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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, May 18, 1921, Image 3

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,tmat>. Vytox on tonititow nriil
^MS8*^ apples and it lias ; rev ri cntircl
factory. It certainly docs knock tltc rot 6kv-di?>Ii when
used on tomatoes, and our apples tins veat the best
wc have ever liad."?Crumcur Mnun?? snt k Cit
Crmnpler, \V. \ a. You can prcVent fotnatu rot and at
ay with
i I vi-. ?ji i
Town TrOiimirer I* II.:K.
nelly has I.u ciliitluo ! to I
home for a few ilay s \s n h
attack of pleurisy
Miss Anna Hiiunds. who I
been at tcmliin; school ut I.
coin Nlemoi bil Ii Iii versiiiv
Hiirronatc, Tenii . ' ???i>trn'it<|
hor hoiii'! in i iie < lap S'jtt arii
M iss., arrive,! in the (lap v\
nesilay iiu.;hl to ri
tor John Mini in tin .
I nion, who bus h ? . n dan
I'm A? h,.\ illcj N i'.. ..!
art) siii'iiiliiu; sevi r.il i is
? i ?
en roiuii |hiiiiKi! with lull h
clonk rooiir, slei \>\Utt pniv.li, i
rooms ami coal Inn in ha jcmi
Sup I'. II. hi in,, ijy ? a.l Vit I
.lulu. (I. I;!anuvr nil i !;
nf 11 mi I: n^irni. wcri,' i
Horn to John's ..i.l I, -in.' in i
tli'Wi.inl I.*? 11,.i. 11 ,\,
Banner ref -rrc I '11 iii i ii ? .1.
local item wittt Inim?rlv }l
MiidgM l?inm is i, .'f the I i,i|i
i: ;
i..| to his home in Hie 1 ? :s|i \s
lies I;,s night from the I'bivc
t,WO IVil'kB in Ii ?
Willi? llo'-ipiiitl in Itie'Mn i
lion, reiin n.'il id
sv e|ik anil is ha ....
operator at the uhu.sU I i
A^k the I.-Hiiv. who lists ,i
I ho Kam.hi- Black
Opal. Then phiip
I'liyiniii I'lin, .. ,
A. I'. 11 .num..it,! ulv
Mrs. J. i|. Crlift, i.f| tiai I
spent u foss ilii) i tin i i
in the I lap visiting hcl
Mrs. K T. t'.n ii . .
Mr. .inil Mi-. K. 'I i) iit.il
tin inil Sumhi) it it; hl 11
litnopgit, wlmie in. \ sp ?
oral ihtys uttemliiu: j,ht! tin]
I?. K All,-n, who is ihiiiij;
struct work iii Harlan eot'ir
Ky., sp.'iit Siin.lis with
family in tile ' lap.
Kol! SALIC. Isith ii nui t
:.etiA at Ii irgiiiui Kor j arl iin'l
npplv tu i i,hi,II ?? Br?l her
Mrs. J. H. Skeen, of Tu
Oovtl mill Mrs. II. A . W. Sli
nf the (l.ip, rotnrneil liiwi \
from a visii in relatives at
huwk, 'I'eiin.
l>r. Karl StuMir apent ;t
ilash lust week iii itotliipki
tcnilin^ a met ling ..I 'lint;
cniupd-iug the lyexall sti I
the Htnto.
Miss Lena Jone?, of K i
port] is visiting her tin
s\ IJtiiies, in ilie t. ?p.
Kn minis Black Mountain I
Uohl. Phono I'M Your >'>
kivcu prlimpi attention,
11 uhiiuoml. ,ul v.
Horn Id .Mr. nnl Mrs. Id
Uullnhl Saturday murin .
\>duy girl.
Mir* Susie Ivilgoro hits
ceptuil d position in K.
Hess' btoru,
Aliak Dakota Harnes, of A
lachiu, was the giiesi m
Ora Cloak Saturiluy.
Mrs. J. It. Ayera, of Ivei
wua in the Uup Monday
guest of relatives.
? ? yyill Kp(*i
i -Ii inu rrl
!?? (laaiihl'T rWJ rii?lil S it llrtl i v
,, fV?r i ?'!!! ii. ir tin* tSoiVtlierii
rioinls in Bristol. !
Will Lain . - f Lv ucii, Ky.,
.J'"llt a f( W ) s ii> ; Iig ((up last
?v rs with liifi latiiilv .
The Lloyd ' i n ! will moot
riiursilay lii'to.-iiuoti at W?lO n il Ii
Mrs. It. B; Alsiji or.
.Mr. anil Mrs. Krank I) Kitts,
of Norton, wer?? in the l!aj> a
few hour? Monthly afternoon.
Mrs. George Botin and son,
t leorgo, dr., of IVnuingtmi Gap,
are visiting relatives in the Gup
this week.
Mr. and Mrs j. l>. Hogers re?
turned Sunday night from Now
York, where they were called
ieveral days ago On account of
tin' illness and death of Mr !
Kogoi-s- father.
tnis Motiser, vlce-nresi 1 -nt of
the Stmiega t'oke ,V foil Ooill I
iitiny, has in en s|>eiiding several i
? la - in I'hilaiiclphin 01, lins,
Hess. j
Mr and Mrs. Charles Witt 1
and bilby daughter spoilt a few j
? lays last n eel; m Athen-, Ti no., !
visiting rela' ives.
The Wi'iiii iu*s Missionary So.
piety will ii.i with Mrs W. II.
t lilllliir lit t he home of her
daughter, Mrs. ti. 11 (III.r
Thursday iiftorhooii at three
o'clock; '
Ssveet Potato flaut; new
ready for delivery. Illive ihy
k uid ami any amount veil want.
Special altiihtion lo mail or.lei s
??I..1 id ?y itOrion. -;ti| v.
.1 M linker rotuiueii Friday
? -
[trip V. ? hingvoii, Iii f II.
little niece. Miss Lillian JiiiH
rettii t.e,I with ijim in the i i tp,
vylipjri sue is s|ieiniing several
;.,\lrs. Sirjle Tat.-. Of Kam Sj no
l?ilp, Uinhl liun.-il iv with Mis.
j I lit t I Ml lidoW ?. Ill i'l" t
I ',...,! ' I ' I
and U . A. Diillghet ly j philo li
lint lawyers, oi I irundv. V'aij
tire attending I nit d Slntet
I Colli I til the (i 111 I Ills W . i'k
ilr and Mi - . .1 < ' Smith ami
daughter. Mrs I. Tiernev 1. oil
'.i ;
'ami attending coin!,.
Master Kniest Stsit/.cr return
? I (o In-, home in MciidoUi Sal
lihliiy 111' i Hpeiiiliiig i wilt k .1
'the i i up with his i- -". -in. N a
: m r.. :
part v at their hoiiie in do.M'phiie
I .... ,'et M ii
die i ' ii \i\r\ of Noi toii aihl I >i
;i t'l,W;; \ a , has In en upon
? . \ ,?: .1 .In-, in the I i:
h her ititij her; \11 - /.ion I 'ii
I Insl I Inn-day lor
14 I In-fe : ht'V ale.it
1 hie liroi'frooin house and
ciiled in flat :;. Pried fi ii
001I ti mis adv.
I'L'ANTS K'fiiJ s!A'I!I". 1
.uiiickv While. Nancy II
oi ,'i.ik Yellow . liapiiiii ^e V
lid Southern (,ii(een Swoiil
it.1 I'llliits I'hbne (or wi ill
iiuHi-v Horton, l!|g .stone 1 i
; tiding a lew day s in this seii
1 um visiting rejiiiiveH Mt-s.
Ii a nir iviH former I v Miss1 \\.,\
Rogers, daughter ?f Mi. jinil
Mis. Bud Itogers, of I'attm
ville, and Was niarried a few
week--, ago to Mr Itoasor, son of
I'. M. K '.isui , of1 the (,'ove,
Coal Coal.
1 call furnish you ? gg oflihlijk.
Try a ton and lie convinced.
N un better: I'lione ?(!?.?A. I'
llaiiimoinl ml-..
Master Gilbert itogers and
litl le si-:t. I, A line, ha * bluttl
spending the past Iw.i weeks at
I; 1.1 a with their aunt. M rs.
II s. Ka'iii, vVhile their parents',
Mr und Mrs. J. |? l;,,g, i'-,w.
iii Neu York, where thev wore
e llleil 101 account of the illlle- -
and iletith of Mr. Itiigers' Iiat.lt
For Sale.
1 hi!? good four-room house and
otic-fourth acre <>f land for sale
111 I'lat :i. See A. 1'. Ham?
mond.-id v.
A N N 0 U NC E M K N T
I ln-ri-liy ?lllioillil'i? iny-ill a eonilill tie
for the iillk'cof Town Tiiiisurtlr at Hin
I'liiiiini; .liiiiu election anil cordially soiii it
year vote ami inlltlilico, which will Im
appreciated in Ihn fullest extent.
beut) cotid?ottng u singing
rcIiooI at Cmlot itiitl Ollngor for
thu last f?w weeks, took a piok?,
od etioir t'i Guto Uity Sun.lay :<>
ttltt'iitt a large muging eonvcu
lion, ami it is Haiti lliov uiailo a
hit with tin- Scott county peo
plu. Several thousand pooplo
wero in attendance, it bcinj; the
larci-si e.on vcotiop over hehl in
thai county. The choirs tirst
assembled at Ilm edtirl house,
Inn owing tn Hu- laruv itihviI.
tli'oy vvuro forced to assemble
on I ho outside.
Coal Coal.
Tin National t 'oai Association
suys i" '.my .oiii winter eoall
ami Avoid I ho shortage. We
handle tin.- best, the l-'umnus
I: , i; Mountain. Price* right.
Phono I'1. A. i' II ainindiut. ?
To tlie Voters of Iii}; Stone
llirtli Announcement.
l.ols lor Sale.
? ? ? :
Icr Druthers' Shows Here
All Week.
; .;
1 1 ;
I '
of IJiij Stone Gap.
u. s. court in sessio
tin.' Kill* n. a niimlier cei...-. i
L'onrl will (u'litialilv adj -uni In?
da) unless .'no or. it-o important
c.e'i s thai are on the deckel lor
trial ? this t- rin lire not con-1
t i II 110*1.
The following sentences wiiro
imp.? .1 Monday by Judge Mc |
pi.iwcll, one lor using the mail
to thdruitd wliiic Hie others
were fur \'il>lati6ii of ill" iiaiion
al prohibition act: if.iStuarncs; i
Ol Scott Cotilily; me' year in the
pciiUenl ia rj at iVthijita; t ?rbin
Shook, (it VVisu eotltlU , ,!i o
and lud ivs in jail; Sparrel Hale,
of Buchanan count > , Wim tried
Im! iirtpiilteii; t'en i Wallin, of
l."e county, lined ; I (lb; V. llliiird
Munre. of l>ieki.!tisoii county,
$10 i and :;o days in jail; John
rMllllillS, Wise coiiio v Inn und
:iu days in jail: I * 11 i s Neieo, pi
\\ l-e count > , ; pjll and 1)0 day s
Coal Shortage.
Take advantage r.f tlx' low
prices nut till that coal Inn. A-l
KaUluus Black Mountain Kgg oi
Block. Orders given prompi
attention. I'hone 19. A. V.
Tin1 International Nu. I Cultivator m
is 11 WKttl) KlliLEK
Pivot Axle; Ball Bearing Cultivator
for hillside or level, Parallel Gangs, p
Direct Shaft, All Steel, i, 6, or' s 1
Soring Trip Shovels. ill
Let us ex|)l:iin I lie many good feat- ^
i s <>n tin- Ihtei'iUitional No. 1. . O
en Bros. $
big stone gap, va.
Hardware, Seeds, Fertilizer* Etc. m
International Farm Machine Headquarters.
_ 151
fj vc' 5)fal5pEpl^-B|g)
rij?ii.^f?iisfiaiiQiaispjSs-ii>iiv.r^it????>:>: ^Piyo^r^^^
ON AU. g
MAY 16th to 31st 1
Electric Tr?nsinissioii Co. I
or vikoimi a m
:. , v ; . . . . . r,.:.!;.t';-,;|l'!K;,?'llsjKJii;:(.'i
Virginia Wholesale Company
I iKiorpriratecl
Groceries, Dry Goods, Notions
and Toilet Art ieles
Try Our
Sunshine Brand
<>l Cnlined Goods
0 in, 1 .iiria I ms, I 'oi U
mil I '.cans, (.i't! KtM'iiel I.
1 Siaxota-sji, Kial K i (1 11 o. y
I'.car..-;, all undcir <>u: sp < : i!
We arc liefido?arleri lor
j Laundry X Toilet Soaps
C?ff) |H< following blinds:
''ii ????in Laundry and White
Kldatih&j Gir'andriui's Naptha,
1 Swill's Niipthji, Octagon Nap
'. lii t. Naptha, etc. loilet
S I,'-: PalihoiiVc. Sydinorc's
I "ti I loi Assortment.; Fairy.
our inquiries will receive our prompt attention.
W holesale Only, N'dthing Sold at Retail
-<* *' ?" "?' ' y > * * * * !? 25 V_ E
H -.-.?r-. - .-?- jn
VVe saVii vo'u irioncji.liuy your groceries from u.s. i>.?|
LI; All ".ood.s delivered promptly. ?Phone 215 (j
Reliable Repairing

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