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ig Stone Gap
No. 22
I Southern
I May Build Line Direct to
Coasl and An Extension
Into Harlan.
Itriatul tlerald Courier)
Extension of the Apputacliiii
I Division of the Southern Railway
! north und west into Harlan, Ky.,
I coal Ileitis Ulill SOtltli by way of
i Bristol to Charleston, S. t'., is
being agitated with some pros,
peels of success at Apjmlachia
ami other potuts affected, (.'ill
:. i a general muss-meeting at
which l'resiilont Fairfax Harri
anii, uf the Southern Itailway,
will bo invited, probably will he
.it Bristol in the very near
I lie proposition took delinile
form ?I a recent meeting of the
?jipiiluchia Chamber of Com?
merce vrheii committees were ap?
pointed for tin* preliminary work.
It is understood that oflicials
of I lie .Southern Railway have
made some investigation r?f thi
iitoposed extension and have
hitide surveys of available coal
developments and the facility id
a more direct route from the
Virginia-Kentucky coal holds in
Charit- Steel Davidson, of
Washington, I?. C, who i- un?
derstood to represent iiiterosls
directly connected with Southern
liailway operation uttended I he
Meeting of the Appiilnuhia * 'ham
I.ei of Commerce, und is said to
bave given encouragement in the
racts were brought out in re?
gard to the immense tell liillinli
tuiisuf coal in Harlan r,unity and
that the duvelopiiieut of theso
resources would do for Appulaj
chia and the entire south should
a l>e thrown open to the trade
ol Hie whole world by tin exlen
? loll of the .Southern Railway
"The facts about the coal trade
i I lie world and what is to hup?
pen now that the United States
lias the money of the whole World
l- very interesting and every red
blooded American citizen .should
be informed on the actual facts
in the case," stiid a prominent
citizen. "Here we have the
owners of inn billiotitons of coal
in some fifteen counties in Ken?
tucky mid Virginia, all anxious
ami willing to do their part in
servllig the whole world wilh
"ml. Wall street bus the titty
billion dollars of the world's
Money and it is criminal to with?
hold the facts of this immense
coal held from Wall street.
"Harlan county is the only
county which has made any con?
certed ?Hort tostart some actions
I" grub the world's coal trade
aud the. Utfort wus not made on a
big basis in keeping with the im?
mensity of the opportunity.
Hrupanc? Cunlerence at Brlsicl.
"Appalabhiu is u town of,'I,nun
but hor smallness in size is not
keeping lier from spending $1,
"oo in an effort to wake Knox
ville, Bristol, Big Stone Gap and
Harlan leaders up to this oppor?
tunity and agitate a big confer
ehe? of the recognized leatlers in
the Knoxville trade territory,
?ith Mr. Harrison at Bristol .
"Closely identified with this
effort to get the Southern into
Harlan is the Knoxvilie lrontun
highway possibility which is be
il'g promoted at this time.
"This highway will follow the
Ue highway for 100 miles to
Kiitgsport, and on to Iroritoti,
Ohio, via Hjg Sandy river and
through Norton, Appalaciiia and
i Big St..lie.
"At Appalaciiia tin- brunch to
Harlan ami Lynch i> tin- one wel
am all go interested in und scrap-1
ping river for the pud six
in.>ut hs,
"Tim new $20,000,000 coal
operation at Lynch belonging to
the steel trust is just over tin;
mountain from Appalaciiia.
"The new $25,000,000 plant
at Lynch is the lirsl of three the
steel trust has plans for with one
big new plant for the Wisconsin
Steel (Viinpnuy.
"The main seam which is bo
ing mi nod at Lynch and ?enhatn
is the same sea in which is used
on the Virginia side t<> make the
StOncgh coke'which is recognized
as the best coke in the \j. S. A.
"Appalaciiia has reason to
think if the Southern were ox
t.'tided into 1 larlan it would in?
sure Appalaciiia t he simps, yards,
and oflices which the Southern
has plans to build in the coal
liehN. lint it is understood the
Knoxville terminals are to he
constructed lirsl.
"Therec?ii he noipiestioh thai
He' extension of the Southern
into Harlan would Leslie signal
for everybody to get busy and
Cash in on tin- biggest opportun?
ity in the history of this coal
"It would require immense
millions: for I he Southern to g?t
the Harlan coal t<> the coast. It
would require double tracking
and an immense amount of re
grading and electrifying the en?
tire main Hue from the coal held
to Charleston, S. C.
"Tills mitiutive is no job for
any one lowu or city. It de?
mands Hu- super co-operation of
the entire trade territory;!'
Memorial Service Held at
Glericoe Cemetery.
The memorial service held
under the auspices of the U. U.
(.'. Chapter und Community
League ui j o'clock Sunday af?
ternoon in tllencoe cemetery,
wus unusually good and very
Twenty little bbya und girls
curried the evergreen wreathes
to the cemetery from the school
building und placed them on
Hie graves of nil the Holdters of
the Civil war and the recent
war who are buried there which
the U, 1). C. had marked with u
small Hag. A large Dumber of
people hud gathered tit the cem?
etery before the service and hud
decorated the graves of their
loved ones.
Hon. Ii. T. Irvine had charge
of the service. Rev. Dean and
Uev. Smith were the ministers
present. A number of patriotic,
Hongs led by Mrs. Hoff were
sung. Mujor W. A. Stuurt made
u very good patriotic addruss
tilled with splendid thoughts for
young and old, He closed hisl
address by reading a poem "The
l)ay of Their Honor" from The
American Legion Weekly. Kol.
lowing is the lust verse:
"The puppies bloom on tlic fields of
Kr.? ute.
And the North Sea waves ure gray
The plow turns follow at tiettysbuig
And 'luorro is years away
The grass is green where the orosati
Ami the sky beiuU suiting o'er,
Hut nur country bare* it's head today
To the men who will march no more.
Successful Revival at Castle
Custlewood, May 20.?Hev.
HudgiuH, ussistod by Hev. 1'ax
ton, tutve just closed u very suc?
cessful -revival at this place.
Rev. Hudgins preached very in?
teresting sermons each night to
a crowded house. There weru
over a hundred conversions and
a large number received into
tha church Sunday. The revi?
val eure was u great blessing
to this place.
Opposed to Koad Bond Issue
in Virginia.
Richmond, Va., May 28.?
Hon. K. Lee Trinkle, eandidato
for Governor, today gnve out
tho following statement on tint
question of the road bond issue
in Virginia, and the re-organi?
zation of the highway depart?
"Some weeks ago 1 gave out
a statement ?l lliy views on the
reorganization of the highway
department of Virginia, being,
so far as 1 know, the lirsl state
moot made by any candidate
on this subject I ui-.li now to
reiterate tile Statement then
made, Hint i am an earliest ad?
vocate of good roads and that
no one could In- more sincere!)
iutereatud in the r.nnl develop,
incut of the commonwealth of
Virginia than 1 am; and this I
have always endeavored to ev?
idence hold a? a member of the
Senate of Virginia and as a
private citizen
"I realize that a comprehen?
sive system <d good roads im ab?
solutely essential for a speedy
and complete development of
our state, and that the demand
for increased transportation fa?
cilities is upon us and must he
met It is my purpose and de?
sire to devote my very heat ef?
forts toward the development
of adequate mad facilities; hut,
great an my desire is for speedy
road construction, I feel that
we should not bf forgetful of
conditions as they now exist
and should keep ourselves well
within the limit of the ability of
Ollr people to bear the COSt with?
out unreasonable burden, and
within the capacity of the high?
way department iti economical?
ly and etliciehtly construct and
maintain the roads; realizing
that the maintenance of our
roads after their construction it
fully as essential as the con?
struction itSelf; and that in ad?
dition to state taxation for road
purposes the people are also
called upon for county and city
tuxes (or the construction and
maintenance of their local roads
and streets.
"I lind by investigation that
Virginia's funds for mud con?
struction und maintenance dur?
ing the fiscal year ending Sep?
tember 30th. 1021, amount tu
the sum of $12,412,721.;17, (this
sum including the Federal aid).
1 further lind that the auditor
conservatively estimates that
the income for road construc?
tion and maintenance for the
fiscal year ending September
30th, 1922, will be $7,050,000.00;
and for the fiscal year ending
September 30th, 1023, the in?
come for the same purposes will
bo $7,050,000.00. It is fair to
state that the auditor in mak?
ing up the above estimate Iiuh
figured on the basis that (feder?
al uul will be continued us it
is. In other words, Virginia
will have the sum of $27,712;
721.37 to spend for road con?
struction ami maintenance dur?
ing the years 1921,1922 aiid 10234
"It is also true that the re?
duction which bus already come
in the cost of road construction
and maintenance, with the pos?
sibility of still further reduction
in the future, will allow a con?
siderable increase in mileage to
be constructed with available
funds, over and above what Was
originally anticipated.
"1 believe that with' these
large funds available, and un?
der exisliug business und finan?
cial conditions, it would not be
wise for me to recommend to
the next (Jeuerul Assembly that
any bill should be pussed com
[ milling Virginia to a bond issue
of ?5?,0Op,(HX).OO, or auy other
fixed amount.
"Not only have the people of
Virginia) in eleotiug their can?
didates to the House of Dele?
gates Ibis your, the opportunity
to indicate their desires as to u
bond issue; but I would further
remind the people of the state
that in the fall of IS23 they will
have to elect the euliro Quiioral
Assembly for the session be
ginning in January 1924, and
they can then give a further ex?
pression of their wishes us to
the road bond issue through the
election of the members of both
brauchen of the General Assem?
bly ; and in tins way u lull ux
pressiotl ol the people may be
toid ut that time under the eon
dttiout) us they hiuy (lieu exist.
"I behove that the present
burden of county, city, state
ami foderul luxes i? as heavy us
the people should be called up?
on to bear, and 1 am unalterab?
ly opposed to tiny increase in
statu taxation of auy kind f?r
any purpose under present con?
"In traveling over the state
as I have dime for the last lew
months, facing from one to live
audiences it day, I lind that the
people of Virginia are not sali*
tied with the laws governing
our highway department; and,
as 1 have previously stated, I
shall, if tlectedj recommend to
the next (leueral Assembly a
reorganization of this depart?
ment; based on a most careful
study of the subject in conjunc?
tion with the very best jade,
incut and advice that 1 can se?
cure; so that no one man ah ill
have entire control of same,
and that all money provided for
road purposes will be carefully
safeguarded mid wisely and ec?
onomically ex puuded,
"I am strongly in favor of n
centralized highway depart?
ment having control of the
state highway system, ut tin
same time giving to the local
road authorities a reasonable
discretiou in connection with
Stuto uid county roads, to which
ilie counties contribute one-half
of the Cost."
Nature has made our town so
bouiltiful and this year more
beautiful than usual- -now it is
up to us to keep it clean. It is
in a fearful condition, not only
the streets but the river banks.
There are two dumping
grounds, one on the island at
old electric light plant mid one
back of the Woolen mill. Don't
let's disfigure the river banks
with trash.
Commencing May UOth we
will huvo cleauiug up week.
Kveryoue get their places spot
loss right to the middle of the
street. 1'til till trash in barrels
or piles and our good mayor
will see that the trash is battled
oil and put in the dumping
grounds. Cinders can be used
to till up holes and help make
better streets. Hut no cinders
or trash ban bo.lhrown in piles
on streets after cleaning tip
week They uro unsightly ami
untidy und ruin the looks of
our city.
A committee will go over the
town June bth und tiny houses
or business buildings that have
not their premises clean ihn
owners will be lined. The law,
wu know, will not have to be
enforced for our people have too
much civic, pride not to have
their places us clean and at
tractive as their neighbors.
Later wo hopo to oiler prizes
for cleanliness und attractive
luwus. All help the Communi?
ty League in this work. In do.
ing it you uro helping to beauti?
fy your town, enhancing the
vtiltiu of your property and
touching your children to bo
neat and to take more interest
in their homes.
I Mks. 11. 14. Fox, Chairman
, of Streets for thu Community
Norton Motel Opens With
Two Banquets.
Work mi Hotel Norton in be?
ing pus hex! along speedily as
possible in order tu have the
dining room and the auditorium
completed and ready fur tin
two big banquets to be given on
June 10 ami it, (lie first by the
Norton Kiwani-t'iuh, and the
second by the Virginia Coal
? '["Tutors' Association.
The occasion of these two
banquets will also constitute a
formal opening of Hotel Nor
Manager .1. Areh Sterne is
leaving nothing undone to make
this hotel the host between
Lynch burg und Lexington, Ky.
Already two Honrs have been
completed and furnished. The
rooms are lilted out most artist,
ically, with rarest simplicity ill
color matching, the blinds, cur
tnins und all tin- drapery being
of colors harmoniously blended.
The rooms are ;.rrang>'d in suites
of three and each opens on a
private bath, A desk telephone
is in each room. Ventilation?
light and heal are the best that
can be had in any hotel in the
largest cities And guests are
delighted with the splendid
beds, which are made of the
lines! ticking and bed materials
nbt.tiinulilo. It is a treat to tbe
eve to look into these inviting
The halls are spacious, well
ventilated and carpeted with a
noiseless linoleum tile;of varied
colors. Klevnior and lire escape
are easily ac.cessable.
An expensive ami thoroughly
iip-lo-ilaiu kitchen cipiipmuut is
being installed, and u luxiirous
dining room, surpassing any?
thing of its kind in our neigh?
boring cities, will he open about
.1 urn- >ib.
Otlter highly desirable tea
lures of Ibis hotel will be a
writing and reading room, par?
lor for Indies, and a beauty par?
lor for manicurist and hair
dresser, iluck of (be lobby a
tirsl-class barbershop is being
eipnpped, and at thu right hniidj
upon entering the lobby, will
in- a drug store The lobby it?
self will be exceptionally at?
tractive ?Crawford's Weekly.
Engagement Announced.
In a number of Hie loading
newspapers of the state on the
society page last week was the
unuhtihcumout of the engage
input and iipprolichihg marriage
of Miss Cassiu Louise Duvall to
Prof. Owen It. Kasley. The
weddi ng to take place JOne 21 st
in I'nrkersburg, W. Vtt., at the
home of Miss Duvall's brother.
Iloth are well known in the
Qttp, where Miss Duvall tlltlglll
and I'riif: Kasley was principal
of the public school. I In leav?
ing the (lap I'rof. Kasley ac?
cepted the priticipalship of the
Marlins? die public school while
Miss Duvall lias been teaching
in North Carolina.
lie Plant for Appalaciiia.
'I'he Ice Company is dismant?
ling iis old plant adjoining the
Central Supply building, pre?
paratory lo rebuilding. The
new building will be brick and
reinforced concrete, 50x110 feet,
I'he ice plant will be modern in
every particular and of ample
capacity to supply all demands.
There will also be installed
and operated in ibis building a
modern ice cream plant with a
daily capacity of about 1000
Berks Construction Company
have secured the contract for
the building.
A representative of the leu
Company states that both the
ice plant and ice cruain plant
will be in operation about Octo?
ber 1st. ? Appnluiihiu Indepen?
dent. _
'I'he regular monthly meeting
of tho Big Stone Qttp Police
Guard will be held in the town
ball on Tuesday night, June 7.
All members are urged to be
present at this meeting, as some
very important business will be
brought up al this tune. The
guard is doing a good work and
sitould receive the support of
the entire community.
Baccalaureate Sermon by
Rev. Dean.
Rev. ?. \V. Dean, local pastor
6? the M. K. Church, South,
preached the baccalaureate Bor
niou t<> the graduating class of
the Big Stone"(Jap High School
Sunday morning at 11 :00 o'clock
in the school auditorium.
.lu^i before the opening song,
"i inward Christian Soldiers,-1' by
I ho congregation, the eleven
graduates inarched into the audi?
torium wearing the conventional
graduating caps and gown-. The
song .v.is followed by a prayer
by UeVi K. \\ Kahle, of Along
don. The song, "Ho Comes,"
u.is then sting t?\- Mrs. Margaret
ll-itl supported by an excellent
eliuir representing I ho churches
in the town. Mr-. .1. II. Math
tow S I.ided at the piano. The
sermon followed.
The text of the sCmioh w t
??The wages of Sin is Death, hut
til.' Gift of lio.'. is eternal Life
through .lesus ('brut mir Lord;"
The sermon was of a purely gos
pel nature which is typical of
Kev. Dean. In it lie dourly
brought out that "wrong is
wrong und right is right" and
thill "there is no sliding sea lb in
the (drill'of (iod's law ami every
violation of Hod's law calls for a
penalty. Iiuring the discourse
of tiie latter part of the text.
Ko\. Dean emphasized the fact
that the higher law of Coil conn
tor balances tin- lower law of sin
ami lifts one ahovu the seething
pools of sin giving in tl.nil
?'Kternal Life through Jesus
Christ our Lord."
The entire attention of the
graditates and large congregation
was held through the thirty min?
utes'discourse and the express
ions heard later indicates it was
thoroughly enjoyed by all. After
a number of announcements by
Prof. Sulfridgu another -on::.
"Crown tliiu," tin.ngregutiuu
was dismissed by the benediction
by Kot. Dean.
Graduating Exercises Monday
? in Monday night in the school
auditorium the graduating class
of the Big Stone flap High
School held the coiriinonconient
The graduates had selected
the beautiful while rose for their
class Mower and white and
green for their class colors. The
class motto w us ''Ition S ins
Travaille," the Kreuch trdnsht
tiou for "Nothing Without
The stage of the auditorium
Wits tlstefully decorated for the
occasion. A semi-circle back
ground had been formed by by
ergreous, thickly studded with
White roses. A number of white
pedestals were placed around
the stage holding vases of white
roses. I' itted ferns were also
used in decorating. The class
motto made of wiiite was on u
green back-ground over the
hollowing is the program of
the evening which was weil
Chorus .Iley-llo-lisy
Invocation ....ItsVi Ilium
Salutatory . .laiiics Hilly
Motto ...?.Temp* ithea
History .. feii Henrietta Hkeeu
I licet ? Killing tier UlsUUtlou .Kucifc
laiuiar C6X ami May rtleiutl
(ilfUirUti . ..Truls Kennedy
t luwer Oration .[??uise (Jox
Prophecy .Clara Dowel I
Solo I i Ltsonjeni .(Jhainiiiadti
Henrietta Hkeeii
Last Will ami TesUuuiut Mary Joltusoli
S'aleilielory ... .May Stamp
Presentation of Gift* ..K [.aua
lu the presentation of gifts
K. Lane presented from the
graduating class to the school a
handsome mahogany piano
bench svliich Prof. Sutf ridge ac?
cepted for the school. Mr. Lane
then presented Prof, Sulfrtdgo
u pair of gold oulf links as a
token of the appreciation und
love of the class for him.
Following the presentation of
gifts, Kov. Kdgur 0. Burn/., in u.
very pleasing and complimen?
tary manner, presented the two
iContiuuod ou I?.?.:<= t*WO)

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