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W Kl >N KSK A V , MAY I, U'-'l
PuW ihn?! Ever/ VTedsMdajr ti?- tta?
Onii V <.nr.
Six Months.
Thruu Monthn
Kntortxl according i? |?>nt*l re-julatloiu
?t tin. |k?l-offioeat tilg stum" Oapa?fe<i'
uuil-olnai matter,
Mako Them Good Atiicricans.
yVlioii n foreigner comos tu
thin eoiihtry t<> live. B?eitkinp
only ilia native language, he is
ready in be made into a good
American or into a dieturber.
He knows practically nothing
of our manners, our customs,
our aims or our purposes. II i
iiiitail is open to the inlluence
that reaches him first.
Before coining here he has
been led to believe that ours is
a country where gold is plenti
fill mill is to be had for the ask
ihg. IK< finds that gold is pleii
tiful, bin that it is often dilHculi
to obtain. Iiis disallusionment
leaves a certain disappointment
und resentment linking in his
In this condition many of
them encounter thut disturbing
element of our population that
is opposed to law and order und
our established institutions!
Their ears are filled with the
vituperation und tiblisu that is
continually heaped upon the
government by the agitators. It
llnds lodgment ami grows ami
iu lime becomes a part of their
daily liven. This results in the
creation of additional disturbers
und obstructionists.
But this condition could be
grout ly' obviated if the goverii.
incut would adopt a system of
Amuric?ui/.ation of foreigners
coming to this country.
A good way to begin would
be to have u aihull pamphlet
printed in the various languages
and furnish u copy to each per
sou *n In n In applies for a paste
port. This could he handled by
our American consuls. The
monotony of the voyage could
be enlivened by im opportunity
to read in his native tongue of
tin- country which he hopes to
make his future homo
This pamphlet could be bo
written us to give the immi?
grant a fair knowledge of w hat
America is of the government?
al protection he may expect if
he becomes a good and law
abiding citizen, of the various
opportunities in the business
world that me open to him, and
of die snares and pitfalls that
will be placed in Ins path by
Ihose who seek the disruption
of law and order and good gov.
By thin means Ihe immigrant
would be prepared iu advance
to resist the blandishments of
the disciples of disorder, und
we believe it would go far to?
ward Americanizing these im.
migrants even before they
reach our shores.
Congress appears to he in fa
vor of keeping the immigra?
tion barn down. That means
thai millions of foreigners will
seek homes among uh, either
enriching us by their value as
good citizens, or causing us to
regret that they were ever ad?
When American olHcors and
men went aboard ship fur Her
vice in Krance they were
promptly furnished with orders
and pamphlets containing in?
formation that would be of
value to them during their ser?
vice overseas. Those iu almost
every case were thoroughly di?
gested before the Hlnpa reached
their destinations. It was a
wise move.
The same pulley adopted to
ward immigrants boarding
ships lot this country would be
even more beneficial.
If we are to admit these homo
* 1.60
IBookers from abroad wo should
I begin at the start a thorough
system of Amoricanisaiion?
and tho start is the port of cm
We want good citizens, und
not obstructionists and destroy?
Honest toil is a tonic. Uo to
it and brace up!
If all men would learn to sew
on buttons before mm riogn it
might save u lot of family jars.
The fellow who plays a cor?
net is always a desirable neigh?
bor? when lid is asleep.
When a new gOw.il appeals to|
a woman it is easy for the sales-1
lady to convince her it is a bar?
It is ?is<- to put your trust in
(Jod, hut don't expect Hint to I
dish up three meals a day while i
you loaf on the job.
It's true, though, that prohi?
bition is creating it lot of tight?
wads in this country. Nobody
wants to divy up his little stock
in reserve.
Some of our prominent ftnnn
ciers are advocating the mak?
ing of another huge loan to En
ropeun governments. W e
haven't the slightest objection
to such a course, provided the
said financiers make the loans'
from their own private fortunes |
and leave the government funds
ami other people's money safe?
ly in this country.
Western Union Delivers Boy
Cross Country.
Iluriug the seventy live yours
or more the telegraph bus boon
in use in America its ramifica?
tions have increased mightily
Every Illing from presidential
messages to (lowers for one's
sweetheart and checks from
home, uro Hashed lo us ui rang
ed tor via the wire.
Every quo is aware of the vor
Blltility and arduous errands re
tpiirod of the messenger boys
who deliver those urgent mis?
sives, but few have heard of tho
latest test to which his abilities
have been put ami tho most
novel service which has yet
been at tempted by telegraph
M. K Whiting, manager of
the Western Union Telegraph j
Company,at Bitkdrsvillo, Calif..1
himself was astounded when 7
year old Johnny Caldowood ar.
rived from lllltlnnd, Vermont,
care of the Western Union, ami
Specially marked for delivery lo
bis parents ut l hid,lie. a town
near Bakdrstlold. Johnny's
Vermont lelativesj after having
put him on the train and duly
tugging him, placed faithful
trust for liuill delivery in the
telegraph, Johnny was prompt?
ly transmitted to < hldnle, hot
the manager neglected to say
w bother he was handled as a
night letter or a straight day
message San KYnneiseo Chron?
icle, March 22, l?21.
Section for Colored People.
The Uii; Stone (Jap correspon?
dent of the Bristol Moral Courier
in a recent issue of (lint paper
say s there is a movement on
foot here "lo allot certain sec?
tions of the town to the colored
men. This movement meets
with the hearty approval of the
Colored Men's Business League.
Some one hundred lots will be
gotten in shape, within the
next thirty days, and sold at
auction, ami the Colored Men's
Business League u pluiiuiuu
for a big day. Thin league has
over loo members und ill slogan
is 'Every colored man own bis
own home.' The building as?
sociation, financed by members
of the b-ague, has purchased a
large frame business building
oil lower East Fifth ?Ireel, und
hopes to make this (he center
for its organization. The build
lug association has already been
the means of helping and en.
cournging the purchase and
building of bonus among the
colored citizens." Wo believe
this would be a good thing for
the town in general and the
colored folks, we are sure,would
be bettor satisfied ami could no
COinplish more if they Were in
a section to themselves, ralhor
than being scattered all over
town as at present. Wo hope
ibis movement will moot with
To the Voters of the Town of
Big Stone Gap.
In announcing myself as a
candidate for the otllee "I town]
treasurer ai the election to l>e
held on the 14th day ot dune, 1
knew myself to be competent to
discharge the jluties of the of
tlce anil that I could Ik- able
from the proceeds that I would
?et from fees of collections to
pay off the liens upon my home
and save it for myself and child?
ren, I am not asking for char
it) , but simply asking I bat my
friends and those of my Into
husband help mo to hole myself
in this undertaking. Since I
have announced myself ? one of
my opponents are saying that a
woman can hot collect i he tax?
es of Big Stone (iap. \\ liy not
a woman? Docs hot women
hold some of the most ri iponsi
hle positions, and has she not
made good? I have announced
myself and expect to stay in]
the race, ami appeal to all the. i
voters, men and women, to help
mo in the struggle to s- ivo my
home and to support my child
roil tl have no inconn it all)!
and I will convince you that 1
am fully capable of disi longing j
the duties of the ofltce in every
All the ladies qualified to vote |
should register in the nUvn at
once. Crockett Humble ? is rog
i-trur for the town
Very respectfully .
Kri- tK II. I'. ? i i Kit.
Will tin to University.
Lctcher ltunn, Pat Vouell,
Edward Bird, Max Lib . Jaiues
Litt rid I ami ( ieorgo ( im on o.pu.
pits of tin* Pig Stone I iap High ]
School, accompanied hi Pri f.
V. (i. Um rett, will lehvi 1 Inn s
day morning for the University:
of Virginia, where tbej >\illgo
as representatives of Wise conn
ty to the University fiel I meet
on May ii;h These boy's were
winners in the Wise County
Held meet held at this | : tie on
Saturday, April 2!lrd, and we
feel enntideut when they rotiirti
they will bring some medtils
with them.
A classic of colloquial Amer?
ican literature has I.i given
lifo on the Screen in "I lesperutu
Youth," which will In' the prin?
cipal attraction ai Ho- Xinuzli
Theater i Wednesday i today
with Gladys Walton in the
starring role.
The store was filmed at Uni?
versal City froiii "A Kentucky
Cinderella." bj P. Ilopktuson
Smith. Harry II. Karris direct
ed it, using a popular east in
the star's support.
Two old prospectors are seen
as the story opens, living and
having considerable joy in n
mountain shack. With them is
KoKomnry Morridow, daughter
of one (if thein I (or fat hot is
killed in it gun battle ami she
is scut to her aunt in Alabama,
an ullrafiiKtidioUH old dame
with an exaggerated sense of
her own aristocracy and a tie
sire to marry her ow n daughter
nil to the richest j tiling man in
town. ItoHonuiry interferes
with this schedule. Dr. Tom
Dow ling, the prospective son. in
law, heconies infacluutcd with'
lo r, thereby complicating the
Willi delightful humor, good
drama and fidelity to Smith's
popular story, "Desperate
Youth" is said to serve Miss
Walton as one of her best I'm
Versal starring vehicles.
Such screen favorites as II tr
old Miller, ,1. Karrell McDonald,
I Louis Wiiloughby, Muriel God?
frey Turner, Hazel How-ell, Lu?
cy Harris and dames Black well,
play the important character
roles in the production.?adv.
Plans on l oot to Complete
ti. 8. Stover, superintendent
of tin- state highway n; unten
Tuesday and Wednesday oil
business pertaining to the good
roads. Whin- here Mr. Stover
stated to K. C. M illions that
they were now building the
Moccasin (lap road between
Appaluchia ami Bristol and said
it they could carry out some
plans now on foot the State
highway WOUld be completed
from Bristol to Appaluchia by
November 1st, this your, which
is great m ws to all the people
in lliis section as well as to the
people of Bristol Mr. Stover
was at one time a citizen of
Appaluchia, but has been away
from here for the past eight
years. He has been located at
Uhrlstiansburg during this time
hut is now located at Bristol.?
Cum her land Progressive.
At tlie Kpwortli League hext
Sunday night, d pngont will be
presented; The characters ere
a? follows:
Spirit of Epw?rtli League Ruth Smith
VYorahlp Kutli Barren
?'oinmuuity Conaolence Ellta Slim- irl
Fellowship' Anna Byrd
World'! \ lalou Tirula Kennedy
China.lainei <.illy
Japan .KutlM-ritu- Itarron
Koran .May siemp
Brazil Tholma Bank?
Mexico . Carl Knight
Phono ill when you wnnl
good coal ut th? right price. 1
handle the Kuinnus Black
Mountain Coal. Your orders
given prompt attention. Phone
40.?A. P. llamhioud.?adv.
Sent to the Asylum.
Will Willis, who shot and.
killed his wife at this place in !
January and who has booh ii.'l
jail at Wise, was adjudged iu i
sane last week and wus taken]
to tho asylum at Murion.
Candidate for Licutenant
Hon. .). K WoBt, of Suffolk,!
candidate for Lieutenant Gov?
ernor in the August primary,!
wiiH in Bio, Stone Gttji TUoSdu"i I
ami is touring tho Southwest in
the i merest of Ilia cuudhlucy. I
Mr. West is a lino gentleman.!
well qualified to till the position
lie socks ami will poll a good
vote in lhis section.
Plans Being Prepared.
Plans ami specifications arc)
being prepared f?r the new -:;,'i, ]
nod 11111 school building as ail
addition to our preseni hcIiooI
building, Tho bonds for this
purpose have boon sold and the '
contract will be lul for ilio con?
struction of this now building I
as soon us possible. "It is hoped
lo have it ready for the opening
of school in September,
Miller Bros.' Shows Coming.
Beginning' May tilth und con- 1
tinning for one week Millei
Brothers' Circus and Kxhibil ion '
i> ill exhibit at this place, 'litis j
is the same show that exhibited
at the ball park hero about
a year ago ami was considered
one of the liest of its kind that
ever s islled Big Stone < I lip,
(hie Kords?ll Tractor, with
extra eipiipiiiout. One '! Ton
Weber Wagon. due Wheel
Scriipor. - K ilzmiller-Scott Co.
Applv at hosiers null ofiicul
Will Play at Bristol.
The local amateur base ball
team will no to Bristol Friday
morning for a two game series
with the statelini ! s of Ihe Ap
ptiltichian League. The boss
llOp.e to be aide to lilllsdcr (1
good team together, so as to
make it as interesting as possi
tile for i he Bristol team. Banks
and ltd ens will pitch for Big]
Stone (lap while " Bed" Slump]
will work at the receiving (.'nil;
Road Closed to Traffic.
In preparation for the con
structioii of a c mcreto road lie
'ween Norton und ICsservilli
this section of the highway svas !
closed to tralllc on April ti?th j
and motorists have to reach
Wise by way of Tiicoma and
Cooburn. As a result of this
tile Norton & Northern Kail
way has restored passenger ser?
vice on their line between Nor
ton ami Wise for '.ho cohve
iiieuce of the travelling public
Bcnham Scouts Visit Big
Slone Gap.
Scout master V. M Davis with
about fifty Boy" Scouts, of Boil
bum, Ky., visited Big Stone
Oali on last Saturday. They
loft Benimms Friday afternoon
and camped Friday night ill
Laurel Forks and camu on hero
Saturday morning, returning
home Saturday ultoriioon!
In Ihe Creditor* ol B. K laic, Deceased;
Take liotico that I, 1. T. (iilly .
have tiecn appointed by the
Wise County Circuit Court as
administrator of the est-tie of
B. F. Tute, deceased You are
hereby nolitlod to forthwith pre
sent to me, properly verified, all
(dawns ag'ailist the estate of the
said E. F. i aio, deceased.
i. T. Oii.i.y, Administrator
of the Kstaie of K. K. T?te,
udv Decoased.
I 4 Monster Rides
16 High Class Show:
TODAY (Wednesday)
: fill
Ik's a
sbar rincj
?moMh" - au.l ?
""'??? MiMhiut ,? loterrallaf
niikr ? ?? " """r
.??? ??I?>~>
'"s 'n ? .... ,.. m?L? ...
2J? '"ni,< rl(l,i |?lo ,|,.
? r..n iu its tit her '?tu.?
????<? till, plrturr! It
? tu ?Ii?. tl? bla., ,
THURSDAY (To-morrow)
Super Comedy
"Married Life"

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