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WKDNKSDAY, AUG. :i, 1021
l'ubhihed Kver/ Wednesday by lb?
LINDSEY j. H?H rON, a??-t KclltOl
Unu Y?l?r. - ?1.60
Six Months, - .7tt
Ii..,.,. Motithn. -
Kiitored kcoortlluK i" |?0il?l rojoilatldni
ki ihu )?i?i ??ciK-o ?t lllg Slone li?|>?imw
ootl-oliui iuath>i
Muzzling Conipctcnl Critics.
Admiral Sims, who with' ropri?
mnudcd by thu secretary ..f Ilm
uuvy I??r Iii? famous speech in
Knglnnd, Iiiih broken oul again
? fortunately.
In a Fourth nl Jnty.speech lib
calls attention to I ho fact ih.it
officers "I tin1 army ami nuvy
aroforbiililon in oriliciuo public?
ly any foil I u ru i>f mir system of
national defense
Tin? result of their silem;??, de?
clared the admiral, is that wo
are in a perpetual Htate of priic
tical defenseless nes^, ami ihe
vital points of this defensoless
ness is carefully kepi from the
public lit large, who might
tht-ilitif Ives criticise if they were
cognizant of the actual facts.
Public ei iticism servos in
brings in light the wenk spots
of every suhjecl under discus
toon, hut in order Iii ox |.u tin
desirable conditions a person
must liimi have a thorough
k now ledge nf Inn subject.
It is admit led that no one can
possibly understand the subject
bi-ttet thuil the annv Ol liu\ y
officer, win.sc lit,- w..rk il is,
and yet they am utterly forbid
den to discuss, such Subjects:
As a matter of tact, tin civil
iau In-ads of departments in
Washington, appointed for po
litieal reason and without pre
vions knowledge ,,r training,
are loath to have then mistake.
aired in public by men who
know more than they do
That is all very well for the
department head, who is en
delivering to head oil ItdverSl'
ci Iticism ol himself and Ins de.
pertinent, but il is poor coilso.
lalion for the tax paver who
pay s for these mistakes.
Whatever may b?i the right hi
wrong of Hie admiral's famous
speech in Knglniul, liu is un
questionably right in tins in?
Mure competent criticism and
less official ami congressional
bungling ih greatly to l>e de
Hired .
Responsibility of the Parent.
Many parents lese sight of
the fact that the vacation pe?
riod is one of grave danger to
the growing child.
The hoy or girl just nut of
school feels like thecaged bird
that is suddenly released from
its eapl it ily, 11 K'"' '<?* in ils
freedom In lhe exclusion of all
.Many of the lessons in de.
porlllieill that Inive liren learn?
ed in the classroom are grad?
ually lorgolieii un the child
Hilda its way to Hie street.
There is no room in ns heart
for anything hut (he glories of
the present, unless the parental
liaud is ova r guiding its Sli ps,
'I lie fit I ii tu is a sealed hook
which w ill he opened only too
s.i for its purpose.
Herein (be function uf the pa.
rent In conn s of doiihlc impor
taio-e to tile future life of the
child, foi the careful work mid
training el the tcachet must he
carried on through the days
and weeks of the vacation pe.
riod, not to the extent of liiuip
ering the child in its rest ami
rcciipcrntinn from classroom
cnnlineiuenl, or depriving it of
the innocent pleasures of life,
Inn rather the daily impressing
upon its young mind tili) neces?
sity for continuing the rules of
Conduct learned in its hours of
Children are quick to learn
and eqliiilly quick to folget
Au impression may hink deep
today and he forgotten by to.
liioilow, hut if it i? repeatedly
drought In the ittention of the
juvenile hrilin it will evutllilttlly
take deep root and liv e
The teacher is responsible to
the parent for tile proper in?
struction of the child during its
hniii - of study, hut the parent
has u double responsibility to
both the teacher und Ihn child
? the responsibility- of safe
guarding i he work of bath
I We will lake your old Piano or Phonograph in Ex
I change on a Piano or Player. HYKRYTHINf. MUSICAL
W?; are in receipt of a I?? 11??i- from tho victor
Distributors notifying us that \ve have tlm
agency for this, the besl ol TalkinR Machines.
This gives us the four leading lines Victor, Co?
lumbia, Sonora nhd StracliVara,
We are in the niusii business and will givu
you the host of terms Our Victor lino ai riv
?>d the first of August ami we have aboilt 800O
Records. Come in and select lor yourself.
W,e have ah expert repainruih and can re?
pair all makes of machines. When you want
your piano tuned write us.
C. C. BLANKENSHIP, Appalacliia, Va.
s*ks?5?s2*: z-vz&Zjoxx stssesti: s*i&zj^vz&i&z&zZfZ&i [q\
a W e save you nioney-Mtuyypur gmt cries from us. iMj
Ijl \ SFly\\ 1- lvlMI I INii
B All goods 'delivered nroritptl
I ?:?: : v -;
'Phone 216 1,1
Wise Supply Company
Black Mountain Egg Coal
$6.00 PER TON
In tin' stale Democratic pri
iniiry uleclion held here yeuter
iluy only 8(M ?v-ilea wore chsi
nut nf 425 qiinlilied votorB.Trin
k 1 getting a majority i>i
over Tucker in the nomination
for Govomor. Below is tliu
numbor of votes tmcli candidate
For Governor:
E Leo Trink I.> .252
Hairy Si George Tiicker 52
I'Vr Lieutenant -Wovei nor:
.1 lllioil 11iitl 11 17
.1. i<: \VeHi .ittt
Koi.il> Gilpih . 5ti
William IV Kitzlihgh _ ii
h'or Corporation GoiiiiniHsiniior:
B H Adams .230
K. It. Koikes. 4'.i
Ti inklu Tucker
MiK Sinn?' < lap 252 52
Enal Stone Gap 151 1
Appnluchitt till Ml
Stoooga .'?!? 5
liiitioiltin i I ??
Norton III IS
(JootiurU 3B5 m
Wine.tl|o _>|
I 'it IS 200
A few oilier precincts a re to
lie heard from yel ami Ti inkle's
inujorily in Wise county can lie
bafely placed at alioin iliOO;
'Crinkle Tiicker ;
Seminary ;i5 U
Styekley vill., 4H
Hrydnn 77 4
Morgan's Store 53 U
JotieaVille .222 H
Hunter's < lap 11 n
St. Charles ,.-. '.?! ti
llurwl Store 15 o
Total 55!) 15
? 'I her precincts to in) hem ii
from It i.. estimated Trinkle'H
majority will reach I IKK)
Indications are that Hus-cll
County will alt-o give Triuklo ii
majority of toon
At ilio time of gniiig to press
?>' Have mil learned iliiji i.11
in tin- stille at hirgo, bill the re
turns hmt night indicated that
M r. I finklo Iiuh received i In:
iioiniiiiition h) a majority ol
til lee ii tu im eui > thousand
Policeman Shol Prom
Chiof Police cinirlie Kedinoud
of St. Chillies, Lee County, wan
shot from itlilbliah while seated
on tin- porch of Ihn home I'dos
day at iionii and seriously,
wounded 'I'he hall, wIii?;ii is
thought to have btjuii Iii.'.I from
a high powered rille entered
hie leg und passed through' the
abdomen iiillictiug a wound
that will probably prove fatal.
TIlO \VOil tided man was placid
I on t In- al Ii i iluoii Irani and Iii
[keii to Bristol I'm treatment.
I'ol ieeinan Redmond has gain
d quite a reputation suppress?
ing tin- whiskey irnlllc in Lee
count\*,destroyingHtiIis and iip.
prebouding honileggers ami it
in thonglii probably he wax am.
hushed for tins reason Mon?
day ho together with another
oilie r destroyed a large still be?
llow ,li.sville. HI.mil lioumlh
ivoro taken to the scene in an
llort to trail the assailant hut
lit is not known yol whet her any
larreatH have been made. The
shot was tired from a woodland
I about two hundred yards from
the house,
Ball Game at Appalachia,
Appaiaehia ami ICeokee ball
teams met uii tin' Appalachia
grounds Saturday afternoon in
a very close ami interesting
game, the result lining 4 to ~ in
favor of Appalachia. AruetCs
home run ami Ihreo bnggor re
mi I toil in the only scores Km
kee made. Tins, together with
tin- fust Holding of Ciphers in
center, were the main features
Dictator Lenin? Hods that
ruling the illiterate holshoviki
of Russia is a comparatively
easy matter, hut I hat feeding
them entails morn hraiua than
he has been aide in eject into
his "government " They are
starving and appealing In
America for fond.
When you think a task is too
great to he performed, just con
tiller it tin: iiisignilicant to wor?
ry about and go ahead
The Ford Sedan with electric starting and lighting system and
demountable rims with 3J ^-inch tires all around, is the ideal family
car because of its all-around utility and refined and comfortable
equipment. Finely upholstered. Plato glass windows. An open car
in the spring, summer, and early fall. A closed car in ineh nic nt
weather and winter. For theatre parlies, for social visiting, for
touring, and for taking the children t? school, it is just what: you
want. Tlx low cost of operation and maintenance is not the least
of its charms. A regular Ford car, simple in design, strong in con?
struction, and durable ;-i service. Won't you come in and look it over?
The comforts of au_tlccuic car with the economy of the Ford.
Mineral Motor Co.
Ulli Sifl.NI- i. VI'. i i \\| will) > Ii VI,
Mik'iHN and Ciil:lti
Those who doubt the world has
[trogreused during the last two
Ihousund years should witness
the showing ni Allen ilolubar'a
fiiinniiti Associated Kirnt Na?
tional production of theeternal
draiiia "Mini - Woman - Mar?
ring!'," Marring lht> talented in'
tress, Dorothy Phillips. At
A iiiiizu Thursday.
"Man-Wnmuii-Murnage" i? u
condensed history of the world's
progress a screon epic and
proof positive of woman's sub?
tle and benigu inlluenco over
tin- destiny, ol manli iud.
Iii*the retrospective Komun
Heenes of this stirring modern
story, beautiful Dorothy Phil
ups in hi'i'u nn u Christian slave
girl ui tin- eotirl of the Rmperor
(Joustuiitiiie, lu the mighty
splendor nf thin polnntute'ri
magnificence in pictured the
decadent.f civilization- -the
period when man lived for
pleasure. Ii is the period whose
iinrVstrn'itied orgies wore' nota?
ble oven in the reign nf Augus?
tan Caesar, lu striking con
Irani in Dorothy l'hilhpn in the
loli- of a deSpised ami tortured
slave steadfastly rcfuning to
foreswear Hie teueln of Christ?
DoWII through the ages, an
depicted in "Man-Woman-Mar
riajje," the talented Minn I'hil
lips indelihly impresses ihn
spectator with the inUiionco fur
good woman has wielded over
man. In the modern story of
ihm magnificent dim, .Minn
Phillips in no lens impressive in
her role an a woman of our
The Story in strong and con?
vincing, und the work nf the
star nlampn her an an artist of
rale talent ami ability ?adv
Betterment Clubs.
The Highland Park Better
inoul ('hui mot at tlif (Jomiiiu I
nitv House Monday, July 25; all
J l>' in.
Thirty pillow eases ami two
sweaters wore turned in Pinna
w?re made for an itjb cream
slipper Saturday night', July HO.
Refreshments were served.
I'hose attending were MeB
dames Nin Smith, Pat Arriug.
um. W. ti. Lane, Wi A Rich,
ardsnn, M. K. Ontkeh. Misse?
Kuili Moore, May Williams,
Man? Homo, Maine Ibirke, Al
verlj Xeely, Kuroecitiue Moore,
Lula Moore and June Morgan.
I The L. ? N. betterment Club
met at the Community House
Tuesday, July 26, at 2 p. in.
Three scarfs, one cap ami ouo
pair of gloves were turned in.
Refreshments were served.
Those attending wore Mosdamoa
Trig Garrison, M. A. Dulaney,
John Lambert, I), K. Collier,
K. A. Davis, I'. II. Carr ami
M iss ,1 aue M organ.
The next meeting will be hohl
August lb All members are
urged to attend us some very
important busiuesB will be dis?
Reduces Price to Readers i
Beginning August I. the price of The Ciricin- \
nati Post is TWO CENTS A COPY, 12c a week, Jj
delivered by local carrier.
This isa reduction of ONE-THIRD in sUbst rip- ij
tion price;. Yon save more than $3 a year.
For jnst 2 cents a day yon can vtet a fine, b
metropolitan newspaper delivered at y o
Wonderful new serial hy Ruby Ayres starl
soon. Unexcelled worldrwide news servici
clean,clever coniics--speciai HOME PAGE I
w?men--snaupy spoi ls pages?accurate busi?
ness information ami market reports from im?
portant exchanges.
Order THE C I N C I N N ATI POST toda\
CENTS A COPY, 12 cents a week.
The Cincinnati Post
Easy to Read and Worth Reading!
Order thru carrier in ydiir town. It liiere Iii im Carrier, kindly J|'?
l>iiiiii oat inn! senil Us hi- nninti and yours piiiind In cIi? ? ad. Km'
ihla courtesy we will deliver I III! POST to yiiu lor I'WII WOVIIIS
FREE OF CIIAKIll:, II you ?I.I know ilk Post carrier in your
town mail your nrder direct in Circulation Department, Cincinnati
Poll, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Virginia Wholesale Company
Grocerieis, Dry Goods and Notions
Winter Wheat I'aamia; White Lilly, Uiilileii Eagle ami Oolih'ii
r.al, Spring Wheel Pat on la; < luhl Mednl ami Superlative V< f ;"
NoneSuch ami Unllerfnt M. al: N'onoaiinli, Golden Engl'' '""
Tiirue Rivera.
We hiive a full Mock of frr-aii HAT-A-CAKE Floor for cab
linking A complete line of hosiery ami underwear now read
for fall.
Von will tied nor prices: right No orders too lurge or t>'
small to he appreciated ami receive mir heal attention.

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