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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, July 27, 1921, Image 1

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The Big Stoiie Gap Post.
Ol . xxix
No. 30
;uiiday1s Fare?
well to Wise
| i |ii|)ir | III' I lit-'I |lAIIM of Ms
in Niiitnii, Hilly Kuutkiy
- | i it'iiils il is liilnI for iiie
il nil. I never ivenl
t? it ('?;iiii|>il igh before I lull ? :n
, , ,m nterv I" me. ? ?ii IIii'
li'titiitH il iliiln'l look |.":
I I,.- low n was so '?in ill.
I w?s -i sctiiitereii, I
r froiii Missouri?now l im
uiiinl'-ilHI. Wlu-ii yuti
. . I |i it Vim W( 'III.I SCO I' l
in , I'm tin- tabernacle--!
I llioiigiil you wnuhl be
,._? iiic In hi'l|i \mi raise the
i lail'me 11.ain|>:ii?n <\ ?
I i.i-iiilv nlwav h.iv.?
,', ..? |. Mi., ilchl .,? (In- lad
? \mi w lieu ynii I'>1<1 m<- vu'ii
i || I Iii;' talip.rna.ili' lijlnri
il; |, Ijtii, i Muiicil. Where
: . \ h.ine in.in. I ii. v
, :d l.-o-.l?liny WoilNI
, . ti\ ionic Int. tor? 11 wiitlhl
i Hi, in i.ni.-li time anil
I '.nl, fricliils, you nia.le
ml .il i'Vtiry brnntiHC \..ii ina.h1
\i,i| wiiiMi vim Folks .-I..-.-.I
!,i : it l In- . Ii. 1 oi I In- Iii -i
. 1.. all.I ll'l Vi.ll winil.lu't
in.in- Cl.lllli'l i.'ll ii ii i
like n ilieiun. Ami win n
in |a\ ? p.iki'il an.I Hi- i.- via liii
li n-i, il.,- Iiiiii? becariio
I , i nils I take my h?l oll m
nl ;ji.'...ple. I ivou.hi- ;.l tifie
;i i ill ,t has liiiiveil Villi; Von
? iiiulijffiil l.-aili r-lnp. iiini
iili\ .iii.l .nl I, o I: i.r
i ,-iirker- is tut in |,n aIi..n l<>
"i i.ii have a great lieht, iiini
ai |k><i|)ie; V.iii I. iv.- Ii. .1
?rlitit;. I liiive hiHl i iiraiiil
iumiig yi>n. 1 never work
! ill, a liner I,iiii, Ii.
i!,?l iile-s you all. <i...l Lie
it!, i , il..- .n who stiirtc.i
. Hm, ? ..ml i In,I 1.1.- il.. men
liii in-n ivli.'i wurkiiii 'lav au.l
meal, -i I . ... i hint, h
iiiiii i nit;?i i vvu^ yinir i
-il u a urn iniM'l m},'. I j
ii i? > in. >?! v.hi all again,!
I'jieel Iii,'' Iik.< -.1 v..ii
i I v, iin.l Ii, .1 I.I.
Bill Raisers
.aiuled in Jail After l.nnj;
is -.' .in.. ..| .:r.?oi:m uimI Iii)!
> i'l-sivln'i rr.-.ii.'.l Miel, .-xrii.-?
,.,.uii.I hie, Si.inji Iiini
'i|i ' iViMi- nfilibieil in Ihwii i Iii-1
i. i.i.l brought I- iek in Wise,
i, limy >\ ere turned river t>.
i nil lliirt, \\ I... Innilell tlii-in
ii jail.
I m.-lnlnTH uf tin' gililg
?'i. W 111 in in lii.u i-i an I In
' ?..- . M11 tli- Si. i vi.i' ii ml .1 n nli's
1 >?????. I in- Iniii.r tins lived
'I In,I, ,|. ii for .i number ||f
?' ?"'-. Their sp.iKiliv win.
two dollar Iii Ilk to i'vi...
' s mil |iilHSj|i|; I Iii*ni. an,I last
.'i.iisiileralile cxcilimietH
1 ri' ileil l>> tin n ..p.-i al miin
-'.ii.li.'l-h ?f pi.,,,,I,, wi.re vii tiin
?'??> 'ii I ill.- ieileial authorities
*" I-I ii. w 1.1 k mi the i'ui .? at l lie
. an,I ? :n ranis we're isi lieil
' 'lie 1'iirlicB, but tliey Kiil*
?l(-1 m eliuling lliii hniiiiu-m
iji ik inn tiiirir gtiiniViiv.
'i.uirv K. TlioinuH, a t'nilml
-, ites secret service mini, fiil
'flwisl tlieiu aiiiHiMt iicroHH tin;
C(illtil;en| ami finally hihileil
!'?'in an town town, where
' i 'u 1 In m nnilor arn .si Tin
I ' for llieir iirresl ? ore
'ijfcllfcil ? 'ii Muy 21til nt lii|< Kti.n.'
|"l'- I'imniiiH is froin. North
""I'lla anil is said to ho a
u'}y[ I'tisistcnt iiini Biicceflsfiil
r"( service a^iMit.
He? lifo 6f the fellow who is
' " ' solicitous of your welfare.
1 i 1 !>.ilily wants to sell you u
k>ul.l brick.
Base Ball
A lurno crmv.l saw tin* Amer?
ican Athletic tJirls Haue Hall
Cliil?, ..(' oiiu'UKOj tiefem HiK
s<.Ua.i He- local iliamoml
last Tim.-day afternoon in an
exciting eleven inning; |?iuni? by
a sooio of .. t,. j |?arl of the
crowd nulled idroiiK for the
K'rlri' i" mi !?> win while the
balance roofed for Iheir fn\ nr
itei . ilo- homo leiiin. H w a
livi ly rhntcut ami fully enjoyed
Ii) eviji \ body . i hia ((eilig the
lii -t limi'ii j?irl iouni linn over
plu \ eil in Ifj^j Si,on- i Jii'p.
Ii won it Heiireh'kh giimuup to
flu- 11 fill iuiiin- ? lion ihn vi tut?
ors, broke the spell by making a
lone i ill. y, he|iig handid m j
Ihein by a thrown away hall in I
iitleiupiini; hi eiile|i the riiiiiier
at hotuii plate, l.nt the loealw.
fein I i v. i. the mxth with
three ilieei'sHive hits, the two
- eOiiiitig in on (Ireeil j'nl
''!> ??? olio; single lo i.-ft.
wiim as far as lhe home
Ii in ciiiihl imi in the run got
tni!:. :ih -t?111v. Ho- visit ine,
pitcher, Wiim n-ttint; Hlriiii|{er
ill ilo- imii-,soioi.tim,.s striking j
out as many a- i hroii lili'll in j
sueei ssion. Hi- i\ as especially
? II. . live win.ii the Imsen were
crowded ami a neohi was likelv
to In- m.nle Vyiiilejtho nir?i
played a lair name :.l Ihiiir re-I
speeti vi.) in-ii mit.-, llioy depend-I
.-.I mainly on i In- four men in .
their liiio-iipj piteher, eutehor, I
llnril liasi-maii null shorl sinn, j
who wen- real hall playem .In
dv, lb" jdleliilr, practically
played the go hie himself, strik-]
itig "in inn.-(.'i'll of the local
Ii i' -iiueu.
Hy intik iug anether inn in
In- sixth ile- visitors lieu t he
Ht'me und 11 roimtimid so until
lliC eliivi-nlli inning whoil llley
in oh- three more scores ikml
w.iii the gnim.i
INMM.-. I i ??? i ?'.: - a um II
ii.i.at.a ii a ?.'mi ii o ? -
. Trim, n ii ii n i i nun o .1 o
Vole for West
For Lieu'enant-Governor
Stale Senator .liinius K. West,
SuDolk, Niiisenloiul County, Vi.
'I'he einididnte w itIt a record
an,I a ilollniio hieani?s Mian's
platform Worked ami Voted
r.n liieiiHiireH whieh distributed
i.vi-i iiiii'-i|iliiilt'i million iif tlol-I
lu'rH uddiliohiil hi i Im N inili I Utt
?lie: fin- piliilh: Hehools?voted
in iiuirn than dolilili! the appro?
priation for Stale aid to eoiinty
roinls i-oiineetiiiK with lln- main
liiglivl iit ?j si. in - favored u
11 .In.-i ion of the lax on eiipitul
Ol in mill aci ll ii i s an,I shati-.-. of
haul: <t".'!; i.ppor.nl the in
erea-e of Slhle lieonso tux on
merehauts opposed the toiit
mine lax on foal - favors u to?
tal Stale and local tax rale not
exeeediuK ilflj eonta oil UoiiiIh
and hotesrtecured by real estate.
J. E. West Headquarteis,
Suffolk, - - - Virginia.
Meets With Accident.
Truman Kennedy) son of ..Mr.
and Mrs. I' II. K. niu-ily, of the
i lap, met with tin accident last
week while swimming in the
hin,- hoi.- When ho dived lo
tin- bottom hi* head struck tl
rook aud mil a giwh ncrosB hia
forehead Several slilehes litul
in bo taken t>> the doctor.
In this solemn presence, this
lumr of inconsnliihhi ?'"'f. with
hearts heavy luden ami eyes
BtlfTusod with tears, words uro
feeble iiud unavailing to coiihoIu
the Borrowing relatives of our
departed friend;
All thai is perishable of Law?
rence Kelly lies here hefnro UK
ill the cold embrace of dentil,!
within sight of the home where
but a few yours ngo he plighted
his troth to his faithful purtlior
rind helpmate, the ilovoted wife
ami mother of his children.
Sucking relief from u dread
Billic.tion fate decreed that the
tragic struggle with the death
Angel should cease, far iiwny
from the scenes of his child?
hood, und the lifeless form re
turned to become a part ol the
cherished smi of his beloved
l lle kyluii ithetic I., tri fs cold ami ?tili,
And iiiwi in,.I.- ii nit r.ipturo i an Ii thrill
I III -i ? lkill>j UMgn? Is .silent iiow in death
In littM striingo, this wonder?
ful thing culled life, every man,
every woman, has his or her
place. Some hi) their life-work
down early, some later, hut
Sooner or later, all must surren?
der tl'iftir trusts til then t'reator.
Lawrence Kelly is none from
the throng ol the living, called
In-net , when bill, little more
than half Hie allotted span
bail been spent, jllhl as his son
hail reached its zenith and in
the uooii diiy of life. Mut,
"Death does'not end all." The
iirst and foremost poet of the
Hilde, when his heilrl was
bleeding, as oiira, tire tod ly, by
Inspirol ion \\ riito for ill the
ilgOH; and for the cousidatioii of
eile and all, that when a man
illeS lie shall live again. This
dead friilml oi yours and mine
believed thai citation, as all ol
US believe it. I Icrii, then, We
lind a halm lor i hese bleeding
wounds, and that earth has no
sorrow thai heaven caiiuot heal.
Man proposes and Clod dis
poses. W e plan ami devise III
this life Inn .? plans are nut
ill Si It) s for ' lo- bhsl, aud a w ise
Providence frequently over
rkitiitS them. His devoted pa?
rents had planned and prayed
lor Lawrence, to prepare and
eipiip Ii ink for I he higher ami
launder things ol life ami ihe
lilghesi i.ciipl ions of life and
liiiiy, ion. lihisj tliose plans, like
all other plans ol this life were
mute, und limited ami controll?
ed lo ?* higher power
We often wonder why this
diktippoiotment, Intl that is mil
for us to know that there is a
? ?oil .supreme, and thai all of Us
should iiow submissively to His
The way is often dark. It is
dill I: Utility for Lawi . nee Kel
ly'S loved ones and I i lends.
Ihe pall hangs heavily o'er this
household, but I i oi 1 willed it So,
and we Iiow reverently to His
When the golden howl is
broken ami ihe silver eojil is
severed, We pause, we Woilltei
Itmt W e Wi ep. W e disl ill inn
tears, we pom nut our S) Inpii
tliii s, but tears and sympathy
only aggravate the wounds, un?
less uiit of the surrounding
gloom we can by faith and
trustfulness in i lod, believe that
His sunshine will some day
drive away the clouds.
Kvor modest ami iiiiussiiining
liiy departed friend was not
given tu loud professions or vain
lioaSling^ mi religious, or any
oilier siibjeo.l, yet deep down in
his heart was a well of love and
trust which was constant in its
How toward the Savior of man?
kind, conscious of the fact that
untiling abides save (Jod and
Hie SOIll.
There is nothing oiuluriug in
this world except ? lod and His
law. This is the lesson taught
hy this house of mourning to?
day. W hill is life'.' Tell us, oh
friends, from tin- hielt abode of
death, what is life? We ask
this solemn ipiestioii, und no
answ er comes hack to our illi.x
oils hearts. Hut if life on earth
contributes to the life of the
soill, we have the comforting
assurance that all will be Well.
If the soul tills well the place
assigned to it on earth, dis?
charges every duty faithfully
and well, obeys the command;,
of the Creator,scatters benefuc
iiousas opportunities offer for
Ho- betterment of the race, such
'an one, if he have the true spir?
it ol worship, is a child of the
giving, iiucli a lifu we believe
Lawrence Kelly to have lived,
and to one like tins, death, how.
ever sorrowful in its surround?
ings, however sudden, can
bring po feat, rib Itnhappy fore?
bodings, and when friends und
loved ours author around his
silent bier, to bid a last farewell
ns his soul wends its way from
earth to the spirit land, there is
comfort and (h?re is consolation
to ono and all.
Lawrence Kelly believed im?
plicitly in the unmeasured
things of Hope wliicli Clod has
preparod for men Ho woro the
white llower ofn blameless life
Measured by the highest Im?
mun standards, ho stood Ihe
tost. His person til character
was as spotless as a maiden's,
ami as unsullied as a rav of
The nlllicted family have
around iheui today hosts of
sympathetic friends, whose
hearts tlirnb in sorrowful unison
in tii,mi bereavement, and the
warm hands of all are stretchy
oil fort h to comfort the grief
stricken father und mother,
brothers and eistet* in their tis
trcss ami remorse, und the ten?
der and compassionate com
muuibli of this community is
prbifered to the Ibriiu bereaved;
ami lonely hearted Widow und
heir fatherless boy Lawrence
Kell) 8 vision hits forever set
behind Hie western hills, and
beyond the horizon of our view,
but the memory 01 Ins virtuous
and upright lifo will linger as a
Ii,?untilill twilight with all who
knew 11iiii. IVaiv to his ashes
Rest io his sohl.
I? I''.. I.I.ku Ebi.YN.
Jiiuo IOlli, 1021.
Billy Sunday
Of Wise County Meets at Nor?
ton and Elects Officers.
The following were elected i f
tleers and directors of lhe Billy
-oindav Men's Club, of Wise
county, Virginia, nt the meet?
ing held in Norton,Vn , Sunday
iflerrioon, duly 124tii", I'.IUII
1'nM.i.iii I' 'IVriisthi tiiiri'lHMi'r
Vice Co-,.l, in- M l> i ulllor, Amia
l?uht? . K T ' artel. Ulli Slow! I lap k It
l.iwKty >'oiliuin, U?y I'uc.li. St I'.eil
K M I uli<iii, Wi--, oi.l II K II.
N i .i t.oi
l u.i-invf A K S||.k|^|,1-s, Ni.it,,||. I
C<>rr<:*|siiiiliiig liucri-Urj ??; n Kit
gorii Sorlon.
It, ,,'r.liiii; aiii.-relio) -.loliil Itotiei Is.
Dlr-m-wrs The *Ik?v? (imperil ""'I K I
I'resc.m. ?Ig fJl.iiie l.n|. I It liniitnia,
i p-ialac'iia: C' l< Mi:CV)rkti>,\V|ik-;U S
Murphy, i iwbjinl, ilul II Ii Uilmer,
Whal is declared to In, the
screen event of the year is Louis
It Mav.r's Kirnt National pro?
duction, "The Woniiiii in His
house,"' which will be shown ill
the Amii/.u Thtirsduj
The production consumed
nearly six mouths in the mak?
ing, and It Is declared lu till a
nearly a perfect masterpiece nt
the silent drama as time, mon?
ey, acting ami good direction
could produce.
In planning this picture Louis
K. Mayer exorcised the mm
ilium precautions. The story i*
by Irene Heels, ami the scrip!
was prepared in great detail by
Director .lohn .lohn Stuhl, win,
was ordered Iii spend us much
linn1 and money as he thought
necessary io produce the year's
best picture.?hdvl
Four Held for Slaying Officers
lltirluud, Ky., July 23'?The
examining trial of Jolin Bur
chill, Ted Mnrcum, fete .stivers
and James Stivers, charged
with killing threeoilicers,Chief
of Police William llolcomb andI
two other ofllcors, til Lynch last
Kriday, was concluded here be?
fore Judge VV. L. Bailey, and,
nil four were held to the grand
jury without bail.
The testimony of oy. -wittiens
es to th? affair was most dam?
aging to the men Tim lirst re?
port that Hole.nub walked in
mid struck one of them ..vor the
head with his pistol, thus starl
ing the shooting, was defiled l.y
those who witnessed the shpol
The two wounded men will
be lodged ill jail this Week, hav?
ing virtually recovered.
Wh on yon want an appetizing meal
When you want a strictly sanitary meal
When you want a meal at a moderate price
This restaurant caters to people who want a
satisfactory meal nt a satisfactory price.
Cleanliness, wholesomenessi satisfaction,
economy--these are four cardinal points in our
Quick Lunches Ice Cold Drinks
uilly s Cafe
Jji K. GILLY, Proprietor
Opposite Motile Vista Hotel. Big Stone Gap, Virginia,
Turn Over;
Save Again.
Keep Saving.
Keep Tiir'niiifft
Can y out tin- above policy and yon will have
money. Each year you will have more money.
When Yoil Haue Nothing
Yoil Want Money
When YoiJ Haue Money
YoU Want fdore
But to do tins it is ad
visable in Have bank?
ing b?itii?i t iorisi lust
as a i if cans i >i ? living,
and then tor cotiveN
hielicc in the jtrahisati*
turn ill i, mir increasing l.uisine.sSi
I 'll- bank is ready ii) serve you. W ill you open aii
The First National Bank
Big Stone Cap, Virginia
Winter Wheat Patents TEAS
\V)iit<: LilK. (..?iden l-..i,.U;, j l'etth-v'a Orange IVkoe Tea
1),ills' V'ardoii and Ideal in packages; I'drihosu ?'long
Spring Wheat Pal.nits! I ???> hulk.
Gold Medal andjSupoilattvi | COFFEES
Niihe Sueli and 1 Uiitei t.it
None Sui I.. ' '...Id. ii ! igle
.nid fluce Ixivers
Stimmer Beverages
i ".until.a( lie ii beet ), Reil Wim
1 irif,pcju|ci' and W a -. i>tt
Maxwell House,Carolina Hell?;
I Ian ui;;li m i I ill and braue, i
American. All steel e it i in
healed cans.
I'l-iiales, I'rints. Cbiiglianis;
I )? iines.tics (bleached and un
bieih lied), Naihsoi 'ks, India
I .lie ni-., etc.
Your inquiries solicited and slutll receive mu
prompt attention. Nothing sold at retail.
Virginia Wholesale Company
I ncorporated
Famous Black Mountain
The coal you want for the range.
Prompt service. 'Phone 49.
\ 1$. MoOECKIN

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