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VK-'V-JlttSDAY, FEB. 28, 1921
I uirilthwl Kvury Weiinomlty by the
Onn Year,
Six Mentha,
Threo Months.
Ktitoreil ?ccorvlh<K to |>o?UI regulations
?t tlio |??l o(Hro ?t IllR Stone (l?j> ?9?ec
ond-clius? mutter.
It Docs and It Don't.
Doos prohibition prohibit?
It dot's und it don't.
Tliero is n class of oitizonn
who believe in tin-strict obsorv.
nnou of 11 law us long us the low
is on tho Blntuto hooks. With
thoin prohibition docs prohibit.
There is another clnss who
uro law abiding in other mat?
ters, yol who do not draw the
distinction quite us finely as
tho strict observers With them
prohibition docs not always pro?
hibit, for mnuy of thoin wink
one or both eyes when there is
un opportunity to "nut ti little
joy into life."
There ore si ill others to w liom
law is but mi odious restraint
upon their notions, They are
becoming rich from an illicit
trnfllc in forbidden booze.
Hut that is not all There are
those who are slaves to drink,
and who would harlot their
souls for 11 quart or a pint. If
they continue to guszlo the
wood alcohol and oilier poison?
ous Ml nil" that is sold for whis?
key they will soon have no
souls left to barter.
Of all (ho laws that have been
en no tod by the Congress of the
United Suites, the prohibition
net is the most lamentable fail?
ure in so far as enforcement is
It is openly defied in nil sec
(ions of the country, and even
people who supported it at the
polln aie beginning to wondor
if (he result has been worth the
Prohibition agents in the ser
vice of the government have
ooutiived at its violation?for
District attorneys are sus?
pected of having become mid.
doiily blind when men of politi?
cal iliilueueu have been discov?
ered in wholesale liquor trans?
Slate ami municipal authori?
ties are musters of inactivity
when 11 comes to the prosecu?
tion of owners of saloons where
liquor is peddled ut sky limit
And tho comta?but wo should
never criticise our fountains of
justice, except to wonder at
limes what is beneath the thill
veneer that cloaks ul least n
portion of them.
Does prohibition prohibit?
Even an answer to such n
question is superfluous.
This is not an editorial in sup
port of prohibition, nor is it om?
ni opposition to the cause.
It is simply a cold statement
of fuel.
Congress made the law, und
its millions of friends rejoiced.
The government, with nil of
its enormous resources and
powers, is apparently impotent
to enforce it. And its opponents
tire jllbuleilt.
1 lei b. i t J loot er says he can
"see no reason why the United
States should cancel the war
debts of the allies when they
are spend mg more for arma?
ment (ban it would take to pay
the principal and , interest."
Hoover raid a mouthful, and
we pass it along, That ten bil
lion dollars (he allies owe us
would feed a good many hun?
gry Americans in these days of
unemployment! .lust because
wo are a rich nation is no rea?
son why we should sit com?
placently and watch other
countries default in their obli.
gallons to us.
Everybody's Day.
Clean up?look up?stay up!
It is only n matter of a few
weoka when spring cleaning
will be with us again.
Lot's be ready for it, improve
upon the work of past yearn,
and make this town u place of
Let's make it everybody's
If everybody leaves it for
somebody else to do um hin?
will he done except in a per?
functory manner, hut if we all
"go to it" with a determination
to exeol it will only require a
small amount of work on the
part of eaeh Individual,
The logical way to do a thing
in to pitch right in und Bttok to
it until it is done, und thou hohl
it there?don'l allow any slip
ping or tdiding hack to the old
Mediocre results may be good
enough for some localities, but
they tire not satisfactory to the
people of this town VVa want
worn.Hong bettor, Something
but of the ordinary, tpiite in
kooping with tho thrift and in
tolligeuco of our community.
Why can't wo have a general
Kpiing cleanup day, when eVery
citizen wiil got nut and put ihn
pntitdi on our town?remove the
debris from certain streets,
clean up hack alleys and unused
thoroughfares, and place the
stump of cleanliness, sanitation
and beauty upon the whole
Will You Save a Life?
If you woro starving in your
home and your neighbors pass?
ed yon by in total indifference
to your sufferings, what would
you think of them?
In t'hiiiu there are thirty mil?
lions of unhappy people who
are starving today because then
crops have failed and
there in no more food for them
to oat, except mich as may he
sent in from outside sources.
The president of tho United
Stales him appl alod to all Amor;
icons?to us?'to come to the re?
lief of these still \ ing people,
many of thorn helpless babes in
tlreat contributions uro being
made in the large cities, and
supplies are being rushed to the
famished land as rapidly us
Hut the heart of America in
not alone in the metropolitan
centers of population. It is ev?
Nowhere in this hroad land in
greater compassion and gener?
osity to he found, in proportion
tn numbers than that possessed
hy our own citizens.
Hut what are wo doing for
those .starving millions?
If our people would contrib?
ute only a mite each?25 or ?l)
cent.-- it would hi' a godsend t"
Oo you want t more
You .an love It. hy ie
Unlr., ihr <??(, r.i??? .rvt
rhrtrr c*-n>bi?i!l.*.l? In WkH P%.
Many a woman's rcpu
jalton lot icvJ itw? ?nj ?hrcr
fut homf rr.tkinj ti-.otitlr, >,.,
Urn t?r,j b> kit hipi-, hIii.
(ton of wtll prprr
Fortunately It Un'r a
ifai Mton of PrMMMVl n.o.1 at.
riacil.r lmriL>i? ate ofirn tKt
trail t<.?tl,.
Alfred Peats
"PriV" Wall Paper
always utttfiei and pleuej
my r.k.ttri ruaiuroria.
F.aitinaics cheerfully
tunuihrj M hrn ma, I call/ ?
R. I.. WIV
Ph?c II! Bl| Stoat 0?p,V?
many in starving China. It
would aavo human lives which
othcrwiBO must perish.
Tho Chinese aro not begging
for bread. They aru miserably
dying instead'
Norman Davis, Undor-8eore
(ary of State, Washington,D.O.,
has boon designated by the
President as treasurer of the
As we do in this world, bo
nniBt we expect to be done by
in the next.
School News
(Kditecl hy the Senior C'Iiwh. )
The ninth grade, under the di?
rection of Miss May Hoi Inn, gave
a very educational program Fri?
day morning. Patriotic song
were sung and essays on the
lives of Longfellow, Lowell,
Washington and Lincoln were
rend. Miss Until Smith ployed
a piano solo.
The girl's basket Hall game
with Norton which was scheduled
for lust Saturday was postponed
until this Saturday oil iiccounl of
the court being cleaned liud the
pole-' replaced, which delayed
the girls in practicing.
Misses Henrietta Sheen und
Tin la Kennedy entertained the
Senior class lust Friday night
with a Valentine party from the
hour of Still I'J o'clock During
the evening many interesting
games were enjoyed, Among
these were, dates and mi adver?
tisement conte-l which was won
by Mr. Sulfridgo. At a Into hour
delicious fruit salad was served
followed by cuke and ice ten.
Those present out hide the
Senior class wore: Prof. Sul?
fridgo, May Horton, KuiIi Har?
ren, Klizu and belli Shugiirl,
Lou ell a Salver, Anna Bird,
Olnroneo Bobbins, Sum Braton,
Hill Long. Ocorgo and Tom
Uoodloe, Art bur Poster, l.elcher
Itnmi ami I 'ni l Knight.
Messrs; Sulfridgo und tjiirrett,
Misses Lay and Horton attended
the high school touchers' meet?
ing at Norton, Saturday, l eb. PJ.
Itcv. Smith gave a very inter?
esting ami benelicial talk on
"The Hook of All Hook-" on
Tuesday morning.
An excellent comedy, "Mr.
Hob," will be given by pupil- ol
(he high school about the lirsl of
March, Wo hn\ n beet i rehears?
ing for this [ lay during the past
IWO Weeks.
Death of Ajjcd Citizen.
In thi> death lo William W ill,
who passed away at His bomb
here at six o'clock last Friday
morning Hig Stone * hip lost one
of its pioneer citizens; Mr.
Witt hud been in declining
health for the past l\vb years
and the end came without any
apparent pain or suib riiig.
lie was born in Leo county
on June Ith, 1837t und was 83
years, eight mouths mid four
todU days of age at the time of
ins death He married Klizu
both Clurkstoti on June 26th,
1 S,">7, and to this union were
born twelve children, live of
whom preceded him lo tin
grave, mid seven survive him
as follows: J. B F. Witt,
ley Witt and H. F. Wilt, of Hig
Stone Gap; S. T. Witt, of Nor
ton. Mis. T. L. Page and Mrs.
M. .1. Duncan, of Keokee; Mrs
F.dwm Moore, of Puicell, Vli ;
all of w hom were hero to attend
the funeral and burial.
In addition to the above chil?
dren Mr. Witt is survived b)
his wife, three brothers and one
Bister, Alfred and Arch Witt, of
of Oklahoma; J. F. Wut,
of Ponningtoh (lap and Mrs.
Martha Morris, of Keokee.
Tho deceased was a member
of the old Primitive Baptist
church and the funeral services
were conducted by Rider Wil?
liam Bohiticttc, paster of his
church, and the body was laid
to rcMt in Gluuco cemetery on
Saturday afternoon at o o'clock.
It is openly hinted tlint labor
und capital will soon be pulling
together, but nothing is said as
to whether they will both be
pulling in the same direction.
Don't force loo much good?
ness onto tho boy while he i?
young. Leave a little for his
old uge, and he won't forget.
The Ford Sedan with electric starting and lighting system and
demountable rims with 3^-inch tires all around, is the ideal family
car because of its all-around utility and refined and comfortable
equipment. Finely upholstered. Plate glass windows. An open car
in the spring, summer, and early fall. A closed car in inclement
weather and winter. For theatre parties, lor social visiting, for
touring, and for taking the children to school, it is just what you
want. The low cost of operation and maintenance is not the least ?
of its charms. A regular Ford car, simple in design, strong in con?
struction, and durable in service. Wcn't you come in and look it over?
The comforts of au electric car with the economy of the Ford.
East Stone Gap
The following program will bo
rendered Saturday night, l'ebru
liry 201 Ii) 1021, n't 7:10 p, in. :
Ohoriirij Hurrah for Washington
?Mil ami Otll Oratio*
Soiig ?-TheSniii; of the Hatchet''
111 O H
Drill Klag of the free
C'llorilN Ml Vitium Holls
?III .Hill Ctll (.Lille*
Drill ...Noted Cbopjieni
6tli nut] tit It Uraitea
Drill .George and Martha
.'nli ami nth Grades
Drill George Washington of IIISI
Pantoinlne sur Stunglcd Manner
Miusical Itoailiiit, "Our Waatilngloii"
M.oy Cawoutt
Uolonk-l riay Tin- llravo l.lltlo Tomboy
Come if ymi wan I to see George
Washington,iho brave little tom?
boy, I ho red mats, and old
'?Siikev,'" tili- old eolorbd main- j
my. I&and 25 cents. Oontoonl
time. 7 :10 p. in.
Mrs. Naac .lessee visited mir
school Wednesday. Mrs. .loss,.,,
was a llicillhor of the class of 'IS1
of Kast St,,in- iJiip iilgh School.
Mr. .1 Mrs. Klhort (lilly and
children, of Si. (Jliarles, were
week-end visitors in our town.
Mi-s Idyll W. lls, of mir sc
iiiors, spout a few days lust week
visiting hor sister, Mrs. Isaac!
Jcsseoj of Appalachian
Don't miss Saturday night!
You'll be the Inscr if you do.
liev. W. 11. Waihpler preach?
ed an instructive sermon at the
M. K. Church, Smith, Sunday
morning. His i,-\t was. ?'Stiller
Little Children to I'iime Until
Mo and Forbid Them Not, for id'
Stich is the Kingdom of Heaven."
He handled the.subject well and
every parent in Kast Stone should
have heard it.
Ne\t Friday morning the third
grade under Miss Hat tie Tjttc
will have charge of chapel exer?
tiring your friends In I he
Bchool building Saturday night
ami lei them enjoy our colonial
pi ay.
The seniors are planning i|tiite
an interesting l.ongfollow pro?
gram. French Taylor will ron
tier Hiawatha, while Omer John?
son will impersonate Longfellow
himself. The members of Ilm
literary society are looking for
ward to t his event.
The second grade, under the
direction of their teacher, Miss
Mamie Hilly, gave an interesting
little George Washington pro?
gram Friday morning. It open?
ed with a snappy little song
about thai illustrouB patriot ;
Mien came several recitations
Always At Your Service for
want that next
I'S when you
uli i if printing.
You will cet
First Class Work
and you will get 'l when prom?
ised, (or having work done when
promised is one of the rules of
Miller Automatic Preis Feeder this olfice. If you prefer; send
the order by mail or bring it to the oilice in person.
Our entire, plant is now equipped with the most
practical machinery and our workmen arc the best?a
combination which makes our service excellent; We
have recently added to our equipment a new press to
which is attached a Miller Automatic b'ceder. W ith
this groat improvement we are in position to do your
work better, quicker; and more economical;
Wise Printing Company
Ihoo r poratocl
m.J> c-i>y''"-':-'f-':;.'?r'iw]^r-;^.:.-.S
Reliable Repairing
Export workmauslilp ami u ,s.|?
let us do your repairing.
W.i know hOH I" ({et ?I .ill klmli
do when vit liiul them.
ie ilcat?tl. it - what j.m got when you
?r.iiiotoi trouble* ami w'e. know what io
Prices Always Reasonable
I Agoilt rm Ulievrolul Motoi c.u- ?ml l.'uliunbla itajt?rica.
: J.A.MORRIS, - - Big Stone Gap, Va. a
pertaining t<> his lifo, etc. 11
wns a well arranged program,
ami was thoroughly enjoyed h\
all. Not many tardics when \ye
have these |ittle programs.
I'.ill Thompson, of Norton,1 was
a visitor in our town la-d Sunday.
(Jhcsscr Hood spent Sunday in
Mr. and Mrs. Kitzhiigh liuch
iinan and baby, of Osaka, spent
the week end with relatives here.
Mrs. .1. M. Elliott has been
quite ill for several days, hut is
slightly improving. Dr. Painter
is attending her.
Conifl and see 1 ho Lasslci!
And Lads of 76.
Coniel Von It laugh at ? Sukey"
"A* iho ea you's alivu",
Com? ami see lilllo "Topsy"
Trip the Unlit fantastic loa
Conto und kid George Washington;
Our phi) l.i full of "Go."
It is hinted that the league of
nations may discuss the Irish
question. Put it is unlikely
anything new can be said on [
tho subject.
Card of Thanks.
i \Vo take iliis ihotlipd n f
lh<nnking i ho people of Big
Stone Clip and vicinity for tint
in n v kind neth and assistance
u.xti-nded during die illness and
den 111 >>i' "in beloved husband,
faiher and brother.
tili/.abotli Witt,
.1. K. V Witt,
Wiley Win,
B. P. Witt,
S. T. Witt,
Mrs T. L Page,
M rs. Mi J, I Duncan,
.Mrs. Edwin Moore,
.1. K. Witt,
Mrs. Martha Morris.
The hetitllossnesa of sotno
judges is beyond belief. A
California woman who was be?
queathed a hundred thousand
dollai pearl necklace was or?
dered to wear it thirty days of
each year.
Every day bungs forth new
problems for us io face, but
night usually cornea before wo
jo.tu get around to it.

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