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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, March 02, 1921, Image 2

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1 ?NKSDAY. MOU, 2, 1921
? ... i.ihvJ. Brer; \Vedoc.?<I?j' t>j the
'.llutiEnT N. KNIQHT. - editor.
L1ND9BY J. HORTON, Ase't Editor
On.. Year,
six Month*.
Thro? Months.
? I.BO
KnUred according to postal regulation*
?V tho post office ?t lllj: Hlone Qapuaeo
nnd-claa* matter.
An open id i it it in a stopping
stone to on opou honrt, but not
always to an opon pockotbook.
Family jam may not bo so
bail aftor till. They keep nolgli.
boring mintlB from becotiirig
Don't got tbo mistaken itlea
Hint you know it all. You nov
or know what your neighbor
really thinks of yon.
Tb.'sc uro the tlnys when we
bear very little about self made
men Most of thorn prefor to
kebp their early obscurity under
If this unomploymo|)t koops
up in the big cities it will have
at least one notable effect. We
won't have to do so much Olli
torial howling over'tbe scarcity
of farm labor.
If the federal treasury lias
hundreds of millions of dollnrs
available for lending to pauper?
ised Kuropoan govornmonti it
would seem that this snmo
money Bhotlld be available for
ib.? construction of good redds
in this country. Good rondH
have n dollliito value. Kuro
poilll promises to pay have not.
Mrs. Sara Williams lilnok niid
uiauoforto pupils assisted by
Mrs. Joshua F. lUillii t.sopriano,
rendered the following progriim
ill the homo of Mr. ami Mrs,
?iiy II. Gilmbr, in the (lap,
Friday, February -?>, at s p. ui,
ll.iio.oi.'.' in I) I'lat . Slls'tliiiH
Impromptu ... Itelnholtl
V.iIkc , Mdazkowakl
Mir 111 .eU
I.\ssi.. IC Min.- .II..? le*
Sweet Mi?s Mary Neldlttigei
Mrs Itullitt
Kltide in I) Kiel Heller
Vnhetlau Low Soii^ Kevin
Jemima Willi?
limn.l Oallop il.- Concert -Kum ll .n.1
Khun lllnnkeu*hip, Mr*. UUok
six|3tiidlea ntivalbog
Adelaide Win* ton
Iris Sn llaiuhi '' Ituiard
.lenactto Ullmr-r, Adelaide Winston,
Heat tiilmcr.
lUi-iiorole * Seharwenk*
Carolin.- llocsUoo
Hungarian Da neu lietiard
I ?erothy ?oodloe
.N.iililiiiK Kenia . .Hilm
K ranees Paughcrty
Cradle song i .. ?.?.?? .Uiiilitt
In the Meadow j 1' "r "*na" li.irliu
rrniieea Sayeri, Krank Sayers
(lathering ^n.-iit. ,..Kenlmore
11**?? (Himer
Columbine Minuet . Iicimco
.ivaiitii'io Otliuer
Barcarolle Koni llaiida .. ..Umlltt
1 rancy Sayers, Mr* lllaok
A Kurelgii Buhjovl Kenard
K-iailk gayer*
Processional Mareh Koui Manila
. Denote
France* Daugherty, Mrs lllack .
In tin- (Hen IVaddlugion
Krane?* Sayera
Dames de Ijovllto Kour llan.is Schuhen
Jemima Willis. Mrs la., I.
Miss Georgia Sattcrfield Weds
in Norton
Miss Godwin Sutterfiold of
Abingdon, ?ho has been mnk
ing her ho/no in the Gap near
Ith;,- Springs with her grand?
mother, Mrs .lane Smith, for a
few months was quietly mar?
ried at Norton at the Methodist
parsonage Monday afternoon to
Mr, Adolphus P. Inpford of
Hiolllauds, Va , in the presence
of a few relatives and friends.
The biride i? well known in
tho Cap and has ti large circlo
of friends She is a graduate
of M irlhh Washington College
at Abiugdou and (aught in the
public schools a number of ses?
sions. She liiught at Kichlands
ono year where the romance
which culminated in their mar
riago wus begun. She is one of
tho attractive brunette types
und wore a very handsome light
brown spring suit witti brown
accessories und curried a large
shower bouquet of bride'* ropes.
Immediately ftfter tho cere
ninny Mr. und Mrs. Lipford left
on the N. & W. for no extensive
bridal trip after which they
will return }o Kichlntnls where
they .will rank? their home.
Fined for Shooting on High?
A shot fired from ail atitomo
mobile parked by tho roadside
on top of Powell's Mountain
baiely missed the ear of W. L.
Jones, of Hig Stone Uup, who
together with his wife ami her
aunt, Miss Nannie Hamilton
were returning to the (Jap front
a drive to Norton on Sunday
afternoon. The license number
of this ear and another parked
nearby wore taken by Mr.
Jones and he hurtled to town
and notified Chief Belcher of
the occurrence, The numbers
wer?' phoned to the police at
Norton und Appalaehia and in
a few hours a car was Stopped
at Appalaehia corresponding
with the number from which
the shot was fired, and owner,
Mack Stnpleton was placed un?
der arrest. Staploton said he
.1 til not shoot but some one in
(be hack Beat of his car did.
All occupants of the car wore
apprehended ami brought to
Hin Stone Gap Monday morning
for a hearing before Justice of
Hie Peace W. N. Brooding.
Clarence Campbell, of Hilda,
confessed to the charge of shoot?
ing hut state-! he did not know
another car was passing.
Campbell was lined $50 and
given thirty days in jail.
Paul 1. Harmon, a former
o'ecliiciau for the Old Domin?
ion Tannery, and Miss Mary
Hoe Collier, daughter of .Mr.
and Mrs W. H. Collier, were
married at the home of Mrs.
I, V. Stacy on Tuesday after?
noon, February 22nd, Hev.
,1. M. Smith bftlcintillg. They
left on the afternoon train over
the Southern for a visit with
the groom's parents in Old Fort,
N. C.
Bids will he receive"! lor the
construction of S inch sower
line from Wood Avo. opposite
I'. S. Court House, to Powtdl's
Hiver, approximately 350 foot.
Avorage depth s) ft. and ap.
proximate excavation 210 cil.
td?. For plans, specifications
and otlihr details nee W. .1
Rogers, Clio inn in Water Com
tnittoe, Tint town will furnish
the tile
All bids Will he opened at
Council mooting Monday night,
March Uh. 1021,
W. I. Koor.lts.
Chairman Water Works.
Tod Browning's original
drama of t ho under world, "Out
side the Haw,"' comes to the
Ainuzu The itre Thursday with
Priseitla Dean in the stellar
role. Lon Chancy, Wheeler
Oakmiin, F. A. Warren, Ralph
Lewis, Melbourne MacDowell,
Wilton Taylor und a new child
actor, Stanley Geetluds nro in
the cast.
Brnwning produced his story
as a Universal Jewel feature a'
a cost running into the hun?
dreds id thousands of dollars,
and the completed picture is
saitl to give ample evidence of
the expenditure, by the beauty
ami lavishnesH of its produc?
tion, The locale is San Fran
Cisco, and several blocks of the
Bay Oil) 's underworld were
reproduced?nl Universal City at
a cost of $90,000 An apart?
ment house on Knob Hill, the
modern palace of a banker, und
the splendid oriental intricacies
of the rear and second lloor of
a bazaar are some of the more
extensive settings.
The story of "Outside tho
Law," concerns the struggles
of tv little group of crooks to
free themselves from the shack,
lea of crime and live the life
they desire. In this they are
tlnyarted and double crossed by
an evil and revengeful figure of
the half world, who resents
respectability. In the buck
ground, and yet the dominant
personality of this drama is an
old heathen philosopher, whoso
ideas of right and wrong are
based on no political statutes,
anil who metes out an uneanc
tinned justice "nulsido the Inw."
Priscilte Deun is said to be at
her dramatic best in this, her
first picture since "The Virgin
of Stamboul;" while Don Chan,
ey has a dual role which out?
shines anything in his career of
distinctive and difficult screen
l in per son at inns.?adv.
\Vo arc pleased to nniio?ncc
tliat wo have opened H llrsl class
Grocery Store <>n K.ist Fifth St.,
near the Font Shop, in the build
ing formerly occupied by F. L.
Morion, if here wo will 'any a
fresh slockoi' the very best in|
<Hir line, including*' fancy and
staple groceries, fresh vegetables
and fruits, als?! fresh Fish and,
We respectfully solicit your;
patronage and will give your or?
ders the most prompt and careful
attention. Our ciistoincis will
have, at all tit., the advan?
tage of all reduction in prices.
At.i. Goods Dkmvkrku at Your
While Lilly Flour t . fl.T?
Yellow < 'ahfornia Peaches
2 1-2 lbs.IS
Three Rivers Meal . .To
Wesson nil pint- . . . .:i?
Wesson I >il ipiarl-s . ? . .7<t
Pllgol Soiind Salmon . . .In
Arbiickles' Odli'ec . . . .281
Rider's Hominy, huge din . .is
Fresh Spinach Greens, Kale,'
Jumbo Colerv, Potatoes and
Cabbage, all this! wool;. j
I.kt I's IIavr Your On in:its i
Howard II. .lessee, j
'Phone 213 Manager i
Revival Meeting. i
F.vungolist F.. It. Urockol, of
Roauoku, ably assisted iiy Mis
Louise McDowell, of Spriiig
hnro, Pa.j begun a sen. r- of re?
vival services Monday night at
the Bculak M. K Church The
following subjects will he dis
cussed during the week
The Leugiio of Nations in
Prophesy and What will he the
The Capture of Jerusalem by
Con. Allenby.
Is there ? Man to Kiih the
When will he come and how
will ho rule the Kurth.
To what extent wdl tin- Hob
sheviki Movement Kuler
Are the.lews to come jto the
front in the world uffrfii - i
What are tin' punishments of
Can the Living communicate
with the Dead;
Who will inhabit tin- ni w
Every one is cordially Invited
to attend these services and the
church earnestly solicits the
cooperation of the Pastors ol
the various churches of the
town und the gctit-riil public in
this evangelistic campaign,
Mrs. Lulu Tacket!, Misses
Hertha Marsti and Lenin Van
buss, of Peliniiigloii Gap. spent
Saturday with M i.-. s K u I a
(Kr?n tlie Iiiili'iwiulcnt.)
j Mr. ami Mrs. C O. Thomas
'and baby returned Monday
[from Ktnkspnrt, Teno., where
they visited Mrs. Tliomas' pa
j rents. Mr. and Mrs. O. W.
I Woody.
(i. FleetWOOll Jones, of Hig
Stone (lap, was here last week
receiving und resisting Appa?
lachians in making out income
1 tax returns.
It is reported that Mrs. Rich?
ard I). Smith continues quite
sick at her home in Bristol. She
was token ill here while visit?
ing her daughter, Mrs. Tip Pol?
ly, noil was later accompanied
to Bristol by her husband, who
was called here on account of
her illness.
K .1 Olihger, of Itnboden,
?and Miss Matlic Wallen,of Par
dee. were quietly married at tho
bride's home at Pardon, on Wed
nesda<, February 10th. After ?
bridal trip the happy young
couple will be at homo nt Par
.('. S. Cartor, president of thoI
Dominion National Bank, of
Bristol; Rev. J. B Craft, Rv
land Craft. I). C. Sloan, J. C.
Bontright, \V. S. Cox and nth
ers, of t)atbCity, attended the
funeral and burial of Mr. Cox,
president of the Peoples Nation?
al Bank, of Halo City, at live
Cove, Scot) county, Monday.
Mrs. I .aura Hill, of Big Stone
Cap, is improving from an ill
ncss of blood poisoning which
developed Ironi it slight cut from
a butcher knife while attending
t? her household duties several
months ago. It was found 11 ec
essary to amputate the index
linger a d a portion of the loft
hand. Mrs Hill formerly lived
in Appalachia and is the moth?
er of Owen Hill, brdkuiuan on
tin' Interstate Railroad, and
j.eti h, Bentou and Judge Hill,
of the transportation depart?
ment of tlie Southern Railway.
Dance in Richmond.
Mr. and Mrs.Marvin S. Knight,
gave a small dance at the Her?
mitage Club Tuesday night to
the members and friends of ti
club nf which they are mem?
Those dancing were Mr. and
Mrs. Knight", Dr. ami Mrs. Rob.
eil Filz'geruld, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles l Ishorne, Mr. and Mrs.
Paul Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. C. G.
rCliiniculittiiscr, Mr Kula Young
Morrison, Miss Nora Spencer
Haimo r. Mr-. Roy K Flamm
gun, Dr. Margaret Morris Hus?
kies, Mrs Stuart Michau'x, Miss
Cla k, Miss Yi.det MnoD.nig.il
Mrs. Fred Lno troy, of Big
Stono 11 ip; l>r. Thomas K.
Hughes; Mr. Gill. Mr. Howat.
Mr, Hundley, i\. J. Quimi and
Mr Bird. Judge ami Mrs.
Berkeley D Adams will enter
tain the club this week* at tboir
home, 2?2i Stuart a Venue.?
Richmond News Leader.
.0. K. Taylor, of Hazard, K\\.
spent Sunday in, the (Jap visit?
ing his futher, Capt. Henry
Taylor; returning home Moo.
day morning. Ho had been on
a visit to Diekenson county and
was accompanied by his two
small children.
Long's Garage
Dodge Brothers Service Station
General Repairing
In char-no or compoiont mechanics
Storage Gasollno Accessories
Exlclo Bntlory Sorv ce
I will sit at the following places on the elates
mentioned to collect 1920 taxes:
Stonega Commisary,Wednesday, March 2d.
Roda Commissary, Thursday, March 3rd.
Arno Commissary, Friday. March 4th.
Imboden Commissary, Saturday, March 5th
Exeter Commissiiry, Monday, March 7th.
Linden Commissary, Tuesday, March 8th.
Appalachia, at the Clear Creek Water Com?
pany Office, Wednesday and Thursday,M ?arch
9th and 10th.
Big Stone Gap, at W. E. Wampler & Com?
pany Store, Friday and Saturday. March llth
and I2th.
I hope that all tax payers who have not hereto?
fore paid will lai<e advantage of this opportuni?
ty to pay their taxes, as I will have to proceed in ac?
cordance with the law to collect all unpaid taxes
after the above dates.
Deputy Treasurer.
When You Eat SteaK
You Don't Want to Gnaw on Leather
We Sell Steaks?Not Leather
All of our other meats are d( the same high quality;
It is a pleasure for us to sell you (i< M)l) meats, be?
cause wc know it i-; just as great a pleasure [or you
to cat it.
Halibut Fish Steak on Fridays
Hisel's Meat Market
Phone 117 Located in Bostic Bldg.
Reliable Repairing
Kxport w?rlcnuih?lit|) and i xipiaro dual ?il.nl - wli.it yoiijjci when you ?l
ijg tut iib do your rvpitlrliiK. 51
I e We know how tu j?el ill :ill khiihi of niotoi (roiihlcli mid Wii know wild to ?!
k. ilu wliuii wo Aim) iIii-iii.
?j Prieos Always ROasoiiablo |j
A'gent forCjicvrolol Motor Curs mill (jiluiiilila llattorles. 1
J.A.MORRIS, - - Big Stone Gap, Va. a
' id
.- mn!ic.c.-?-; \- wsatfmwaata
, ^ BS, - rj oj |cj uj id; ^ Lfusj tdJLbj IcJIS] FH/lSj IE !3] [? lg gJSgj ?
The electrifying heroine of "The Wildcat of
Paris" and "The Virgin of Stamboul,"in a thrill?
ing drama of desperate work after dark'
Directed by TOD BROWNING
Supported by that marvelous character actor,
famous for his roles in "The Miracle Man"
and "Tho Penalty"
If you want to take part in the most thrilling adven?
ture that any man or woman was ever plunged into, all
you have to do is to come see beautiful, daring Pkiscii.i.a
Dean in her newest Universal-Jewel Production de Luxe
a whirling, rushing drama that n like "The,Wildcat of
Paris," '"Pretty Smooth" ard "The Virgin of Stamboul"
all rolled into one?a real life romance and the most ex?
citing photoplay thai you've seen in many years?with
the "best bad man'' you ever eist your eyes upon.
rsl Don't miss this picture?it's the real thing. i?
IS] p

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