. ami Mrs. A. I). <>w
ens, in the Gap Sunday morn?
ing from Cincinnati, where she
has been spending a few days
iyilll relatives, since her bus.
b and's death in Chicago a few
, wet'ks ago.
Mrs. .1. W. Kelly and daugh?
ter, Miss Polly 'j spent ti few
day.-- last week shopping in
Mrs. Naomi Wilkerson and
Miss lo ss Young,j of Stonegn,
Mr. Chas. Gibbons, of Lexing?
ton, Ky., Mr. and Mrs. J. \V.
Hush, were guests at the Monte
Vista Hotel Saturday night for
Luther Sizomnre, who has
been working in North Carolina
for several months, returned to
his home in the Gup last week.
If \ on wrint i" please .1 man
give him something iiu can
wear, something net ful ami at
tractive, ail of which will be
easy to line! in our complete
; line of hew furbishing*. A
beautiful ami large lint' ol
(Jliiinay uoii-wrinknble Silk
Ties on Display at U S. Carter's,
At last meeting of the town
council a resolution was pa-S"il j
directing (he chairman of
streets to uscertnin names of 'ill I
parties who have built upon the
streets, alloys ami boulevards
belonging to the town, und col
loct fair rents for use of such
Christmas gifts that please at
C. S. Carter's store. Make voiir
selections from this list ami let
US nave you some money on
your Christmas Gifts: Man?
hattan Silk Shins, liar;,Schall
nor and Marx Sails and Over
coats. Stetson Hat ', Handker?
chiefs, Coll u s, Hand Bugri, Suit
Cases, Umbrellas! Cloves,
Scarfs, Ties arid other useful
gifls ?adv.
Mrs. J. Proctor Brown has
recently been appointed by the
Virginia Stut" Music Teachers'
Association, chairman for the
district including I he counties
of Tnzewell, Russell.Wise, Lee,
Dickens in, Buchanan and
Scott) the object being to pro?
mute a higher standard of
teaching, organization of stu
tlenl music study clubs, organ,
iziug orchestras, choral clubs
and bands, bringing musicians
in an artist concert course and
the establishment of an equa?
ble tuition fee.
FOR RENT ? Room in new
express ollice building. Nice
and convenient for ottice. Sei'
W. S. Rust:.?udv.
Party fur Visitor.
Thursday evening Misses Mar?
garet and Mary Bunu'oulnrl lin?
ed with a lovely card purl) in
honor of ilioir gu.si, Miss Klon
nor Baker, of Bit; Stone (lap,
Vn ?< Ixford (P.i.) BresB,
Card of Thanks.
To all the friends wbo-ni
sympathy and service worl) so i
kindly t mth'red in our time of
hcreuvcm-m, we desire to uji
tend mir sincere thanks.
Mr. and Mrs Wayne Wright
Dies Suddenly.
.1. I). Anderson was found
dead in his lied at an early hour
Tuesday morning at the home
of his son, Morgan Anders in
Mr. Anderson tiad heed a sutler
er for somo lime, with heart
trouble, hut his death was not
expected at the time in he had
retired the night before appar?
ently as well as Usual. lie sva
I bout sixty years ..Id.
Musical Recital.
The m?sic pupils of Mrs. A. I'.
Hammond will give a uiahb re
uijtiil at the school auditorium I
Wednesday night, Deceniborj
15th at 8:15 o'clock ami the
public is cordially invited to at.
tend. A small admission fee of j
15c and 25c will be charged, the
proceeds of which will tie given
to the fjathwba Sanatorium.
\; ? NOU?y BACK
? it bout question if M j n i ' ? S? I .?
fj ' i in th? treatment - f Kc.se ma.
Trtlrr Hin^ivorro.Itch.etc Do*/!
b'--rH:,-d i oeijjr.! becaUld Dthtf
treatment! failed llunt'a SaWa
ban relieved hundred* of such
cases. You can't lo? od oar
Monty BmeS* Cumranlnn. Yrr
ItatourriikTODAY. \rtU*iU
Vor uls Ucolly hrjr ?
Shooting Fire Crackers Will
Be Allowed.
The town ordinance against
ihn shooting <if lire crrtckers
wiJJ be suspended by the mayor
during December24th and ?J.sth,
allowing parlies to shoot lire
crackers upon tlieir own prem?
ises, v.icunts lots and in parks,
but hoi on tlio streets.
No ponuisHion is given to j
snoot gnus, pistols or dynamite
any when' in town.
The line for shooting guns,
pistols or dynamite in town is I
limited to one hundred dollars!
for each olVense.
Sewing Party.
Mis. Harry Meadow cut
tamed a few of her friends
mit apartments in the Touraiiie
fiats lust Tuesday afternoon
Itondr of Mrs Uli s Robins
\ lie- close oi til ? ufM'f'ubiUlj
ais. Mead..ws r\ ,| a dolieintn'
? a ad coins.- nod hot ujiboii ate
K: ui s ami salted aliitliuiN w, r
Served .luring tu.- afteri.ooli,
Tm.se preset It wer : Mr..
li'tin, I< .i.in ???Ii. 'Mr- ('m (it
Rabbins, '.in- Simon Baik?
Mis A (lotiKhi, \1 s Iti i.e.
Ouihpii. il aad Mis, I'Vcd I.e.
I'm) .
Tile tl Ii ii litt I lll-el nig i.| Ti
Virgnii i S it.- Federation ?l
Musical t' .ili-. nt wliiuil Mis
i. Proctor Brown is iHesid-uil,
will be held i - Itichinnnd, Va.
n Maren, Ai -bis time tin
I ..iiing artists' contest will take
I plUc'e under the leadership of
t'lof. Kugune Puluiim,coiiiposeiT
land pianist. Aiming olbei
Iprotniuout musicians will b. tin
.itilional president. Mrs. Prank
A. Selberting. >>: Akron, Ohio,
an.I Mis William Bay ley Ham
;ilton, of Washington, D. U
I who lias recently liuoil llppolul
i Ii" position of capital tils
llrici itrosuloiit, which include:
District of Columbia, Morylautl
Virgiilia ami West Virginia.
Notice to Water Consumers.
.1. M. Potter, who lias bee
i.limit), r far the (own and als
collector of wuler rents, h is r<
signed his position. Purlins I
win) owe their water rein far
the past and inc luding the sec*
on.! quarter, l'.'-o, no hereby |
UOlilied that if the water rent
is in ii pud by tin- lifsi of Jan?
uary it will he em ,.IV without
further notice You will re?
live statement lor ib.- month
Chairman \Vhtor Committee.
Death of Baby.
William Robert, the liulelwn
oeks obi infniii son of Mr. mull
V'.r-. Wax ue Wright, died last]
I n. s hi) in..ruing after an ill
\ ness of .inly it few hours el'|
acute indigestion at the home
if Mrs. \\ right's pi.iolits, Mr.
mil Mis W. II. C.lines, in the
Funeral services were on
ducted al tin- home Wodnuiduy
aflein.um by Rev. .1. M. S nub
and Rev. i'. W Dem, after I
which the little rem tin-, were!
carried to llleiicoH ceinotery,
when- thoy Were hllriell Tie
biiby is survived by its parentsI
and a little sister, -Mary Bolle, |
and brother, Wayne, Jr.
Police Guard Reorsitui/cd.
At a special call meeting of]
the town council on Monday
m.truing p' ms wriru formulated |
for the reorganisation of tin
Big Stone Cap Police Quurilj
inch a' one tint ? had it mem
I borsliip of uearlv one hundred, I
j but was disbanded a few years)
ago. Tue council held another
Imeeting Monday night with a
I number .if citizens and elected
II. !?',. Fox, captuin of the guard
and app tinted a committee t
draft by-laws and present otic
aines for membership at
I meeting lo be hehl in I lie town!
hall tonight. Twenty members |
.ere sworn in for service by
Mayor llorsley and by the tinn
I iht- organization is completed]
is expected that the number|
will reacts fifty or seventy live.
Faculty Entertained.
Mrs. Sally A. Bailey, as.-.istei
by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Troy, en?
tertained lust Saturday evening
at their home, a number of their
friends very delightfully com
plimentary to the teachers of
the Big Stone Clap public Bchool.
The mode of entertainment
for the evening was "Progres
stye Hearts" which was played
at six tallies. Miss 11a Guynn
und Mr. 'Spann made the
most ?'progressions during;
the' evening and were'
awarded the prizes, boxes o.r
stationery. Mrs. CurtiB Hob
bins tied with Miau Uuynn euch
making eight progressions.
At the close of tho games in
delicious lunch consisting o>
fried oysters, pineapple salad,
peas, cheese balls, pickles,'sand
wiehes, hot rolls ami coffee wan
served to the guests at the ta?
bles, hv Mrs Bailey, assisted by
Mrs Troy, Mrs. H. L. Lane and
Henry Bowyer, of Stonoga.
Club Organized:
On Monduy, December ?:11?.
the young men of Hig Stone
i rap h?hl an organization meet?
ing in tht> armory and formed ll
qlubof S3 members lo bo known
as the Big Stone (lap Athletic
The purpose of this Organiza?
tion, as formulated tit the time,
w.is to furnish a meeting place
for tho young folks in town,
tud to ulTord some mo ms fn
.creation One iiulf ,.f i li<
irmory is being lixed lib as ii
I inc.. hall and the other half i;>
?. ?? ? .mi ppctd Tor a gymnasium
I'ne old .gymnastic apparatus
tround town is t<< in* placed in
the urinorv ami new material
..ill bo added as soon as tie
ireasur) can boast of something
best.i,'s promises.
L is tin- r u nest hope of the
menibers ui the organization
dial the community Of Big
Stone Ulip will ire I behind them,
l.,d i.Her what assistance ihev
can. lo sou a good thing get
?voll started. Tho armory has
ieeil i used fur a yeur ami lb ?
members of 11,.? nrgunizilion
iiiy.ii been busy during the piifi
iveek cleaning up their quart,
lers. A dance has been arrant,
ed for Deuomber 32ud ami
Smith's orchestra, ol Lexing
um, Ky , is in furnish Hie ihn?
sie. Strenuous ulTorts are be?
ing made to make the opening
danee a great success, anil it
Clin be done with a little coop
erali in mi the part oi those
tlikillg an active part.
The olllcers elected at the
jnocliuv of the organization,
December (Uli, are:
A. 1. HoiiTON, President,
John Iv Junks, Sec'y,
I JOK M. SMOOK, Treasurer.
We have the IlllCSt and most
Complete stock llns year we
hive ever had. Diamonds,
Walehes, Jewelry, Silverwni e,
Cut tliasss, Kami I'uinletl t hi,
na Dinner Sets, Leather tin.nb.,
U m h roll a it, with nil
the season's uovv novelties, If
in Bristol call and look around.
Our Mr M >ure will h ? with lid
through I ?eeoinber.
I ad vis 51 Bristol, Vn.
?'The Am?sement Question"
to be Discussed at tlie Bap?
tist Church Next Sunday
Next Sunday evening at 7:30
O'clock, I will discuss, from the
standpoint "I" common sense
and righteousness, some of the
questionable form i of amuse,
merit. Wo invite the public to
attend the services next Sun?
day, and pass judgment on the
message you heat. Nobody will
be abused or scolded. It is just
a common sensit talk about
facts, aad everyday life. So
those who indulge id the no
called questionable forms of
amusement need feel no em?
barrassment about coining. Wo
ask you lo come, and listen,
ihd think, in the hope that all
may find the service helpful.
Toll your friends about this
subject, ami bring them out to
the meeting next Sunday morn?
ing and nvening, especially in
the nvening.
Incidentally let me mention
that in all of our services until
Christin is, we lake a Rpeuial
iifTerilig for the starving and
shivering millions in Buropu
and in China. Help swell these
funds to save the lives of mil?
lions of helpless children and
Others. It is a good way lo ap?
proach Christmas, and we must
make Christmus tho climax in
lour liberal giving, for the sake
of our Master und the dying
A. L. Shumate, Pastor.
I Kggs, it seem*, have been
I making a desperate elTort to
tlirt with tho dollar mark. Let's
have u law against ilirting.
There's a reason, however,
why some people are so popular
with their neighbors. They are
good lenders and poor borrow,
ers.' .

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