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A Big Little
Expensive 'Illinois in New
York oily are nit uncommon,
but no unciiinoiou mit? wus
served at the Hold Commodore
there, during the holiday 8,
probably beating the record for
high pliers, tin ! certainly mer?
iting wide sp. <? d notice.
The price poi plate was oho
thoiiHaiiii doll iro, and UUii rich
ly dressed men .- n I .vom u each
paid that amount io sit ui the
lahh's and mljoy il e ii iliiiary
intellectual feast pr <. ided
General I'iiihIiio^ an I Mr.
Hoover pro- ? d.
The tub en kvorc of plain wo id,
without covering or other dec
oration than on one of iheni a
lighted tallow candle in a tray,
before a vacant chair reaerved
for the absent guest.
The menu consisted of small
portions of sweetened rice In
white Ouathol plates, a sliee of
bread, ami wouk c.ii in army
cups. A spoon was pro vi led
for each plate of nee and for
each cup.
No other food was supplied,
and within 15 minutes the meal
was consumed. The amount of
each portion was double thai
served daily by the Kuropenn
Relief Council to each one of
tho 3,51)0,000 starving ICuropbiiu
children,?the absent guest.
The dinner receipts, ineltnl
ing subscriptions, are staled to
have been $2,011,231. Nation
wido collections la>t .nth
amounted to one third of the
$33,000,000 required to feed
these children, in addition to
what their govern men is supply,
until 'Se next harvest; Have
j ,.one your part for then re?
lief? Subscriptions should be
sent to Franklin K Lane, treus
urer Furopenn Relief Council,
<2 Broadway, New- York, ur to
J. M. Hodge, American Bed
Cross ofliee, Big Stone Gupi Va.
School News
(Killt?! by tho Senior t:i?wi
We were glad to have Mr.
Shumate and Mr Smith with
US last week. Their subjects
wore respectivelv, "A'- a man
thinkoth in his heart so is ho"
and "A good namo i ? rather :.:
he chosen than gi tut riches "
Both talks were very helpful.
Tho third aod fourth year
classes gave a French program
in chapel Friday. Besides the
songs, "La Murseillaiso" and
"Bust Avec Nous" by the whole
group, "La Ohapolet" was sung
heaiitifully by Anita Goudloo.
There were two papers read in
English, ''Francb" by Truln
Kennedy and "Kr noli Bulling
Bower" by James Gilly. Rvory
one enjoyed the program.
This your the county gradu?
ation exorcises will bo held
hero. These exercises will be
held Wednesday evening, .I line
1st. All the high Schools in
the county will be represented.
We. assure our follow graduates
from this other schools a cor?
dial welcome.
Our mid year examinations
are being given Tuesday, Wed
ndsday, and Thursday of this
week. On Friday wo will he
given our first assignments in
the now term's work.
Auto Collides With Train, j
Deputy Sheriff .lohn Quails,|
of Big Stone Gap, had a very
narrow escape last Wcdiiosdtiy
when a freight train hit hi> car
on the Ithboden crossing of the
Southern Railway knocking Hie
car over an embank men I and I
tearing it to pieces. Mr. Quails
and two women passengers in the
car escaped serious injury, but
wero shaken up considerably.
The train did not give any warn?
ing of its approach Mr. Quails
says, and was right on I hem he
fore they realized it.
To say tlio tacky party given
at the Armory Saturday night
from S to 12 o'clock under the
auspices o f the Ooniniutiit.y
< 'lulis at the L. & N. tthd South?
ern stations was a success would
be very mild Ip Iho success it
Ireally was socially. It was a
'time when every one present,
which numbered over a hundred,
had one of the best limes of their
A large part of the success of
the evening Was duo to the Big
Slone Cap Athletic Club which
not only gaVO the use of the Ar?
mory for the occasion, but the
members dressed as a young holy
and it was hard to distinguish
who's who in their clever cos
lumos after they had removed
their masks later during the
evening, .loe Smook, treasurer
of the dub, took charge to I lie
program for the evening which
was as follows :
Firs I was the game leap .frog
in winch all the beautiful-ladiea
(?) took part, which brought
fourth peals of laughter from all
ijn- onlookers. Next was the
??Spoiling Hoe" which wiis in
charge of I'rof. Sulfridge, who
wore a love'y middy suit and
l>ig picture hat. Miss Eunice
Darnell stood tip the longest and
won the prize, a cake.
Aller the spelling bee. there
was an intermission during which
"Miss" Snlook invited everyone
In go in the side shows arranged
in (he gymnasium. In the first
tent was the charming fortune
teller which was Mrs. L. T.
Winston. In the next lent was
il.Hoarded Woman," who
was Mr. K. I). Leslie. Then
I here was the ferocious wild mau,
who was Mr. Fred Troy. Then
lltord was the show "For Men
The next number on program
were the oriental dancers, who
were Cordon Young and Howard
i'oilier, who danced and sung
like regular vaudeville arti-ts,
also Little "Smoky .loe" \Vamp?
ler. Curtis Bobbins and !?'. L.
Morton furnished the music on
Hawaiian mandolines for I lie
dancers. Then came the cake
walk. It was very hard for the
three judges, Mrs. H. E. Taggart,
Mrs. W, II. Wren and Mrs.
W. T. Coodloe lo decide who
were the best cake' walkers.
There was a tie between Uncle
.lack (ioodloe and Mrs. MeCor
niiek ami Mrs. Caroline Rlioada
Lewis and Mr. Spawn, Jo after
another trial Uncle .lack and his
partner, Mrs. McCqrmick, won
the cake. Hut the hardest thing
for the judges to do was to de?
ride who should hi awarded tin
prize for having the tackiest
costume. It was between the
editor, Mr. G, N. Knight, Mr.
Itoscoe Waltz, Mr. Tom Cochran
and Mi-s Kutli I'reseott and for
the ones having tlie best costume,
who were : Mr. Spawn, Mr. t'ick
Cantrell, Mr. Andrew Heeder,
Mr.Johnny Jones and Dr.Stoehr.
Alter drawing "lots" Tom Cecil
ran wore the tackiest and Andrew
Reeder the best costume.
There was- much excitement
and amusement during the "bid?
ding off of the cuke" by Joe
Smook for the prettiest girl.
There were a number of candi?
dates. Among them were : Ben?
nett, Sulfridge, Woltz, Smook,
Jones, Heeder, L'an'trell, Voting,
whose friends .supported them
loyally until Dr. Stoehr and
George Goodloe's admirers sent
I hem way abend of the others.
George llnally won over Dr.
Stoehr. Uncle Jack Good loe bid
off the aprons and other articles.
Over ILIO.00 was realized from
the admissions, contests, side
shows and eatables. Mrs. O. O.
Cochran had charge of the table
of cakes ami pies, Mrs. McGor
ihiek (he sandwiches and Miss
l'arilee Hickloy" the coffee and
hot chocolate.
WANTED. ? Salesman for
custom clothes, direct to custo?
mer. Popular priced, establish?
ed bouse. Heforenco required.
?Ilastell Tailoring Company,
G odall Bldg., Cincinnati, C?
Legion Notes
The Noury N. Tut?? Post
A'iiorionn l.-gion will give a
?'Smoker" S-iturda) night, Jun
tuny 2l)tli, in their club room at
Appalaehia. All exseryico men
lira invited, anil n good lime is
ciTluln. Will have good things
Id **ut ua wi'll ;is ilrink ami
smoke. Von can't nlTord to
puss tins up
All 1020 members that ilo mit
pay their 1021 thu s by Fobru
ar) 1st, will in- nonsidered de
linquout ami their mimes will
In* dropped from Ihe book* ami
the muiling Ii"1' ''I the Ameri?
can Legiou Weekly M nl a
?heck t'> the secretary now be
fore ymi forget i'
a concert wiil lie g|ven fur
:ln- American L'giou by the
Norton Concor.) Kami in the
I ci ami I healer I n 111 S }a\
night, Februar? I d. at eight
o'clock lasting twii hours, und
you can'l allord In mi>s thin,
because you do not have a
chance to hear goad music like
this around hciu very oft on,
iud iinywhy > ou tiro I, >oSling
the American Legion
If you ale tin exscrvieu man
Liid to Appalaehia any night
<o to the American Lngion club
room, ami ydll "ill certaiul)
have a good time. Von are al
wuvs welcome.
Capture Still
Olticcrs \V. Y. tucker and
G. S. Farmer, of Appalnohiu,
unl Matterer and Iir> nut. of
Norton, made a raid on tie
store and residence of .lohn
-Saltzer last Saturday and cap?
tured 126 gallons of it prepara?
tion for making raisin brandy
?s well as a box which it is said
contained more than one hint,
dred bottles of shine kind of a
preparation said to contain lit
percent of alcohol. This box,
It is learned, was marked in a
language which coil hi not. be
understood, though it is said by
sumo that it was a Hungarian
medicine a now style distill?
ing apparatus was also captiir
When it became known that
the raid had been mole n large
number of people and aiiiomo
titles gathered in front of the
store and followed the ollicers
to the tow n hall win i o the
"brow" was poured into Pow?
ell's River. It is said the of
licers found the "brew-'l in bar
reis sitting near stoves while
undergoing tin- process of fer?
mentation, in the rooms in the
back part of the store where
Saltzer lives.
Salt/.- i ami John Karon, ae
cusod of being implicated, wert;
tried in Mayor Taylor's court.
Salt/.-i was timid $1Q0 and giv
en a sentence of 30 days in j til
and Karon was lineal $ 100. The
im 11 appealed the C0S0S to Wise
Circuit Court ami were released
on bond.
It is said that I he authorities
still have in their possession
the case of bottled good's that
was found when tin- raid was
made. ? Appalaehia Indepen?
Dog taxes are due and pay?
able February 1st ol each year
and if not paid by February 1st
a penalty of 5 per cent, is added
Failure to pay dog tax by M ij
1st, is punishable as a misde?
meanor with a line of not moid
than $100.00. Tho tax on males
and spaydd females is 41.00 and
$3 00 ou uns payed females
Taxes on keunells Jlo.otj and
$15.00. Konnell dogs must be
kept confined except when
hunting. Dogs are taxable at
four months of ago. Taxen
must on paid to tho treasurer of
the couuty, city or town in
which you live. lags must ho
kept on dogs n.1 all times, ex?
cept when boing hunted, except
keunell dogs. Dogs found roam?
ing at large without tags and of
no known ownership, will be
killed as tho law provides. Any
violation of thu ttog law id pun?
ishable by lino of not more thau
$100.01). This Uw will be en?
forced by the game warden.
You re very truly,
advt-? Qume Wanton,
Nortou, Va.
A wedding of very much in?
terest t<? ii wide circle of friend?
was thai of Mr. J. Bex Berry
and Miss Pearl GaHoway which
look place on last Wednesday
January 10, 1021, at the homo
or Mr. and Mrs. W. 15. Gilly at
Knsl Stone (lap.
This wedding was the culmi?
nation of a very interesting
friendship between these two
young people. This friendship
began last lall when Mrs. Berry
canto to Last Stone Gap to attend
school, and lo make her home
temporarily with Mrs. \y. 15.
Gilly, The. impressive ceremony
was performed by the Kev. O.W.
De.ni. ..i Big St.'.ne Cap Mot ho
dist church.' at 7 o'clock Wed?
nesday evening. Only the mem?
bers of the immediate families
and a lew select friends witness*
eil lhe union of these twd young
lives. Those present were:
Mr. and Mrs. .1. W. Merry, fath?
er and mother of the groom, Mr.
and Mrs.W. It. Gilly and Messrs.
George and Jim Wells, friends
of Mr. Herry.
Immediately after lhe cere
many, the happy couple; accom?
panied by I lie guest s ,,ud oilier
friends in East Stone Cap, won!
to the station and lhe bride ami
gro.iiii left en the Southern for a
short trip, visiting friends and
relatives in Kentucky. lhe
bride wore a lovely blue travel?
ling suit with accessories lo
match. After the honeymoon,
the popular young couple will
return to East Stone Clap (o make
I heir home.
Mrs. Herry is the attractive
and lovely daughter of Mr. and
Mi-. I). t\ Galloway, of Nora,
Va. They made their home ul
East Stone Gap until 1018 when
they moved lo Nora. Mr-. Her?
ry having a warm spot in her
heart tor East Stone, decided lo
continue her education here, ami
this she did. Mrs. Gilly ope.I
le-r heart ami home to her, and
iIn- past few months have beeil
? im- large happy continual ion of
the warm friendship between
them. Mrs. Berry has. by her
Aiii-oine manner and sweet iljs
positibn, won a place in the hearts
of her class-males in school and
many other friends in ami near
blast Stone. blio was a member
of the junior class of lhe High
School, and has made an excell?
ent record in schnob
Mr . Herry is lhe only soli of
Mi. and Sirs. .1. W. Berry, of
East Stmie Cap, and is well
known as a promising young man
of sterling character and -Innig
personality, lie has always lived
herb, was educated in the Last
Stone Cap school, and has made
many la.sliug friendship- among
the residents of the town, lb- is
a brother of the late Hill Herry,
who died at Camp Lee, while in
tin- service of his country. He
eoiiies from a patriotic family,
and has held his record well He
belonged to Hie well known snih
division and spent a year in
France. He was al the front for
some time and went "over tie*
top" again and again, and came
back without a scratch. He
learned the tactics of war, while
st?riilillg the forts of (he Cer
nians in the World war, and is a
lining example of Uncle Sam's
soldiers in taking by storm the
heart of one of t lie members of
he third year class.
Mr. and Mis. Herry have the
best, wishes of a host of friends
here ami elsewhere.
On pike road leading from
Big Stone Gap lo Norton on the
farms of C. S. Carter ind J. 11.
Catron, ,\ line lot of Hailed Hay.
No. 1 Timothy, pure Clover,
Timothy and Clover Mixed, one
line lot. Soy Bean Hay,especial?
ly for milk cows. Will im?
prove your milk and butter and
cut your grain und chop billu
down one third, Feed soy bean,
hay mixed with the beans
which has took tin; lead in oth?
er status in preference of all
other hay. Any ouo in need of
bay please write or call on
D. C. Carpkntbr,
Hin Stone Gap, Va
U. F. L>. No. 1. adv
VIRGINIA.?In lh? Olerk'i office of
the circuit Court of the county of Wlee
?.In- letli day of iMcembor, 1930:
W. II. WimiJcr, Mary R. Jouea and Ibis
! KirKt Nutioiiil Hank of Hie; Stone
t::i|>. Plaintiff,
N'ancy .1. Yeary. Adratutatralrix ?.f the
estate of K. (i. Yeary, deceased, ami
Nancy .1 Yeary in net own nebt. W. K.
Yeary. Dura >hepheril, Connie Sh?r?
j man. JSia.llry Yeary, Jamca Yeary;
Kmily Sliiilcr," Ida Skeon Itettle Yeiirjr,
liiv^i,? Ycttry.'Jennlng! Veary, CurtH
Yuary and Hub?. Yeary, Itofendanta
IN CM A Si 'Kit Y :
The object "f this ?-.iit is to convene
the creditors of K. (., Yeary, doceaaed,
and subject llie laltcr'i estate to the pay?
ment ol hit debt*.
And il appears from affidavit oil nie III
said oftico that tho defendants. Pora
shepherd, bin ?kc?n are not re-Merit* of
the state of Virginia, .ind it Is ordcicd
tliat they aiiiieai hero within ten ilaya af?
ter due publication of thl* order .Mid do
? hat tu nccceaary t?i protect their inter?
est in Lille suit.
And It ii further ordered lint a copy
hereof be piitdishcd mice a week lor four
sinie-sive weeks in tin- Itie; Stone (lap
I'ost mid that a copy be posted at the
front door uf the (.ourt Itoiub of itii
county, and tint a copy bo mailed to each
ofthodofcmlaitts. IMra Shepherd ?ml Ida
Skcen at Hazard, Kentucky, their taut
known post otliie addiess
A ebpy?Teste
II It! ItOHKUTS I li rk
I'olciiiau A: Carter, p ?! jan ? l-1
1! irgaiuti in now mill used Kn
iinoN, Boilers, Saw Mills,\\ boil
.vorking Machinery; Tractor*, j
Klucirjc Motors, Roud Building]
Machinery, Air Ooiiiorosfiors,
Loooiiiotivt's and Steam Sl.ov
is. Hoisting Kngiiios, ttulnyiiig
Kails. (>d anil Uasbliitu Kn
^iui's. Ooiiicrote Mixers, Crush?
ers, Pumps, Boad Ballots, I'ipo,
Shafting, Pulleys, Belting, Saws
uid (?ls.
idv.'.itf VVythoville, Va.
Rof reactionist.
real* lllSCSseS nl the l:)C, liar. Noli
and lliinat.
?VIII Iw Iii Appalaohla MUST ritll> A 1
Iii each month until II I'. M.
and House Wiring
.lox 43 BIr St?ho Cap. a/a.
The annual meeting of too
Stockholders of the Went/. Cor?
poration, will he-held at TilO
Itamnol Hotel, Alexandria, Vir?
ginia, Wednesday, February
1 ICth, 1921, at I2:i:? o'clock p. m ,
j for the purpose of hearing ar*
mini report, election of iv Rontd
of Directors and transacting
I such other business as may
properly come before I he meot
. ing. I.. K. Lkntz,
:i ?> Sccretnry.
Tin" annual meeting of tho
Stockholders of The Virginia
i oal and Iron Company will bo
held at The Ramnel Hotel,
Alexandria, Virginia, WcdllOS
day, February 10th, 1021, nfc
12:00 o'clock Noon, for the pui ?
pose of hearing annual report .
election of a Hoard of Direet.es
and transacting such other hu'v
mess as may properly come he.
fore thi' meeting,
3-? I,. Fi LENTZ, Secretary.
The annual meeting of tho
Stockholders of the Interstate
Itailroad Company will he held
at The Itumhel Hotel, Aldxau
driii,Virginia, Wednesday, Feb?
ruary lilih, 1021,at 12:30 o'clock
p in., for the purpose of hear?
ing annual report, election <>f a
Board of Direetors and trans,
acting such other business a;
may properly come liefere the
meeting. I. F. Dkm/..
?i r. Secretary.
Norton Floral Co,
Cot Flowers
Funeral Designs
Corsages and
Potted Plants
Prompt Service Dny or N'l^i t
Troata UIhouh'ia of tlwi
Kye, Ear, Nose and Throi'i.
Apnaiachla office discontin?
ued tor tho prosont.
ni.,11 ?t-1
-. . '>.... ..." " *.rT"A.'l
f. -> .?-??? ;
I ^G??drii h
"?. "i rt-Pi -i
? s ! y
'vi*- , V
I.:;:,MW'h '
"'' _in _^ _
Forty different money pri/.-s running
Irom $25u to $10?costs yoli nothing
to submit a title.
Cont.st runs horn January 1st to April
1st. Send your suggestion to the B. i".
Goodrich Rubber Company in cither
New Yotfc, Doston, Chicago, Kansas
City, Seattle, Denver or Akron?and
when nc::t you Buy rulttwr boots or
fIiocs insist on the kind with the Red
Line 'Bound the Top.
G <?> ? ci jric2 Hn
Rubber Footwear

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